Must Watch: First Badass Trailer for 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance'

August 19, 2011
Source: Apple

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Teaser Trailer

The world's darkest hero rides again! Columbia has launched the first teaser trailer via Apple for Mark Neveldine/Brian Taylor's new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, once again starring Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider. Oh hell yes, this is the reveal I've been waiting for everyone to watch since Comic-Con! This is why I think this movie looks badass, no matter how bad the first one was, they've brought this right back to where it should be. I love that it's pretty much nothing but hardcore, gritty action, and I love some of the shots, like the camera going backwards off the cliff - incredible. You've got to see this!

Watch the teaser trailer for Neveldine/Taylor's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, via Apple:

You can also watch the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer in High Defintion on Apple

As seen in the first look photos, Nicolas Cage stars along with Idris Elba, Ciarán Hinds as the Devil, and Johnny Whitworth as the villain Blackout, who we haven't seen yet. "This version, we wanted to give people what we think comic book fans really want to see with Ghost Rider. It is darker and more intense. He is from a nightmare. He will scare the hell out of you," Brian Taylor told Collider at Comic-Con. The story was conceived by David S. Goyer, with a screenplay by Scott M. Gimple & Seth Hoffman. Columbia is opening Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in theaters in 3D starting February 17th, 2012 early next year.

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"What if you have to pee when you're on fire?" I get asked this all the time.

Todd on Aug 19, 2011


Nicolas Cage vomiting bullets and pissing fire im in

MovieKing on Aug 19, 2011


I just love Neveldine and Taylor, this looks crazy fun

Loser on Aug 19, 2011


I didnt have a problem with the 1st one, so i'm looking fwd to this one. 

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


okay i'm a sucker for special effects so i guess i'm in 

kwame adansi on Aug 19, 2011


If this is dark and edgy, we are in trouble. Still, looks better then the first. But that is not saying much. 

Brandon on Aug 19, 2011


you're right, alex - this does look badass AND much better than the first one......i'm interested.

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011



Rockkicker on Aug 19, 2011


The Ghost Rider is a superhero for red necks!

John on Aug 19, 2011


No. Sorry, just... no.

Bltzie on Aug 19, 2011


lol, I love it

Peter on Aug 19, 2011


why is there so much sunlight -___-

NeoSlyfer on Aug 19, 2011


Maybe now he can turn into Ghost Rider during the day, instead of just during the night. That's my guess on that.

Sean on Aug 19, 2011


he turns into Ghost Rider whenever there is evil being done nearby. day or night doesn't matter.

Dan on Aug 19, 2011


So, is that like the new thing that was added in this movie, that couldn't happen in the previous movie or something ?

Sean on Aug 19, 2011


He also glitters in the sunlight. Like diamonds.

Anonymous on Aug 20, 2011


yea and Kristen Stewart is having his Ghost Rider baby as well...

Dspot on Aug 20, 2011


I guess we will finally find out how it got burned. 

Moviekidmike on Aug 19, 2011


Hahaha, very nice reference. 

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


I think Spawn is a darker hero. :p This looks like good fun though. Another to see before deployment.

Nate Carroll on Aug 19, 2011


I would like to see a faithful adaptation of Spawn that isn't cheesy and is cast with some people who can act.  And with a suit that isn't so thick that it makes the person wearing it look like he's 4 1/2 feet tall.

JL on Aug 19, 2011


1:38 That's Blackout

Abel on Aug 19, 2011


I actually enjoyed the first one. This looks great.

Gianni Persello on Aug 19, 2011


my friend chuck smells of elderberries, much like this movie

Jflauter on Aug 19, 2011


Shut up Frenchman and let me see your Holy that a cow. Run!!!

Cbfawley on Aug 20, 2011


Shouldnt it be "Next February", not "Next February" ?

Tester on Aug 19, 2011


eck.. I meant shouldnt "This February" be "Next February"  

Tester on Aug 19, 2011


Before you clarified that, I thought you were making a joke I didn't get. lol.

JL on Aug 19, 2011


"This February" would indicate that it's "this year". It's kinda like if today was Friday, and you want to talk about a day next week, you wouldn't say "this Tuesday", you'd say "next Tuesday"?.

Grifter730 on Aug 20, 2011


Lol, I misread your comment. Stupid me.

Grifter730 on Aug 20, 2011


I love the new look of "burning truck" with all that smoke from the fire

Toonfed on Aug 19, 2011


Wow, I can't believe how much better and meaner it looks. =O I love his new charred clothes! Hopefully the main bad guy will be better than that horrible emo douchebag from the first movie. 

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


Okay, old ears. What's Cage answer to "What if you have to pee when you're on fire?"

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


I think he says, "oh, it's awesome"

Anonymous on Aug 20, 2011


Holy fuck. I hated the first one. I was so disinterested in this one. But that trailer just won me over. This. Looks. Awesome!

A.J. Meadows on Aug 19, 2011


Wow, this actually looks pretty awesome.

Race Bannon on Aug 19, 2011


Hey Alex your First Line shoul be  "What if you have to pee when you're on fire?"  instead of "The world's darkest hero rides again!"  Jaja Awesome Teaser .. I am sold!

Sakyo on Aug 19, 2011


Now I have to go watch the Island again..

Brent on Aug 19, 2011


The theme music from the Island makes every trailer ten times better. Fact

Steve Jablonsky on Aug 20, 2011


Aren't these the douchebags that brought us Jonah Hex?

R1pn on Aug 19, 2011


They did the screenplay for that, yeah.

Chazzy on Aug 20, 2011


F%*%k, is that eastern Europe?Why??? Plus, Neveldine/ Taylors former movies were very cheap and so turned out profitable despite having very few people watching them? Why would anyone believe their cheap handycam/homevideo-aesthetics would attract a bigger audience? What kind of corporate gave them this movie?

H Koepi on Aug 19, 2011


I'm actually interested in seeing this. I guess that means I have to force myself to watch the first one. dammit.

grimjob on Aug 19, 2011


You don't have to watch the first one. It's a reboot, not a sequel.

todd flanders on Aug 19, 2011


This does look pretty badass! It appears that Neveldine/Taylor have stuck with the source material- something I didn't think they were going to do! Awesome! I'm there!

Spider on Aug 19, 2011


"fire shoot out my d!ck when I piss.". "let me get this straight. You have a burning sensation when tou urinate?" "no, man. Fire shoot out my d!ck when I piss!"

Roycondell on Aug 20, 2011


Ahwwww good times with Eddie Murphy. Can we have him back?

Anonymous on Aug 20, 2011


"A burst of flame. I have to go outside to piss or I'll burn my own house down!" 

Thanos on Aug 22, 2011



Jackmooney5 on Aug 20, 2011


Looks way much better, but haven't we seen well cut trailers before and been fooled. Ill see it, but on redbox. There's a reason its coming out in February.

Anonymous on Aug 20, 2011


HAHAHA hell fire pee that's a good one. but no thanks I still taste the pain from the first movie.

TTumMM on Aug 20, 2011


fuck you chelios. i mean...ghost rider  :)) i'm in 100%

redguy on Aug 20, 2011


Why do they trying to make this a thing? And who keeps signing the production budgets for these?

Jacks on Aug 20, 2011


I just hate these guys' (Neveldine and Taylor) style.  It makes everything feel so low budget and crappy.  And it looks super weird with the big budget effects.   I like how this looks way grittier than the first, which was a horrible movie, but I'm still not interested in this at all.  N&T are some of my least favorite directors.

Chazzy on Aug 20, 2011


So far I like what I see. N&T are the weak link for me with this flick. Since I know how movies work, I don't really care that the first movie was a pile of crap. This has a totally different team making a totally different style of movie. The only thing that stuck around is Cage, and he probably just wanted to make another movie where he can pretend to be a flaming skeleton wearing charred leather. I would have done the same. Also, I think N&T might actually be improving their visual flair a bit. There were a couple of amazing shots in there. That upward shot of the front of the bike with Ghost Rider in the background (1:24) was worth watching the trailer for on it's own. Not the best trailer ever, but I'll probably go see it.

Anonymous on Aug 20, 2011


nick is back an look sicker than ever... spitting fire an vomitting bullets.. that crazy wicked cool thats a must see

David Nelson on Aug 20, 2011


If it burns when you pee, then you should go see the doctor!

Jimmy Love on Aug 21, 2011


Why the hell is Christopher Lambert a monk in this movie lol??? 01:09 blink and you'll miss him.

Roger Rabbit on Aug 21, 2011


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the first one's sleeker look is better. I get a feeling the story on this one might be convoluted and all over the place. I guess we'll see....

Thanos on Aug 22, 2011


Visuals are nice - well done vfx companies again.. can't tell shit from the directors though, especially after that cheesy intro.

Dom on Aug 22, 2011


Glad I purchased my Marvel Universe 6 inch action figure before the kiddies get a hold of them all.

Ells on Aug 23, 2011


YEAH YEAH YEAH!! I'm have been WAITING for this one!!

Robotprophet on Aug 29, 2011


thats spirit of nicolas cage

Yugant Gurung on Sep 3, 2011


im in.

sure why not on Sep 14, 2011

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