Michael Jackson's Estate Now Looking to Sell a King of Pop Biopic

November 16, 2011
Source: Variety

Michael Jackson

Over two years after the death of iconic pop star Michael Jackson, the King of Pop's estate is now looking to get a biopic off the ground. Not too long after Jackson's passing, a documentary chronicling the final days of the international superstar came in the form of This Is It, which brought us as close to Jackson's final concert as we'll ever get. But this new film would cover other periods of Jackson's life, though it wouldn't be a comprehensive life-to-death biopic. Variety reports John Branca, the executor of the Jackson estate, has gone to Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock's Montecito Picture Company to produce and finance the biopic.

Reitman and Pollock's company started out with comedies like Road Trip, Evolution and Old School, but recently they've taken on more dramatic material like Up in the Air and Chloe. If the estate is looking to get the project made, there shouldn't be any worries about Jackson's most loved tracks making it into the film, but I wonder just which parts of his life will make it to the big screen. The ABC miniseries "The Jacksons: An American Dream" chronicled a lot of Jackson's early years with the Jackson 5, including the struggles with their overbearing father, so maybe this would focus in the singer at the height of his career. Stay tuned.

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I really liked 'this is it' but I'm not sure what a Jackson estate-led biopic would look like.  Maybe get the Social network director?  😉

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011


Will this deal honestly with Michael Jackson being a child molester? Doubtful. It's sad that this monster was able to live out his whole life abusing countless children and get away with it because of his fame and fortune. I hope Sandunsky isn't able to pull a Michael, and frighten enough of his accusers to create doubt for the jury. Shame, and shame on Ivan Reitman for even considering this.

MJ_Truth on Nov 16, 2011


fuck you bitch 

MENSAH on Nov 16, 2011


Sandusky is more of a monster and a witness who saw him in the showers with a young boy. Michael Jackson is more of a victim of people like you with pitchforks and torches claiming he molested boys in his Neverland. Fuck off, Bitch! "MJ_Truth" my ass! LOL! 

Jedibilly on Nov 16, 2011


His innocence is the truth but people WANT to believe he molested children because they worship the celebrities who actually do molest children.  I wish all of the people who attack MJ, like the MORON... "MJ_TRUTH" above, have their day in court where they are wrongly accused of the same thing MJ was. Except they are proven GUILTY despite their innocence. They are just mad to see him walk away.  MEDIA FREAKS and GULLIBLE DORKS are the ONLY ones who believe that MJ molested children. Because as an average person, we have to decipher what's real/fake - and THAT was fake.

MJTRUTH userisadevilworshipper on Nov 18, 2011


Shut up Bitch.

Solesss on Nov 18, 2011


It's stupid cunts like you who allow the real child molesters walk the streets. Go read a book and take your finger from your vagina. 20 years of research on MJ and the truth revealed his innocence. You should be the next one accused - send your ass to jail, BITCH.

Hudh on Nov 18, 2011


Which accusers were afraid of testifying? LOL Jordan Chandler threatened only the prosecution with legal action in 2005 if they made him testify, MJ's defense team contacted them and he didn't threaten them.

Kitty Valentina on Dec 8, 2011


In order to prove guilt you need proof and there was none......mj forever!

Jjackson4829 on Nov 16, 2011


thats why the fbi released all its files on MJ,and they said that in 20years they found nothing on Michael, no evidence that supported him being a pedophile, but did find that the prosecution falsified evidence, that was proven in that  trial like the fingerprints, and that the prosecutor sneddon will pay MANY tabloids to report false stories and even changed a law in California specifically for Michael where it said, a kid did not have to testify after an accusation, because the last kid, refused to testify, because he it was the dad doing all the talking and wanted 20 million dollars, in the end the michael's insurance company paid the boy's dad. michael in later years regretted it because he felt his lawyers misguided him to just settle because his lawyers and the leeches around michael were in risk of loosing billions of dollars with Michael and all of his World Tours and contracts, because they did not want a trial and they knew a trial would kill MJ, which in the end that 05' trial did kill him, where he was found NOT GUILTY in 14 counts, and even then the fbi files also showed that there had many dozens or reports of people trying to murder michael and his kids, so if michael seemed paranoid towards the end of his life, it is because of real threats, also his skin issue, which i feel fucked up, i thought he did bleach his skin to be white, but NO, his autopsy proved to the whole damn world that Michael was telling the truth and had vitiligo, and finally this man was a musical genius from the age of 5, he broke down racial barrier, he can fucking moonwalk, and has the best selling album in history, he was also arguably the most famous man to ever live. all he ever wanted to do was to heal the world, but as soon as he started doing that, all of his problems somehow came his way. "There is nothing weird about Michael Jackson, It was weird what Michael had to deal with his whole, but he dealt with it anyway" i kinda hope they make the movie, but i really hope they include the very historic parts of his life, and not focus at all with all those sensational stories, like plastic surgery etc. i would want them to show a scene when Michael performed the Moonwalk for the first time at Motown 25. with all the greats (diana ross, james brown, temptations etc) watching in the crowd, and how that moment really began Michaelmania!

Rey on Nov 16, 2011


or they could also do a movie like "I'm Not There" the Bob Dylan Biopic. with many actors playing Michael. in many stages of his life, early life, motown, epic records, off the wall era, thriller era, bad era, and 90s era. that would also be a pretty good idea, hope the movie is release in 2013 or 2014

Rey on Nov 16, 2011


The Jacksons: The American Dream... Part 2. 

Roderick on Nov 16, 2011

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