'Max Payne' Director John Moore Might Step Up to Helm 'Die Hard 5'

July 31, 2011
Source: Twitch

John Moore / Die Hard

Early in February we learned that Halo: Reach short film director Noam Murro was being lined up to direct the gestating sequel Die Hard 5 with Bruce Willis stepping into John McClane's shoes yet again. However, not too long ago we learned Murro would instead sit in the director's chair for the prequel 300: Battle of Artemisia (the project formerly known as Xerxes). Apparently his commitment to that film has forced him to step away from the sequel, but Twitch has learned that Behind Enemy Lines and Max Payne director John Moore has now been offered the film, and they even have a few interesting plot details.

After dealing with terrorists and killing bad guys in Los Angeles, Virginia, New York City and Washington D.C., it sounds like this fifth installment of the franchise will take John McClane and the action outside of the United Sates. This new sequel, from A-Team writer Skip Woods, will apparently have everyone's favorite cop heading to Russia with his son where the two are drawn into some sort of conflict with local forces. John McClane Jr. briefly appeared in the first film and is referenced as "Jack" in Live Free or Die Hard when villain Thomas Gabriel runs through some of McClane's personal information. Supposedly the character was originally included in a draft of the fourth sequel, but didn't make the final cut. Having a father-son duo for this new sequel might make things interesting, but only if we get back to the bloody, R-rated action and colorful language we've come to expect from a Die Hard film that was sadly missing from the last sequel.

UPDATE: Deadline has expanded the list of directors who could take on Die Hard 5 to include Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Bronson) and Justin Lin (Fast Five). Refn will likely be busy with the Logan's Run remake, and Lin already has another Fast and the Furious film lined up along with being attached to the next installment of the Terminator franchise, but Cornish has yet to line up his next gig to follow the praised sci-fi action flick Attack the Block which just hit theaters this past weekend. I'd love to see Cornish take on the film instead of Moore, but it's not clear who will get the gig just yet. Stay tuned.

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I thought that was Adam Savage from Myth Busters.

Jace on Aug 1, 2011


Stop. Please. We can create a new hero. Seriously.

Quanah on Aug 1, 2011


bring back sam jackson

Prafessor G Raded on Aug 1, 2011


Max Payne...? HAHAHA Man, they're scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Give it up. 

Legion on Aug 1, 2011


I actually enjoyed "Behind Enemy Lines". Personally I believe this was a better alternative to the initial director. But, it is odd that there's not a "bigger" director attached to this in the first place...The franchise needs someone who at least has the same level of action and storytelling integrity as did John McTiernan - some of his work on the original was borderline film-art!

JennyB on Aug 1, 2011


Where the hell is John MacTiernan? what the fuck is doing in recent he dead? you fucker,kids are making action movies and you are in big sleep man.wake up...

Pincode on Aug 1, 2011


It's a bit difficult to make a movie from prison....

Jedi on Aug 1, 2011


He's been out of jail for over two years, but I'm guessing he's on some sort of parole making it hard to shoot a new film. "On April 3 2006, McTiernan was charged in federal court with lying to the FBI during an evening phone call to McTiernan's home in the wiretapping investigation involving Anthony Pellicano. He was arraigned and pleaded guilty on April 17, 2006, and is the 14th person charged in this case. McTiernan was charged with an information, rather than in grand jury indictment, which means he waived his right to an indictment and suggests he may have reached either a prior plea agreement with prosecutors or some sort of cooperating agreement.[1] Some time later, upon retaining new counsel, McTiernan attempted to withdraw his guilty plea because his prior counsel had not offered an available defense.[2] On September 24, 2007 this bid was denied by Federal District Judge Dale S. Fischer. She then proceeded to sentence McTiernan to four months in prison and $100,000 in fines for lying about his relationship with Pellicano."

peloquin on Aug 1, 2011


Wow.  Has it been that long?  For some reason I was thinking that he got a 1 year sentence and it was just last year.  I would love to see him make a return to some good film making. Thanks for the correction peloquin.  =)

Jedi on Aug 1, 2011


thank you for nice comment,but this fucker was inactive before that events.his last 2 movies are tragedy but i believe in him,his predator and die hard are unique masterpieces.

Pincode on Aug 1, 2011


Well said. I will forever have faith in McTiernan for those movies.

grimjob on Aug 2, 2011


Reginald Vel Johnson... We need you!!!!!!!

RVJ Fanboy on Aug 1, 2011


I wouldn't expect a 'R-Rated Die Hard film' if they are throwing his son into the mix...

McClane's Lost Hair on Aug 1, 2011


Please give me a Bonnie Bedilia cameo this time around...

Darren J Seeley on Aug 1, 2011


but max payne was... lame

RhythmDave on Aug 1, 2011


ultra lame.

ADSL on Aug 1, 2011


Let Len Wiseman shitting again on "Die hard 5" .poor action and a weak/old John McClane.where are you god? save MacTiernan from his cage for Die5.AMIN!

TTBoy on Aug 1, 2011


John Moor's "Max pain" was a pain in ass movie and he is an underrated director.why him? die hard movie is killed already by len wiseman:another poor director.

Geranimo on Aug 1, 2011


You know those moments when you look at a movie franchise and say "Ok Hollywood, you've gone too far"?  Yeah, that already happened with Die Hard 4.  Shame on Bruce Willis for agreeing to do this movie.

Darren Geraghty on Aug 1, 2011


Id rather see another Rambo than another Die hard film....i mean what the fuck would john mclane be doing in Russia?!!

vegasdanny on Aug 1, 2011


C'mon! He's just at the wrong place, at the wrong time 😉

JennyB on Aug 1, 2011


Nicolas Winding Refn and I pay for my ticket right now

Loser on Aug 1, 2011


Behind Enemy Lines was an ok popcorn flick.  But Max Payne was awful, mostly because the guy didn't give the actors anything to do.  Listening to the commentary the guy knew more about which guns were in what scene than anything about how to work with actors.  As such in every scene people stand there stiff as a board while the other actor spouts their lines...  The look of max payne was spot on and the story was fine, but the acting... my god, the acting!

AD on Aug 2, 2011


Without a doubt! The franchise (or the genre for that matter) NEEDS a director like Refn!! 🙂

JennyB on Aug 2, 2011

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