Must Watch: Full Length International Trailer for 'Adventures of Tintin'

July 11, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Adventures of Tintin

So far we've only seen a short but sweet teaser for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's collaborative motion capture animation film The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, but that was enough to get me pumped for the film later this year. Now thankfully we have an extended look at the promising film starring Jamie Bell as the titular intrepid reporter. Honestly, this is some of the best motion capture animation I've ever seen, and seeing the style of Hergé's illustrations come to life is pretty fantastic. Hopefully audiences will be just as interested in the film this December as I am now. See the trailer below!

Watch the new international trailer for Spielberg & Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin:

You can also watch this new Adventures of Tintin trailer in High Def on Yahoo UK

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn was originally directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson with a script co-written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. The cast includes Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost as Thompson & Thompson, Daniel Craig as the villain Red Rackham, and Toby Jones as Silk. The animated movie, in the works at Weta Digital, will hit US theaters in glorious 3D starting on December 23rd, Christmas weekend, late this year. We featured a first look back in December and the first teaser trailer in May. Does it look like a lot of fun?

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Awsome i hope there is a sequal already

MovieKing on Jul 11, 2011


I believe there are going to be two films which they shot one right after the other.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011



Mgaser on Jul 11, 2011


It looks as utterly soulless as the fake as hell CGI characters that inhabit it 

Moviekidmike on Jul 11, 2011


As a Tintin fan, that's unfortunately how I feel about it. Something is least for me. I think I would have preferred a real life movie. 

Anonymous on Jul 11, 2011


 I agree with you Buzzfunk, I also grew up watching and reading the adventures of tin tin and thoroughly enjoyed both. Though after watching the trailer...I have my doubts, the voice of Tin Tin just does not sound the same to me as in the animated series, or maybe it is just me. Otherwise I can't wait to see that good ol' drunkard of a Captain making a complete ass of himself like he usually does when he goes on a rant.

Mr. Otaku on Aug 5, 2011


This is how Avatar might have looked if its MoCap sucked.

Ding on Jul 13, 2011


Good trailer, but there's no hiding the Uncanny Valleyness of the mocap.

Mike Bastoli on Jul 11, 2011


This looks amazing!

MithunOnThe.Net on Jul 11, 2011


Are you on drugs? Pooooh.

Ding on Jul 13, 2011


It looks fun. I'd like it better if the actors were real though.

M.K. Nielsen on Jul 11, 2011


You can say all you like about the CGI, but it looks a lot better than A Christmas Carol.

Anonymous on Jul 11, 2011


 I concur. Let's be honest who in the real world would have a round head and hair like Tin Tin's? And Snowy, what real life dog has a rectangular shaped head like that? Or maybe I haven't seen enough dogs in my life and there is one. But more importantly I actually liked they did CGI instead of live action.

Mr. Otaku on Aug 5, 2011


I have a few reservations, but I'm more revved than anything! Mostly this reminds me of the crappy Zemeckis brand of mo-cap, which just turns me off immediately alongside the conflict of a realistic cartoon being played out. I get that the action is realistic, but there's a lot of lightheartedness that plays well in the comic but comes across as peculiar in the trailer. The lightness of the original art made it OK when Thompson falls down a flight of stairs, or the cute "tornado" lines that emanated from a characters head after coming to from being walloped. With this style of animation I'd expect Thompson to snap his neck and the person coming to to spit out blood.

Voice of Reason on Jul 11, 2011


Definitely will be seeing this. 

Brandon on Jul 11, 2011


A definite step up from Zemeckis' mocap crap, but still feels odd and somewhat lifeless. The action and cinematography look great though.

Marty on Jul 11, 2011


Ok, 1) They seem to have completely butchered the story. 2) The chars, movements and effects look as plastic and god awful as ever.  Not a month goes by that Hollywood takes a classic and destroys it. Spielberg continues to disappoint. I wont see this piece of crap and  feel bad for the young generation that has to be introduced to Tintin by watching this.

Shige on Jul 11, 2011


Agreed. I think growing up with the comics, it's hard to watch. I mean of course they had to change a few things for the movie, thats a given. How much they 'butchered' it we'll have to see.. Overall, I don't like the look of it. Animation looks weird. It cant shake that Zemeckis look, which I never liked.  Spielberg has yet to redeem himself for the last Indy turd. Looking at the talent involved, I refuse to give up on it. Plus im dying to hear what Williams will do with this.  Heres to hope that its good!!

Anonymous on Jul 11, 2011


That all relies on the fact that you saying the story is butchered makes it so.

Sam Doyle on Jul 11, 2011


I`m in

Loser on Jul 11, 2011


Love the books. Loathe this trailer.

sleepykid on Jul 11, 2011


Laaaame!!! Trailer alone is too hard to watch. lol

Lame on Jul 11, 2011



Ding on Jul 13, 2011


Happy to see there's no anti-3D whiners commenting so far. This will be good in 3D especially during the spectacular scenes.

Jedibilly on Jul 11, 2011


It looks like the movie will be another spielberg hit

Jackmooney5 on Jul 11, 2011


Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomi on Jul 11, 2011


Dont forget the towel

Ding on Jul 13, 2011


I wasn't excited about this in the slightest...until now.  Looks great!

Cody on Jul 11, 2011


i was hoping the dreaded "in 3D" wouldn't show up at the end...I was wrong

Pedro Nuno on Jul 11, 2011


Refreshingly this ain't one of those shoddy conversion jobs.

Jez on Jul 11, 2011



Mob_obaid on Jul 11, 2011


looks brilliant they have my cinema fee already lol if it wasnt done in CGI people would b!tch because the actor didnt look like the character you just cant please wana-be critics

Steve Speers on Jul 11, 2011


Why did they give Tintin an English accent? That makes him indistinguishable from the twins who ARE meant to be English. Tintin should have a French accent.

George Caltsoudas on Jul 11, 2011


 It's news to me that the twins are meant to be English. Does the original comic book contain any reference to this at all?

Laurent on Jul 12, 2011


Tintin should have had a belgium accent, not french. And whats with Haddok´s potato head, looks pretty wide?  It was better than expected, at least from my point of view, I have all the collection since childhood. Circa 1976. Tintin in the Congo, that would be an amazing controversial film, a headache for the political correctness smucks.

Gin&Tonic on Jul 11, 2011


You do realize that literally half of Belgium is French speaking, don't you? And that Belgium shares like more then 600km of borders with France? They are basically French.  And for the record, Tintin in the Congo is deeply paternalistic, colonialist and racist, and would not make a good film, despite the utter brilliance of the rest of series.  

Lebowski on Jul 12, 2011


You do realize that even though both countries speak French, they have dinguishible accents. Thanks for the borders lesson.  Tintin in the Congo is an uber utter brilliant comic book.

Gin&Tonic on Jul 12, 2011


Well that shuts my knowitall mouth. But Congo is still bad. 

Lebowski on Jul 12, 2011



Rp1n on Jul 11, 2011


I think it looks like it'll be fun. Both of the directors grew up with the source material, so I'm hoping the film will live up to the TinTin name. I too was a bit miffed that they went with the mocap style instead of having animators actually animate it, but it doesn't look awful like the stuff Zemeckis was doing. I would have preferred real animation, tho. I'll probably go see it, cause it looks like fun, and while I have doubts about Spielberg as of late, I like Jackson enough to hope that it'll be as good as I'd wish it would be.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Wasn't looking forward to it and this confirmed it. Total meh in all respects but definitely in Queue for Netflix.

Nate Carroll on Jul 12, 2011


This looks just awful.

Matt on Jul 12, 2011


ROFL @ people saying it looks "too CGI"... Um, that's because IT IS CGI YOU IDIOTS!

Guest22324 on Jul 12, 2011


I GUARANTEE THIS WILL BOMB!  Only old people know what Tin Tin is...this movie is out of place today...and i hate it when a trailer/marketing tries to push on you up front how "epic" it a joke  This looks DUMB

TheRealCoryHaim on Jul 12, 2011


Speaking of dumb failures, how is Corey Haim expressing his opinion at all when he ODed last year?

serke on Jul 12, 2011


Yep Corey's up in the sky with Tupac. Too good for this earth. RIPeazles. - Serke is that Avatar artwork you have your own? It's really good.

Crapola on Jul 12, 2011


No, it's a bit of concept art from the Legacy of Kain video games, actually. Lol.

serke on Jul 13, 2011


Looks pretty good...

jah p on Jul 12, 2011


I noticed they tended to avoid showing the mouths matching the voice acting. It's probably not completed yet. The more cartoony aspects of the style work, but the occasional soul-less glimpses of the aforementioned Uncanny Valley are off-putting. Hopefully the finished product will be less jarring.

serke on Jul 12, 2011


I will wait for the Adventure in Peru! 🙂

Cortez De La Cruz on Jul 12, 2011


better trailer than the rest

A5J4DX on Jul 12, 2011


what's with all the hate. i am super excited for this! 

mask man on Jul 12, 2011


Man you definitely opened your eyes just now.

Ding on Jul 13, 2011


That's a whole load of fairly negative posts there. I defo get what people are saying, the Zemeckis stuff is evil, but maybe it will be okay? I like that Haddock is Scottish, I suppose with him being grumpy, drunk and fighting all the time it makes sense. Doubt I'd go to the cinema to watch it though.

Crapola on Jul 12, 2011


i grew up with this... and i am taking my ass in the theater to see this.  Someone posted about wishing it was live action.  The last live action take on a beloved euro comic of mine was Asterix.  I still can't get the taste of that wretch out of my mouth.  Until I actually see it and it disappoints.... I am psyched.

duane on Jul 12, 2011


I grew up with TinTin, Asterix, Lucky Luke and the like. I sort of liked the Asterix movie and it's sequel, but this seems wrong somehow. Maybe I just had a different image on my head as to how TinTin is. I won't argue with it though, since it's been more than 10 years since I last read a TinTin comic.

Mark Lair on Jul 13, 2011


Except that this is not the 'better' one

Ding on Jul 13, 2011


i think it looks awesome, cant wait

Chuck on Jul 13, 2011


Sad to say, much like with most comic movies, they are going to dumb this down for the younger generation. The sense of this? I don't know. I don't get why Hollywood insists on taking GREAT classics and ripping them apart one by one. I mean, I get it. No more ideas out there. Well, don't take good stuff and turn it into okay stuff. If you're to remake a classic, remake the graphics, edit the story a bit, but don't twist the story up.

Amumra on Jul 13, 2011


why wasn't this done in live action instead?

Anonymous on Jul 14, 2011


i am so excited

Cathychhangte on Jul 16, 2011

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