New Action-Filled Theatrical Trailer for TokyoPop's 'Priest' Movie

January 11, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Priest Trailer

The devil comes in many shapes… ScreenGems has debuted the theatrical trailer for Scott Stewart's hyper-stylized adaptation of the TokyoPop manga Priest - starring Paul Bettany as a warrior priest who must fight off a gang of vampires. Its supporting cast includes Karl Urban, Christopher Plummer, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Lily Collins, Stephen Moyer and Brad Dourif. The first trailers for this premiered at Comic-Con last year and I was actually totally sold based on the footage from those. I'm still interested after seeing this latest trailer, some of the effects look quite good, but I'm not expecting too much. Watch the trailer below!

Watch the new theatrical trailer for Scott Stewart's Priest adaptation:

You can also watch the new Priest trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Priest is an adaptation of the TokyoPop manga created by Hyung Min-woo. It fuses the western genre with supernatural horror, gun fu, and dark fantasy themes and is notable for its unusual, angular art style. Here's the short logline: "In a world wrecked by centuries of violent warfare between man and vampire, a warrior priest turns against the church in order to save his kidnapped niece from a homicidal gang of vampires." So something about vampires and… you lost me. Although, it may be good because this Priest guy actually kills vampires. ScreenGems is making a big bet and has scheduled Priest for release on May 13th in full-on 3D.

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looks good alan dale aka charles widmore looks awesome

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


looks good alan dale aka charles widmore looks awesome

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Hm...for some reason this looks really cheesy in all the right ways. I like it.

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


None of these Yahoo! videos ever work for me, when streamed through this site or when viewed directly form Yahoo!'s site. I've tried Chrome and Firefox, but I just keep getting a "Sorry but this video is no longer available" error message.

Craig Partain on Jan 11, 2011


"it's a trap", hahahaha Looks fun, I'm in.

trip on Jan 11, 2011


A futuristic, western sci-fi with cheesy lines and slimy creatures that are nothing like vampires (real ones, not Twilight or True Blood Vamps). No thanks.

Jackson on Jan 11, 2011


jackson - "REAL vampires"??? that's news to me.

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


I mean the commonly accepted definition. These look like creatures from that Doom movie. Which was obviously SO great.

Jackson on Jan 12, 2011


you haven't seen a real vamp not to mention a vampire. shoo..go on..go to your mommy. See Twilight's real vampires, i know even tho you said not those..YOU MEANT those. And what's wrong with True blood? What is wrong...with true blood ha?

RedGuy on Jan 14, 2011


Alex is right it is a very bold move to put this film out at the beginning of the summer season, but i can see people not liking it because of the god aspect. I loved book of eli, but some people hated how god was in the movie. Funny thing though it they thought Legion was amazing. I most likely will see this on my birthday may 13th.

S21stream on Jan 11, 2011


Wait...this movie hasn't come out yet? It's like I've been seeing trailers of this thing for like 2 years.

SkaOreo on Jan 11, 2011


Can't.... resist... attraction.... to stupid.... looking.... movie..... ahhhh.....

Knawx on Jan 11, 2011


Look away dammit LOOK AWAY!

Joe on Jan 11, 2011



CockieMonsta on Jan 12, 2011



Chaisethechamp on Jan 11, 2011


Legion without wings. I will probably end up seeing it... I'm a sucker for apocalyptic films.

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


Looks better than Legion. Legion was a dissappointing.

chud67bj on Jan 11, 2011


I agree... Let's hope Priest it's not another failure.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jan 12, 2011


i'm soooooo looking forward to this - it looks like a fun watch!

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


I'll totally be watching this for shoozles.

Crapola on Jan 11, 2011


in theatre

I4ishteaque on Jan 11, 2011


I'm in, it looks like a good action flick.

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


screw priest i wanna see preacher...

Croniccris on Jan 12, 2011


This looks great!

Blackmanju on Jan 12, 2011


Does anybody else see Tron written all over this? The music at the beginning, the scene where someone leaves the city in a cycle... and other elements. I guess it's all a big trend.

Paulo Gabriel on Jan 12, 2011


Im still behind this movie. Looks like a popcorn-eatin fun action movie.

Johnny Heartless on Jan 12, 2011


they had me at Maggie Q!!

james on Jan 12, 2011


they had me at in 3D!!

Thenetbook on Jan 12, 2011


Looking good, I like Karl Urban as the bad guy!

El_MUERkO on Jan 12, 2011


Maggie Q. Yeppeee!

CockieMonsta on Jan 12, 2011


EPIC! deffinitley looks like a fun time, i'm in.

Geoff_009 on Jan 12, 2011


had to stop the trailer half way. why? looks epic and promising and i don;t want to see the whole movie in a trailer :)) yup, it's a keeper.

RedGuy on Jan 14, 2011


When I see Karl Urban in this, he looks like he would make a great Roland for The Dark Tower series

Juice on Jan 19, 2011


I just hope this is better than "Legion." That movie was boring and stupid. The Granny scene was funny, but they blew that on the trailer. Fortunately I didn't waste money on it in a theater, but got it on Netflix instead.

TenaciousV on Jan 19, 2011


I don't mind movies with religious aspects. The Prophecy was cool, the Exorcist was amazing, and Book of Eli was okay (if a little slow and boring), but it has to be done well. Legion was terribad! The characters were one dimensional, the baddies were lame, and even the Archangel at the end was cliche and not done all that well.

TenaciousV on Jan 19, 2011


priest is very good

Waseemulla Mohammad on Jan 21, 2011


He will great as playing magneato if they do come out with the movie.

Polancodanny on Jan 24, 2011

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