Must Watch: Spectacular Montage of the Films of Christopher Nolan

March 2, 2011
Source: YouTube

Films of Christopher Nolan

I'm sure I wasn't the only one a little disappointed that Tom Hooper (The King's Speech) walked away with the Oscar for Best Director at the 83rd Academy Awards instead of David Fincher (The Social Network). However, the more disappointing aspect of the Best Director award was Christopher Nolan wasn't even nominated for his amazing work on Inception. All of the practical shooting that happened on set without the assistance of visual effects was worth the nomination by itself. Thankfully DJC Productions has paid tribute to Nolan's work in the aptly named Nolanography, a montage looking back at the director's films.

You can find a longer Chris Nolan tribute here, if you didn't like this one. Inspired by the year-end montage Filmography 2010 which we highlighted late last year, DJC Productions takes clips from Nolan's films and tosses them into a great montage featuring the song Nostrand by Ratatat. Though there's definitely much more of The Dark Knight and Inception than his other films, it is still a great look back at all of Nolan's work in a short, fun package. There's plenty of great intercutting between lines from The Prestige, Memento and more. So enjoy the video, and let's hope Chris Nolan actually gets a Best Director nod sometime soon.

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Now this is something I really like. A montage to, in my opinion, one of the greatest directors of our time. Well done!

Remco on Mar 2, 2011


i think it could be argued that he is THE BEST DIRECTOR OF THE LAST DECADE... Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, & Inception... nobody else has a resume that impressive over the last 10 years... ...but yet he has been given the shaft by the academy 3 or 4 times in years that he should have been nominated... i think it would really be hard to argue against him as the most underrated...!

Derek on Mar 2, 2011


Truly well done! I was not expecting something that good. Very good montage.

Szkari on Mar 2, 2011


No love for the "Following"?

Chris on Mar 2, 2011


Maybe the people that made that montage never saw it.

JL on Mar 3, 2011


pretty good.

Anonymous on Mar 2, 2011


I've seen all his films and i love every one (with the exception of insomnia the story wasn't all that great and i later learned it was the only film he didn't wright) his films have mesmerism me and always through me for a loop! I believe he is one of the greatest directors of our time possibly ever in my opinion he has already surpassed Kubrick. They should have shown some "following" its his oldest but still one of the best he made!

Taylor Schriner on Mar 2, 2011


This was amazing. I do admit I'm a Nolanite but still this made me shit my pants in utter Glee! God! I can't wait for Dark Knight Rises!!

Aaron Postma on Mar 2, 2011


Good montage, but what's up with omitting "Following"? for real? Also that choice of electronica music sucked. This was good, but could've better.... For instance, the David Fincher one that dropped a few months ago....that was BOSS!

Conrad Williams on Mar 2, 2011


This triggered a 30-minute rant from me raging about the fact that Nolan didn't even get a nomination for best director this year. I'm sure my husband appreciated that outburst. =P

Anonymous on Mar 3, 2011


the only other director producer i dig since 2000 is peter jackson, he actually uses the CGI with maturity and not just eye candy. Nolan is definately my current fav though.

ChrisC5g on Mar 3, 2011


What about Insomnia and Following. I mean, that's a good montage but the song has been used before and although the editing is ok, it's not hard to just get amazing scenes together in a clip. It's definately not a "must watch" if you disregard two major films of a director and even calling it "Nolanography"...

reeft on Mar 3, 2011


Talk about hype! Where are the clips from Following or Insomnia?!! Not so popular films but Nolanverse none the less. This is the main reason of my dislike for the 2008-2010 Nolan fans

Héctor Pérez Tovar on Mar 3, 2011


This sucked. He only focused on The Dark Knight and Inception, and didn't even include Following and Insomnia.

M.K. Nielsen on Mar 3, 2011


Yeah, Following wasn't in there, but I am pretty sure I saw Al Pacino in there somewhere two or three times.

Anonymous on Mar 3, 2011


why do i get the feeling that the one that made this clip got the idea from this one?

Alejandro on Mar 3, 2011


Yeah, and that one was a hundred times better than this one. Nolan's work deserves a better homage than this.

JL on Mar 3, 2011


Fuck off

Denden41327 on Mar 6, 2011


Only director whom I feel is as good as Nolan would have to be Danny Boyle. Both superb directors....

Sleemans on Mar 3, 2011


Who's the best? Nolan.

Anonymous on Mar 3, 2011


I love Mr. Nolan....but Ethan your first statement really pissed me "beyond off!" Mr. Hooper deserved the award for Best Director, and Mr. Nolan did deserve to have at least a nomination. But if you are over 30 years really did not like or care for the GD "Space Box" film....really over-rated and to add insult to injury, Mr. Zimmer's score was beyond brilliant note for note for "Inception" and was robbed by a dull, lifeless score for 'Space Box." ( IMHO)

Anonymous on Mar 3, 2011


That was awesome!

Brian on Mar 3, 2011


In Nolan We Trust.............. After Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan is the second greatest director working today.

Last Son on Mar 4, 2011


Following? Insomnia?

Epicalzamora on Mar 4, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Nolan is the best Director i have experienced during my entire life and he is my most favorite and DOTY for me as well.

Fisherr on Mar 6, 2011

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