Ludovic Bource's 'The Artist' Score May Get Worldwide Concert Tour

December 20, 2011
Source: Billboard

The Artist Original Soundtrack

I've had the opportunity to write about many of my favorite scores from this year, and here's yet another one. Billboard (via AV Club) is reporting that WME and The Weinstein Company are considering putting together a live orchestra concert tour with French composer Ludovic Bource behind the score for Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist. The film is also one of my favorites this year, just a wonderful ode to the silent filmmaking era, and the score is a magnificent throwback as well, inspired by Alfred Newman's old scores. Apparently Bource has even passed on three projects while preparing for the potential tour. Sounds great!

While nothing is apparently set in stone just yet, word is the tour would travel around the world (which is where The Artist has the most appeal) including to destinations like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Brussels, London, Geneva, and potentially Australia. I'm a big fan of Bource's score for this and I think what they're implying here is that maybe they'd show the film with the live orchestra, like back in the old days when silent films were playing. If that's the case, I'll be there for the Los Angeles concert no question. Bource's The Artist score has already received a Golden Globe nomination and many other accolades, and is expected to get some Oscar love as well. If you've seen the film you know it's a playful and charming score.

According to Billboard, inspired by F.W. Murnau's "Tabu: A Story of the South Seas" and "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans," movies by Ernst Lubistch and scores by Alfred Newman, Ludovic Bource initially turned to Johannes Brahms and German poet Hans von Schmidt's "Sapphisce Ode" for his inspiration on the score. If you haven't heard any of it yet, here's one of my favorite pieces that contains a sampling of the range and just how much fun this score is to listen to. Would make for a great concert experience. Take a listen here:

If you haven't gone out to see The Artist yet (watch the trailer), I can't suggest it enough, it's a great film! The Weintein Co. has already opened The Artist in theaters now and will continue to expand its distribution.

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I'm sure The Artist will get not only a Best Picture Oscar award, but a Best Score award.

Monique Jones on Dec 21, 2011


The last few minutes of the score was an exact quote of Bernard Herrmann's score for Hitchcock's "Vertigo". To not credit this is appalling! 

Douglas Schachne on Dec 28, 2011


I agree fully with your comment re Mr. Bource use of the Vertigo score by Bernard Herrmann without any acknowledgement. I further submit that somehow he lifted the original score and inserted in the film. "His" score throughout the film was lighthearted and made use of a smaller sounding orchestra. Then at the precise cue of the downtrodden George seeing himself superimposed on the mannequin wearing his former tuxedo, it suddenly became the London Symphony. Remember this is a low budget film. Shame on him for even considering going on tour to perform "his" score of The Artist. Is there laws re using someone else's score? I guess not, because the Vertigo score is over 50 years old and wonder if copyright laws apply to background score anyways. If Mr. Bource can get away with this, then other more familier motifs can be lifted such as John Williams famous Jaws two notes or his 5 notes from Close Encounter of the Third Kind It is appalling

Robert York on Jan 2, 2012


i absolutely agree. i sat there meticulously watching the credits - as i always do - but to see if herrmann was credited for use of his "vertigo" theme. i was amazed that it was not. what is going on? how is this possible? it can't be because the copyright has lapsed -- not with herrmann, whose family's lawyer is assuredly very much on top of things. and even if the music was public domain - which it can't be - any filmmaker who wants to be taken seriously would credit such a well-known source.

Fredshuster on Jan 8, 2012


Re: Stealing from Herrmann: I saw 'The Artist' today and Herrmann is credited in the closing credits with the theme from 'Vertigo'. So, no wrongdoing to be upset about. And it's a terrific film.

Pablo on Jan 8, 2012


I was intrigued by Vertigo theme as well. Keep in mind Bernard Hermann totally stole that music from Wagner. But it was credited in The Artist

Rue on Jan 8, 2012


I myself actually saw Bernard Herrmann's name in the closing credits (almost at the end) as the composer of Vertigo. The decision to use this theme wasn't taken by Ludovic Bource, but by director Michel Hazanavicius. He said it himself in a press release, claiming that this movie is a love letter to Hollywood and he used it as a tribute to Hitchcock. Anyway, I don't hear anybody complaining about the use of Alberto Ginastera's music ("Danza del Trigo" from the ballet Estancia) during the scene where Peppy is caught playing in Valentin's suit. That was probably an instance of the director falling in love with the temp track. (

Blas on Jan 18, 2012


"word is the tour would travel around the world (which is where The Artist has the most appeal)" - as opposed to outer space maybe? 🙂

Neil Wheatley on Jan 19, 2012

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