Must Watch: Full Trailer for Shawn Levy's Bot Boxing Film 'Real Steel'

May 10, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Real Steel Trailer

"Remember this name: Atom. This bot is one to watch." DreamWorks has unveiled the full theatrical trailer on Yahoo for Shawn Levy's Real Steel, the robot boxing action movie starring Hugh Jackman as the trainer of a giant robotic boxing unit named Atom. This looks awesome! The teaser trailer debuted late last year, but now we get a good look at this and I've got to say, this seems like it's going to kick ass! I've already been hearing some great things about its emotional depth as well, but this trailer is certainly a must watch. The cast includes Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand and Anthony Mackie. Fire up the new trailer below!

Watch the full theatrical trailer for Shawn Levy's Real Steel from YouTube:

You can also watch the Real Steel trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A boxing drama set in the future where 2000 lbs robots controlled by humans do battle. Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who makes a comeback with a scrapmetal bot named Atom.

Real Steel is directed by Canadian family filmmaker Shawn Levy, of Just Married, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Pink Panther, Night at the Museum, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and Date Night most recently. The screenplay was written by John Gatins (Hard Ball, Coach Carter, Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story) from a story created by Dan Gilroy & Jeremy Leven (My Sister's Keeper, The Notebook). DreamWorks/Disney are bringing Real Steel to theaters everywhere starting October 7th later this fall.

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*I think you embedded the teaser trailer by mistake... The actual trailer looks good!

Ron on May 10, 2011


Thanks - it's fixed now. I blame Yahoo for giving me the wrong code. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alex Billington on May 10, 2011


GOsh...i hate this yahooo stuff...

Sakyo on May 10, 2011


Yea I know, me too, but we don't have a choice. Gotta complain to the movie studios and Yahoo. :/

Alex Billington on May 10, 2011


Bring back the First Showing embed!

Brandon on May 10, 2011


yeah.. me too,why the First Showing embed can not be used. Anyway cool teaser trailer......, i will see this film =)

Darmin on May 14, 2011


Yeah, the teaser trailer is what got embedded.

Chazzy on May 10, 2011


After Lost began, I thought Evangeline Lilly had a promising career ahead of her but she has barely done anything in the last seven years. I hope she does more mainstream films from now on. She is an underrated actress and should have joined the A-list years ago.

Sean Dignam on May 10, 2011


Actually she said she didn't plan on acting any more after Lost and wants to do charity work instead.

Yourmom on May 10, 2011


Seriously, this just looks fantastic. You would never guess this was a Shawn Levy film. Can't wait to see this!

Ethan Anderton on May 10, 2011


This looks totally awesome and something that is actually an original idea! Lots of fun!

CisforCinema on May 10, 2011


I'll probably be the exception, but this looks terrible

Tester on May 10, 2011


This looks great to me. Also, I think I just found Jake for the Dark Tower movie (should it still happen). Most kids in movies are goddamn annoying; this kid is awesome and actually seems to give Jackman a good run for his money. Loved the sewer line.

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


Yea, i also think that kid would make a good jake, seem to fit the bill for him. seems to be the right size and attitude in my mind for jake!

Shorgin_Ruml on May 10, 2011


You had me at big boxing robots.

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


vomit. inspirational fighting movie... about robot. emotional (?) father/son story... with cloying kid. DUMB, even by dumb standards

lane on May 10, 2011


Do these robots talk? I'd like to see some character development (that or some great action). It also looks a bit drammatic, but I hope not too much cause I'd like it to be a fun movie..

David Perretta on May 10, 2011


thought this looked like garbage after the 1st trailer, but this one has changed my mind, looks decent.

RhythmDave on May 10, 2011


I was interested in this before but after seeing how much the story is focussed on an annoying child actor, I'll be giving it a miss.

Chris on May 10, 2011



Fahad M. Mushtaq on May 10, 2011


Looks cheesy AND awesome.

Vithren on May 10, 2011


lets just call this rockem sockem robots and be done with it

Jericho on May 10, 2011


Holy shit. I thought that kid was going to ruin it. Turns out, he improved it. Looks decent now-- but by no means fantastic.

Cracky on May 10, 2011


Wow, I never thought this movie would actually look good. Now I think this team should have been behind the transformers movies. This looks like what Michael Bay should have been striving for in terms of depth and emotion. Should be a good flick.

JP on May 10, 2011


I don't know how the movie

Riley on May 10, 2011


I don't know how the movie will be, but who ever made that trailer sure knows how to sell a movie.

Riley on May 10, 2011


Sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

Terry the Saint on May 10, 2011


Yeah I'm in, Lilly is gorgeous.

Xerxexx on May 10, 2011


Ya know she used to be a livelinks girl?......they still show her commercial too at nighttime. I laugh so hard everytime I see it.

Cody W. on May 10, 2011


That's awesome! I would have definitely called if I could have flirted with Lilly!

Xerxexx on May 11, 2011


Looks good, I'm in.

jah p on May 10, 2011


mmm, don't get it. Everyone keep saying this is crap, but I think there is no way this movie is gonna fail. Hugh Jackman, giant boxing robots, one of those generic charming kids, Evangeline Lilly... come on people...

Leinergroove on May 10, 2011


It's Rocky, The Karate Kid, The Mighty Ducks ETC... As metal robots of the future... Pass. But great to see Evangeline Lilly. I <3 her.

Brandon on May 10, 2011


I'm seeing this just for Kevin Durand. Kevin's awesome.

Lauren Intong on May 10, 2011


we just saw the whole movie!

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


That's no lie. Be nice to see the movie in theaters instead of the condensed 2 minute version...didn't even have a chance to get my popcorn cooked all the way... Looks better than expected.

Quazzimotto on May 10, 2011


This looks awesome.

Lamar on May 10, 2011


Much better than the teaser! Least there's a story in there now - its like Days of Thunder and Rocky with robots ๐Ÿ˜› Love it when they make an underdog machine.

Dominic on May 10, 2011


sorry guys, but this looks terrible

tms on May 10, 2011


original trailer/teaser looked better, something grittier, this looks like the same old generic underdog winner. doesn't matter which way, underdog stories are the most generic and boring stories out there.

ate on May 10, 2011


Try watching some more movies

Geoffrey Shauger on May 11, 2011


the first trailer was kinda meh. Somehow trying to turn around a sparring robot to be a champion is suddenly really interesting.

PyroDark on May 10, 2011



NeoSlyfer on May 11, 2011


This thing looks freaking amazing. Love me some giant robot action!

Peter Kosmal on May 11, 2011


Trailer looks way better than the last one. Sells the film without giving the whole thing away.

Quanah on May 11, 2011


Looks pretty 80's.

Crapola on May 11, 2011


I don't know...

M.K. Nielsen on May 11, 2011


maybe if Wayne Kramer or David Cronenberg directed this it would be amped up with nudity and foul language it could be good....but this looks terrible! I love how Jackman says everything with such force like's "almost too happy to be there"

Conrad Williams on May 11, 2011


.............I cant believe I just watched a trailer for rockem sock em robots and liked it....

dravas on May 11, 2011


I think I'm going to like this one very much. And I'm glad to see Evangeline Lilly seems to have a decent role in it, unlike in The Hurt Locker, where we saw her for, like, 2 seconds.

Steven F. on May 11, 2011


is this based off that robot game where their heads popped off? Well I can't believe I loved this trailer so much, plus I'm a total Jackman fan I cannot wait. I may even bring my nephew if he can ever learn to keep quiet in the movies

Barbara Ruiz on May 11, 2011


ill wait for it on netflix ๐Ÿ˜›

Anonymous on May 11, 2011


@d563a072dd74ef388e09e8ec70f0b769:disqus Actually this idea is about 56 years old. This was taken from an old Twilight Zone episode entitled "Steel" with Lee Marvin. Look it up. Hardly any concept is original these days. It's all about retelling the same stories in a different manner. But nonetheless they seem to have done a good job.

WritersBlock3175 on May 11, 2011


So... we have Rockem sockem robots 2011. Waiting for Hungry Hungry Hippos.....

Duane on May 11, 2011


awesome.. ย 

SKD on May 13, 2011

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