Mission Icefly Viral Follow-Up - Local Pick Ups Lead to 'Survival Code'

July 5, 2011
Source: MovieViral

Mission Icefly - Terry O'Quinn

This may be the last time we write about this Mission Icefly viral, as it looks like the path may be heading away from movies, but some of the most recent updates fall back into the cinematic realm (including Terry O'Quinn) and I had to follow-up one last time. Last we heard, the Test Subjects Needed viral lead to a countdown page at Mission Icefly, which unlocked a group of 15 cities that each got their own physical pick up last Thursday in a mission dubbed "Rescue". Similar to The Dark Knight or Tron, fans followed location-based clues to eventually find a full-size, light-up icefly replica, which unlocked another viral site.

It's becoming clear that this Mission Icefly viral might just be for 5 Gum, as some have said they've even seen the iceflies in recent TV commercials. However, I must say that the icefly prize that 15 people picked up following this last week, is frickin' awesome. There's an entire gallery of the fullsize icefly prizes (seen in Human Preservation Project display cases) over on Flickr, if you want to see more. Thanks to our friends at MovieViral for keeping us updated last week. I've included a photo of the icefly picked up below, as it's just awesome. Once all 15 were picked up, a video was unlocked above that links to another website.

Mission Icefly

This site is and that's where you can see good ole John Locke, better known as actor Terry O'Quinn, who mysteriously pops up in videos and footage linked to Mission Icefly and this Survival Code page. The site has to do with finding these rare "iceflies" up in snowy Antarctica, and the next step is yet another locked door hidden in a snowy, frozen landscape with a countdown clock. If you click on "Start Your Journey" on that site it launches The Genesis, a 3-minute long video experience that, even if you don't like gum, you must watch anyway - it's very well made and just damn cool. And it has Terry O'Quinn!

I really love that video on the site. "As human beings, we experience every second of our existence through our senses… These sense of ours thrive on a perpetual stream of information, creating a constant thirst for new discoveries. They define life as we know it, and it doing so fuel the intangible." I wish we could continue to follow this, but I suggest going to MovieViral for updates, as it seems the story is now focusing more on Test Subjects in relation to this gum. There's apparently another viral site located at, but the farthest we've reached is the countdown clock found in the door in the snow at the end (see below).

Mission Icefly - Survival Code

As always, we'll keep you updated on virals for movies. Be sure to watch the video at:

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Terry O'Quinn? Epicness!

Xerxexx on Jul 6, 2011


In Traelek Institute site there is phone number that open four new subpages. Look at this

soloparolesparse on Jul 6, 2011


isnt recognised.... too bad... i feel like a cat being murdered with curiosity.

Natasha Longboard Bakunda on Jul 8, 2011


I knew John Locke wasn't dead.

Anonymous on Jul 6, 2011


it's for 5 gum for sure. if you log on to your profile from the survival code page, you'll see the logos of each gum flavor. good marketing, no?

Rift on Jul 6, 2011


I believe that 5 gum is in on it, but I think that there is a bigger agenda here,honeslty!

Katie_lynn007 on Jul 23, 2011


All of this.... for gum?

Tyler Danger on Jul 6, 2011


Terry O'Quinn? Fabulous!

whatafy on Jul 6, 2011



saysoul on Jul 7, 2011


this seems a bit pricey to advertise gum.  I'm not saying it isn't, but I'm saying that it seems unlikely

Guest on Jul 7, 2011


This seems to be related to the "Year Zero" project by the Nine Inch Nails, which actually may involve a movie. If one looks up the website for the Traelek institute dials the number and enters the code "7-8-6" one is given a web address (and audio file of someone describing murders) that leads to a site involving script portions which relate back through a Google search to the NIN wiki on characters trapped in a dystopian autocracy  -Eserine

Eserine on Jul 8, 2011


What is this? I don't understand. I saw the code and " icefly" logo on my gum pack. Help me out. Please respond.

Daniel on Jul 19, 2011


kant figure out whzt to do on the clock thingy were u put the numbers help any1

xXlivingavengerXx on Aug 13, 2011


Its for a new 5 gum flavor called "swerve". I recived my ID badge along with a packet of the new flavor.

Jab16-spam2 on Aug 24, 2011

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