Marvel's Joe Quesada Dishes on 'Captain America', 'Thor' & 'Avengers'

March 24, 2011
Source: Newsarama

Joe Quesada / Marvel Studios

We're just a couple months away from the theatrical release of Thor and his mighty hammer, and it's just another couple months after that we'll see Captain America: The First Avenger whip his shield around. Then just one short year later The Avengers will assemble for a superhero flick of epic proportions. Fans are undoubtedly excited, but Marvel's COO Joe Quesada could give them quite a run for their money. The executive has plenty to say about both of this summer's comic book blockbusters, their similarities and differences and even confirms The Avengers is already shooting and hypes the hell out of it.

As for the big screen adaptation featuring the God of Thunder, the Marvel COO couldn't be more thrilled, and he thinks even comic fans will be surprised by the film. Here's what he told Newsarama (via Collider):

“From a visual standpoint, it’s really exciting but in the hands of Kenneth Branagh and the entire cast, it’s a pretty phenomenal take on the character. I think comic fans kind of have an idea of what this movie is going to be like but they really don’t. They’re going to be in for an experience that’s wholly unique. I think for the people that don’t know who Thor is, even if you know the mythology, you’re not going to get, I think, what you’re going to expect. It’s going to be pretty radical and pretty amazing.”

So Quesada has already seen Thor, and in addition, he's fresh off of seeing director Joe Johnston's first cut of Captain America: The First Avenger. The executive discussed the differences and similarities between the two films:

"It's very tough to describe. I just saw the first director’s cut of 'Captain America' about a week and a half ago. There’s a very visual and visceral difference in the way that the movies are shot. There is a richness to both but they’re very, very different tonally. And of course Cap starts out as a period piece where as Thor is more of a fantastical piece although both are grounded very much in the real world."

Finally, the big news comes in the form of confirmation that The Avengers is already shooting, and Quesada is super pumped about it. I feel like if you hang out with him just for five minutes he could have me buying a broken blender. When asked if he thinks The Avengers can live up to the hype of being the ultimate superhero flick, here's what he had to say:

“Yes, I mean again, look at the cast. Just starting with the cast, it’s like a rock concert. It’s unbelievable, even in San Diego when they brought them all up on stage. You got to see all these amazing actors on stage. If you didn’t get chills up your spine, you have no pulse. Basically, you might as well call it a day, get yourself a casket and go home. And then you have Joss Whedon at the wheel. I’ve seen the screenplay, it’s amazing. I’ve seen what we’re going to do. I’ve seen designs; they’re out of this world. It’s going to be the quintessential superhero movie. I hesitate to say more but we’re really, really, excited about it.”

Personally, seeing all of The Avengers lined up on stage at Comic-Con last summer was a real treat and something I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Just knowing that we'll see all that talents and all these superheroes on one screen is not only unprecedented, but it's almost unbelievable. As much as I complain about the inner-workings of the film industry and piss-poor decisions Hollywood makes from time to time, the fact that something like The Avengers is becoming a reality just makes me happy to be part of this generation of movie-goers. Excited?

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Extremely excited 🙂 This is gonna be a GREAT summer! Me and my son are gonna watch the sh=t out of these movies! lol!Avengers is hopefully gonna show DC (Warner Brothers)how to make an epic superhero group movie! Pass the $10 popcorn please! Tee hee 😉

Judasbarronx1 on Mar 25, 2011


Avengers Start shooting April 25 in New Mexico. Friend of mine is working on it. They are gone til October. Insane shooting schedule. Great script too.

one on Mar 25, 2011


Of course they've already started shooting. They have to show something at Comic Con in July. I was there in Hall H when the Avengers assembled on stage. I will be there this year. I just hope the Twilight fans don't ruin it like they did two years ago when I couldn't get in to Hall H because of them.

Singular on Mar 25, 2011


F***ING TWILIGHT..........

Chris on Mar 25, 2011


Still not sold at all on Thor. It just doesn't look good..... and I was super excited for it. But of course he's gonna say it's awesome. It's not like he's gonna get up there and trash his own company's movie. "Yeah! This movie we did.... yeah it totally blows!!!"

Chazzy on Mar 25, 2011


But I am excited for Cap and The Avengers.

Chazzy on Mar 25, 2011


Excited for everything Marvel Studios is doing! Cap & Thor (along with Super 8) are my picks for the summer! Know what I want to know is beyond the epic Avengers and IM3 what do Marvel have line up for us next? Alex send your spies out - we need to know!! 😉

Sumit on Mar 25, 2011


I won't get "chills up my spine" until I see the first real photo of the Hulk. But I do really like this guy. Hypothetically, I would want him to run my company.

Thoodbaby on Mar 25, 2011


this guy is amazing ...he can fuck my whole family and i wont be mad

Terminator on Mar 25, 2011


Thor<Captain America<Batman< my mum thor+thor= 2 peanuts batman - batmobile= george w bush

Terminator on Mar 25, 2011


Quesada is an idiot. As long as he is working for Marvel they will just be spitting out movies for money and we won't have quality.

george on Mar 25, 2011


In my opinion, Every single comic book movie for the last 15 years, other than TDK and HellBoy 1,2, SUCKED. all of you fans are always getting so pumped up for every single stupid super hero movie, like it's bloody Hanuka (I'm jewish), and then rant and rant and rant. Can't you smell out the movie right off the trailer??? The green lantern?? who cares?! ANOTHER SPIDERMAN??? WHY?!?!?! Superman returns??????? That idiotic second Hulk?? the first one had better characters and much more depth even if the cg wasn't great. the second had too much cg and no depth whatsoever. Snyder is gonna butch up Superman, just because that character is SO powerful, you had make up stupid stuff like Kryptonite or magic to diminish his powers. face it: Superman is TOO powerful to be in any conflict with anything. stop getting so hyped about everything. It's just show business. It's all about money, your money. the studios will tear down a cut of the film to get as many people into the theater as possible.

Yoyo23 on Mar 25, 2011


Totally agree with u... Specially the part "It's just show business. It's all about money, your money."

Lucky on Mar 27, 2011


Dude calm down and have some pork!

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011

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