Must Watch: First Beautiful Trailer for Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia'

April 8, 2011
Source: Official Website

Melancholia Trailer

"Life is only on Earth… and not for long." Another mesmerizing new trailer to watch. Out of nowhere, Zentropa has debuted the official trailer (website / Vimeo) for Danish director Lars von Trier's new film Melancholia. This is sort of a sci-fi drama about another planet that's going to collide with the Earth, but it's really about a wedding and the people there. Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Kiefer Sutherland star with Alexander Skarsgård, Charlotte Rampling, John Hurt, Stellan Skarsgård and Udo Kier. This is beautiful, but as always with von Trier, very very weird, but that's why it's so intriguing. Enjoy!

Watch the official trailer for Lars von Trier's Melancholia:

Justine (Dunst) and Michael (Skarsgård) are celebrating their marriage at a party in the home of her sister (Gainsbourg) and brother-in-law. Meanwhile, the planet Melancholia, is heading towards Earth…

Melancholia is both written & directed by controversial/brilliant Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier, of films like Medea, Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, The Boss of It All and Antichrist most recently. Magnolia Pictures will be distributing Melancholia in the US later this year, but it doesn't have a release date yet, as we're expecting the film to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this summer. Visit the official website. Curious?

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For some reasons this reminds me of Tree Of Life, but a more sensationalistic version of that movie. That's not a bad thing, but there are some eery similarities judging from what we know about the two, especially in terms of the idea of knowing our true worth based on events in space. Both movies seem to have space imagery but the stories are grounded on Earth and in reality. I think it's very cool.

samir on Apr 8, 2011


This looks really great. But after seeing Antichrist, I am skeptical.

James McKeever on Apr 8, 2011


WOW looks amazing. If I watch this and Tree of Life on the same day I'll feel so pensive I just may write an existential novel.

DesinaCoda on Apr 8, 2011


Man. This looks excellent. That song at the end with the shot of the two planets was extremely eerie to me.

Cracky on Apr 8, 2011


Fits the "2012" theme and looks visually very good.

Guest on Apr 8, 2011


Seems I am one of the few that loved Antichrist and this looks like a masterpiece. Got to love Von Triers misandry.

Loser on Apr 8, 2011


looks like antichrist's opening scene

CaVeMaN on Apr 8, 2011


Is the music in the trailer Wagner's Tristan und Isolde?

Sari on Apr 8, 2011


Its certainly Wagner

Moif on Apr 9, 2011


Looks like a commercial.

Guy on Apr 8, 2011


It is.

st on Apr 9, 2011


Von Trier is arguably one of the greatest directors in modern cinema, I absolutly cannot wait to see this film or anything he does. All of his actors have deep respect for him and his images and technique is one of the best. I was skeptical when I first heard that Kirsten Dunst will star in his film but Von Trier can make any bad actor turn into gold. I was going to notify firstshowing about this trailer but obviously they're already on it hahah.

OfficialHype on Apr 8, 2011


He probably just enjoys the fact that her name 'Dunst' means 'stench' in Danish

Moif on Apr 9, 2011


A Planet X (aka Nibiru, The red planet) reference huh? Seems like this is beginning to come to light. 2012 is going to be a doozey.

Johnny Neat on Apr 8, 2011


Getting us prepared!

Anonymous on Apr 10, 2011


As long as there are no scenes of castration involving a grinding wheel, I'm up for it.

xS on Apr 8, 2011


lol aaaannndd....]as long as no one hits anyone in the genitals with rocks I'm on board

ewwww on Apr 8, 2011


Dunst naked? Thanks, Lars. Otherwise: slightly forced music, The Celebration in DSLR style and some Antichrist-ish Phantom shots. I don't see anything really new or really striking so far. But since I'm a huge von Trier fan, I will definitely watch it. Antichrist alone is one of the most powerful movies ever made.

Rocco Menzel on Apr 8, 2011


Kirsten Dunst drives me banana sandwich, but this looks good!

Teacherkid on Apr 8, 2011


Seems like they are all going to die.

DavidPD on Apr 8, 2011


Give or take the odd startling shot, Antichrist was actually rather boring. Let's hope this is better, but it looked a little heavy on the Euro-artsy cheese. Await with caution.

sleepykid on Apr 8, 2011


1 minute 14 seconds Tell me that is not Mrs dunst in her Birthday suit

Popcorn on Apr 9, 2011


I'm sure it is.

Modern American Man on Apr 9, 2011


It is and I can't wait.... =)

Jtg870 on Apr 13, 2011


They look to big to be hers but damn!!!!! if they are

Popcorn on Apr 13, 2011


I wish Kirsten Dunst had an upper lip

Yves on Apr 9, 2011


/obscurepointofviewbegins When I first started watching this I thought, "Well, here's another Rachel Getting Married." Then I though, "Oh, wait...This is 2012." Then I was like, "Um...OK...It's Powder." Then I was like, "Oh. I see. It's a David Lynch film." Then the trailer was over and I realized Kirsten Dunst was in it, but was naked. So basically this is Rachel Getting Married in 2012 with Powder, by David Lynch--Rated NC-17. I mean...C'mon Hollywood! GET ORIGINAL!!! /heavysighduetoobvioussarcasmandiwillprobablyseethisbecauseitlooksbrilliant

Modern American Man on Apr 9, 2011


2012? lame, I all about 2029 the actual end of the world! see I too can make assumptions.

Anonymous on Apr 9, 2011


2029...hmm sounds sexy

Nocsyn on Apr 9, 2011



Anonymous on Apr 9, 2011


great cast but not my type of film so a pass from me

A5J4DX on Apr 8, 2011


Looks just as ridiculous and pretentious as Von Triers other "movies"....not my cup o tea. But hey least no ones getting there balls smashed this time around.

Cody W. on Apr 9, 2011


I agree. If others enjoy it, then more power to them though. lol

Daniel Vu Tran on Apr 10, 2011


Maybe Kirsten Dunst uses her powers (in her hands) and save the world! Ha HA!

jedibilly on Apr 9, 2011


Looks amazing - and it looks like it will show another side of Sweden than Corbijn did with the American.

Ola Thuresson on Apr 12, 2011


I'm glad that finally a mainstream has involved a storyline that has something to do with Nibiru (Planet X). People have blown it of as a myth, but it does exist & I am happy to see what is said about it in this film. What is it every 26,000 years this planet swings around? About time it gets some type of press if anything. Me personally I think Kirsten Dunst is quite attractive and a good actress, I am looking forward to see her in this film.... nude that is.

Jtg870 on Apr 13, 2011


Yeah, why in the world would people just call it a myth when the idea was started by a woman who was told about it by gray aliens as a child? Why oh WHY? SO UNFAIR. LOL. Geez, take hold of yourself man. Use your brain.

Lars on Apr 14, 2011



Tyler Hayes on Sep 26, 2011

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