Michael Bay & Steven Spielberg in Talks to Return for 'Transformers 4'

October 17, 2011
Source: THR


Though it sounded like his turn in the director's chair for Transformers: Dark of the Moon might be his last for the multi-billion dollar franchise, apparently director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg are already in talks with Hasbro about a fourth installment in the series. THR has word from Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner that the toy company is already in talks with the high profile filmmakers about getting yet another Transformers sequel off the ground with hopes to officially announce the project sometime next year. Clearly Hasbro isn't ready to simply let go of their transforming cash cow so easily.

The question is where the franchise will go in the next sequel, and whether or not franchise star Shia LaBeouf and other ensemble members of the cast like John Turturro, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and more will return. This might be an opportunity to craft a new trilogy with a storyline outside of Sam Witwicky's interaction with the Transformers. The angle of a young kid getting his first car, only to have it be a transforming alien robot had its charms, but it would be interesting to see where an all-new story would go. There's been wild rumors of Jason Statham taking on the franchise, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Unicron!  ...and bring back Optimus' arm!  😉

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2011


New kid, less screaming.  and get a person who can actually draw robot faces so we can tell the difference. 

Michael Lee on Oct 17, 2011


they couldn't bring on a different director? bummer. 

gpak on Oct 17, 2011


This franchise is hungry for greatness.

Arthur Marcus on Oct 17, 2011


A fourth film! Yes ... yes. This is a great opportunity.

Billie on Oct 17, 2011


I was also hoping for a new director, new cast, and definitely new robot designs from another effects company as  I'd love to see how Weta would do the Transformers.

jah p on Oct 17, 2011


The unfortunate reality is that Hasbro et. all are hiding behind robots to sell gratuitous violence to children. Scenes with main characters begging for their lives only to have their heads blown off, other characters having their limbs torn off in slow motion 3D none the less. To top it all off they have these death scenes punctuated with the characters spitting or oozing red fluid. Here's hoping the next films are rated appropriately... completely disgusted with Spielberg especially for his involvement in this.

KHD on Oct 17, 2011


ummmmmmmm pg 13 isn't for children. teenagers..... 

Jaiyson on Oct 17, 2011


I think you're a troll because I seriously doubt you'd go into a transformers film and be surprised that it involves robots fighting each other.

peloquin on Oct 17, 2011


Troll? I never said I had an issue with Robots fighting... I have an issue with the sadistic portrayal of those battles and the fact that they're fed to kids. These robots are characters with unique identities, voices and traits... to have them on their knees begging for their lives while another stands up behind them and blow their heads off is horrific violence for any rating... let alone a PG 13 AND in 3D slow motion. Grotesque is being polite... Bay, Spielberg and Hasbro should be ashamed.

KHD on Oct 17, 2011


khd has a point here. never thought that far yet. these scenes are really brutal regarding the "unique identities" of the characters. they are portrayed as individuals and not as objects.

ya'is on Oct 17, 2011


Yeah I have to agree with KHD. This amount of brutality, which I'll admit was amusing, disappointed me as someone who was a fan of the cartoon as a child. Optimus Prime would never act as brutally as portrayed in the movies, especially the ending of the last movie. That's what made him different from the Deceptions, he was merciful. I would be fine with him destroying the bad guys so long as it appears quick and to the point, and doesn't allude to the Predator ripping out someone's skull and spinal column and than killing something begging for its life. I'm all for this kind of violence in the right context, but when your movie is based on children's toys you should be more concerned with a sense of morality. 

Awtan90 on Oct 17, 2011


for me i'd be more concerned with the sex appeal than the robot/robot violence because that was never part of the show...   but then again, given the movie's rating PG-13 [one step under R] i think it comes down to parenting regardless of the concern.   😉      That said, Even though it was robots, i wasnt all the way cool with the execution of Q (the old one). I could have done without that and would rather have had the money for that sequence go toward a epilogue like previous films. was it just me or did the movie feel like it just stopped?

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2011


I was taken aback, starting with Optimus impaling Bonecrusher with his short sword at the end of the freeway chase in #1. However, with the blatant sexuality of the new series (the toon barely had a any women, let alone nubile teenagers in short shorts) I knew from the trailers it wasn't a kids show anymore. I never could identify with any bots, so I never cared if they got torn apart, but the excessive use of fluids (including pissing and spitting) was just odd? After all how do they replenish those fluids??? Yes Dark of the Moon was indeed full of graphic violence. Not just "slow mo tearing apart" but executing of hostages and shooting fleeing humans.

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2011


Meh, 3 was awful.

Xerxexx on Oct 17, 2011


and so was 1 and 2

Tester on Oct 17, 2011


the twins were the reason i decided to see the second one.....

Jericho on Oct 17, 2011


... I guess that if Michael Bay returns, he'll do it only as a producer. About Shia, I think Sam's story is finished, but he could still be back in a supporting role or cameo, because a new history and characters are needed.

Yahzee on Oct 17, 2011


Anyone & everyone who watch these 'movies' deserves all they get, simples!

Agent Kid Society on Oct 17, 2011


Maybe do an all CG prequel about the war on cybertron. The game had a very good story to it. Maybe they can use that. 

Drayzoe on Oct 17, 2011


please reboot the whole shit with another crew. there could be good transformers movies... last three were awful!

ya'is on Oct 17, 2011


...and so boring!

ya'is on Oct 17, 2011


Actually 1 and the first half of 3 was very entertaining, and most of 2 and 3 are at least watchable. Mostly because of the trilogies one saving grace... the amazing cast and excellent dialogue.

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2011


If they make a 4th one, I wonder what direction they would take it, With Megatron dead, Maybe he will be resurrected as Galvatron.

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2011


So you send all the decepitons that were destroyed into space and Unicron turns them into his minions.  Add a few more autobots and make it seem everything is good on earth until Unicron and his army attack.  It could be like Unicron attacks at the end of 4, then 5 he takes over and then in 6 Hot Rod becomes the new Prime and defeats Unicron with the matrix.  They already showed the matrix again in the 3rd one.

Coasterboy12345 on Oct 17, 2011


...and Dinobots, then I'm in!

Nate on Oct 17, 2011


YES!!  YES!!  I want some fking Dinobots!!!!   Grims, Slag, and Sludge!!  No stupid swoop or snarl though.

Son of Grimlock on Oct 17, 2011


Swoop dog never get no respek. word

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2011


I not a big fan of the movies, the second movie was god awful, but I thought the third movie was the best one.

Posthuman on Oct 17, 2011


I for one am excited. They can bring in Glavatron and Grimlock. I hope they get a better writer too. 

Chris Amaya on Oct 17, 2011


Transformers is need of a serious reboot without Bay and Spielberg. They're both played out. Optimus was little more than a foot soldier. Hasbro needs to find a director that is an actual fan of Transformers. 

ChrisBatty on Oct 17, 2011


Needs more focus on the bots in general, more ass kicking action like the forest scene in part 2, and way less focus on the not so funny humor and even more less focus on humans.

Chris Amaya on Oct 17, 2011


Noooooooooo! Oh, wait, wrong franchise being constantly beaten and kicked.

Nathan Cook on Oct 17, 2011


Hell yea just bring back Megan fox!

Mikesantana70 on Oct 17, 2011


We're a little low on Decepticons now will this be Transormers 4: Revenge of Laserbeak?

Kevin M Scanlan on Oct 17, 2011


Bring back the Dinobots!!

JBrotsis on Oct 17, 2011


no more jerking the audience off with senseless sub plots and random ass characters that have no relation to one another (hint hint Transformers 3)

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2011


Bring back Ironhide and I'm in.

Hide on Oct 18, 2011


Jazz too.  They had the most personality outside of optimus. 

Anonymous on Oct 18, 2011


ohhh noooo.. not another sequel.. headache's back

Stevenfreestyler on Oct 18, 2011


this was the best movie ever. it wuz so grafic and amazing and  steven free styler it is mind blowing maybe tht will help ur headache

Sherridanmccray99 on Nov 14, 2011


I think that you are all nuts.For several reasons!For one its 2012,not the 70's anymore.Sexual refrence and subjects are in several moderan day cartoons.And  I don't know what cave that you live in,but I havent seen a cartoon on the big screen in a long time that didn't have refrences to sex in it.The subject of transformers being for kids,yea the toys!!It is a big motion pitcher now with real adault human actors.I personaly think that this new sieries of films are for the adaults that watched the series as kids,but lets face it we are not those kids anymore.The story is about a brutal war.I would like to see it play out much like saving privat Ryan.I have been a transformers fan since the very first cartoon.If this movie that is portryed as a real life action film, tryed to be a rated G film for children only.THe director would have spent twice as much to make as it would bring in at the box office.If your a fan be a fan,if not bugger off.

Christinapreece on Jan 5, 2012


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