Must Watch: Dan Trachtenberg's Awesome Portal-Inspired Short Film

August 23, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Portal Short Film

Holy crap Portal: The Movie?! Close, so very close, but it's only a short. Debuted on YouTube (via a tip by SlashFilm) today is a short film directed by Dan Trachtenberg (also of the Totally Rad Show, who last directed this short, too) titled simply Portal: No Escape, and yes indeed it features the badass Portal gun from Valve's beloved games in live-action. And it's awesome. The short stars actress Danielle Rayne. I actually caught this 7-minute film at Comic-Con, as he surprised everyone with the premiere of it during their live TRS panel. It's pretty damn cool, I highly suggest watching it (full screen if you can), check it out.

Watch the Portal: No Escape short, directed by Dan Trachtenberg, from YouTube:

The short was directed by film-fan-turned-filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg, who said on Twitter about the release of the film, "1.5 years in the making, it is finally out. Looking forward to hearing what you think!" with the hastag #PortalMovie. Could it be possible? Maybe if this short gets enough views, Hollywood will take notice! The score you hear in it is by Mike Zarin, best known as the composer of the music in the first Inception trailer (see here). If you want to read some more facts about who's behind this, head to SlashFilm. I just think this is was an awesome short, well conceived, well-made, great effects for I'm sure a very low budget, I wish we could see more from this world. Maybe there's some hope for a Portal movie! Thoughts?

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That was really cool...now I want a movie base on this short film.

Akumared on Aug 23, 2011


I wouldn't be surprised if we did! This is the stuff Hollywood is made made of...lets just hope the world doesn't end in December 2012 so we can all live to see it. LoL

Conker10382 on Oct 13, 2011


I liked it. Imagine the possibilities. I would love to see more.

Fatbaby on Aug 23, 2011



Christopher Kenny on Aug 23, 2011


wanttt moreee

S. Bhakta on Aug 23, 2011


Decent production. It was stupid she found the portal gun in the wall. Basically the short made no sense.

JT on Aug 23, 2011


If this was just a demonstration on how they'd tackle the visuals then well done. Other then that its a bit cringe worthy

Richie G on Aug 24, 2011


Maybe Ratman Was The One That Put The Portal Gun There To Help Her Escape

Joshua Ponce on Aug 24, 2011


She was being tested.

Cluminello on Aug 26, 2011


It felt like a polished amateur film which I'm not sure is good nor bad. But there is certainly a seed for something greater in there.

Marty on Aug 24, 2011


some nice design work, really well done. Got to agree with JT though, if they can't pool enough story together to fill a couple of minutes I hope they don't try to tackle a feature. What it really needed was some CAKE!!!!

Richie G on Aug 24, 2011


The cake is a lie. I´m sorry, I didn't want to be the one to tell you.

Anonymous on Aug 24, 2011


It's like a really good Outer Limits episode, only shorter 🙁

Jedibilly on Aug 24, 2011


That was awesome. Someone should find out how much he needs to make a feature length film, and write him a check...

Craig on Aug 24, 2011


Fuck, her muscles.. <3

Daniel Vu Tran on Aug 24, 2011


Loved the music!

Marqwest on Aug 24, 2011


The CG was nice, but other than that it was just boring. And why have the wall randomly open up for no reason to reveal a portal gun when you could just have the gun sitting in the middle of the room from the start, cutting out the first pointless three-ish minutes. Throw some actual Portal music over that, put GlaDOS in it and you could make something worth watching.

Matt on Aug 24, 2011


the first pointless three minutes wasn't just there, it was a test to see if she can figure out how to get out of her room and how far she can go. and whats a GLaDOS?

Jericho on Aug 24, 2011


Haha..go play Portal to find out..

Wes on Aug 24, 2011


Indeed. Two of the best hours of gaming you can find. Then go play Portal 2.

Matt on Aug 24, 2011


Whats a Glados? are you fucking serious?

Billybones on Aug 24, 2011


i watch movies more than play video games.......

Jericho on Aug 24, 2011


"Whats a glados?" HAHA, that was great.

Anonymous on Aug 24, 2011



Lamar on Aug 24, 2011


Please give me more.

Michael McRorey on Aug 24, 2011


That was ≥ the MK webisodes

Tyler_S on Aug 24, 2011


now that's what I call "Thinking with Portals"

zer0limit on Aug 24, 2011


That was awesome... and the music, Trent Reznor?

Cruzer on Aug 24, 2011


Trent Reznor? lol... I dont think so mate.  Its very easy to make music like that.

Billybones on Aug 24, 2011


good effort some dodgy roto and tracking and why did she just suddenly find a door in the wall?

Dom on Aug 24, 2011


Hi, used to post as "dRailer" all the time, became a lurker when the new comment system went live, lol... But this video is worthy of comment, nicely done. I did see the dodgy stuff at the end, but with the rest of that effort it is certainly easy to ignore.

Dee Railer on Aug 24, 2011


welcome back

Anonymous on Aug 24, 2011


Low budget scifi shorts are the new zombie films. Just kidding. If they actually wrote a script it would have been really good.

Crapola on Aug 24, 2011


It was good for improv, especially all the flying. I tip my hat to them.

Crapola on Aug 24, 2011


She found the door in the wall because she decoded the numbers on the wall that gave her the coordinates for where something (the portal gun) was located. It would have been stupid for her to find it right off the bat. She's being held captive for whatever reason. This was a great short that deserves a movie!

smooth as eggs on Aug 24, 2011


Freaking Sweet

Eric Wilson on Aug 24, 2011


That was awesome...

Tim on Aug 24, 2011

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