Must Watch: Freaky Official Trailer for Sci-Fi Horror Film 'Apollo 18'

February 18, 2011
Source: Apple

Apollo 18 Trailer

There's a reason we've never gone back to the moon… They've been counting down the debut of this trailer like the launch of a rocketship, which is almost too perfect for this. The Weinstein Company has debuted the official trailer on Apple for their found footage sci-fi film Apollo 18, starring some people we've never seen, directed by a guy we've never heard of. This project was quietly announced late last year. It looks creepy as hell for a vintage found-footage sci-fi horror movie. I'm admittedly freaked out by aliens and this is crazy, I am shaking. I want to see this, but I'm nervous about how insanely scary it might be to watch. Be careful!

Watch the first official trailer for Gonzalo López-Gallego's Apollo 18 from YouTube:

You can also watch the official Apollo 18 trailer in High Definition on Apple

A film about the real Apollo mission to the moon in the 70's that was canceled by NASA… or so they claim.

Apollo 18 is directed by Spanish editor/filmmaker Gonzalo López-Gallego, of a few features like King of the Hill and Nómadas previously, who is making his English-language debut with this. The original screenplay was written by Brian Miller (Paracusia) & Cory Goodman (Priest). Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov also produced this in secrecy at Dimension Films. The Weinstein Company will be releasing the mysterious Apollo 18 in theaters everywhere starting on April 22nd this spring. Anyone else freaked out by this?

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i'm getting a little tired of the found footage films, but this is indeed looking very good. alex - have you seen the trailer for "grave encounters"? it's another found footage movie - and it's looking very chilling as well - check it out on bloody disgusting.

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2011


Nope, never even heard of it... I'm honestly not a big horror guy, but I do love anything sci-fi and "secret" projects like this, so I'm in for this.

Alex Billington on Feb 19, 2011


Yeah same, I have a soft spot for films like this, it doesnt look that scary as much as just constantly intriguing.

Cody W. on Feb 19, 2011


The Grave Encounters trailer looks entertaining. A little Blair Witch action in the corner at the end...but then she turned around. Not a happy movie =)

Quazzimotto on Feb 19, 2011


yea - i thought so too. anytime you have a group of people investigating an old hospital, asylum, or prison - you just KNOW mayhem will ensue.

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2011


I like the idea of this film, but I to am getting tired of the "This footage is real" when it couldn't be further from the truth. Why can't it just be a movie about a fake Apollo 18 mission? I guess because people want to believe it "happened".

Jace on Feb 19, 2011


Scary? Ho hum.

Coolcat on Feb 19, 2011


Awesome trailer! In recent years their have been numerous astronauts and cosmonauts who've come forward stating that there "was" life and traces of life on the moon when we got there. Interesting.

Cruzer on Feb 19, 2011


Eh... Which astronauts or cosmonauts would that be?

Lars on Feb 19, 2011


Gordon Cooper and Buzz Aldrin for instance. Start there.

Cruzer on Feb 19, 2011


Huh? Sources? I thought you'd go for the obvious - Edgar Mitchell ( - He is the most outspoken ex astronaut on UFOs/aliens. But nowhere has he claimed that evidence was found on the moon for it. Just that he believes many UFO sightings are of alien origin.

Lars on Feb 19, 2011


Well....this is more interesting since NONE of us have ever been to the Moon in the first place. Seriously the math....seems possible.... then do the physics and invent the tech.

RandallM on Feb 19, 2011


cosmonauts never made it to the moon...

rocKicker on Feb 19, 2011


so they synthesized hundreds of kg's of moon rocks? please...

LastB on Feb 28, 2011


ok really need to see this cos if anything it looks well made, but scary hmmm

boondock saint on Feb 19, 2011


Is this a comedy?

AlexHillington on Feb 19, 2011


Holy shit, was that a face hugger?!! I like how they're doing something a little different with the found footage horror type of movie. It reminds me of something like "The Thing". You never know who you can trust, especially out where no one can help you.

Cinemamind on Feb 19, 2011


fucking Space Spiders? would be enough to keep me from the moon as well. O,o

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2011


What seems most impressive is that it actually looks like its from the 70's. Well done. Looks exciting and better then the trite Paranormal Activity movies

Napkinbbob on Feb 19, 2011


Hmm looks good

john s on Feb 19, 2011


It's all very well, but surely that was just about the full film there? There can't be much more than having the window of the ship smashed in surely?

Crapola on Feb 19, 2011


doesnt look scary at all

dee8 on Feb 19, 2011


I reckon I've seen the whole movie now.

A D E_p on Feb 19, 2011


Yeah, like everybody on that video is gonna die! Hahah! Always for mockumentary films.

Woopz on Feb 20, 2011


I`m interested

Loser on Feb 19, 2011


Clever stuff...dig it

Lassberg on Feb 19, 2011


Wow, this looks really cheaply made. And by that, I don't mean authentically from the 70s either. I was expecting something a bit more from what I've read so far. Oh well, still holding out hope for Battle: Los Angeles.

norm on Feb 19, 2011


I wish Bekmambetov was helming this. Intriguing idea, not sure why Hollywood continues to show the whole movie in a trailer though.

Quazzimotto on Feb 19, 2011


Quality idea, but they should be weightless in the craft. If you're gonna market it as a true found footage movie (even though we all know it's not) you should get a detail like that right. Them walking around in the craft is just stupid.

Bart on Feb 19, 2011


But there is gravity on the moon.

Jace on Feb 21, 2011


Laura for spamming my internets I'm coming across to your house to force you to drink battery acid, whilst that is eating away your guts I will kick you in the face til blood comes out of your eye sockets.

Crapola on Feb 19, 2011


You know, you guys CAN "flag" her comment so I can see it and delete it sooner, don't have to reply to her all day! 🙂

Alex Billington on Feb 20, 2011


Yeah sorry Alex, I would actually like to make a documentary about hunting down people who send spam out, where myself and a team of murderers hunt them down and destroy them in front of their families as a warning. Deleting spam will probably take at least a month of my life from my by the time of my death. I'm currently looking for funding for travel and weapons if anyone is interested. Hollywood please don't copy it, I know its more original than anything you can come up with.

Crapola on Feb 20, 2011


My biggest problem with this film is I don't care to pay $20 (2 tickets and snacks or w/e) for some crappy filmed movie. Ok, it's art...but I can get teh same enjoyment on my TV. Looks decent, but no go for theater.

tra la la la la di da on Feb 19, 2011


Looks OK.

Mattias K. Nielsen on Feb 19, 2011



Tekail on Feb 19, 2011


I'm gonna spam your brains out.

Manuel on Feb 19, 2011



Chaos1979 on Feb 20, 2011


I had to stop watching it because I am tired of trailers being five minutes long and showing the whole movie, but what I did watch of it has me very very interested.

Anonymous on Feb 20, 2011


mixed feelings about this one... must wait and see

Boon on Feb 20, 2011


Does this mean we will never colonize the moon?

Dhiram on Feb 21, 2011


did that seem sorta awful to anyone else?

Fourteenr on Feb 21, 2011


Fucking A Bubba! Bring it on!

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 21, 2011


Great idea... looks ok. Watching this... i want a prequel of "Moon" now... 🙂

Joaquin Prida on Feb 21, 2011


Really curious to see how an Apollo mission got launched without people knowing about it.

Setebos on Feb 22, 2011


not too bad

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


not too bad

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Let me guess, it's them from an earlier mission... Writes itself...

Anonymous on Apr 26, 2011


Grave Encounters=straight to video...

Anonymous on Apr 26, 2011

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