Must Watch: Badass Theatrical Trailer for 'Conan the Barbarian' Hits

May 4, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Conan the Barbarian Trailer

"No man shall live in chains." Lionsgate has debuted a fairly epic and flashy theatrical trailer on Yahoo for Conan the Barbarian, in 3D, which was teased with a footage-less trailer back in March that left many fans upset. Well, here's your first look at the new Conan the Barbarian with Jason Momoa and its got quite a bit of crazy shit in it - massive tentacled beasts, mythical white sand people, plenty of epic sword swinging, very little dialogue, I'm in! Conan also stars Rachel Nichols looking fine as always and Stephen Lang as Khalar Zym. This looks quite badass already, I'm looking forward to seeing a red band trailer next.

Watch the full theatrical trailer for Marcus Nispel's Conan the Barbarian from YouTube:

In addition to Momoa, Conan stars Ron Perlman as Corin, Stephen Lang as Khalar Zym, Rachel Nichols as Tamara, Rose McGowan as Marique (no longer Red Sonja!) and Saรฏd Taghmaoui. This is being directed by Marcus Nispel of the Friday the 13th remake, that atrocity Pathfinder, the other Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and a bunch of music videos. This is a Nu Image/Millennium Films production co-produced by Avi Lerner and Joe Gatta and is based on the classic Robert E. Howard characters which first debuted in 1932 in Weird Tales. Lionsgate is bringing Conan the Barbarian to theaters in 3D on August 19th in the summer.

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dave on May 4, 2011


"Conan, what is best in life?"

DwainIBe on May 4, 2011


Crush Your Enemies, See them driven before and listen to the lamentations of their women. ie..not this.

da neng on May 5, 2011


LOL +1

John Doe on May 11, 2011


"... the rich juices of red meat and stinging wine on my palate, the hot embrace of white arms, the mad exultation of battle when the blue blades flame and crimson."

Anonymous on May 6, 2011


im surprised,,looks good

Anonymous on May 8, 2011


Wow, that actually looks much better than I expected. Momoa doesn't really impress, but the fantasy world looks very interesting.

Lars on May 4, 2011


compared to the others there is so much they can improve on so curious how this will play out

azrael on May 4, 2011


Not impressed.

Brandon on May 4, 2011


This movie needs a camel or horse punch. Then i'll be happy

Nate on May 4, 2011


What about a

Rogue627 on May 10, 2011


He knocked the living crap out of that horse with a chain....that was awesome...did not expect that.

Danimal on May 4, 2011


clash of the titans meets prince of persia? uh.....ok then

Fallendeathmetal on May 4, 2011


No thanks.

Sean Kelly on May 4, 2011


Momoa has been pretty good in "Game of Thrones" and to be honest this looks pretty good.

Xerxexx on May 5, 2011


Well, so far he didn't have to do much more than silently plow that white-haired girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anonymous on May 5, 2011


due to his performance in Game of Thrones i will see Conan no matter what anyone else say.

Redguy on May 5, 2011


Oooooo ok, knew that guy from somewhere the dathraki for this, I think ill just stick to Game of Thrones ha.

Cody W. on May 5, 2011


Apprehension understandable.

Xerxexx on May 5, 2011


This trailer was more impressive than the, "Green Lantern" one! I'll be checkin' this flick out...............................when it comes to Netflix!

Spider on May 5, 2011


true dat green lantern has some fierce competition, from x-men, to captain america and now this. I dont see it keeping up in the box office

Matthew Sam Russell on May 5, 2011


I dub this the quintessential flop of the summer, worse than prince of Persia last year. so let it be written so let it be done.

ttmb on May 5, 2011


I highly doubt it will be that much. POP cost 200 million to make while i see Conan around 50 Million. I don't see it not getting that much. I think there might be a bigger flop in green lantern because of the amount of being used, but still not too sure.

Movieking on May 5, 2011


Agreed Lars -- the visuals look great. I'm excited for this one.

MBC on May 5, 2011


At least it has the gimmicky 3-D...FAIL!

Rottontamtoes on May 5, 2011



John Doe on May 11, 2011


It went from crap to watchable. Still bot impressed, I didn't expect anything from this anyway.

Cruzer on May 5, 2011



Scare S#!tless on May 5, 2011


Anyone else hear the stock-scream soundbyte? I think I caught it 3 times. If I'm not mistaken, its the same scream heard from Howie Long when he fell to his death in Broken Arrow. Ha! Heard it elsewhere, too. Pretty lame they use it here.

grimjob on May 5, 2011


What you heard is The Wilhelm Scream.

DwainIBe on May 5, 2011


That would be the "Howie" Scream. grimjob beat you to it.

JL on May 5, 2011


yeppp lol

Daniel Vu Tran on May 5, 2011


Im sorry, I come on this website all the time, like every day, seriously, i love movies and the storys and reviews you guys do. BUT I really, really do not appreciate having my comments deleted when they are not offending anyone. 'lol' might come accross as a pointless comment to you, but is'nt the comment feed for people to voice their opinions and comments?! 'lol' was the genuine instant reaction that came to my mind when I watched that rediculous trailer, I think you take the cencorship, or what ever too far sometimes, I could understand you deleting it if i was calling someone names or being a troll, but I don't do those things... 'lol' was honestly, my opinion of that trailer, and if you don't like it, don't delete it geniunly makes me consider going to 'coming soon' or some shit instead when I currently much prefer your site, thank you for listening to my giant retarded rant.. but seriously... lol! ๐Ÿ˜›

dave on May 5, 2011



Christopher Carpenter on May 5, 2011


Yikes! Looks bad to me. I'm not crazy about action films in the first place, but this looks like the kind of fantasy that has very little human elements (in other words something emotional). Then again, I prefer dramas which I know seems to go against the typical internet comments section user, (only in my experience of course, but yeah, I'm more Mike Leigh/Pedro Almodovar than Michael Bay), but yeah... this looks like it will be bad.

Euacbgign on May 5, 2011


Visuals and art direction look good. But I have feeling the screenplay/dialogues will be a let down. Looks like a really flashy Scorpion King.

Ron on May 5, 2011


Some of the visuals definitely seem to come from the old comics. It looks a little bit Xena, but the look was actually miles better than I thought it would be. The only thing that might be a let down is the acting.

Crapola on May 5, 2011


Looked incredibly meh

Geoffrey Shauger on May 5, 2011


the trailer says "could be good if the right people are making it." We got director Marcus Nispel- music video background, Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (big fan, i understand why others aren't), Pathfinder (didn't see, looks terrible; awful reviews, and especially doesn't bode well because it's pretty much in the same genre as Conan), and Friday the 13th remake (sucks). And we got bad writers. It could be good, but that'd be a surprise. We'll see- trailer's well cut.

lane on May 5, 2011


Actually looks pretty cool. I just hope they didn't make Conan too talky. He's a barbarian, not a poet.

Will on May 5, 2011


well then, that would resemble Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones too much. I wouldn't mind! ๐Ÿ˜€

Redguy on May 5, 2011


You are aware that some of the earliest examples of epic poetry in the English language were written by barbarians, yes? Barbarian doesn't equal uncultured.

Anonymous on May 6, 2011


Yeaaaaaaah. That'd be a boring movie.

Will on May 6, 2011


Conan's dialogue in this ruins it for me. Also Conan was never one to pick up a cause, unless the ends served his own purpose (usually revenge or treasure). Bad choice for the actor as well, Conan never looked like a pretty boy.

dissapointed on May 5, 2011


This was my thought exactly. Looks like the director didn't read the books.

Vold on May 5, 2011


Erm, except that sounds exactly like what's happening. Conan's going after Khalar Zym for revenge: the fact that he'd be saving the world in the process is just a happy coincidence.

Anonymous on May 6, 2011


Looks like a high budget D film. Going to suck big ol dodge balls.

Shawnlancekeim on May 5, 2011


Forget Conan, we need a He-Man movie.

Matt on May 5, 2011


Or God of War

Anonymous on May 5, 2011



John Doe on May 11, 2011



Manuel on May 5, 2011


I've seen the original Conan (and sequels) a long time ago when i was a kid (i don't remember the plot), so this trailer delivers just the amount of info i need to make me interested in this one. I will say again, i am fond of Mamoa's character in Games of Thrones, he did put a lot of muscle on his for this part, i would have handed the part to him for sure.

Redguy on May 5, 2011


a little too over the top

Anonymous on May 5, 2011


Well, I think it is what it is: A sword slashing, woman fondling, Hollywood one-liner action/CGI film. If that's all it's meant to be, then that might just be one fun popcorn eating afternoon. I agree with Matt, though. Where's the eff-in He-man movie!!!

Quanah on May 5, 2011


Boo. Looks like a Mummy sequel. Next.

thn on May 5, 2011


God I hate the yahoo player, its the worst fucking player on the web! Anyone else always have problems with it Cool trailer, I actually want to see this now.

The 4th Amigo.!. on May 5, 2011


Bring back Arnie

Have Hope on May 5, 2011


Conan with a zimmer frame, are you ready for that?

Steven on May 5, 2011


Everyone will always think money first.....your lookin waaay too deep into shit in my opinion. You couldve left it at unoriginal and shitty and that wouldve pretty much summed it up.

Cody W. on May 5, 2011


Sweet merciful crap this looks bad. Beyond the uninspired and lazy production design, it seriously looks like they have appropriated every prominent fantasy adventure film of the last two decades. The Mummy, LOTR, Clash of the Titans - it's all been boringly stolen. And also, Conan does NOT get a pass for his 'performance' on Game of Thrones. If what his character does in that show (not talk, rail broads) qualifies as a good performance, then I have seen pornstars with better range than him.

Lebowski on May 5, 2011


The original Conan stories came out in 1932, long before any of those films and the source material they're based on. It's difficult to imagine how to make it look "non-derivative" when the original stories were part of the foundation of the fantasy genre in the first place. It's like calling the LotR films derivative of Willow because they had little people going on a quest.

Anonymous on May 6, 2011


You always go on for waaaaay to long, and you just seem to talk complete and utter nonsense. I mean we are all entitled to comment but you just take the piss!

Dandoo on May 5, 2011


that dude obviously has nobody in his life to talk to

Mrscartman on May 5, 2011


that dude obviously has nobody in his life to talk to

Mrscartman on May 5, 2011


This looks like complete, absolute, utter, SHIT. This has absolutely none of the spirit, essence, or soul of the true Conan story/character. It is merely a studio/corporate movie exploiting and using the brand name CONAN. (sigh) DOA.

Whitemouthmule on May 5, 2011


Looks like it could easily be better than the original or at least the lead won't have a German accent for no good reason..

David Perretta on May 5, 2011


umm... yeah, so he can just have a British accent for no good reason. Because everyone knows that not only Spartans and Persians, but barbarians of the north speak with a British tongue.

Marcus Dunn on May 5, 2011


i wonder what people expect from a conan movie, i love my classics, arnie's version was great but you get the chance to see things that was impossible to do in such movies 30 years ago for goodness sake this is no Lotr , the same people mad about transformers not being deep enough....people giant robots fighting other giant robots

peimeilotus on May 5, 2011


Must Meh

Jim on May 5, 2011


Yeah...I'll wait till it's on netflix.

fancy pants on May 5, 2011


where the hell is Arnold?

Guest on May 5, 2011


Trailer looks good if its not bout Conan. Is just doesnt feel right, a small dude playing canon. Arnold is still Conan for me.

Handsomepig on May 5, 2011


Jason Momoa's a few inches taller than Arnold.

Anonymous on May 6, 2011


I am soooo sick of the "woooah, totally evading/dodging that bullet/sword/fist in sloooow mooootioooon, breeeeoooowwmm!" shot. It was cool when it was first introduced, but now it's really getting a bit ridiculous. Of course, I could just be feeling the after effects of the overexposure to slow motion from Sucker Punch, but come on!

Anonymous on May 5, 2011


Honestly, this looks so AWESOME. I've haven't read the Conan books (only have seen the two Arnold movies), but I think this not only looks very impressive, also looks like Frank Frazzeta's paintings.

Manuel on May 5, 2011


wow that surprised me. even though there is some stacks of cheese, im going to be positive.

Anonymous on May 5, 2011


So tough to distance myself from Arnold in the original role, but I guess that's what all die hard fans say right? Despite it, I think I would be more on board if Moma was painted white and they called this "God of War". This just doesn't say Conan to me...pass

Anonymous on May 5, 2011


I don't know much about this franchise at all, but I have to say that this looks pretty epic! A welcome change from the 300 Marvel movies coming out this summer!

Ellie on May 5, 2011


Looks more like the Beast Master

Suckitcraig on May 5, 2011


BEAST MASTER Is a can see it anytime..but this ... damn.... i showed my little brother the Arnoldยดs Conan trailer on youtube..then I showed to him this trailer and he was very dissapointed for this movie... Thank you Mamo-nan ...

sakyo on May 6, 2011


Looks more like the Beast Master

Suckitcraig on May 5, 2011


This has bomb written all over it.

Kidgamer on May 5, 2011


wow not only are we getting remakes after remakes - but we're getting remakes of BAD adaptations of good stories/books. Seriously Robert E Howards stories were phenomenal and if they had Coen brother'd this i.e. go to the source material, I'd be highly interested. Instead they opted to remake Schwarzennegers conan movies, which are good and campy from the era they were made. This. is. not. what. I. want. Others may disagree - cool. enjoy it. I'll go sit in the corner with my books and whimper about what might have been. sigh.

Harm on May 5, 2011



Eric81375 on May 5, 2011


Not impressed at all.

Shane on May 5, 2011


Kinda has a Sparticus Blood & Sand feel to it with a little bit of scorpion king sprinkled in. I like both but its not at the top of my list this summer. Let's see if Mamo-nan <-- (trademark!) can hold his own. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anonymous on May 5, 2011


Wish this had a different director. Like the cast, not the style. Too many shots look blatantly ripped off of other films. This could've been something worthwhile. Prince of Persia redux.

Quazzimotto on May 6, 2011


yes yes yes im in

Conan274 on May 6, 2011


How about this? Arnold is still Conan, but now he's an older, wiser, big-white-bearded Conan who is ruler of the world after all his adventures and conquests, and he has to go on one final adventure which will end his life, but he'll kill the most awesome fucking dragon before he kicks the bucket. No? Just throwing it out there.

JL on May 6, 2011


Sounds like Conan the King, when he's an older man. Would be good.

Anonymous on May 6, 2011


If it'll get the Arnold fans to shut up, maybe.

Anonymous on May 6, 2011


I was addicted to the Conan books back in 1990; I must have read all of them in that one year. I'm still waiting for a movie that captures the great adventure and characters of those stories.

Anonymous on May 6, 2011


Looks stupid.

Gex on May 6, 2011


I see they fired the guy who made the previous trailer

Boon on May 6, 2011


I think it's probably hard to capturing the essence of Conan. Most people think back to the original Conan movies. Some of us think back to the original books. Others still (myself included) think back to the comics (Savage Sword of Conan, Conan Saga, etc...) and then there's a whole other world of Conan that lives in the paintings of artists like Frank Frazetta and dozens and dozens of others who have paid tribute to the character in paint and ink over and over again. Where does the spirit lie? If you ask me, Conan's clutch is in his sense of humor. I think it's the only part of his character that's really unique to him. Everything else is archetypical. If they get THAT right without overdoing it, they'll win.

Andre on May 6, 2011


SSOC is what I think of every time. Black and white Buscema Conan all the way!

Betaray100 on May 27, 2011


At long last. Conan The Librarian. Guy just needs an old lady dress to nail it.

Bob Yosco on May 7, 2011


Too much bad CGI.

Martin Jones on May 7, 2011


id rather nail my balls to my keyboard this looks like wet shite thats been pissed on ๐Ÿ™ and i feckin love conan ๐Ÿ™ wasnt conan a white geeza? is conan not an irish legend? cause i sure as shit remember back in the days of yore at school the teacher said the paddys prayed to crom? and conan is an irish name, that dude dont look irish to me.

fekface on May 7, 2011


cheese on toast bollock.

Jjason on May 9, 2011


Bad!!! Bad!!! thats all I have to say, arnold best conan ever. the Rock should have play it, this guy can't even act.

Claudioarzola on May 12, 2011


I love the look of the world, but that bad CGI in the Rose McGowen part at 33 seconds really made me go Huh? Bad CGI backgrounds and horrible lighting that makes it all look fake really pulls me out of a movie. Why can't things just be shot on location? Worked for 100 years just fine. And stuff looked real. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT WAS REAL! Other than a few clips there it really did look like an authentic world. However I'm still not sold on Momoa as Conan (or the acting here in general). That said, I am objective enough to reserve judgement until I've actually seen the movie. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised because the director doesn't give me much hope.

Betaray100 on May 27, 2011

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