More 'Dredd' Photos from Empire Include First Look at Olivia Thirlby

July 25, 2011
Source: Empire


I am the law! Ooh this is finally starting to look awesome, at least I think it might turn out pretty good. The latest "Heroes of 2012" issue of Empire magazine is packed with a whole bunch of new photos from the upcoming Dredd movie, starring Karl Urban as the new Judge Dredd. We just got a first look last week, but now we have multiple shots of Dredd kickin' ass, and a few other Judge's, including Olivia Thirlby as the young Judge Cassandra Anderson. The scans come from 2000AD/Bleeding Cool and are worth seeing, as this is looking better with more gritty shots like this. Though Dredd seems quite unhappy. Check ’em out!

Dredd Photos - Empire
Dredd Photos - Empire
Dredd Photos - EmpireDredd Photos - Empire

Dredd takes us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot ‚Äď if necessary. The endlessly inventive mind of writer Alex Garland and the frenetic vision of director Peter Travis bring Dredd to life as a futuristic neo-noir action film that returns the celebrated character to the dark, visceral incarnation from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra's revered comic strip. No US release date is set, but we'll definitely keep you updated. Awesome?

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"Though Dredd seems quite unhappy"...The first picture on the upper left: Seriously, it look's as if he's about to burst into tears. Did he just finish watching E.T. or something ūüėÄ Ohh, poor little Dreed...

JennyB on Jul 25, 2011


I would think he's just finished watching Stallone's film...

Steven on Jul 25, 2011


You betrayed the LAW!

JL on Jul 25, 2011


you bedrayed da LAWL!!!!

Jericho on Jul 26, 2011



Anonymous on Jul 26, 2011


He's just waiting for the glue to dry in his helmet so it will stop falling forward

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2011


...and I was thinking how fucking fantastically Judge Dredd like that photo was

SavageHawk on Jul 26, 2011


 Gone from very negative to mildly positive for every image and the movie i believe will be cool so I hope for that. It can not be worse than Stallones crap version and I am a big fan of Stallone

Loser on Jul 25, 2011


I am the law.

Big Boss on Jul 25, 2011


stollone jaw line was better and his weird lip

yavorsv on Jul 25, 2011


Because they throw dirt, a few scratches and make him look grumpy doesn't promise a good movie. It looks more like a smoke screen to me but who am I to judge the Dredd himself, lol. Give me a trailer and I'll draw up a better conclusion since now a days comic book movies throw all the plot plus action scenes in one little trailer.

BinaryChaos on Jul 25, 2011


Where's the eagle shoulder pads?

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2011


The uniform is not remotely faithful. In fact, if you're a Dredd purist, the new uniform is insulting. Dredd looks like a Judge, not some paramilitary soldier - which is the look they've gone for in the new film. The lack of reasonably sized shoulder pads is a huge admission. And yes, it's not that credible to think Judges have very scratched uniforms and helmets. I would imagine it's the opposite, they would try to keep them clean to set a good example. Dredd is a bit of a stickler when it comes to appearance so I can't see him wearing a scratched helmet. Grim and gritty may not be Dredd's world at all. In fact you get heavy cube time for littering in Mega-City 1 so I doubt there's much dirt and grime. I always imagined Dredd's world to be quite clean and shiny, well, apart from city bottom. Grim and gritty is less expensive to reproduce in a film. Shiny high tech stuff costs more to make. Just for the record, the leaked screenplay contains NO ROBOTS so it's a low tech version of Mega-City 1.

James England on Jul 25, 2011


McMahon was Dirty - Bolland was shiny.  Get over your self righteousness and enjoy the fact that they are making another go at it.  Until it becomes completely CGI - you will not be happy

SavageHawk on Jul 26, 2011


Bang on.

ACB on Jul 26, 2011


simon Beazly (?) did a pretty dirty dredd...

lando on Jul 26, 2011


IIRC it actually reminds me of the uniform in the first ever Dredd story. The original uniform did have a smaller badge and shoulder pads as seen here. It was only later that those parts of the uniform became more bulky.

Rick B on Oct 27, 2011


Looks good, I hope the new Judge is sucessful so we could possibly get an ABC Warriors movie!

jah p on Jul 25, 2011


I find that quote so fucking funny and try-hard marketing to sell his fucking film when he says "Batman's worst day is Dredd's average day" FUCK YOU man, quit trying to better something average at best, to sell your fucking movie, Urban

Hesik on Jul 25, 2011


He's trying to make the Sly face. He's way too small too lol. Its Judge Dredd tho its not like im gonna really do an in depth review on this when i see it.

Joesmice on Jul 25, 2011


I am ready for this. 

Cracky on Jul 26, 2011


looks dreddful.

Rock on Jul 26, 2011


Delightfully Dreddlicioulious

SavageHawk on Jul 26, 2011


Just no.

Quanah on Jul 26, 2011



Unknown on Sep 19, 2011


ANDERSON PSI!!!! yeaaaaaaaaah. now I'm stoked.

cre2done on Jul 26, 2011



David Banner on Jul 26, 2011


I like Carl Urban, he has been in good movies ghost ship and doom. this judge dred film will be as good as the first dred film that was ace.

edwaard on Jul 26, 2011


They should have shown a photo of him smiling - given all the Dredd purists palpitations, just for lols.

Chris on Jul 26, 2011


hahaha the helmet! You make me think of the past.

mauricio on Jul 26, 2011


Why does Judge Dredd need to be remade?

Bubbab on Jul 26, 2011


cause the original one was awful

gothic-twilight on Aug 5, 2011


he looks WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too young.  Dredd is supposed to be around 70 years old, like if Harry Callahan had never turned in his spurs...

Arcadiasfx on Jul 26, 2011


I hope Hammerstein is in this!!

jah p on Jul 27, 2011


Dredd was in his 30s when he first appeared in 2000AD. Be a bit dumb to make a new Dredd film with a 70 year old Dredd. What a silly idea that would be!

Moogmoo on Jul 27, 2011


What you lot are ignoring.... URBAN HAS NO DREDD CHIN. Nonewhatsoever. Totally miscast from a visual point of view. Hilariously wrong.

Moogmoo on Jul 27, 2011


Proof he is totally miscast appearance-wise: Sorry but it's laughable to think Urban looks like Dredd. Totally wrong looking for the part. 

Dreddfan on Jul 27, 2011


the drawn dredd looks like a bar thug ūüôā

redguy on Jul 27, 2011


he has no muscles.....For his activity, he should

Gh on Jul 27, 2011


No Judge Death . . . no care ūüôā

Sven on Jul 27, 2011


the helmet STAYS on, right?

Kiloskree on Jul 28, 2011


i'm a huge 2000ad fan and i think this looks ace, the uniform reminds me of the very early issues drawn by Carlos Ezquerra, the fact they also consulted with John Wagner should help also.

gothic-twilight on Aug 5, 2011


Hear hear!

Fink on Oct 3, 2011


this dude looks like steven seagel !!

Johnny cage on Sep 3, 2011


Anything has to be better than Danny Cannon's Dredd, I'm not anal but I waited years to see that film and went to the 1st showing and upon Dredd saying 'I am the Law'...well I almost walked out.  They tried to cram too much in, blame De Souza for that.  This new one is low budget but has to be better and will be I am sure.

stansfilmposterz on Sep 4, 2011


@stansfilmposterz. Agree Danny Cannon back in the 90s made a complete hash of it. (Btw whatever happened to him) Stallone was the biz for the role  - although Dredd purists screamed that the majority of the film had Stallone without the helmet therefore unfaithful to the comic. I truly dread (pun intended) this remake and probably the knell of Karl Urban's career.

Don on Sep 9, 2011


Still wont be as bad as Cannon's rather busy busy effort.  I've just read the screenplay that you can download 'Peachtrees' Judge Dredd screenplay' & I think it's the real deal?  The script is pretty close to how Dredd is if it's the real thing which I think it is.  The funny thing is with a Dredd movie you've got you've got a really difficult charachter to bring to life and get the audience to like.  People like me & perhaps yourself have grown up with Dredd (I'm 42) and have seen the changes in him over the years and respect the persona for what and who he is but if you were to put him in his entirety on to the screen any studio would have a problem..It's a difficult one thats for sure. I reckon if this is a success then the next Dredd movie in a franchise would be a killer. 

snsfilmposterz on Sep 9, 2011


they look ridiculous, helmet to face proportion is off, looks like a guy going to comic-con in gear he knocked together in the garage.

D Matic on Oct 28, 2011


Not a judge movie Sylvester stallon did a horrible job on the first one

mewhite you on Dec 7, 2011


I guess we'll be the Judge of it at the end of the day!

Pdickinson69 on Dec 7, 2011


So, Rob Schneider isn't in this? I guess fans of the comic were upset Stallone took off his helmet, despite the fact that Dredd never did in the comic. I don't know if that's a good idea. I hope they play that Anthrax song in this. That was a great album.

Alex on Jan 17, 2012


Hey, it's got to be a major improvement on the freakin'  Sly version of it.

I Got Bupkis on Jan 18, 2012


i for one would like to see the unseen JAWS pics. i hope they include "I am The Law" by anthrax for the soundtrack, that would kick ass.

terry wrist on Jun 11, 2012

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