Must Watch: First Full Trailer for Pixar's New Fairytale 'Brave' Arrives

November 16, 2011
Source: YouTube

Pixar's Brave Trailer

"No more fighting, show some decorum!" Disney has unveiled the full theatrical trailer for Pixar's Brave, the studio's first fairytale, set in the Scottish Highlands about a fiesty, red-haired princess named Merida, voiced by Kelly Macdonald. The first teaser trailer for this hit back in the summer, but now we have another glimpse at the scope of the story and a lot more characters, and it definitely looks like a Pixar movie we've never seen before. That said, Pixar trailers never seem to do a good job capturing the true spirit, but give it a shot anyway. The voice cast includes Kevin McKidd, Emma Thompson, Robbie Coltrane and Billy Connolly.

Watch the first full-length trailer for Pixar's Brave, embedded via YouTube in high def on Apple:

Brave is set in the mystical Scottish Highlands, where Merida is the princess of a kingdom ruled by King Fergus (Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Thompson). An unruly daughter and accomplished archer, Merida one day defies a sacred custom of the land and inadvertently brings turmoil to the kingdom. This was originally being helmed by Pixar's first female director, Brenda Chapman (of Prince of Egypt), but they have since brought in co-director Mark Andrews (of the short One Man Band) to take over and finish up the movie. Disney has already scheduled Pixar's Brave for release next summer on June 22nd, 2012. Looking good?

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It certainly looks interesting, but at the same time it feels nothing like a Pixar movie, which could be both good and bad. Prince of Egypt is a great movie though, so hopefully Chapman has a great story here.

Andreas Climent on Nov 16, 2011


OOOH I'M EXCITED! Looks really fun!

fem!anon on Nov 16, 2011


how to train your dragon, minus the dragon...  JK!!  I couldnt help but think of the Dad viking when I saw her dad 😉

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011


As above - this looks like PIXAR now copying Dreamworks - I was very unimpressed 🙁 I had high hopes - the environments and characters look better and perform better in How To Train Your Dragon. .. those in jokes were poor, the small guy behind the big guy... oh dear. Where has the originality gone? One plus point - the hair is amazing!!! You can see the R&D from Tangled has paid off.

Dom on Nov 16, 2011


Agreed... this feels very '1st pass' and I would expect the environments, lighting and overall richness and depth to improve over the next year or so of production. It's an incredibly rich and moody setting and I would think the Pixar team will take full advantage of that in this film. Nice to see a great young woman as the hero/protagonist as well... a first for Pixar.

KHD on Nov 16, 2011


I wonder if this bear really is going to be killed or not. Since it's a Disney movie I wouldn't be surprised if she made friends with the bear at the end. Looks great though!

Jedibilly on Nov 16, 2011


So long as it's not Cars3, its Pixar gold in my book. I'll admit, the story does seem familiar and I'm not re-watching the trailer over and over again like previous Pixar trailers, but still...Cant wait!

Voice of Reason on Nov 16, 2011


Cant wait. Thats all I gotta say. <3

Scotty6000 on Nov 16, 2011


This what have been impressive if I had seen this before How to train your dragon, but unfornately it looks like a spin-off of some kind from that movie... I'd rather wait to see the Danish animated adventure comedy Ronal the Barbarian instead..

jah p on Nov 16, 2011


Typical "girl shouldn't act like a man" plot mixed with mediocre-at-best humor.  Makes me wonder if Pixar is finally starting to go downhill.  Either that or the person who made the trailer sucks.

Gex on Nov 16, 2011


Scottish Mulan. Of course.

Benedict Orbase on Nov 16, 2011


that girls look like Taylor swift 

Truong18 on Nov 16, 2011


I don't know what to think of this, it's treading over old ground and the humor wasn't that good either, looks like Pixar is going down a slow steady slope. After Cars 2 I can't just see the name Pixar and rush out to see it anymore, I'll wait for word of mouth and hope that I'm wrong

Clocker910 on Nov 16, 2011


Trailer was unimpressive, but doesn't mean its not full of promise. Its a maybe for me.

ur_babys_daddy on Nov 16, 2011


Hmmm....hopefully the movie is better than it looked in this trailer.

Ron on Nov 16, 2011


pshhh! all know its going to be great.

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011


"A Hero Will Rise" Really?

Wakecycle on Nov 16, 2011


As with Mirrror, mirror's trailer, why are you (adults?) worried about a children´s movie? I have to see some literature blogs and check if their readers are so interested in children and teenagers litereture as movie fans seems. Maybe has something to do that in Hollywood's productions, perhaps no more than a 5% are films made for adults (or adults minds, because a teenagers hasn't to be all simple minded)

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011


If you can't enjoy Pixars films on an adult level then you lack the cognitive ability to fully enjoy film. They are the deepest, richest examples of animation ever put to film, and they cover real world issues like death, loneliness and anger with more intelligence and subtlety than pretty much every film produced for adults these days. 

Lebowski on Nov 16, 2011


A lot of animation deals with real issues an is far more creative. You never really get a surprise in many Pixar movies. Toy Story and Ratatouille are the only two I think are really excellent movies. Wall E was really amazing until the generic run-of-the-mill animated fat people on hover chairs came in. Literally took an amazing movie down the crapper. The masses like Wall E yet continue to consume garbage food and line up for the next Apple product. Obviously the message didn't penetrate. Mainstream America is too dumb and the concept was poorly implemented to begin with. Just my two cents.

Kaim on Nov 16, 2011


Of course I can enjoy Pixar's films (or whatever good children film, because all Pixar is nor excellent, sorry), as well I can enjoy good children's TV and literature, (since centuries ago, fairy tales are about  the big themes of life: death, loneliness and anger, as you say) and they have a very important place in Literature. But as everyone should have an evolution with their readings, it´s the same with movies, you know; and I'm not only talking about great adult films of the 70s like The Godfather or Cabaret, I also can remember good american films for adults in the 2000's (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, A single man or A History of Violence, etc.), of course not talking about films of other countries. And if your nickname is Lebowski homaging the Coen's film, you should understand me. Little Nemo forever!

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011


Nothing interesting here. Invokes similar feelings as the trailer for Tangled. Would think was just a generic Disney movie and then you see Pixar at the end. Cars 2.. and now this. 

Kaim on Nov 16, 2011


well I might not dig it, but my 3 year old will wanna watch it over and over and over....and over again.  

Phantomrockcity on Nov 16, 2011


Just give us what we really want!!!!!!    Incredibles 2

Cbandage on Nov 19, 2011


it looks... interesrting

Dman on Dec 13, 2011


hmmm any ideas how easter eggs will be put in this one 🙂

Madison Davenport on Dec 22, 2011


Personally I think this is going to be amazing. What you're forgetting is that this isn't just a Pixar movie - it's a Pixar-Disney collaborative and the MC is the new Disney Princess. Naturally Brave is going to be a fairytale. What makes Disney so incredible is how they give a new spin to old stories and Brave is unlikely to be an exception. The fact that the scenery is reminiscent of 'How to Train Your Dragon' is not really a surprise. Please DO take a look at a map of the world some time and I think you'll realize why. Scotland and the Norse lands are next door neighbors. Not only that, but the two movies share a time frame. It would be odd if the scenery wasn't similar. In regard to Merida's personality, someone compared her to Mulan. I disagree. Mulan, for all her confusion, wanted to be married. She wanted to make her parents proud. Merida actually reminds me more of Jasmine who wanted to be free to make her own choices. Merida also has a temper - a first for a Disney princess! She's an older sister, a role that has only been played by Cinderella - and even then it was sparingly. So we have a hot-tempered fire brand who wants to be free to make her own choices, but causes far too much trouble trying. Add in a nasty bear, a wicked witch, and some comic lords and the only thing missing is a prince. Since Merida does not want to get married, who's betting that romance will be in her future... sequel? personally, I like the idea of a second real warrior princess. We had a princessy princess in Rapunzel. Now we'll have a wild warrior in Merida. A final note on her appearance: upon first seeing pictures of Merida I had thought her to be fourteen, the same age as Snow White (the youngest - and oldest - Disney Princess!) Having seen the trailer I've upped my original estimate. I think Merida is actually 15/16. She seems to be in that gawky adolescent stage where she still has some baby fat, (mostly in her face), wide hips but a nearly flat top, and is just not quite proportionate. her hair, of course, is a wreck, but I LOVE it. That wild mop just fits her so well. Oh, and as for the trailer being awful - Welcome to Disney. On the bright side, Tiana's was even worse!

Disney Princess Eilonwy on Jan 5, 2012


A lot of people are saying that it looks too much like How to Train Your Dragon so I'm going to share a few ways of why they're WRONG! 1) Brave takes place in Scottland 2) How to Train Your Dragon was a film that show how DreamWorks is trying to be like Pixar 3) Brave is a fairy tale 4) Brave looks like it'll be dark and more intense 5) How to Train Your Dragon is based on the book of the same name 6) Brave looks like it will have a much better story than How to Train Your Dragon 7) They both have completely different themes How to Train Your Dragon really wasn't that great. It was good, but not great

anonymous on Jan 13, 2012


how to train your dragon was the best animated movie at the time of its release. Dreamworks raised the bar, it wasn't trying to be pixar. For once I would like to see something happen to one of the main charters in the movie but they always live happily ever after. HTTYD had the best animation, best story and by far the best score in an animated film. Brave is just a retread of HTTYD.

cole riddell on Jun 1, 2012


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