Must Watch: Incredible Final Trailer for 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'

July 24, 2011
Source: Vlicious

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

Apes Will Rise! I've heard many people still saying they're not that interested in Rise of the Planet of the Apes yet, but it's time to change that. At Comic-Con on Thursday, the final trailer they showed during the Fox panel was a look at a montage of scenes from the final tumultuous third act (spoilers beware), and it's absolutely incredible. Fox has now released the trailer on YouTube. This right here is exactly why I'm insanely excited for this movie, it has so many incredible, jaw-dropping shots and impeccable Weta CGI, and it doesn't spoil too much. I highly suggest watching this, you may finally be as excited for this as I am.

Watch the final Comic-Con trailer for Rupert Wyatt's Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is set in a contemporary San Francisco and follows a young scientist who becomes a crucial figure in the war between humans and apes. Franco has been testing his Alzheimer cure on apes, but one of them, named Caesar, starts to evolve rapidly, so he takes him home to live with him and protect him from the cruel doctors, thus starting the inevitable ape revolution. James Franco stars, along with Andy Serkis providing motion capture for Caesar and Weta doing CGI; Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, with Tom Felton. Rise of the Planet of the Apes arrives in theaters on August 5th this summer.

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Doesn't spoil anything? Except for one of the main characters dying via falling helicopter.

meeeejh on Jul 24, 2011


I agree 100%! This should have a spoiler alert, as it really does contain a MAJOR spoiler!

JennyB on Jul 24, 2011


MAJOR spoiler. But awesome.

A.J. Meadows on Jul 25, 2011


You didn't think that might happen? Rise of the Apes... they're going to kill humans. Plus, how do you know how much screentime this guy even has? There are MANY other characters' fates we don't know. I don't have any problem with this trailer at all, but I guess that's just me.

Alex Billington on Jul 24, 2011


Alex, it's pretty obvious that this is a BIG spoiler when you just watch the other trailers that have been out, and the setup that a particular character gets. The specificity of the content could possibly ruin it for some, regardless if it was expected or not...just saying...

JennyB on Jul 24, 2011


this aint Curious George, homegirl. i dont know what you were expecting however Vader is in fact Luke's father...

NICK S. on Jul 24, 2011


Yeah, but it's not like Alex cut the trailer together, and he also mentions in the post that there are possible spoilers. Not a big deal imo.

A.J. Meadows on Jul 25, 2011


I wasn't implying that he in any way was responsible for the editing of this trailer. Fact is though, that when this was initially posted, it said "doesn't spoil anything". I was only trying to advocate for a little hint or a warning, and Alex did in fact edit the text to "doesn't spoil that much" 😉

JennyB on Jul 25, 2011


...sorry, and of course also with the addition of "(spoilers beware)". Can't complain! 😉

JennyB on Jul 25, 2011


yeah i dont think that was a spoiler because that guy wasnt A MAJOR Character!

douche r u on Jul 27, 2011


i think the monkey is stabbing whoever he's hugging at 0:50

hi-c on Jul 24, 2011


Spoiler alert: All humans die! It's called "Planet of the Apes"

Anonymous on Jul 24, 2011


Really? He died? Oh, wow. I didn't know that, because the trailer didn't show the entire scene. I guess you're one of those "I saw the trailer so I saw the movie" people, eh?

Van on Jul 26, 2011


looks great, i love end of the world movie..stupd humans

Liam Waite on Jul 24, 2011


Than last cut scene was awesome

Bubbab on Jul 24, 2011


@Meeeejh, I thought the same exact thing. I thought Alex was being facetious.

Gutsspill on Jul 24, 2011


"Incredible"???? Do you have an ape fetish or something? Still looks terrible.

Duke on Jul 24, 2011


it's a large feat that they are trying to undertake but I still look at the apes and immediately think 'CG'.

Tyler Morgan on Jul 24, 2011


Yeah, they should just train real monkeys do all that stuff. Or they should just get better CG, because you know they probably aren't using the best equipment money can buy. If you think CG for everything that is made with CG then movies must be pretty underwhelming huh? I pity you.

Can never please some... on Jul 24, 2011


look i know ur joking around but really they should have a real monkey playing ceaser.  or at least get a human to dress up as a monkey. i hate it when the main character of a movie is a cgi one.

Para on Jul 25, 2011


listen boogerbrains I know that you cannot create reality with a computer (well, not yet with some subjects). That wasn't my point. My point was it looks like CG. It is CG. It's the job of the artists to create a seamless world so that interaction between CG characters and our environments go unnoticed. If every time I look at a monkey I notice it is "fake" then what's the point. Example: I expect Green Lantern to be unreal so there isn't an unnatural feeling when he leaves earth. Gollum looked crazy good so I felt that much more immersed in the world the artists created. Give the condescension some rest.

Tyler Morgan on Jul 25, 2011


The CGI in this movie looks far better than the one in Green Lantern doesn't even compare.

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2011


the whole movie is a spoiler for the end of the planet of the apes! thats like saying showing darth vader in the trailer for episode 3 would be a spoiler.

HITLER on Jul 24, 2011


that last 10 seconds was a bit of a spoiler.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Jul 24, 2011


this looks like a fun watch.........but, i can't figure out how the apes take over the WHOLE world........there just aren't enough of them to fight a war. it'll be interesting to see how the story plays out.

Anonymous on Jul 24, 2011


i think you will find that they will break into a nuclear missile lauching facility and just nuke the shit of of the world. it's not that hard to break those codes if u are as smart as ceaser is portrayed in the movie.

Para on Jul 25, 2011


After they take San Fransisco, Caesar sends Apes out to Zoo's world wide and living in the wild and gives them the drug that alters their minds...

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2011


You know, the movie might seem more serious if they had the apes take over a city anyone gave a shit about.

Jc on Jul 26, 2011


this looks great! im so excited to see this, the originals fall apart IMO, this looks like it has a pretty solid story and some great character development and not to mention some kick ass destruction and action scenes, holy crap!! this beats that whole "a space virus killed our pets so we domesticated apes" crap...

lando on Jul 24, 2011


Hey, you can see Draco Malfoy getting electrocuted too.

Jonathan on Jul 24, 2011



Loser on Jul 24, 2011


Who says the chopper guy is going to die? Have seen much more miraculous survival cases in the movies.

Hans on Jul 24, 2011


Yeah, on the way down he could climb onto the side and just before it hits the water, step off and swim away. I saw Steven Seagull do that once it was awesome.

Crapola on Jul 24, 2011


(contains DIE HARD spoiler!) What if you hadn't seen DIE HARD for example, and I decided to show you, without warning you first, footage of a bloody and messed up John McClane shooting Hans Gruber(which previously had been setup as the "bad guy"), resulting in Gruber falling backwards through a window and "cut to black" just as he falls down? I'd personally find the specifics of that content to revealing for my tastes - even though it's tradition for the antagonist to bite it in the end in big studio blockbuster action films. I just feel sad for the way that major studios sometimes desperately capitalize on important story points, thus compromising the audiences experience of their movies. But, I can also understand why...especially with a movie like this that is somewhat difficult to market...

JennyB on Jul 24, 2011


Well like someone before said, you don't know this character evolvement in the story, how big his part is or if he is even going to die. Showing Hans Gruber falling from a skyscraper when he is obviously the main (Gr)uber badguy is not the same as this. Sure I was caught by surprise when seeing it but the fact they put it in makes me think that it's not going to work out the way you'd think.

Hans on Jul 26, 2011


I didn't say Gruber fell down a skyscraper ;D Whether he died or not is the point, it's that it's so specific, almost like it was a unedited clip from a big moment in the actual movie. But yeah, maybe a monkey grabs him just before the heli drops or something 😀

JennyB on Jul 26, 2011


It looks hilari-bad. Doubt I'll see it til it reaches the depths of the internet.

Crapola on Jul 24, 2011


The horse and ape scene was great. Reminded me of the horse and elephant scene in Alexander.

Chad on Jul 24, 2011


It looks terrible. So far from the original novel "La planète des singes", by French writer Pierre Boulle. That new screenplay obviously focuses on violence, unnecessary violence as in most hollywood movies nowdays; and those special effects look so cheap on a small screen... no wonder how terrible it will look in a theatre !!

Sylvain from Paris on Jul 24, 2011


Humans have thermonuclear weapons, I can understand a city being taken over, but a whole planet is just insulting.

Cody W. on Jul 24, 2011


OMG, how is this getting so much positive hype. CG is not TERRIBLE, but not great by a longshot. It's the claims by the people working on the film that the CG is the most realistic to date, that makes this CG so bad.  Also, the fact that there are soooo many trailers and soooo many reveals shows me that they are worried the audience isn't buying into this and feel like they just have to show more and more. I feel like I've seen the entire inception of the main character as well as the end of the film now.

Marty on Jul 24, 2011


holy shit i was watching this trailer on my computer while watching the tv and then the tv spot came on after jon stewart lol

stfugtfo on Jul 24, 2011


I'm not sure what disturbs me more, the fact that people making the movie claim this CG is good, or the fact that you watch Jon Stewert...:)

Erasmus on Jul 26, 2011


Can people please stop uploading trailers to Youtube? I mean, where is the dignity?

Felix on Jul 24, 2011


Ape: "Dirty humans. Where is your second amendment now?"

Lamar on Jul 24, 2011


I don't get all the hate this movie is getting concerning the CGI. I've seen much much worse. And I'm usually a little harsh on this subject. Come on, there are hundrends of apes on screen at the same time, do you even think about the kind of hard work that was put into those scenes? And it's Weta, is not like this was made by some low budget studio, they know what they're doing. As a movie lover you gotta be able to have some suspension of disbelief when you see stuff like this. I'm much more concerned with its premise: how will a bunch of apes rule the planet?

Anonymous on Jul 24, 2011


An audience's job isn't to appreciate all of the hard work that goes into a film. it's to be entertained and to be completely immersed in whatever a film has to offer. When I went to HALL PASS this year, I didn't sit there thinking "Gosh, this is a terrible film. But you know what, there were a hundred people on that crew, so I'm going to forget how bad this film is." And just because WETA did this doesn't mean I have to think their work is good on this film. PIXAR has made nothing but amazing films, but does that mean that because of their status and track record I have to think CARS 2 was a good film?  My point being, every film has a huge crew behind it, but at the end of the day the end result is what matters. I don't care as an audience member why a film doesn't look good, or why actors weren't convincing, etc etc... These elements either work or don't. And if bold statements are going to be made about how well something is being executed in a film, then the execution better damn well live up to expectations. If it doesn't, then the people making these claims lose a lot of validity. But frankly, I'm more concerned with the cheesy storyline. Without a strong story, great CG doesn't matter.

Marty on Jul 25, 2011


triple like (only because I made a comment up there that someone took the wrong way. I wish I would have said this instead....)

Tyler Morgan on Jul 25, 2011


I get what you say but can't you look past the CGI? Do you like Star Wars? Are the SFX great at all times?

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2011


Well, when a film depends so heavily on CG, no, I can't look past it. And Star Wars at its time was literally THE BEST visual effects cinema had to offer. Now, although dated, much of it stands up, if not just in a nostalgic way. Story always precedes VFX, but if a movie's story hinges on CG/VFX, then the people behind the computers better damn well understand the subtleties that make CG look real vs fake. The plain fact is that the CG in "Apes" looks too clean and smooth, both in texture and motion.

Marty on Jul 25, 2011


This looks good! I don't know why all of the folks posting here, are hatin' on this film! You all know you'll be in the theater when this opens..

jah p on Jul 24, 2011


Awesome, is it me or is the CGI much improved over previous trailers?

Ryan Clemens on Jul 24, 2011


Who designed these action sequences? Very cliche and predictable and obviously tailored for 3D viewing with all the things flying at camera. No way I'm paying more to see this film in 3D let alone pay to see it at all. 

The Griffin on Jul 24, 2011


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that this film is being released in 2D only.

John on Jul 25, 2011


Man enough with the CG talk, I though Thor's CG was horrible when I saw it in trailers, but when the movie played it didn't bother me in the least. Story trumps CG

Tye1119 on Jul 25, 2011


I just saw the whole movie.

Guest22324 on Jul 25, 2011


There are some franchises that are past their expiration date.  And Planet of the Apes is a couple decades overdue.  These trailers have failed to convince me that this is a story that's really worth telling.  And while the CGI isn't terrible, I've certainly seen better.  I'll be saving my money.

deltavoyage on Jul 25, 2011


Couldn't agree more. This shit was played out when non-director Tim Burton had a crack at it, and it still is now. Also, monkeys and apes just aren't particularly effective villains. Even if they are super smart, they still look pretty amusing and hoot and all that stuff. I mean if I was being stalked by some monkeys, I would just run them down in my car and speed off like a boss.

Lebowski on Jul 25, 2011


People complained about Avatar's CGI after watching the traieler, then after the movie came out, everybody was like WOW! Let's wait and see. Also monkey are totally scary to me so it will work for me.

Gianni Persello on Jul 25, 2011


Did I just saw all the action scene of the movie?

TTumMM on Jul 25, 2011


If U put all the trailers together U probably have the entire movie

Tester on Jul 25, 2011


*spoiler* ... ... ... yep, that's basically all the action in the movie, that whole trailer was it.

TMI? on Nov 14, 2011


Ceaser just said kill him before the helicopter went off

Lionking Lk95 on Jul 25, 2011


no more monkey business

Harrisj2k on Jul 25, 2011


Looks ok but a bit too much cgi. They showed off too much at the end.

john s on Jul 25, 2011


I personally think the CG looks great, but I'm more concerened with the story. I don't understand why people aren't talking about the relationship between John Lithgow and Caeser. To me, that's the selling point. I can't wait to see how that develops.

Wadsworj on Jul 25, 2011


Honestly this looks better than the last planet of the apes.

Suarezjr on Jul 25, 2011


Just... no.

Jackson on Jul 25, 2011


Big hope on this one. Looks great, with a soul and a heart. 

Gianni Persello on Jul 25, 2011


Apes+Brain Power+Violent Tendencies..........nice

C.Barnicle on Jul 26, 2011


the TV series from the 70's looked better than this trailer.

SavageHawk on Jul 26, 2011


They took out all the cheesy dialogue and this movie still looks dumb. 

Traveler on Jul 26, 2011



Anonymous on Jul 26, 2011


It's ridiculous how much people are complaining about the CGI. You can bet your ass it looks far superior to for example Gollum, which was 10 years ago. I'm pretty excited about this one and I'm sure I'm going to be amazed with the way it looks. the one thing I'm not completely sold on is the story, but that's only from how much I see in the trailers.

Hans on Jul 26, 2011


3rd act trailer...

Anonymous on Jul 26, 2011


looks like great concept, but it's gonna be hard for the director to convince me that apes can take over the world with spears and parkour moves (note i have seen the original, i know the takeover is coming)

Eddy-fung on Jul 28, 2011


Looks so badass! If the story doesn't ruin it this flick will rock. The perfect ending would be them haven just taken over the entire west coast while caesar communicates somehow perhaps online with other armies of apes in nearby cities and states, while on the east coast the president is on the move while the military is preparing for an all out war on it's own land. Leaves room for a great sequel 🙂

Decksplace on Jul 30, 2011


I think everybody dies in this movie by the end from the plague that someone unleashes via 12 Monkeys, after the Deep Blue Seas story arc has resolved itself?  That's how the number of people drop to a more manageable number for the few hundred thousand or so apes to conquer. Where's Charlton Heston when you need him?  Malfoy spouting off the first film's most classic line just doesn't do it the same.

Rosenotsored on Jul 31, 2011


This trailer is so awesome cant wait.

Jackmooney5 on Jul 31, 2011


Have seen all of these and this is the best by a long shot. The links to the original were really well done, Heston's classic lines was delivered with the contempt needed. but did not know he was malfoy, having only seen the first harry potter

ken on Aug 7, 2011

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