Must Watch: The Best Damn 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Trailer Yet

June 17, 2011
Source: YouTube

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

"Caesar continues to show cognitive skills that far exceed that of a human." Another new trailer from the UK for Fox's Rise of the Planet of the Apes has hit the web via YouTube and I must say, it's the best trailer we've seen for this movie yet. It's only 60-seconds and much more to-the-point, but the footage from Weta they're using now looks better than ever. There's a lot of new footage in this, including some early scenes with John Lithgow that I know will be wonderful, as I'm really starting to feel Caesar's emotions just by looking at his face. I'm beginning to believe this really will be amazing, an incredible technical feat at least.

Watch a new 60-second TV trailer for Rupert Wyatt's Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is set in a contemporary San Francisco and follows a young scientist who becomes a crucial figure in the war between humans and apes. Franco has been testing his Alzheimer cure on apes, but one of them, named Caesar, starts to evolve rapidly, so he takes him home to live with him and protect him from the cruel doctors, thus starting the inevitable ape revolution. James Franco stars, along with Andy Serkis providing motion capture for Caesar and Weta doing CGI; Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, with Tom Felton. Rise of the Planet of the Apes arrives in theaters on August 5th late summer.

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It looks great. High expectations. I hope it's not another disappointment.

nowseed on Jun 17, 2011



NeoSlyfer on Jun 17, 2011


now THIS is how you put power to a movie........

Jason Avery on Jun 17, 2011


It takes place in San Francisco, but was shot almost entirely in Vancouver... So... I have no idea what Detroit has to do with this?

Alex Billington on Jun 17, 2011


I think he was being racist.

Jarred Hopkins on Jun 17, 2011


I always just figured the apes evolved or whatever due to the radioactive fallout from a human nuclear war. To be honest I think I prefer that to what they've done here. So at the end of the original when Heston shouts "you blew it up" or whatever he says, does he mean the apes took control of humanities nuclear arsenal? I'm not an avid fan or anything, I haven't even seen 'em all, but this doesn't add up to me

Richie on Jun 17, 2011


If you can't watch the originals, check out the wiki.

Anonymous on Jun 18, 2011


I figure Humans will try to use the nukes against the apes, asset denial or what have you.

Orion on Jun 18, 2011


yea i don't get it... we have guns, tanks missile, germ warfare... i can handle them over running a compound, or even a city.. but if it turns out they take over the world, they must really think the audience is stupid.

LastB on Jun 18, 2011


I think both avenues are legitimate. This way man is the architect of his own downfall, which is probably going to be accurate in the long run.

Neonblue120 on Jun 18, 2011


If only those teenagers hadn't sprayed the monkey with water! Our planet would have been saved!

Dan Milano on Jun 20, 2011


Was that Tom Felton?

Xerxexx on Jun 17, 2011


Indeed that was Mr. Malfoy.

Scott of the Antarctic on Jun 18, 2011



Xerxexx on Jun 18, 2011


I think this looks fantastic. Great trailer. The fork shot and the one where Cesar and the other chimp are holding each other was awesome.  Can't wait! Finally, they're getting close to nailing down cg eyes.

Jo2 on Jun 17, 2011


YOU DAMN DIRTY... wait, somebody already said that. Well, I'm out of material.

Nathan Cook on Jun 17, 2011


I liked the last trailer better. This one shows everything. Explains everything. I have a feeling its going to be an ok movie but nothing more really...

Buzzfunk on Jun 17, 2011



Quanah on Jun 17, 2011


This trailer actually makes me wanna see the movie. 

Loser on Jun 17, 2011


substance has arrived... awesome it actually looks like an emotionally profound movie and an entertaing ride altogether!

Lucas Rios on Jun 17, 2011


They should have made a slower cut of this trailer as the first trailer. I like this one, but all of them are edited too fast for me. I also think they're emphasizing the action too much. They tend to put the most extremely awesome action bits into a movie's trailer, and if the best they got is a scene of an ape throwing an ax and a scene of apes running over a bridge, then something tells me that this is going to be a slower, talky sort of drama with a couple action bits sprinkled around. People are probably going to get pissed, cause the trailer is attracting the big dumb action crowd, but they're gonna end up seeing a relatively slow flick with emotions and stuff. Also, I thought the whole point of the original Planet of the Apes flick was that the apes evolved from man.

Anonymous on Jun 17, 2011


I Agree completely. The footage of monkeys on a bridge and one jumping onto a helicopter are used too much in the trailers, and i found the editing to be way too quick for me. Im just hoping that the editing is to cover up the dodgy CGI (which im hoping theyll touch up between now and august...)

Jack on Jun 18, 2011


It is a much better trailer this time around, given that you finally feel some kind of connection towards the apes. However...I still don't think I'd pay to see this, the look of the apes is so fake to me that I couldn't bear to sit through 2 hours of it.

SymphonicSerenity on Jun 18, 2011


This has no business looking as good as it does.  I hope it doesnt prove itself wrong, a la Tim Burton's version.

Michael Rennie on Jun 18, 2011


Were you ill the day the Earth stood still?

Anonymous on Jun 18, 2011


Cool Apes! MUST ... SEE... Rise of the PLANET of the Apes.

Judasbarronx1 on Jun 18, 2011


Yeah, without the action, the bloody revolution, and Matthew Broderick.

Anonymous on Jun 18, 2011


I love that monkey. Fuck humans!

M.K. Nielsen on Jun 18, 2011


Wow wow wow! 

Gianni Persello on Jun 18, 2011


Now I feel like I don't need to see the movie because the trailer just told the whole story and I am smart enough to fill in the holes. I'll pass. 

Brandon on Jun 18, 2011


true...a 2 min trailer couldn't possibly have less information than a 2 hour sir are a genius!

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 18, 2011


Firstly, the audio is very chopped up and pieced together in the beginning, but that says nothing of the movie. I am just thrilled that Lucious Malfoy is a catalyst for the end of man.

Angry Chief on Jun 18, 2011


the video has been removed by user

Guestee on Jun 18, 2011


Guess they removed the trailer video to work on the CGI some more. Damn dirty studio.

casting couch on Jun 18, 2011


It reminded me of Citizen know...because they both have actors in them

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 18, 2011


I actually thought this comment was fairly comical.

Frank on Jun 18, 2011


You speak English very well.

Zen on Jun 18, 2011


And now we are making fun of someones english. Very mature.

Arjun on Jun 19, 2011


Yes your english is, for better words, 'Special'.

Frenchman's Farm on Jun 19, 2011


Welcome to the internet. Please, enjoy your visit.

brandonjcreek on Jun 19, 2011


New trailer up.  Tx, Alex.  This looks like a terrific update on the former story.  Can't wait to see it!

Zirah on Jun 18, 2011


The apes look SO FAKE. Shame

Mrdee on Jun 18, 2011


Nice to see Tom Felton still playing a dick

Armeetapus16 on Jun 19, 2011


In the original series it made sense how apes were able to supplant humans...there was a nuclear war...this one makes no sense.  30 apes from a zoo defeat 6 billion humans? The trailer is already insulting the intelligence of the viewer...there's no way Caesar could just dissapear and go into hiding...he's a fucking's not like he can grow a beard and blend in. I can already tell this is gonna be dumb

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 19, 2011


have to agree with you ,I know you have to suspend belief for the movies but this premise has so many faults its beyond a joke..! I loved the original films this just insults them..!!!!!!

Tonker on Jun 19, 2011


Nice to see David Hewlett again 🙂 I can't draw conclusions like others have, but I never thought we'd see the apes take over the planet in the first prequel/origins story. This is only 'The Rise', part two and three will show how they conquer humans. But let me peek into my crystalball...hmm...OK, that was not expected...hmm...ah, wow....I see....OOOO! Well, it looks like they are allowed to live, the apes, and they are all located to an remote island, and from their society...and...well I don't want to spoil it... 🙂

David Banner on Jun 19, 2011


the graphics are kinda giving you that oh man this looks so weakly done but i hope the story is good 🙂

Anonymous on Jun 19, 2011


way better then other trailers

Adam Lubicz on Jun 19, 2011


Why doesn't it surprise a Osborn would cause the end of human civilization.

mike on Jun 19, 2011


Set in San Francisco? Like X-Men Last Stand? Oh, well at least we have the trailers to think of what could've, should've been. Next film...

DJ on Jun 20, 2011


nothing but the extraordinary... this is gonna be a great movie....

Stevenfreestyler on Jun 20, 2011


I hope this doesn't suck.

Johnny Neat on Jun 20, 2011


WOW! Now this is an origins story I never expected! If the movie is as good as this trailer, I hope it spins into an all out reboot.

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


A germ is what begins to incapacitate mankind near the climax of thi film... a man-made one. Similar to the way Will's anti-Alzheimer's agent makes the apes smarter, a germ gets loose that brings humanity worldwide to its knees. Their efforts to quell the ape uprising by conventional (or nuclear) military means is handicapped by the fact that humans start either dying or find their mental faculties deteriorating... possibly setting the stage for the mute, subservient humans of the future. The apes will not 'take over the world'... there will be isolated pockets of ape civilization worldwide, but man and his monuments will fall into decay (think 'Life after People'... but with the apes setting up their own culture and civilization among the ruins of mankind). That's what you can expect to happen in this series... It's interesting that in Pierre Boulle original 1963 novel "La Planete da Singes' (Monkey Planet), astronauts land on a world where apes are flying helicopters and using modern devices... I don't know if we'll see apes using cell phones and such in this series, but they may adapt some of man's technology, beyond what we saw in the original Apes film... remeber in the original film, they made use of guns, photography, and even 'experimental brain surgery'.

Jmcopsey on Jul 2, 2011

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