More Badass Concept Art for Vin Diesel's Upcoming 'Riddick' Sequel

July 19, 2011
Source: Facebook

The Chronicles of Riddick

Whoa! Vin Diesel just wrote a thank you message on his Facebook (via BD) to all those who wished him a Happy Birthday, and decided to give a gift back to his fans. He's posted another new badass piece of concept art for Riddick 3, the untitled upcoming Chronicles of Riddick sequel, which sounds like might actually be happening. I'm surprised Universal is still giving this the go-ahead, yet killed off The Dark Tower, but I should hold my tongue as I want to see this get made cause it looks badass! It's fresh concept art dated a few weeks ago straight from director David Twohy showing Riddick and his new dog/beast friend. Check it out!

Vin Diesel's Riddick Concept Art

We still don't know much about Riddick 3, but that beast in the image above may be another "mud demon", as was teased last year. The art piece mentions it's in the badlands, which looks like a badass planet anyway. I just love hard sci-fi like this and I've been anxious to see Twohy actually make an R-rated Riddick sequel, so I hope this is what we're getting and this is our early first glimpse at what to expect. I'm definitely hoping he gets back to his Pitch Black roots, more gritty Riddick being Riddick on some planet and that's it. Twohy spoke encouragingly of the project just a few weeks ago. We'll keep you updated on it. Look good so far?

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ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod.... yes!

Armeetapus16 on Jul 19, 2011


Looks more in line with how a sequel to Pitch Black should be. Definitely liking this so far!

Matt on Jul 19, 2011


I enjoyed pitch black, and though I didn't like the chronicle's of riddick at all when I first saw it, it has since grown on me and into a guilty pleasure of mine. Saying that, this concept art is pretty awesome, and it is in fact badass, so I would love a new riddick movie, but I do agree, we need to see one with a hard R rating

Bigsexy_90 on Jul 19, 2011


A lone traveler and his faithful companion is set about to change the world; will he follow the path of light, or fall into darkness? You decide. Fable IV looks badass!

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


Love the Riddick movies.

tir na nog on Jul 19, 2011


And I think I'm one of the few who preferred the second film with its planet hoping scope.

tir na nog on Jul 19, 2011


I love both films, but the second was definitely the better of the two. It was just epic in every way and the Riddick character was fleshed out. Still, this 3rd instalment is looking to be awesome...

Mpetel on Jul 20, 2011


I want to see Riddick lead the Necromongers into war.Or maybe not....any riddick film will do.

tir na nog on Jul 20, 2011


Concept art does not a good movie make, based on the first two, an the headliner vin diesel.... I'll pass

Kellengarner on Jul 19, 2011


I have know idea what you just said

Mr. Teeny on Jul 19, 2011


Really? You have "know" idea. If you're going to be a smart ass, don't make yourself look like a dumbass.

Kellengarner on Jul 19, 2011


Calm down princess, he's free to express his own opinion

Kyle Bennett on Jul 19, 2011


yes, he is, but not by impersonating that cute little ball of awesomeness called Yoda. He ruins my impression of him. Yoda would never had said that, he would've liked a new Ridick movie.

Sfgfgd on Dec 31, 2011


This Yoda is an impostor!! At him boys!!!

Same on Dec 31, 2011


/insert here third random Yoda comment made by the same guy

Adasfsd on Dec 31, 2011


I like the dog... thing.  I remember liking the first movie, but never finished the second one. Maybe I should give it another look.

Craig on Jul 19, 2011


Im sold...

Roderick on Jul 19, 2011


Im ready for this.

Flbball23 on Jul 19, 2011


if whatever Macguffin they can come up with can somehow explain away the race of civilization/ planet-killers that he's now king of, then I'm in. 

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


Meh, what else is on... 

Brandon on Jul 20, 2011


Thank You!

Dueceswild222 on Jul 20, 2011


Ah, so on the left we have the movie Pitch Black (represented by Diesel being a badass), and on the right we have The Chronicles Of Riddick (represented very accurately, as a dog). 

Lebowski on Jul 20, 2011


remindsme of an anime, Casshan/Casshern:

JP_Lee18 on Jul 20, 2011


i personally enjoy the riddick story lines, cant wait for this to come to fruition

Luke Hanna on Jul 20, 2011


Don't know why people give The Chronicles of Riddick a bad rep. To all those who haven't seen it, its not as bad as other people say. It is just a different kind of film since Pitch Black was a horror movie, and COR was more of an action/adventure film. That being said, can't wait for this new movie.

Lamar on Jul 20, 2011


i wonder if it will be a remake of the animated movie between PB and CoR

mrDanG on Jul 20, 2011


Vance Kovacs work is good eh? Will defo look up more of his stuff. Looks decent enough. Concept art is always a good thing.

Crapola on Jul 20, 2011



Anonymous on Jul 20, 2011


Finally more emerges for Riddick. I loved the character, the movies and even the game. Can't wait to see this one, i hope DT does it right back to the Pitch Black kind of vibe.

Ron Torque on Jul 22, 2011


Finally another Riddick movie. Though Pitch Black has a seemingly cult following, I personally lean more towards the second film. With that said, it all depends on budget and story line. If they go the pitch black route and are forced into a smaller cast, environment and heavy character development, Vin/Riddick may have a hard time holding the audience. 

Shawn Rhodriquez on Jul 25, 2011


MORE Riddick.....NOW!

Eric J. White on Jul 28, 2011


so we get a CG dog on screen throughout the movie?... great.

NICK S. on Aug 5, 2011


j,aime riddick

Othmane Grine on Sep 9, 2011


it better be good. I'm growing old waiting for it.

Bv D on Oct 1, 2011


It seems like you're using the term "hard sci-fi" to mean "kick-butt sci-fi," which is VERY different. Traditionally, hard sci-fi refers to stories with an emphasis on the scientific aspects of a story. I love Riddick, but I don't think it puts a lot of emphasis on exploring the details of cutting edge scientific discovery... Maybe Riddick needs his own category. "BAMF sci-fi?"

AcM on Nov 9, 2011


A pic of Vin Diesel looking badass = OMFGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! BEST MOOVY EVAHHHH!!! Fucking retards

Arty1 on Dec 31, 2011

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