Marvel is Considering Shane Black to Write and Direct 'Iron Man 3'!

February 9, 2011
Source: Heat Vision

Shane Black / Iron Man

Whoa! As we know because he confirmed it himself last year, Jon Favreau won't be back to direct any more Marvel movies. Instead, he's going to Disney's Magic Kingdom. So who is going to take his place on the Iron Man franchise? Well, Heat Vision just ran an article saying that Shane Black, screenwriter and director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is "in contention" to write and direct Iron Man 3 for Marvel Studios. But don't start celebrating yet. "Insiders said that Black's involvement is far from a sure thing, and that other writers and directors were being looked at." If I can say, it would be pretty awesome to see Shane Black tackle Iron Man.

This seems like kind of a ploy to get some fanboy buzz behind director-in-waiting Shane Black - and it might just well work. Black is a fan favorite because of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and because he's a damn good writer, with other credits to his name like Monster Squad, the Lethal Weapon series and The Long Kiss Goodnight. He's been trying to get another project to direct for a while and has a few lined up, like Death Note, but this could be his big break in many ways. Marvel already has Iron Man 3 scheduled for May 3rd, 2013, a year after The Avengers. We don't know anything about the story, because it can go anywhere next - potentially with/without War Machine and/or Black Widow, depending on what happens to her in Avengers and so on.

For now this is nothing more than a possibility, as Black is one of many directors in contention. If he gets the job, we'd been in for a very different kind of Iron Man movie, but that's exactly why he would be such a great choice. I doubt Marvel would let them make it too much darker as is, but there would definitely be a unique sensibility that only Black could bring, and I'd love to see them go in that direction with this sequel. We'll let you know when/if they sign him! Do you think Shane Black would be an awesome choice?

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That. Would. Be. Awesome. Black and Downey Jr. Work well with one another, and I'm sure he would repair the minor damage the sequel caused, shame about Favreau but Black as a replacement and screenwriter would be a brilliant move on Marvel's part.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2011


IDK Cred X.....first Mr. Norton and now Mr. Favreau??? "Who's the Wildman now?!!!"

RandallM on Feb 10, 2011


we'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2011


I called this one about a month ago on this very website when you asked who would be a worthy successor to Favreau.

Sparky on Feb 10, 2011


im so down. He's such a good replacement director for Farvreau and would bring an awesome take on Iron Man. hopefully they will touch on his Alcoholism and how hes becoming more machine then man

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2011


4 for 4 Marvel, just hire Shane already so we can enjoy the other 43 comic book movies that will be out before Iron Man 3. A bonus would be to have a (nearly) full Kiss Kiss Bang Bang reunion with Val Kilmer as the next rival/villain... but just so long it isn't Dieter Von Cunth.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2011


Iron Man 2 was utter crap. One of the worst sequals ever made. Having the very talented Shane Black on board as writer and director can only help this franchise. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was great and the first two Lethal Weapon films that Shane had written were the best in the series.

Lost Son on Feb 10, 2011


IDK Lost....there were some very great moments in IM2, but there were some bad ones as well. ( the party scene). Utter crap is a bit stong. Perhaps"failed to deliver" would work a little better.

RandallM on Feb 10, 2011


Like most sequels these days, they try to put too much story into it. You can only fit 2 full plots/major characters in one film. It had Stark maturing as IM and alcholism/Palladium sickness + Whiplash + Justin Hammer = 3 major plots/characters add in Pepper, Rhody. Black Widow, Starks Father, and Palladium sickness for minor plotlines and you've got one big mess It should have ended with Hammer getting his due, Whiplash gives Tony the hint/cure for palladium sickness at the very end; and Tony lets him go in return. You would've had another 15-20 mins or so for both Hammer and Whiplash. Oh and dumped Widow all together, Pepper and Happy (Faverau) could have broken into Hammer Industries on their own (or even let the 'babysitter' agent from Shield show some skills). The only 'utter crap' part is how Tony was 'cured' of Palladuim sickness. Took all the drama out of the movie, which killed any emotional momentum it had.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2011


No I meant what I said (Utter Crap). It felt like Robert was phoning in his performance this time. The ending was also crap as well. The fight between Ironman. War Machine and Whiplash lasted about 20 seconds. This film was a total letdown.

Lost Son on Feb 12, 2011


Shane Black would definitely be a better director.

Godvssatin on Feb 10, 2011


I hope this happens, Shane Black is the man. For 2 hours of solid laughs, watch KKBB with the commentary on. The banter between Black, Downey and Kilmer is some next level shit.

Lebowski on Feb 10, 2011


Hell yeah! Black is a great pick for both writer & director (KKBB as well as being very funny and sharp is also very well made - and that was hist first film!) I think he woudl also make a great Deadpool movie but IM3? Yes please!

Sumit on Feb 10, 2011


This would be a major coup for Marvel to get Shane Black on board, "Iron Man 3". Although, I like Favreau and I still think he's a sharp dude, I wasn't too impressed with "Iron Man 2". The script was all over the place and all the improvisational acting was ill advised. It actually seemed like Favreau was a bit burned out and just stuffed the flick with these bits, especially with his extra long "fight scene"! The script needs to be a 'back to basics' approach and a steady progression from the 1st flick to cleaning the 'mess' from the 2nd flick while making an epic 3rd installment. I think Black would be worthy successor and I'm sure he's hungry enough to do the "Iron Man" character justice!

Spider on Feb 10, 2011


I really loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the tone of that film is pretty close to the Iron Man series, so I hope it works.

Al on Feb 10, 2011


I think Favreau made a smart move in turning down directing Ironman 3. I think he felt he had brought all he could to the table and doing a third one might just burn him out what with the tight deadlines and pressure the studios are putting on the entire production teams these days. He felt it was unfair to the fans to do a 3rd one knowing he's done all he can for the franchise and to do a 3rd one halfheartedly might just ruin the movie. (X-men and Spiderman; both movies were ruined with its 3rd installment) Smart move on Marvel in trying to keep things fresh. Black is sure to bring something new to Ironman and I am indeed excited to see what he has to offer.

Armand on Feb 11, 2011


i hope its gonna be good

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


i hope its gonna be good

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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