Megan Fox Joins Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann for Judd Apatow's Next

March 16, 2011
Source: THR

Megan Fox

Back in January we heard that Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd would reprise their married characters from Knocked Up for a spin-off film from director Judd Apatow. Though the film still doesn't have a title, the project is slated to be released on June 1st, 2012, and has a new cast member coming on board the comedy. THR reports Megan Fox (Transformers, Jennifer's Body) is negotiating to join the film, but her role is being kept under wraps. As for the plot, well that's not known at this time either, but Apatow has mentioned that the film will follow Rudd and Mann's characters' marriage five years after the events in Knocked Up.

Since it's actually been five years since Knocked Up hit theaters, the real-time passing between films pretty much guarantees that Apatow's kids will still be around (they played Rudd and Mann's kids in the 2007 film as well). As for Fox's addition, her acting talents definitely leave something to be desired, but perhaps a comedy like this will let her spread her wings a little bit. It'll be interesting what kind of role she has in the film too and if she might end up bringing some trouble for the married couple. Only time will tell. Thoughts?

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good casting, something different. I read an article Monday, that was filled with unabashed hate. Sure Fox isn't the most powerful actress, but the things I read seemed out of place, the article basically said she was a dumb whore who needed to keep her mouth shut and show her tits, and compared her to Lohan and other spiraling downward actresses but when has Fox ever been on the news drunk? when has she ever flashed her vagina at the paparazzi? Hell I all know about her is that she's married, has tattoo's, was unfairly compared to Angelina Jolie, and compared Michael Bay to Hilter on the set (then I proceeded to laugh when all the Bay haters started to defend the guy and damn her). This is a rant, and most will disagree with me on that fact that I believe Fox has the potential to be a good actress, her performance in Bayformers can't really be judged mostly because the acting takes a backseat to Special Effects. Perhaps Apatow will help her career go forward, instead of backwards...sorry for my rant, guys.

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011


forget transformers...where have you seen even a hint of this potential from fox? she's a hot b**** with toe thumbs. a quality actress she is not.

Guest on Mar 16, 2011


that's the problem, she's only perceived as eye candy. I see potential, you don't have to agree with it. Fox is trashed for little to no reason, and for the most part its unfair.

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011


"She's only perceived as eye candy". The problem is that she is also type casted as the skanky seductress and given retarded lines of dialog (Jonah Hex) because of her looks. She always talks with that terrible wheezing voice that is supposed to be sexy but just sounds dumb and forced. I admit that I dislike her a lot due to the characters she portrayed so far. The whole "Omg, I'm like so hot, guys" thing got old reeeally fast. Obviously, it's not her fault that she always has to play the same roles; it's just what Hollywood does with good looking women, especially when they first get into the industry. Who knows, she might surprise me with this one. Here's a chance to prove all the haters wrong. We'll see what she does with that.

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011


That's the problem, she and her agent picked roles that required her to look pretty and not talk a lot. I for one like to support her, for reasons unknown (We're from the same place, big whoop). Jonah Hex was DOA the moment it premiered its first trailer, and its the director, writer, and studio's fault it fell apart, the cast however gets most of the blame sadly. Fox can do it, I'm sure...but will she? That's the question.

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011


I think she is good, Jennifer's Body was a decent film, it was pretty funny. I'm not particularly attracted to her, so it's never hindered my view of what she does on screen. Transformers isn't actually a movie though so I wouldn't judge anybody on that.

Crapola on Mar 16, 2011


same for me, the acting in Bayformers isn't really important, its more reacting.

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011


he he he

Crapola on Mar 16, 2011


This is inspired casting! All thing's considered, I think this is the best move Fox could have done! I sure hope this materializes, because she's got potential to surprise. Of course, the masses perceive Fox as eye candy, which makes this an intriguing choice if she can showcase her comedic chops. This looks like a win!!

Spider on Mar 16, 2011


She doesn't look anything like that anymore in that picture above, more like Joan Rivers!

John on Mar 16, 2011


that's a little much man, Joan Rivers is her own species.

Anonymous on Mar 16, 2011


this guy has a reputation to uphold. has he really stooped down to this level? the girl may be beautiful, but she has the acting talent of a piece of shit.

logan.j. on Mar 17, 2011


How many pieces of shit have you seen act? Fox is not that bad, she just picked some bad roles, give her a chance at least.

Anonymous on Mar 17, 2011


LOL sorry that reminded me of Happy Gilmore "You eat pieces of shit for breakfast!"..."NO!"

Anonymous on Mar 17, 2011


that's the best part of Happy Gilmore! Shooter's "No!" is fantastic.

Anonymous on Mar 17, 2011


But you act like she's going to play some Kristen Wig-type role... Just because she's attached to a comedy movie doesn't necessarily mean she will be outstanding at it. Yes, she has picked bad roles, but that is her fault. Obviously she has to pay the rent, but there are other roles she can do as well. Her role in this movie, as most can guess, is going to be the hot homewrecker girl that tempts Paul Rudd away from Leslie Mann in his marriage. It's not something that will be or has to be insanely comedic just because it is an Apatow film.

Tai on Mar 17, 2011


I should have added that I do want her to get better as with all actors. She has to put herself in the position to get those roles. If she really wants it, she can step outside of her realm and do something that will warrant praise. Indies are always looking for people and it is the perfect place for her to stretch her wings. Can she or will she actually be capable of doing it? Maybe, maybe not. It's up to her.

Tai on Mar 17, 2011


Can she or will she actually be capable of doing it? I asked the same question.

Anonymous on Mar 17, 2011


Yes she probably will be the hot piece of ass that tempts Pete...she's played the role of evil seductress before (Jennifer's Body) but this is Apatow, he will make the character funny.

Anonymous on Mar 17, 2011


all you are is hot! 😉

A5J4DX on Mar 16, 2011


Dead doll eyes, toe thumbs... and Leslie Man. Two females I never want to see in movies.

orca on Mar 17, 2011

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