Michael Bay and Taylor Lautner Have a Big Secret Project for Sale

February 16, 2011
Source: Deadline

Michael Bay / Taylor Lautner

Apparently studios are ready to bank on a director who can't keep his camera still more than five seconds and an actor who has as much talent as the broad side of a barn. Deadline reports director Michael Bay and The Twilight Saga star Taylor Lautner are currently shopping a secret script around to be auctioned off to the highest studio bidder. Apparently Hollywood heavyweights are already foaming at the mouth for the project and a bidding war is underway. Unfortunately, the project's details are being kept under wraps, but insiders have described it as "Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Wanted." I guess that means there will be guns?

Aside from The Twilight Saga, young Lautner will have the thriller Abduction hit theaters in September, and he's also producing and starring in an adaptation of Incarceron, and an adaptation of Hasbro's toy Stretch Armstrong from Universal and Imagine Entertainment. Considering how much Bay loves working with Hollywood's "hottest" entities on the acting side (no matter how much talent lies behind their bright smiles and toned bodies) this isn't much of a surprise. Honestly, I couldn't care less about their collaboration, but average audiences will probably flip a lid for a Bay and Lautner collaboration. What do you think?

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The first sentence of this article made my day. But seriously, I'm with you. I do not care about the endeavors of either of these gentlemen. And a Smiths/Wanted-esque film sounds lame.

Cracky on Feb 16, 2011


LOl that was my first impression. Who cares? Seriously.

Cruzer on Feb 16, 2011


I like Bay but seriously The Twilight kid?

WB EXEC on Feb 16, 2011


In other "Who Gives a Flying Boeing 747 F*ck" news today...

Steven Christopher Shackelford on Feb 16, 2011


I can't help but feel those two deserve each other...

Fennez on Feb 16, 2011


quite - they can bask in the glow of each other's egos and compare munitions flares with vampire sparkle.

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2011


Bad acting is not a secret......

RandallM on Feb 17, 2011


omg taylor lautner and michael bay, i'm so excited, is this for a tv commercial or a music video?

matt on Feb 17, 2011


Yet while all of you are crying and bitchin all you want while turning green as the boogers you pick while living your pathetic lives behind a computer screen Taylor Lautner or Michael Bay are basking in the lives you losers will never have!!

Dallas on Feb 17, 2011


Full on, let the hating begin from little men who can't get big in all senses of the word. Really pathetic.

Highnote on Feb 17, 2011


this might be news to you but some of us are actually content with what we have.

hex1 on Feb 17, 2011


The only thing that will interest me with the name Michael Bay are the words: "Bad Boys 3" is coming to a cinema near you.

Last Son on Feb 17, 2011


Hmm. Unimpressed with the instant reaction on here. Michael Bay is a love or hate director and it's interesting to see how vocal the haters. Guess there's a whole lot of love out there otherwise his box office results wouldn't be quite as good as they are. It's not like he generally works with unbelievably talented actors either. Shia the Beef ain't gonna be doing Hamlet anytime soon, although from what I've heard (as I haven't seen Twilight), he would probably put Lautner in the shade. Does this mean we should instantly start dismissing/actively hating this movie before anything is known about it? I really hate this attitude. The internet just seems to be made for people to be negative. I imagine they will make this film, it will be a box office hit, millions of people will see it and most will enjoy it and, believe it or not, that's called making a successful film. A good film doesn't have to be an independent film that only 6 people see and then discuss in terms of character development and symbolism.

Normstar2k on Feb 17, 2011


that's a fair comment, Normstar. Bay's films have undoubtedly proven phenomenally successful financially, and in general have been critically the opposite. i have seen a few myself at the cinema and they serve a purpose extremely well. personally, i'd like him to move a way back from the action so i could see what was going on, but that's just me. it's a clich├ęd but no less true argument, but it's like Big Macs. i eat them, and most of us do at some point. it's just that some of us don't always want fast food, and yearn for something better. but i'd never say that other people shouldn't have them. if i was a studio exec, the demographics of this combination alone would set my wallet madly tingling. but i'm not. peace

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2011


I love Michael Bay, but I'm not a fan of Taylor Lautner. We'll see..

David Perretta on Feb 17, 2011


Michael Bay and Taylor Lautner have a 'BIG" secret script huh? Sounds like a joke from David Letterman.

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 17, 2011


Michael E-Bay and Lautner??? This has Oscar, er, I mean Razzie written all over it LMAO

Sanka on Feb 17, 2011


I love Michael Bay! I really do... But this makes me sad.

Marc Walker on Feb 17, 2011


Not so sad that it prevented all you blowhards from pontificating....just the flip sides of the same coin...whiney sissy boys vs whiney sissy girlies....neither of which know shit from shinola!! "lautner can't act" says you..because you heard it", "because he was in twilight", ...because you believe yourself to be omniscient..guess what toothless incestuous weasel brains...most people go to see movies based on what they like and they also don't screw the pooch for the sake of screwing it (the money Lautner and Bay's made smells commercial success and that's what it's all about) ....they're gonna give Lautner a chance to prove himself outside of twilight... So don't go see it, sit in front of your computers and splur out your weasel worded crapola based on what....oh that's right you're under the delusion your can base your opinions on like 1 series (that's made beaucoup dollars). I'll reserve judgment on the kid till I see him in something else. and if you don't like Bay boom-boom movies, why are your here...go praise the black swan, or artsy fartsies or whatever meets the lofty criteria that can satisfy your fragile sensibilities...All these comment sites are the same: same whining, same insults, same same same... which makes them substance...

iblis on Feb 18, 2011


That's tellling them!!!!!! LOLoooooouuud

Lovekeeper on Feb 24, 2011

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