Marion Cotillard in Talks for a Role in Nolan's 'Dark Knight Rises'

February 14, 2011
Source: Le Figaro, THR

Marion Cotillard

So it looks like it's pretty much confirmed. Over the weekend I found some old fan-art made after TDK for the next "sequel" that had Anne Hathaway playing Batgirl - lo and behold that sort of turned out to be true. One of the other names listed in the fictional credits was Marion Cotillard, the lovely French actress who plays Cobb's crazy wife in Inception (and won an Oscar for La Vie en Rose). Over this past weekend, French newspaper Le Figaro reported that Cotillard had been cast in The Dark Knight Rises, quite big news. But we wanted to wait for extra confirmation and THR now has it. Her reps confirm she that is "in discussions."

The original French article basically said that Cotillard, now pregnant with French actor Guillaume Canet's baby, was only going to shoot one movie this year and decided that it would be Dark Knight Rises for Chris Nolan. THR confirms that she's "discussing scheduling issues" but, of course, I'm sure she'll work this out. No word on her role, but some are guessing that it might be Talia al Ghul - Ra's al Ghul's daughter - even though she seems a little too old for that role. Nolan has said there would be two female leads in TDKR, and with Hathaway taking one, this might be the other, maybe even a villain. I think Cotillard is a very talented actress and I'd be happy with her in this, though mostly because I have complete faith in Nolan. Thoughts?

And in related news, Empire also talked briefly with Nolan, who confirmed that they're in pre-production on TDKR now and currently about 10-weeks away from shooting, so everything is definitely moving quickly.

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wow this is awesome news 😀 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


wow this is awesome news 😀 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


I totally hope to see the Thalia Al Ghul in TDKR.

Manuel on Feb 14, 2011


Way better looking than anne hathaway

Awtan90 on Feb 14, 2011


get off it, she's casted accept it and move on.

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


Look I'm just saying if I was Batman, I would rather be involved with a chick that looks like Cottilard than one that looks like Hathaway. I have my opinions, accept it and move on.

Awtan90 on Feb 15, 2011


then say that.

Anonymous on Feb 15, 2011


i really hope this is true

dee8 on Feb 14, 2011


"No word on her role, but some are guessing that it might be Talia al Ghul - Ra's al Ghul's daughter - even though she seems a little too old for that role". - and pregnant! ;)) Great news! If they're true... We have to trust Nolan and he won't disappoint us. What can we do? Just talk here until it finally comes out... in ages... I'm feeling old already...

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


She did an excellent job in why not?

Gh on Feb 14, 2011


Nolan might as well just go ahead and throw Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page in there as well...

JP on Feb 14, 2011


This girl is an actress first and a beautiful face second. Most female leads are the other way around these days. (Megan Fox).. oh wait, she's not an actress...

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011



Cruzer on Feb 14, 2011


Its kinda sad alota people i know never even saw Batman Begins but watched the The Dark Knight an said it was the best movie they ever saw. They have no clue how awesome the first movie even was or how the 3rd movie is gonna connect to the first but hey.. you snooze you loose.

ChrisC5g on Feb 14, 2011


shes robin, a female robin!

Dave on Feb 14, 2011


I know I will get a lot of grief over this .. and have no idea when the First Showing article was on here .. but I mentioned on here about doing a Talia al Ghul storyline .. maybe I can at least get a free ticket to the premier from Nolan since he used my idea .. haha and just kidding, but it would be cool .. now if they only use the Black Mask and his gangs my prediction would be right on (except for Hugo Strange, Bane and Batgirl - although is Bane even still in it since I missed the Hathaway/Batgirl report)

John Ropes on Feb 14, 2011


great news, adds yet more real class to an already great cast. there have been many fine directors who have nurtured a single actor through a variety of roles, but there can't be that many who have done the same with ensembles. in Nolan we trust!

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


im guessing Talia Al Ghul will be pretty pissed about Batman killing her dad? lol

Enzo on Feb 14, 2011


Don't care what she plays I liked her in inception and I have full faith in nolan CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Max s. on Feb 15, 2011


One other thing, I love how Nolan has his own circle of actors with Michael Caine, Christian Bale, and now JGL, Tom Hardy, and Marion Cotillard. And Nolan has his actors that he knows can aft and fit his movies amazingly

Max s. on Feb 15, 2011


I know it's never going to happen and I can't see this working but PUT HARLEY QUINN IN THE MOVIE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! "sigh"

Lolly on Feb 15, 2011


I could see Cotillard doing a good harley quinn........

Awtan90 on Feb 15, 2011


The casting of this film is getting better and better. Nolan is the man ! !

Lost Son on Feb 15, 2011


I'd be happy if we found out in the end that Cotillard is actually Catwoman and not Hathaway who was in fact a Batgirl. I'd except that. Not my first choices but I'd respect that.

Johnny Neat on Feb 15, 2011


Batman is better when there is no love interest. Like Mickey once said... "Women weaken legs!!"

Haz on Feb 16, 2011


desolé pour ceux pour qui la présence de marion cotillard serait bien ce n'est plus le cas maintenant en croire les dires de MickÄel Caine dans une interview à E! news l'acteur dit que le nom de Cotillard ne figure pas dans le liste des acteurs caster pour le film donc apparement ce n'était que de l'intox ou elle a peut être reffusée vraiment dommage, je suis vraiment pour ma part deçue

lilas on Feb 17, 2011


le Figaro à trop vite annoncer la nouvelle j'espère que cela n'est pas au depend de la prèsence de l'actrice si il dit qu'elle n'est pas dans la liste des acteurs c'est que cela est vrai. CAINE EST BIEN PLACE POUR LE DIRE DONC DOMMAGE DECEPTION MEME

LOLAS on Feb 17, 2011

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