Mark Wahlberg Could Possibly Replace Bradley Cooper in 'The Crow'

August 15, 2011
Source: Heat Vision

The Crow / Mark Wahlberg

Just this past April, some surprising news revealed that Limitless and The Hangover star Bradley Cooper was in talks to take the titular role in Relativity Media's remake of The Crow from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. However, with Cooper recently snagging the lead in The Silver Linings Playbook adaptation from David O. Russell, plus Alex Proyas' big screen take on Paradise Lost following immediately after, Heat Vision says the actor had to leave the project behind. However, Mark Wahlberg has again surfaced as a candidate after being originally rumored last October, and one other contender has also emerged. Read on!

Honestly, I think Wahlberg could pull off the role well, but some have quite emphatically expressed their disapproval. However, I think we'd all prefer Wahlberg over the other possible replacement: Channing Tatum. Both of the actors are apparently possible replacements, but unfortunately, with Wahlberg recently being too busy to take on Silver Linings Playbook (which coincidentally went to Bradley Cooper) and also taking on an adaptation of 2 Guns at Universal, I don't think he's any less busy than Cooper at this point. With every fiber of my being I hope there's a longer list that will keep Tatum away from The Crow. Maybe someone like Cillian Murphy or Joseph Gordon-Levitt could possibly step into the role? Who do you think should play The Crow?

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Cillian Murphy  or JGL would be alright, but I would go someone virtually unknown. Actually, I would leave it alone and watch the original again, Tatum (sucked as Duke) or Wahlberg (okay as Max Payne). 

Christopher Goudos on Aug 16, 2011


i can agree with the casts but i always thought Brandon's death was the only reason no one said the original sucked

Jericho on Aug 16, 2011


Wahlberg is definitely the wrong choice for this role. I love the guy, but a brooding goth wanker he is not. 

Lebowski on Aug 16, 2011


Johnny Whitworth, Zachary Quinto, JGL I guess it depends on how they want to portray Eric Draven this time around. Long haired, brooding musician? Maybe something else. I'd throw Ryan Gosling and Ben Foster in there for the hell of it. Maybe even Ian Somerhalder. 

Jfc3p0 on Aug 16, 2011


Good call on Ben Foster. Wish I would've thought of him when writing the article.

Ethan Anderton on Aug 16, 2011

6 I've been championing for Ben Foster to play Draven since 2009  :o)

peloquin on Aug 16, 2011


kinda sad out of all the actors out there you have to choose the guy from step up that suxx at talking in any of his movies, and always has poor dialogue within those movies, to act the crow character, from an actor that died on set making the movie! cheessee please god choose someone better @!

Kevin_humber on Aug 16, 2011


just switch dead goth rocker to dead white rapper, slap on a pg-13 rating and you know Marky Mark will make it sooooo great! id be ashamed to act or direct or even have any part of this film.

happy camper on Aug 16, 2011


*psh* might as well hire Eminem then...

Jericho on Aug 16, 2011


No one can do it jus leave. It the FUCK ALONE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was all brandon lee ...there jus gana end up fucking it up ...I say leave it alone !!!!!

Christophergarcia876 on Aug 16, 2011


I prefer him over cooper but i still think they need to re think this one and be very very cautions of who they pick for this roll. Yeah in rockstar he looked the part but he does not have that physic anymore.

splinter on Aug 16, 2011


Cripes!  I just spit coffee all over my keyboard!  Thanks a lot Tatum! I usually don't care if studios want to do a remake or re-imagining or reboot or reuse (just insert your own industry buzzword here), but something about this rubs me the wrong way.  No offense to Cooper or the Berg (screw Tatum) but these guys don't feel like the best possible choices.  Of course, if Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger can give a big finger to assumptions and expectations I should learn to just wait and see. 

Sethamus on Aug 16, 2011


ahaha watch them remake beatle juice loll

Kevin_humber on Aug 16, 2011


SHHHH!!.....they might hear you.

Jim on Aug 16, 2011


I still say go with Mark Dacascos he was great in Brotherhood of the wolf and starred in the series. And he reminds me of Brandon Lee.

Loser on Aug 16, 2011


Only reason to remake The Crow is if its a shot-for-shot of the comic, Hard R/Unrated and maybe even in black and white-with a touch of red for blood. But who should play Eric/The Crow? about (a starved looking)Christian Bale? It is an insane role to play, you should know, if you have read the comic(And btw, he's not a rocker in the comic.). Hm, or maybe Luke Goss? Gotta think about that last one. If any of the two mentioned in your article Ethan gets the role, I wont bother watching it, even to see how bad it is.

David Banner on Aug 16, 2011


I'd rather they didn't remake this, but if they really have to (and apparently they do), your suggestions are far, FAR, better than either Tatum (come on, WTH?!) or Marky Mark.  Do this one very, VERY well or not at all. The two suggested in this article pushes it well into my OHMYGODNO category... 

Jo on Aug 16, 2011


Nobody. Brandon Lee was and will always be Erick Draven. Enough said.

Yahzee on Aug 16, 2011


You know I'd actually go with Kieren Culkin as Draven

Kazz on Aug 16, 2011


Cillian Murphy is a fantastic actor and would make a great Draven, or someone like Michael Fassbender who would also be great in the role.

James11 on Aug 16, 2011


The Crow: Bronx Edition

Danimal on Aug 16, 2011


*Boston Edition

Jfc3p0 on Aug 16, 2011


Exactly what I was thinking. Cillian Murphy!!!!! I wasn't gonna go when Cooper was attached and definitely won't go with Mark and Channing rumored but Cillian Murphy would change my mind.

RobotHuman on Aug 16, 2011


Cillian Murphy??? Joseph Gordon Levit??? these are my choices (and apparently most other's as well)

Armeetapus16 on Aug 16, 2011


they should just turn the crow remake into a twisted animated film

Junionr2 on Aug 16, 2011


lets just cast Jack Black in it. Might as well.

Swiftest2007 on Aug 16, 2011


im surprised Anderton didnt mention Tom Hardy.. or even Anne Hathaway or Marion Cotillard. sheesh there are other awesome actors out there who havnt been in a Chris Nolan film. Go TATUM!!! dam i wish he was playing Bane instead. that wouldve really rocked this site's boat for sure. 

GoonieDog on Aug 16, 2011


LMAO  Swiftest2007  Jack Black

Jay on Aug 18, 2011


womp womp...

Croniccris on Aug 18, 2011


Axl Rose

Crapola on Aug 18, 2011

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