MMA Drama 'Warrior' Gets Sneak Previews Nationwide This Sunday

August 30, 2011
Source: Official Website


See the movie everyone is cheering about! Lionsgate announced nationwide "sneak previews" this Sunday for the MMA drama Warrior, starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as brothers and former MMA fighters who end up in the ring together. This is one of my favorite films of the year - and I'm even quoted on their site saying that. They've launched a sneak info page at that includes some juicy quotes, including a couple from yours truly, from my early review at CinemaCon. The previews are happening this Sunday, September 4th, at 7PM everywhere before it officially hits theaters next weekend.

Warrior Sneak Previews

The youngest son (Hardy) of a former boxer returns home, where he's trained by his father (Nolte) for competition in a MMA tournament -- a path that also puts him on a collision corner with his older brother.

Warrior is directed by American filmmaker Gavin O'Connor, of films like Tumbleweeds, Miracle, and Pride and Glory previously. The screenplay was written by Anthony Tambakis, Cliff Dorfman & O'Connor from a story by Cliff Dorfman ("Entourage") & Gavin O'Connor. This was filmed back in 2009 mostly in Pittsburgh and Atlantic City. Lionsgate is bringing Warrior to theaters on September 9th. I highly suggest seeing this, it's such a great movie. Let us know if you make it to a preview - we want to hear your thoughts!

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I wonder how its gonna end...I'll bet they end it before the winner is announced...have it at a Decision and fade to black...that would be kinda cool.

Xerxexx on Aug 30, 2011


Hey Alex, do you still stand on your statement about this being the years best film? Also, I run an amateur blog where I write my own movie reviews. Would you be able to give me some advice on critiquing film? I have actually seen a few films in advance, one coming out in October. Here's my link if you wanna check me out:

The Film Wizard on Aug 31, 2011


Been waiting on this one for the longest.

ur_babys_daddy on Aug 31, 2011


MMA is the worst wannabe sport around. Tom Jane should be ashamed to attach himself to something that feeds off of glittered shirts and low brain power. But I'm sure all you affliction wearing knuckle heads who hit the gym, and tend to look at themselves in the mirror more than actually defining a workout will enjoy this. Don't forget your favorite marketed energy drink to sneak in so you don't fall asleep you sissies.  

GammaJam on Aug 31, 2011


Oh many of them have degrees and they have one of the hardest training regiments and disciplines.....your hatred and ignorance bleeds all over your post. Ha and then you call them sissies, these dudes would destroy any of your favorite sports heroes as a morning warm up.       Don’t worry buddy Boxing and WWE will still be around....for at least lil while.

McWilly on Aug 31, 2011


@GammaJam - Your a moron. You obviously have no idea what your talking about. @McWilly pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say. Learn about the sport before criticizing it.

Barnaby Barrilla on Sep 1, 2011


Well, I've been playing rugby for about 10 years now so they can try and bring something but when it comes down to it I feel I would not be impressed. I am not a boxing fan nor a wrestling fan. I am a rock climber, ULTRA marathoner and rugby player. So if you are trying to get at me for not knowing a strict training regiment you may want to step it up a bit kid.....

GammaJam on Sep 1, 2011


Oh.... im sure you do all those things , I can list off all my sports credentials too buts its all BS online. The only factual thing that can be proved is your a moron from your uneducated post.  

McWilly on Sep 1, 2011


Bah. Back in my day, "Sneak Previews" were free and usually attached to other movies. I don't go in for these full-ticket-price shenanigans just so I can build buzz to make them more money. And stay off my lawn.

Voice of Reason on Aug 31, 2011


Looks amazing! Can't wait!

McWilly on Aug 31, 2011


This is gonna have to be the most homoerotic movie since Fast & The Furious 2 , right? I mean look at the way Tom is staring at Joel's tits, they totally want to bang. That will probably be the final scene of the movie, just them making passionate love in a cage, while hundreds of aghast fans look on.

Lebowski on Sep 1, 2011


Aww classic Freudian....looks like your going to really enjoy this! Its cool, Hardy is a stud! 😉

McWilly on Sep 1, 2011


Made it to one of the screenings tonight, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It was an exciting movie, and it brought both me and my spouse to tears at one point. I hope this movie does really well, and everyone who did such wonderful acting in it gets their accolades.

mmmhmm on Sep 5, 2011

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