Must Watch: The Creepy Full Length Trailer for 'Paranormal Activity 3'

September 28, 2011
Source: Apple

Paranormal Activity 3

After the success of the found footage horror flick Paranormal Activity, it was pleasantly surprising to see Paramount Pictures pull off a sequel that in some ways was scarier than the first, and still effectively used the same narrative style of the first film. However, with Paranormal Activity 3, the use of amateur home video seems to be a bit of a stretch in this sequel as the two sibling sisters are haunted by the franchise's aggressive demon at a very young age. It still looks to be quite a creepy and chilling movie, but it seems to have lost that genuine, real-life feeling that made the first two films so scary. See for yourself below!

Here's the new trailer for Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's Paranormal Activity 3:

You can also download this latest Paranormal Activity 3 trailer in High Definition on Apple

Paranormal Activity 3 continues the found footage horror franchise started by director Oren Peli and producer Jason Blum back in 2009 with their first thriller Paranormal Activity. This time, New York City based directors of the Sundance hit documentary Catfish, Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman, are taking over, picking up presumably where the last one left off. As always, the story and any other details about this sequel are being kept a big secret, but I'll gladly say they've been doing everything to keep me hooked even though I'm trying to break free from this micro-budget franchise. Paramount Pictures, who acquired the first one, will be releasing Paranormal Activity 3 in theaters everywhere starting on October 21st this fall.

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HAHAHA...I can't wait for this.

Superultraboy on Sep 28, 2011


Paranormal Activity: Now with Ragdoll physics!

MildlyClever1 on Sep 28, 2011


Powered by Havok.

Kaim on Sep 29, 2011



Infojdl2 on Oct 1, 2011


Im getting the feeling this is going to end up with a lot of sequels like SAW

Anonymous on Sep 28, 2011


One of the better horror franchises out though. I feel like they get better and better. Whereas SAW got worse and me that is.

Anonymous on Sep 29, 2011


agreed lol, in general

Daniel Vu Tran on Sep 29, 2011


gta4 would be proud

luigi on Sep 28, 2011


How is it that everyone of these people who get "Haunted" by ghosts and what not, have over three high definition cameras?  

Dukenukem150 on Sep 28, 2011


in the 80s

lossy on Sep 28, 2011


Yeah, a VHS filter or something would be cool. Don't really care to watch 4:3. lol

Kaim on Sep 29, 2011


That I'll agree with you with, but come on. You really want to sit through that?

Anonymous on Sep 29, 2011


Haven't seen the first two, this looks like a turd also.

Crapola on Sep 28, 2011


Now they have wrecked it...way to over the top

Liam Waite on Sep 28, 2011


I disagree.

Anonymous on Sep 29, 2011


i have to admit....this looks extremely entertaining...that guy gettin bashed into the table killed me

Danimal on Sep 28, 2011


wait a second thought the first 2 films were scary????

Anonymous on Sep 28, 2011


I thought the first was slow, but the second more than made up for it.

Anonymous on Sep 29, 2011


i didn't think much of the first 2 movies at all. this one does look to have better pacing - but, it's hard to tell from the trailer. i thought "paranormal entity" was better than the first  2 PA movies.......but it wasn't great either. the upcoming "grave encounters" looks like it has promise; but, in all honestly, i think the found-footage format has gone about as far as it can  go.

Anonymous on Sep 30, 2011


I LOVE THE 80'S HAIR, THE 80'S MOVIE REFERENCE! I'm there BUT.... They need to stop showing so much in the trailers. I'm sure the F*$#@king executives are behind that.  Women are always screaming and shaking in the audience when I see these and I will be there to comfort them again this year followed by drinks afterwards ALWAYS FUN!!

WAKE on Sep 28, 2011


Soooo is this a prequel? It's 1988 and you said it's about the sisters. But if it is a prequel, why was there no mention of this "footage" before in the other movies?

Maggie Foster on Sep 29, 2011


they cut it into the film. I saw it at FF and they make it work. 

DaftBot on Oct 2, 2011


Also, this looks horrible. Just like the other two.

Maggie Foster on Sep 29, 2011


Where did my original post go?

Anonymous on Sep 29, 2011


Love these flicks!!!!

riamo on Sep 29, 2011



Oct8pus on Sep 30, 2011


Lol I Laughed my head off thats so fuking funny

Sanchez-mama on Sep 30, 2011


Saw this film at Fantastic Fest (unfinished) and most of this stuff isn't in the film.. or it's alternate takes. so weird.

DaftBot on Oct 2, 2011


ed to know how much the tickt's are$$$$$

Wheezlebug on Oct 20, 2011


i need to know how much the ticket's   are$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Wheezlebug on Oct 20, 2011

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