Morgan Spurlock's New Doc 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' Trailer

March 18, 2011
Source: Yahoo

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Trailer

It's the Iron Man of documentaries! Sony Classics has debuted the trailer on Yahoo for filmmaker Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which explores product placement. As you've probably already heard, the documentary is very "meta", as the film was entirely funded by product placement, while showing us the inside process of all his meetings and placement deals. I saw it at Sundance and absolutely loved it, will be one of my favorite docs for years, so I highly suggest checking it out. This is a great introduction and I can't wait to see it again. And yes, all of those products (collectible cups!) do exist.

Watch the trailer for Morgan Spurlock's POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold:

You can also watch the new Greatest Movie Ever Sold trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Morgan Spurlock returns with tongue-in-cheek perfection as he examines the world of product placement, marketing and advertising by making a film financed by product placement, marketing and advertising.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, of the documentaries Super Size Me, Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden? and The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special. The writing is credited to Spurlock & Jeremy Chilnick. This first premiered at Sundance and was bought by Sony Classics. POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold will hit theaters starting on April 22nd.

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Looks like a mess.

M.K. Nielsen on Mar 18, 2011


I respectfully disagree. I think it's genius.

JP on Mar 18, 2011


What? No explanation or reasons for such a claim? File this comment under the "waste of time" category.

Jace on Mar 18, 2011


Jace, which is a "waste of time"? My reply or M.K's original comment?

JP on Mar 18, 2011


he's replying to M.K.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


Well now we're all guilty for wasted time discussing this... *shakes head* haha.

Jace on Mar 18, 2011


Yea, what the heck are you talking about? You can't leave a comment like that without additional explanation. It's not a mess at all. I've SEEN the entire film and it's fantastic!

Alex Billington on Mar 18, 2011


Alex, you hit the nail on the head. Some people see a trailer that is 2:30 minutes long (sorry no charlie Sheen) and they think they have it all figured out. Can't stand it. Watch the movie, then let it stand as a whole. Then make an EDUCATED judgement on the movie. But not a half-assed comment before you have even seen the flick. If it's nearly as intelligent as his previous two docs, we are all in for a real treat!

JP on Mar 18, 2011


you can make an EDUCATED judgement on the trailer though cant you? and seeing as how this movie is all about marketing you'd think the trailer would be a little better and more appealing to everyone.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


Doom, I am sorry but how can you make an educated decision after watching a two minute trailer when let's say the movie is 1 hour and a half long? That doesn't make much sense. Can you say you are not interested in watching it? of course. But to say the movie is a mess without even watching is complete and utter BS. Sorry but those are my two cents.

JP on Mar 18, 2011


JP, my dude! understand that I'm not making any rash decision's about the film. I am a huge fan of Morgan Spurlock's doc's, BUT! i am judging the TRAILER. Like i said before you'd think a whole movie based around the idea of marketing would have composed a trailer that was more suited towards everyones taste as to pull in the most people possible, thus proving the entire point of the movie.

Anonymous on Mar 19, 2011


Not everyone is interested in the consept.. and Sony bought it.. so do THEY trulu want total transparetsy? I think that most corporations don't

tRT on Apr 26, 2011


Yeah... But you also consider every poster and trailer being realesed "badass"...

Ryderup on Mar 18, 2011


Um, no I don't? I consider badass things to be badass, but not everything. I also consider a lot to be awesome or exciting or fantastic. There's a lot of films that I think deserves the hype - like this documentary. But did you see the word badass anywhere in this?

Alex Billington on Mar 19, 2011


Not this time, thank god... ๐Ÿ˜‰ But please use the word badass when doing a news bit about the trailer to the documentary PJ20 or something.

Ryderup on Mar 19, 2011


u suck.

Chewbacca on Mar 19, 2011


I respectfully disagree.

JP on Mar 18, 2011


This movie looks great! It's rare that people get excited for a documentary but Morgan Spurlock knows how to do it! The trailer also got featured on officialhype!

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


Spurlock is great, I'm in like sin.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


Me too, I'm gonna buy a bunch of POM drinks and try em today, because they were ballsy enough to do this. Respect.

Guy on Mar 18, 2011


Just wait until you see the doc... And how much crap he gets from other companies, you'll really be in love with POM and how ballsy they were to go along with all of Morgan Spurlock's quirky antics.

Alex Billington on Mar 19, 2011


I was interested in this as soon as Morgan Spurlock's name was mentioned. I've watched the other Docs and all of "30 days" I could find (miss that show). I will definitely see this, and his comic-con one whenever that's finished.

PyroDark on Mar 18, 2011


I asked him about the Comic-Con doc at the Q&A (during Sundance). He said he's editing it, so I would assume it will have a big premiere at Comic-Con this year in July. I can't wait to see that, too!

Alex Billington on Mar 19, 2011


Always wondered with games and movies with so much product placement why stuff couldnt be cheaper and get more exposure as advertisment. I remember in highschool we sold tons of advertisement in our yearbook but still had to pay like 70 bucks for each book. Where did the money go from the advertisers. Probably to teachers pensions and healthcare

newbie on Mar 18, 2011


Or maybe the books would have been $140 without them.

Nick Rayner on Mar 21, 2011


This does look like a lot of fun I love the part where he asks where can people go and not see advertisements " to sleep"

Anonymous on Mar 19, 2011


I need to get some of that POM today. ๐Ÿ™‚

James Hearron on Mar 18, 2011


YEA! They were handing it out after the screening at Sundance. All I wanted was take an entire case, that stuff is so damn delicious!

Alex Billington on Mar 19, 2011


Expensive, but tasty.

Brandon on Mar 19, 2011


Are you guys serious? This guy is a communist. Of all the things to criticize, he always criticizes capitalism. "In the only cases in which the masses have escaped from the kind of grinding poverty youโ€™re talking about, the only cases in recorded history are where they have had capitalism..." - Milton Friedman This communist wants us to hate capitalism, treat it like it's the sole cause of all the ill's in the world. He sounds like Brezhnev. Oh no! That company is trying to get me to buy a product with product placement! That's terrible! Must make all my movies about that! What about government? Government forced you to join a social security ponzi scheme. Government forces you to go to war and kill millions and get killed by the hundreds of thousands. Government causes real estate collapses, monetary collapses, and economic collapses. Government caused us to lose all our manufacturing with draconian taxes and regulations and currency devaluation. Government takes away our freedoms and turns us all into criminals with it's failed drug war. Government makes us bail out corrupt banks, insurance companies and car companies. "Wow that IS bad, I should do movies about that because thats so much worse than a company merely trying get get me to buy their product! Nah. Time to go after McDonalds, history's greatest monster." ๐Ÿ˜›

Michael P. Shipley on Mar 19, 2011


So whats Morgan doing that Michael Bay doesn't in this documentary? I get he's not sugar coating his need to sell out, but who cares. Where's the controversy? Do we even doubt these companies are going to throw money at him for some screen time? It's a no brainer and not really clever. Now if at the end he used the money given to him to shut down factory farms,boycott high fructose syrup, shut down sweat shops now that would be a good movie. I just don't get why he's doing this. Seems like a big fucking waste of time.

Anonymous on Mar 19, 2011


Documentary does not mean controversy. It just means he is documenting what hes doing as a movie its just in this case its just a vicious circle since hes documenting him making a documentary about getting money to make his documentary

newbie on Mar 19, 2011


=waste of time. Wow he really did a great job of shining light on corporate greed. Morgan your a genius. There's nothing to this I mean the trailer didn't make me want to see this at all. I was more like and?....

Anonymous on Mar 20, 2011


But his blatant usage is meant to showcase the usual practice of hiding it.

Bob Ofenhagen on Apr 5, 2011


Looks great. Love Spurlock, love "Super Size Me," so I can't wait. But the irony is that right after the trailer finished an advertisement video came on. Ah, the culture we have created.

CisforCinema on Mar 19, 2011


It could be interesting but a film world without product placement looks even more jarring and reminds you of the Blue Peter childrens TV days when you could clearly see it was Coca cola but they'd desperately covered it up with a white label. I'd give the film a go though I did find his Super Size Me a little pompous. Eating any fast food for a solid month isn't going to be good for you. I'm sure the results would have been equally bad if he'd just pigged out on fish and chips. They were an easy target and he scored an easy goal. Maybe I'll have a wank three times a day for a month and then blame/sue playboy for my loss of vision. One final thing that seems to never get a mention. The film was called supersize me yet he was only offered to supersize 9 times over the course of the 30 days, yet he bought food from McDonalds 90 times (3 a day).

Payne by name on Mar 24, 2011


Great idea, can't wait to see it!!

WLANGE4 on Mar 28, 2011


"Mess" guys sounds a little jealous and bitter. Saw the trailer. Can't wait to see this movie!!!!!!

Tracy Pattin on Mar 30, 2011


I am amazed by the back and forth about whether someone can logically say "that movie looks good" based on a trailer. I think to say otherwise is total bullshit. How can you not make a judgement on the worth of a story or the movie as a whole from the trailer. That is what everyone does when they watch a trailer. If you say you don't I think your kidding yourself. Trailer looks good. Spurlock has done good work. This looks like it could be "winning" ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bob Ofenhagen on Apr 5, 2011

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