Must Watch: Hilarious Full Length Trailer for 'The Hangover Part II'

March 31, 2011
Source: Apple

The Hangover II

Your hair is gone. We've already seen the teaser trailer for the anticipated summer comedy sequel, but now we have the full length theatrical trailer for The Hangover Part II. It's essentially more of the same, but that's fine with me. They've substituted the loss of Stu's (Ed Helms) tooth for Alan's (Zach Galifianakis) hair, there's a monkey instead of a tiger, but this time they're looking for Stu's fiancรฉ's little brother Teddy in Bangkok. Even Ken Jeong is around (thankfully with more clothes on) for some weird reason. Yes, it's basically dรฉjร  vu all over again for Bradley Cooper and the boys, but I still think it looks like a laugh riot.

Watch the full-length trailer for Todd Phillips' The Hangover Part II, in high def from Apple:

You can also download this The Hangover Part II trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Hangover Part II is again directed by Todd Phillips (Road Trip, Old School, Due Date) from a script by Scot Armstrong, Craig Mazin and Todd Phillips. In addition to Galifianakis, Cooper and Helms, the cast also includes, in multiple other roles and cameos: Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Mike Tyson, Juliette Lewis, Jamie Chung and Liam Neeson. In the sequel to The Hangover, Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug visit Bangkok, Thailand for Stu's wedding. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the trouble they get in to and the chaos they cause, as I'm sure that will be the good stuff. The Hangover Part II arrives in theaters on May 26th this summer!

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Holy isht! This looks ridiculously funny!

DwainIBe on Apr 1, 2011


If Tony Jaa shows up in this it will be the greatest thing ever.

WillMars on Apr 1, 2011


random but it would be great

dim2thesum on Apr 1, 2011


Oh.. my.. God. LOL. YES.

Daniel Vu Tran on Apr 1, 2011


What no Neeson? C'mon! Would anyone else be surprised is Gibson ends up with a Cameo? I honestly wouldn't be. As for the trailer, I laughed...and that's usually a good thing.

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


Pipe down, he will be in it. A cameo appearence doesnt mean that they must be in the trailer. Besides they probably want him as a surprise to those who dont follow movies before they are released.

Jim Bean on Apr 1, 2011


that was the best thing ever!

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


Looks hilarious!

ozzie on Apr 1, 2011


First 27 seconds I am laughing out loud

Neoslyfer on Apr 1, 2011


h eh he hehehhe h he eh eh ehehe h e hehe. Weenis monkey, he he he he.

Crapola on Apr 1, 2011


I loved the first movie, it just doesn't get old for me and every time they show it on HBO I leave it on when I flip through the channels. By now I must have seen it about 30 times and I still laugh at the same scenes. If the sequel is anything like it (and from the trailer it seems to be the exact same formula), it will be absolutely hysterical.

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


I laughed zero times....just like in the first movie

David Darida on Apr 1, 2011


granted your opinion is your opinion...but since you didn't like the first one why did you even bother?

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


Translation: "I hate my life and wish to take the enjoyment away from everybody."

GoogleTranslator on Apr 1, 2011


lol - fi real! Get some therapy dude - seriously.

Guest on Apr 1, 2011



Cody W. on Apr 1, 2011


shut up. if he doesn't like it, let him. I for myself didn't get the hype for the first movie either. I thought the comedy was sort of forced. But it wasn't bad, so I managed to enjoy myself. Also Galifianakis is great (and I liked the end credits-no kidding here). But the second one now looks pretty much exactly like the first one, only a couple things switched. I won't bother watching it. I bet it has a couple funny scenes, but nothing extraordinary here. At all.

Terry Craig on Apr 2, 2011


I smell a shit covered cash grab.

Mike S. on Apr 1, 2011


hysterical too bad when I saw Sucker Punch last night they showed the teaser trailer from months ago.

Imthinking on Apr 1, 2011


what did you think of Sucker Punch?

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


No Mel Gibson. No Hang Over 2 for me.

Rpin on Apr 1, 2011


hangOVER. one word homeslice.

lola on Apr 2, 2011


Sorry if your not even smirking at this ONCE you are in a miserable mood...come on. Its pure chaos!! I think the only thing i did not like about the first one was the Asian dude. He just was not funny.

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


The "Asian dude" was one of the funniest characters in the movie!!!

Flynnwillow on Apr 1, 2011


Awesome! I just hope that trailer didn't ruin the movie for me!

Ron on Apr 1, 2011


basically the first Hangover but replace everything, with similar

Idontreallylikethehangover on Apr 1, 2011


TOO TOO FUNNY...not to mention the fact that he has a Mike Tyson tattoo on his face! great to bring back hits of the first movie...looks AWESOME!!!

Triston on Apr 1, 2011


This is exactly the trailer from the first movie but in Asia... all the jokes are the same, the plot, the lines... holy crap, I fear the worst now

Louis Plamondon on Apr 1, 2011


So its as if the first movie was 1hr30m longer? NICE!!

Kaim on Apr 1, 2011


Hmm, no - it's as if the first movie's DVD skipped, you put it back in and had to rewatch the whole thing from the start. I will be there opening night, but hopefully they are expanding the possibilities to entertain here, not relying on the exact jokes worked a mere 3 years ago. See, the funny thing about jokes is that they always happen to be funnier the first time you hear them.

Louis Plamondon on Apr 1, 2011


Jokes aren't always funniest the first time. I Rofl at you!!

Drennen on Apr 1, 2011


Good, now say that again and see if it's still as funny... probably not my dear.

Louis Plamondon on Apr 1, 2011


Bahaha....F'n hilarious trailer! Dude seriously if you didnt smile during this I feel sorry for anybody who has to be around your dull asses.

McWilly on Apr 1, 2011


Sorry, I didn't smile once. And I'm not a "dull ass". This trailer, and the first film, did nothing for me.

Film Fan on Apr 1, 2011


Same here lol, and I'm actually one of the funnier guys. I guess that's what happens, almost nothing else is funny

Daniel Vu Tran on Apr 1, 2011


Well I guess your one of the few that isnt. I have a couple of coworkers that feel the same way u do....lets just say stiff is an understatement. But forgive my stereotype. As far as you Vu Tran you know lol means laugh out loud right? To quote your first comment "Oh.. my.. God. LOL. YES." Looks like your laughing a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

McWilly on Apr 3, 2011


You have to love movies that are so incredibly dumb yet so funny you don't feel bad for loving it. Let's hope for another Tyson appearance. You can't go wrong with that.

Kaim on Apr 1, 2011


better a rapist than a racist, right?

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


Ummm no not really haha.

Cody W. on Apr 1, 2011


Tyson rapist, Gibson racist. what to do...what to do.

Anonymous on Apr 1, 2011


Does anyone else think that Zach in sunglasses with that bald head looks a little like the new Max Payne after way too many cheesburgers?

JL on Apr 1, 2011



John Doe on Apr 1, 2011


I don't understand how that is funny at all. Maybe for the uneducated?

Rodion on Apr 1, 2011


Yay for insulting people for no other reason than you don't like a trailer! Fuck off with your bullshit asshole.

Frank on Apr 1, 2011


Ugh. It's the same damn movie/story set in another country. Lame. I didn't think the first was funny at all. Not a bad film. But I didn't find it to be the laughfest everyone else did. In fact, I think I laughed maybe four times. During the police station scenes with that kid and those two cops.

Film Fan on Apr 1, 2011


I don't know. I mean, that is some lazy shit, not changing anything but the location for the sequel. But they kept Ken Jeong, and he was easily the funniest thing about this first movie, so that bodes well. You can see the effects of a bigger budget, and that could be good for the funny. Or it could just as easily fuck it up.

Lebowski on Apr 1, 2011


Wrong. Galifianakis was the funniest part, and will continue to be.

JL on Apr 1, 2011


Yeah Galifianakis was not only the funniest part, but the ONLY funny part in the whole fucking movie. And will continue to be.

Terry Craig on Apr 2, 2011


Seriously, watch Due Date. You'll nearly shit your pants with laughter.

JL on Apr 1, 2011


Sigh.... Idk. Like Lebowski said, nothing is changed but the location. The same exact stuff happens... there were even exact lines that were the same. Like... what's the point? I'll see it, I'll laugh a bit... but still. It hardly looks like a new movie.

Chazzy on Apr 1, 2011


I am ridiculously excited for this I live in BKK and it is the craziest place in the world... there is so much that could happen or go wrong... I really hope one of them has sex with a Transvestite... YAY

A Guest on Apr 1, 2011


looks like a remake of the first part just settled in thailand

jellybelly on Apr 1, 2011


Awesome, I laughed all the way through that trailer. I am most definitely looking forward to this. ๐Ÿ˜€

Link1983 on Apr 1, 2011


finally, a movie that will make me laugh again

Redguy on Apr 1, 2011


Embarrassingly unoriginal.

trip on Apr 1, 2011


It's part 2 of a movie about a huge hangover. What did u expect Sherlock?

Deckter on Apr 1, 2011


A little more originality than the EXACT (, mediocre) same thing (except for 'in Asia') all over again, Watson.

Terry Craig on Apr 2, 2011


plenty of ladyboy and tuk tuk gags to be expected ๐Ÿ™‚

Steroids on Apr 1, 2011


I know many of you guys will go see this film hoping to see Ken Jeong's penis again... and to be honest me too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dirty Dutchman on Apr 1, 2011


I know many of you are going to see this film in the hope of seeing Ken Jeong's "wet noodle" again... me too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dirty Dutchman on Apr 1, 2011


It's going to be a ride.

Johnny Neat on Apr 1, 2011


Looks fun.

M.K. Nielsen on Apr 1, 2011


I don't know if you guys noticed, but the asian man who's with them in the wheelchair, has the same stanford gray sweater stue's fiancee's brother had at the beginning of the trailer. Looks kinda the same in some ways, but I'm sure the whole thing won't be exactly the same in the end.

Mac306 on Apr 1, 2011


Holy crap!! I went back and you're right!! Think that's why they were at the monk's place? Some secret potion? Could be good!!

Wlange4 on Apr 19, 2011


Not tickling me this time... not sure what it is. But I know it will do justice in theaters ๐Ÿ™‚

Ellsworthr on Apr 1, 2011


Looks like the same thing I saw not too long ago

Haz on Apr 2, 2011


Lame. Just like the original. You monkeys will laugh at anything.

trollface on Apr 3, 2011


hahaha awesome rock on monkey! ps hes getting married to chichi ๐Ÿ˜ฎ lol

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


hahaha awesome rock on monkey! ps hes getting married to chichi ๐Ÿ˜ฎ lol

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Looks worse than the first...didn't think it could get much worse.

Peace Love & Gaga on Apr 6, 2011


Still looks funny to me. I can't figure out why they demanded that it be pulled from theaters. Warner Bros' statement doesn't shed any light on it either.

Scotty97 on Apr 6, 2011


Almost painful in the cheeks!

Silencio! on Apr 15, 2011


Did anyone else notice that Paul Giamatti's name was in the credits at the end of the trailer...?

MrHeatMizer on Apr 15, 2011


When I first heard about this one I thought it would have to suck, but the trailer was funny as F**K!! Let's hope all the good parts were not in it!!

Wlange4 on Apr 19, 2011


i am so depressed that srew dosent go back with the hooker and they get married and they rais the baby together

Eliza-milo on May 11, 2011

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