Mel Gibson Speaks! Mentions Upcoming Randall Wallace Film & More

April 21, 2011
Source: Deadline

Mel Gibson

He hasn't spoken out since the "incident" last year, but Deadline has just posted the first exclusive interview with Mel Gibson since then and it's quite an interesting read. We usually stay out of the gossip side of things, but the interview covers topics from how angry/sad he felt after the tapes, to quotes like this, "I don't care if I don't act anymore." Like him or hate him, you can't deny that Mel Gibson has been a cinematic force that will at least be remember for films like Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, Mad Max and Signs. Gibson talked briefly in the interview about a project he is working on with Braveheart writer Randall Wallace.

We haven't heard much from Oscar nominated Randall "Randy" Wallace since he was attached to rewrite Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea years ago and pen the screenplays for Jerry Bruckehimer's Killing Rommel and With Wings as Eagles, which Arnold Schwarzenegger has been circling. So what is this new movie? Well, here's select quotes from Gibson's full interview that focus briefly on the new Wallace project:

"I could easily not act again. It's not a problem. I'm going to do something now because I want to do it and because it's fun. I've already pulled another job and it's going to be fun. I don't know if it's going to get off the ground, but I'm going to go work for [Best Picture Oscar winner Braveheart's screenwriter] Randy Wallace again. He's got this script and he's had it for years. He wrote some book and he's adapted it to a script. And it's almost like Alexander Dumas — like that swashbuckler kind of stuff."

"It's total bodice-ripping swashbuckling stuff, but it's funny. It's funny and yet it's got really good serious undertones too. Randy writes a decent script. And I responded to it right away. I thought this is hilarious. I've got to do this. And I'm not the main guy in the film -- which is great."

The interview then tangents to the cameo he was supposed to have in The Hangover Part II, and how that got canned last year. "You have to let that go. I sat here and talked to [director] Todd [Phillips] about it. I like Todd. How could you not like Todd? He's smart and he's gifted and so are the other people in the film. It's okay." So what is this new "swashbuckling" project he has lined up? The Playlist thinks it might be Wallace's Love & Honor, which is an adaptation and is a period-set patriotic epic of some sort focusing on a female. From IMDb: "One woman controls the fate of a nation." And the description from Amazon even uses "swashbuckling" to describe this being set "in late-eighteenth-century Russia." I'm intrigued already.

Of course, before Gibson even makes another movie, we have The Beaver yet to see, as it's set to begin hitting theaters across the nation in the next few months. Given the praise that the film has been receiving from FS writers Ethan and Jeremy alike, it's obvious this is a drama to watch out for. Even if you hate Gibson, there's still a lot of heart in the film and that's exactly what Gibson says drew him to the script to begin with. Here's another excerpt from the interview where he talks about The Beaver and working on that:

"Nobody wanted to do it. It was always on the top of the pile for scripts that don't get done but that should have been done… I don't think anybody really had a notion of really had to grapple with it. It really could have gone in several different directions. There were three main ways it could have gone. When I read it, I chose a different way to what Jodie did."

"A guy said to me one time, something really profound, and it’s so simple. It’s that depression lies. It’s a liar and you have to shut it down. There is nothing that alleviates it more than going out and doing something for someone else. It’s almost like instant healing. Get away from yourself. People can’t even get out of bed and it gets really severe. I’ve never been at that stage. Everyone goes through low and high and low and high and some people are blessed to be created on an even keel all the way through—but not me."

Gibson was referring to how the mom and son characters in movie perceive his character's depression in connection with the beaver puppet, it was an interesting answer. Again, it's highly suggested clicking over to Deadline to read the full interview with Gibson, as he covers quite a bit that you might (or might not) like to hear. Honestly, it's refreshing to hear straight from Gibson without any big controversy and obviously we're just sticking to the movie discussion anyway. Who knows if anyone will even go see The Beaver or if Gibson will actually act again (and even if he doesn't, it doesn't seem to bother him) but I for one wouldn't mind seeing him return in some dynamic roles, whether it being something with Randall Wallace again or something else. What does everyone think? Does Gibson have a chance or is he still a bit crazy?

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Xerxexx on Apr 22, 2011


Signs? really Alex?

Bltzie on Apr 22, 2011


That's a great movie, come on! Just because M. Night sucks now doesn't mean he hasn't made great movies prior.

Alex Billington on Apr 22, 2011


ok! to each his own. I personally think M. Night Shyamalan's only good movies are The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Signs was just the beginning of the downfall. But that's just me.

Bltzie on Apr 22, 2011


I agree with Alex. Though M. Night has made some weird and maybe unsuccessful movies, Signs was pretty original with the tons of alien movies that have come out/coming out: Super 8, War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks, Battle: LA, E.T., etc.

Jwb3 on Apr 22, 2011


Absolutely, people who dislike this movie dont realize how original it was. It wasn't a big hollywood explosion fest.

Surssly on Apr 25, 2011


Signs? Hell no, his first trip up was Lady in the Water.

Johnny Neat on Apr 22, 2011


Right on.

Surssly on Apr 25, 2011


I agree, his only good works were Six Sense and Unbreakable.

Proudfootzor on Apr 22, 2011


Dude, Unbreakable sucked huge balls.

Surssly on Apr 25, 2011


I agree. He has lost his way but he is still a decent direct with potential. I just think it's time to direct a script that isn't his. P.s. I still don't know how The last Airbender, which I have yet to see, did so poorly and I'm scared to see it after my son said it wasn't Avatar: The Last Airbender. But seriously, Since the Sixth Sense he was one a role but then tripped on the sloppy but promising Lady in the Water script/film, then he miscast Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel in The Happening to then just crash and burn with The Last Airbender from what I've read and heard. I still feel he could rebound and if that rebound has anything to do with his best film, Unbreakable, he better be careful and not rush or allow any studio to dictate his vision.

Johnny Neat on Apr 22, 2011


The last airbender was the movie in which the director committed various frauds and scams. The movie almost had nothing to do with the Avatar universe, except for a few names here and there.

Anonymous on Apr 22, 2011



Surssly on Apr 25, 2011


Signs is a great movie. Too bad you don't see it.

Phontsolo on Apr 22, 2011


i just want him to make that Viking movie in Old English (which may as well be a foreign language; it is a dead language) with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ronald Suk on Apr 22, 2011


Yes, I want Gibbo to make the Viking movie. I will pay to see that. He's a great director.

Racer X on Apr 22, 2011


This looks very interesting. Randall Wallace has already directed a superb swashbuckler - "The Man in the Iron Mask". In my view it is the movie most true to the spirt of Dumas and the Three Musketeers. Also, lets not forget that he directed Mel Gibson before, in the magnificent "We were soldiers once and young". And he got a superb performance from Mel. This has some signs around it.

John Dark on Apr 22, 2011


I know all those movies were mentioned about how great Mel has done, but don't forget about The Patriot! I think that was my favorite Mel Gibson movie! And Ransom was really good. I don't care bout the tapes, Mel Gibson will always be one of my top favorite actors. We all make mistakes and have regrets.....celebrities just get hurt the most.

Jwb3 on Apr 22, 2011


Yea I was considering including that... but I don't really think anyone looks back and remembers The Patriot. It was good, entertaining, but let's not forget who directed it... Roland Emmerich.

Alex Billington on Apr 22, 2011


Yeah, not The Patriot. But Ransom is one hell of a movie, Mel Gibson's Character is so badass and also great performance by Gary Sinise. Oh and Signs made nothing for alien movies! Except make them more retarded. The whole water weakness was... weak. and don't even get me started with the "swing away" last words of Mel Gibson's wife. THAT was stupid. Perhaps you guys need to watch that movie again.

Bltzie on Apr 23, 2011


Perhaps you sound like a arrogant ass.

Surssly on Apr 25, 2011



dave on Apr 22, 2011


his cameo should have been kept in the hangover 2,the director is just a total idiot

fallendeathmetal on Apr 22, 2011


Totally, however it was more the cast that made it happen not the Director.

Surssly on Apr 25, 2011



Manuel on Apr 22, 2011


Great way to comeback Mel! Perseverance is key! I never did believe all the BS in the media nor the hater comments(which seem to have dwindled away). I look forward to what ever Mel wishes to deliver us in the big screen!!

Spider on Apr 22, 2011


Mel is my favorite actor, so this is really exciting for me to hear. hes gone through alot; im glad to hear he's handling it well and returning to the screen. and YES, that Viking movie would be sweet.. is it just me, or does it seem like theres never really been a good viking movie? "Pathfinder" SUCKED, "13th Warrior" was mediocre at best.. and i cant even think of any others. seems like good viking movie would have good demand

Jrev on Apr 22, 2011


Absolutely. Mel Frickin RULES.

Surssly on Apr 25, 2011


Why would people hate Mel Gibson? I understand that the things he has said publicly were reprehensible; but remember this, he is an alcoholic who has yet to go completely through the process of leaving booze behind him. There will be people who never get over what he said. Unfortunately that's what happens when you denigrate an entire race/religion and top it off with spousal abuse. However, the best way to move on is to pity the man, forgive him and forget what he did; because constantly reliving the downfall does no good for anybody. If Gibson had a strong friendship in his life, someone he trusted and respected who could give him a sound verbal thrashing when he needed it, perhaps these incidents wouldn't have happened. I seriously think the person Mel Gibson hated the most when going off the way he did was Mel Gibson. Hopefully he is off the cycle of trying to stay sober, failing and then hating himself and, in the process of hating himself, lashing out at anybody in his path. I don't approve of his behavior in those incidents but I enjoy Gibson's films as actor and director. As I said, there will always be those who will never get over his bad behavior; but at some point we just have to let it go and not continue to allow a few instances of extreme stupidity to weigh down our thoughts. Hate is hate; and hate is not a good thing. Gibson's problems serve to show us that celebrities are just people and they are as susceptible as any of us to human foibles and frailties.

Anonymous on Apr 22, 2011


Well the solution for you is a simple one: don't do those things and you won't have any trouble. If that's not an area of weakness for you then you should be happy for that. As far as apologizing for Mel Gibson goes, I can't and won't do that. I didn't excuse him either, I'm merely stating why I don't have a hatred for the man, in direct response Alex' story. Perhaps he would have gone to jail had he not been wealthy. Like it or not, people will let a great amount of petulance go if the price is right. You could then have just as much against his ex for taking the money and letting him skate. I'm sure his lawyers went straight for the strategy of, "How much will it take for you to forget about pressing charges?" She had a price, she named it and Gibson paid it. That legally ends the issue, which is kind of unfortunate as Gibson probably still needs some kind of intervention for his substance abuse. With the litigation taken care of Gibson is free to ply his trade with anyone willing to hire him. There may be many Hollywood studio execs who won't want to do business with him. That's their choice and I have no problem with that either. There's a lot of people in the world besides Gibson that have made millions of dollars; and I don't begrudge any of them their success. If being angry with him makes you feel better then have at it.

Anonymous on Apr 24, 2011



Surssly on Apr 25, 2011


That's great that he's hooking up again with Randall Wallace! Humans are imperfect beings. If Hollywood can forgive far worse (we're talking criminal behaviour folks) then surely someone with redeeming qualities and talent to spare such as Mel Gibson can be given second chances.

Cinemanostalgia on Apr 22, 2011


Drink driving isn't criminal?

Crapola on Apr 22, 2011


Absolutely. Hollywood bubble has such a blatant DOUBLE STANDARD. People see through it. Just sucks to have to hear the annoying biased propaganda all the time.

Surssly on Apr 25, 2011


I don't hate Mel Gibson. People make mistakes or say things they don't mean all the time. I will always separate the actor from the person. Mel Gibson and Braveheart go hand in hand and just for that fact alone i will never hate the man.

Phontsolo on Apr 22, 2011


I think Mel and Charlie Sheen should do an Amos & Andy tribute.

Michael Richards on Apr 23, 2011


I love Mel Gibson - the man always seems to find ways to humanize and make great characters. From Lethal Weapon - Mad Max - Braveheart - We Were Soldiers - Ransom - Payback - Conspiracy Theory - Signs etc. The man makes good movies. And unlike Harrison Ford (sigh my one time favorite actor) Gibson doesn't seem to quit. Thankfully. But put me up there with all of those that want the Viking movie! Damnit! I want Mel Gibsons bloody vikings! (oh and chances are it wouldn't be old english - it would be old norse). Apocalypto is one of my favorite movies. Simply incredible.

Harm on Apr 23, 2011


I could care less what he did or said before. I still honestly don't know because I never bothered to pay attention. Most People flip out and say/do crazy sheet at some point in their lives but because he lives under a burning lens of celebrity, everybody knows about it. That sucks. Compared to anyone else who's ever been involved in entertainment/etc with similar "downfalls," his collective contribution to film as not only an incredible actor but director as well overshadows that considerably. I look forward to any projects he's driven to take up, and wish he could do more.

mario punispe on Apr 23, 2011


Mel is awesome for a whole variety of reasons.

Anonymous on Apr 23, 2011


Disappointed that Mel' cameo was shot down. That alone would've made the Hangover 2 worthwhile (although I'm sure it'll be ok without him). Vikings needs to be made.

Quazzimotto on Apr 24, 2011


Alex - you mention not hearing much from Wallace for a know he did Secretariat right? I was also in a recent meeting with him where he was talking about an upcoming TV project on the Civil War with a very interesting and powerful twist of perspective.

MattC on Apr 25, 2011


I dcon't give a shit what Mel Gibson does in his private life because when I go to one of his movies, his personal life doesn't matter to me.

Hattori Hanzo on Apr 25, 2011


"he covers quite a bit that you might (or might not) like to hear." Alex you don't have to be apologetic to people if you like something or not. I like your opinion. Not everyone wishes Mel Gibson would be exiled to Siberia so fervently like the bubble in Hollywood. (Hollywood reality check)

Ok on Apr 25, 2011


Yea I know, and thanks. 🙂 But I was also kind of saying that some of the questions are just horrid. Even I don't care about all the gossipy "omg did the tape hurt you" questions that the interviewer asks over and over, that's the stuff I'm saying might not interest... anyone.

Alex Billington on Apr 25, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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