Watch This: Filthy Red Band Trailer for 'The Sitter' Starring Jonah Hill

August 4, 2011
Source: IGN

The Sitter Red Band Trailer

"I'm more of a sit on the couch, do whatever I say or I'll kill you, babysitter." Now here is a comedy I can't wait to see! David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness) is back yet again with The Sitter, that I could describe as Adventures in Babysitting, except an R-rated, filthy, crazy-as-shit 2011 version. Yep, it's a red band trailer via IGN that has language and lots of "adult content", even an unnecessarily vulgar intro with Jonah Hill and a group of kids. In addition to Hill, the cast includes Sam Rockwell, Ari Graynor, Max Records, Kevin Hernandez, J.B. Smoove and Method Man. This just looks totally crazy, but awesome!

Watch the first red band trailer for David Gordon Green's The Sitter, embedded via IGN:

A comedy about a college student (Hill) on suspension who is coaxed into babysitting the kids next door, but is fully unprepared for the crazy night ahead of him and ends up on a wild chase through New York.

The Sitter is directed by filmmaker David Gordon Green, of all kinds of films including George Washington, All the Real Girls, Snow Angels, Pineapple Express and Your Highness previously, plus work on "Eastbound & Down". The screenplay was co-written by Brian Gatewood & Alessandro Tanaka (Saturday Night, 5G). 20th Century Fox is bringing The Sitter to theaters everywhere on December 9th this winter. I'm so there.

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Fuck Jonah Hill and EVERYTHING Jonah Hill's ever been in.

Dresden King on Aug 4, 2011


so, do you like jonah hill?

rocKKicker on Aug 4, 2011


He never called you back after that AMAZING night you guys had together? Listen to some Celine, have a good cry, and move on. Plenty of fish in the sea. It's okay to be vulnerable. 

Jaleel White on Aug 4, 2011


LOOL, awesome comment.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


Urkel owned the King!

Conrad Williams on Aug 5, 2011


Actually the problem was that the night, like himself, was mediocre. I mean sure we did have a few things in common, but ultimately it was a let down, not unlike his career. I've tried again and again with him. Celine did help a bit, but I found it hard to move on. I've seen him on a few more occasions, each one more devastating than the last. I have since moved on to bigger and better things and I have Jonah to thank for that. If it wasn't for him I may never have known what I truly favor in terms of comedic timing, interest and personability.

Dresden King on Aug 5, 2011


dresden - you should consider anger management.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


He needs to get fat again. thats his role and how he got famous, he looks like a aids patient now.

Luke Hanna on Aug 4, 2011


At least his neck doesn't look like a Bagina lol

Chris Amaya on Aug 4, 2011


Come on, he's trying to not get stuck in that kind of typecast role, and all you really care about is that he gets fat against just to satisfy you?

Alex Billington on Aug 4, 2011


I'm not a really big fan of his either, but getting healthy is always a good thing. I'm glad he knocked the weight.

Cruzer on Aug 5, 2011


BWAHAHAHAAAAAAA "Come on, he's trying to not get stuck in that kind of typcast role" What role? Like a hoagie or a buttercreme? You do realize you sound insanely FATist because this role is the same 'loud foul-mouthed BS artist' role he's typecasted himself in since day one. Whether his BIM is 27 or 37 it's the same role, different pants size. I know you meant well, but bad choice of words. But yeah Luke needs a noogie for his comment.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


There's a better way to transition from one set of roles to another set, not losing half your body weight and trying to take on leading roles and other roles he would never ever try to get in fatness days. And yes if i come off as fatist then so be it. I'm also a fan of movies and actors being able to slowly transition into the proper new roles and not look like a complete assclown. he looks like a coke head and needs to put back on SOME of the weight then slim down. Not starve himself and/or get latband surgery like the rest of FATamerica

Luke Hanna on Aug 6, 2011


I agree, it is weird to drop that much weight that quickly, and it looks like he did it the unhealthy way; but he is still young and the long-term effects of all that extra weight would've been much worse than whatever he did to drop it (except illegal drugs). Secondly, if you want to mention sudden and unnecessary weight shifts for roles look at Christian Bale, he nearly made a career out of it. Third, this role isn't anything new for him and it seems the weight drop has nothing to do with the movie.

Anonymous on Aug 8, 2011


That's so unnecessary, i don't even get why someone would say things like that. He got famous because he's funny to some people, even if not to you.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


Yeah, yeah. You're right. Stay looking like an endomorph and quit trying to better his existence or lengthen his life. I mean, there's nothing more important that a film career, even if it means you're the fat guy who does stupid shit. Fuck it, right?

Quanah on Aug 5, 2011


He's looking more and more like Eminem as he looses weight.

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


I love it!!!

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


Hill really needs to stay with a weight class

Asumagrystsh on Aug 4, 2011


Is everyone getting stuck on Jonah Hill? Is there no one else that thinks this looks as hilarious/awesome as I think? Why so much hatred for just one of the actors in it, goodness. This looks crazy as hell, I want to see it!

Alex Billington on Aug 4, 2011


Who gives a shit if he's fat or not? He's hilarious! Every time! I'm with you, can't wait!

grimjob on Aug 4, 2011


 I don't get how this gets a "must watch" while Tinker tailor only gets a "watch" though :p

Laurent on Aug 4, 2011


HA! That was just a basic headline choice. That Tinker Tailor trailer is awesome, but I think the first teaser is still a bit better. Plus it was a UK trailer with an MSN embed, I can't rightfully put "Must Watch" on an MSN embed! 😉

Alex Billington on Aug 4, 2011


oooooo, alex - i LOVED  the second trailer for "tinker, tailor"......that movie looks sooooooooo good.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


After further consideration... you got me! Just switched out the titles, ha!

Alex Billington on Aug 5, 2011


 ahah, cheers :p

Laurent on Aug 5, 2011


Alex will always say Must Watch in front of a Jonah Hill movie.

ate on Aug 5, 2011


alex, i laughed my ass off watching this looks as good as hangover1 to me.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I agree. Shit looks hilarious! Will definately watch this.

Yaboykel on Aug 5, 2011


I think this is looks friggin hilarious. I'm there! 

Day on Aug 4, 2011


I'm not huge on this type of film, kind of like Date Night and Get him to the Greek - but then I was surprised I enjoyed those films, so i'll give this one a go. Saw Jonah Hill at some award ceremony and was thrilled to see he had lost some weight.  He needed to. Oh, and that little interview with the kids and the beginning of this clip = Gold!

dubdub on Aug 4, 2011


This looks like my kind of Comedy. I loved Pineapple Express (haven't seen Your Highness yet, though I want to). I don't get all the hate for Jonah Hill, is everyone just jealous or something?

Davide Coppola on Aug 4, 2011


sam rockwell /swoons

Eric on Aug 4, 2011


Definitely reminds me of a raunched-out (that could be a word, right?) version of Adventures in Babysitting, which is a good thing.  That type of movie deserves to be revisited.  Probably a little less "charming" than Adventures in Babysitting, though hopefully a tad more quotable. "Don't *fuck* with the Lords of Hell." "Don't *fuck* with the babysitter!"

Outlaw on Aug 4, 2011


Thank You! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one to think that. But if I'm getting babysat I think I'll go with Elisabeth Shue.

Joshua m on Aug 5, 2011


Can't argue there. 🙂

Outlaw on Aug 5, 2011


He lost weight... A lot of weight

Alleycat44 on Aug 5, 2011


This looks hella hi-larious! Been waiting for something as funny as Superbad, this might be it!

JJ King on Aug 5, 2011


A movie with one joke repeated over and over again. Awesome...

M.K. Nielsen on Aug 5, 2011


Great trailer, looks fun as hell. And the intro was funny, not vulgar, i liked it.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


Wow that was funny. I woke my wife up from laughing. I'm going to bed now to try and explain this and she's going to be angry. Oh well.

Quanah on Aug 5, 2011


the last scene killed it!! definitely gonna be watching this after plenty o' bong hits.

snitch robinson on Aug 5, 2011


Sam Rockwell up in this shit!!

Conrad Williams on Aug 5, 2011


Looks funny, but I think it was made about 50 times in the 80's, then remade another 50 times in the 90's and now is being remade again, suburban white kids go to the fictional hood and take 'ghetto slang' and miraculously survive with an amusing story as the outcome. I'll still watch the shit of it though.

Crapola on Aug 5, 2011


To each their own...I've just never really found Jonah Hill funny. 

Matt on Aug 5, 2011


It's a good choice for his health that he dropped....80 pounds? But some of our greatest comedians have been fat-I mean plus sized-if they had lost as much weight, would they have been just as funny? Food for thought. And the movie? Oh, I'll watch it on Blu-Ray in half a year.

David Banner on Aug 5, 2011


 I'm going to go with yes they would still be funny. Chris Farley was smaller in Tommy Boy than his other films and that movie is easily his best.

Vondoom88 on Aug 5, 2011


 Um its an R rated Adventures in Babysitting.

Vondoom88 on Aug 5, 2011


ahahhhh!! that looks funny as hell! Who's saying he's not fat? its so funny to read troll hate..whatever you think of his movies, he's doing HIS craft and you are paying to watch it or wasting your time dissing it. Who's winning? that guy...

lando on Aug 6, 2011


I am there

Loser on Aug 6, 2011


When I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes yesterday, they gave this trailer, it made me lol a lot.I can't wait to see this movie.

Qurb on Aug 7, 2011


An R Rated Adventures In Babysitting. I'm In.

............... on Aug 8, 2011


How the hell did this guy direct "George Washington" is beyond me . . . what the hell. . . 

Alex O on Aug 9, 2011


in case you people didnt know, this is the same guy who directed george washington, all the real girls, and snow angels. now he directs pure hollywood trash. fuck you david gordon green, you worthless hack.

FUdgg. on Aug 27, 2011


 This looks stupid but I have to admit, I chuckled at the little bit at the end.

Guest on Sep 4, 2011

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