Mystifying Viral Photos Found Hidden in Multiple 'Super 8' Trailers

February 9, 2011
Source: Unfiction, MovieViral

Super 8 Date

And so phase two of the viral begins… Though we know a little bit about what J.J. Abrams' Super 8 is, we really don't know much about it yet, what really takes place, what the monster/alien is, which makes it all the more mysterious as we continue towards the summer. A few people have been rewatching that gorgeous 30-sec Super Bowl spot for this upcoming sci-fi thriller and have noticed a few different/new viral images hidden in the final flash when then cameras zooms out of the Super 8 lens at the end of the trailer. Bloody-Disgusting first picked up on it and Super 8 News found even more images, too. But what does it all mean?

At the end of the TV spot, right after the epic shot of the kid staring ominously up at a white light in the sky, the camera zooms out through a lens and a few images flash like film going through it, before the title card. In the first teaser, that's where text was discovered that lead to the viral site In the first spot that debuted in high def on Apple, most probably saw part of an upside-down date (above), a bulletin board full of apparent Lost references, and an odd image that a few are saying could be the jaw of the creature. Thanks to the help of Unfiction, multiple more photos have popped up in different iterations and they've collect many of them together to form weird images and complete date - September 19, 1962.

Super 8 Viral Photos

If you haven't been following the Super 8 viral, MovieViral has done a fantastic job of writing about each clue, as there have been a lot of mysterious files discovered on that server that is connected to the website. The viral has been sort of aimlessly waiting for a trailer to debut, because now we have more of a sense of direction and feel for what's going on. But all of these images from the trailers are making things weirder. There's shots of things like hands, screaming guys, dead guys on stretchers, a creepy clown doll/toy, a red 3D ViewMaster (above right) and more weird objects. But no one seems to know what it means? So creepy.

Super 8 Viral Photos

The big clue seems to be that date, but not sure how everything else ties in. Unfiction thinks these images in the trailer seem to be a daily update thing, so maybe we'll have to wait a few more days until more of them come in and they're deciphered it and lead us to another clue or new website. We've already got the Rocket Poppeteers half of the viral running, and more images/clues seem to be coming in off of the server all the time, but nothing else big to take us the next level with this yet. Abrams is the master of mystery, so there's probably something to figure out, but we're not there yet. This is fascinating to watch unfold as a big game.

We'll continue to keep you updated, as this definitely seems interesting. I'm surprised they're changing the trailer on a daily basis and that we're going to figure out something out from these images, but I guess that's the kind of complex viral they've whipped up for this. I, for one, can't wait to see how it progress, as I loved the Cloverfield viral and I am already excited as hell for Super 8, too! Any idea what the images mean?

Update: Over at Super 8 News, they've filed another report talking about how the trailer is being updated regularly and they've started to amass a huge puzzle-like collection of images (seen below). He says that lots of new images have been showing up, but still no results. "After the jump are the other misc. puzzle pieces I just found, I'm going to see if they match up with anything and I'll probably create a new post with all the completed puzzles." Looks like we've got to keep collecting these from more trailers until we can figure out if it means something or we get a clue (or they stop changing). Check out the latest (2/9/11) image map below.

Super 8 Photos

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It's very interesting and "cool", and it sure does build up great buzz, but I really hate this kind of puzzles/virals. Let the movie be... trailers should be enough (I know these are from the trailer, but look where it goes from there). At least that's how I want to go to watch a film: completely (almost) clueless.

Anonymous on Feb 9, 2011


Not a Lost reference,......(C'mon!) The viral from Clover was beyond brilliant, and Super 8 is gathering steam and awesome. But again, so much deeper and cooler than Tron.....and this is actually phase 3 of the viral.

RandallM on Feb 9, 2011


Noticed what?

Prog on Feb 9, 2011


Good catch. Like maybe they witnessed that event on Sept 19, 1962 then were together again for these events in 1979 when the movie takes place?

Atrus4 on Feb 9, 2011


Hmmm, so you guys think that camera in frame on the "1962" image looks like an old camera? Funny to me it looks like a flip.

Prog on Feb 9, 2011


top left picture more than likely is a zombie. Abrams revealed in an interview that the kids are making a homemade zombie movie when the train is derailed and they all run. When they return they look at the footage on the camera they left behind and discover the monster.

Ninelives999999 on Feb 9, 2011


Please explain/describe what you're attaching, so we know what to look at or watch for or know why it has any relevance to the viral. Thanks!

Alex Billington on Feb 9, 2011


What the heck is that last shot, the one you marked "unknown"? Weird!

Prog on Feb 9, 2011


I've no idea what it is, but it seems to be upside down...... looking at it inverted it seems to be some kind of polyhedron/crystal/model resting on a worktop/table of some kind.... other than that, who knows?

Ultim8 on Feb 10, 2011


What are you pointing out? There's a couple things. 1 - Yes, the kid on the left is a zombie. They're shooting a "zombie film" with that Super 8 (another movie-within-a-movie). 2 - I think you're trying to say that they've aged? Nah, the girl is just dirtied up, and that's another guy, not the same kid. It's only 30 seconds of footage!

Alex Billington on Feb 9, 2011


good theory but if you watch the trailer aired during the superbowl you'll see the older girl and guy in the background when they show a footage of the kid..i believe its exactly 26 seconds into the trailer where you see this..check it out

guest on Feb 10, 2011


I love this stuff. I loved when they did it with Cloverfield and I love it now. A lot of the hype goes nowhere though. Or I guess it could just be people messing around. Does anyone remember when aladygma was supposed to be something? It came about months after Cloverfield. There was also some weird youtube video. I believe it was in spanish. Some sort of ghost thing that was supposed to be connected somehow.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Feb 10, 2011


19. That may be a Dark Tower reference. Or I might just be a dork.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2011


thnx for these never saw them 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


thnx for these never saw them 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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