New International Trailer for 'What's Your Number?' with Anna Faris

April 26, 2011

What's Your Number? Trailer

"How many relationships do I have to have before I meet the right guy?" This fun new comedy also stars Chris Evans, Andy Samberg and Zachary Quinto and I tried to fit them on the headline, but could only get Anna Faris since she's actually the star of What's Your Number?. Oh and it also features Chris Pratt, Mike Vogel, Joel McHale, Thomas Lennon, Aziz Ansari and Martin Freeman. What's Your Number is about a woman who looks back at the past twenty men she's had relationships with and wonders if one of them might be her true love. Charming. It actually doesn't look half bad, lots of laughs throughout. Enjoy!

Watch the first international trailer for Mark Mylod's What's Your Number?:

The trailer is originally from YouTube, but embedded above via ComingSoon as that was all that's available.

What's Your Number? is directed by producer/TV director Mark Mylod, of numerous episodes of "Entourage", "Shameless" and "The Royle Family", as well as the movies Ali G Indahouse and The Big White previously. The screenplay was co-written by Gabrielle Allan ("Jesse", "Scrubs") & Jennifer Crittenden ("The Simpsons", "Everybody Loves Raymond"). This was based on Karyn Bosnak's 2006 novel 20 Times a Lady. 20th Century Fox is bringing What's Your Number to theaters starting on September 30th later this year.

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Gosh, how hilariously mismatched are Anna Faris and Chris Evans! There is no WAY those two will end up together at the end. Am I right?

Anonymous on Apr 26, 2011


no way, it won't happen, its just TOOOOO unpredictable!!!!!

dave on Apr 26, 2011


Well, I guess we have seen all the "good" jokes by now, no need to watch this any more

Anonymous on Apr 26, 2011


With the picture of Freeman in the photo, I thought he might actually play a bigger part in the 3 minute movie I just watched, but I get it now, she hooks up with Chris Evans after wasting 70 minutes finding out she was really attracted to him. Daaaamnnn.

Crapola on Apr 26, 2011


Lots of cool cameos, not enough jokes though...

M.K. Nielsen on Apr 26, 2011


Anna Faris just rubs me the wrong way and keeps me from watching any movie she's in (with the exception of Cloudy With A Chance thanks to voice acting). From her smile to her buggy eyes I think she looks freaky and has little to no comedic value.

Voice of Reason on Apr 26, 2011


These types of trailers crack me up. Not because they're funny, but because they are the perfectly edited version of the film. The one people pay to see in the theater is the over-long extended director's cut, with the less funny and terribly ineffective stuff added in to fill up the required 80-minute run time. That's just an observation, not a criticism. Clearly they know their audience, and that audience eats up these trailers, gathers 10 of their friends and goes to see the movie (which they already know everything about) on opening night. If it didn't work, they wouldn't still do it.

Outlaw on Apr 26, 2011


nice ...remember a time when trailers didn't give away the whole movie but still nice tho

kwame adansi on Apr 26, 2011


Truly amazing cast! I desperately want this movie to end with Chris Pine getting hit by a bus instead of ending up with Faris though. Not beacause I dont like him, on the contrary I love him, but it would just be so hillariously unexpected.

Scott of the Antarctic on Apr 26, 2011


Chris Evans, not Pine.

Xerxexx on Apr 26, 2011


Yeah that trailer really ruined the movie...but honestly who didn't see the two ending up together?

Xerxexx on Apr 26, 2011


This movie 'seems' so funny, that a terrible trailer couldn't ruin it.

LW on Apr 26, 2011


Ohh, Anna're so much better than this.

DwainIBe on Apr 26, 2011


doesn't seem predictable at all! haha

Casey Carroll on Apr 26, 2011


that is the longest 2 minutes of my life

Quynh Truong on Apr 27, 2011


i like it and wow zachary quinto 😀

A5J4DX on Apr 26, 2011


Anna Faris is a great comedienne. She makes anything work, even when the material is so below her capabilities.

Pedro on Apr 27, 2011


this looks like a crap factory. do you honestly think this movie is going to be good? were you paid for your testimony sir?

tait! on Apr 27, 2011


This might be fun... Lets just hope it doesn't get too absurd

Ricardo Marques on Apr 27, 2011


This looks fucking horrible

buttwagon on Apr 30, 2011


That was a nice movie... "trailer" I laugh I cried I saved 10 bucks

Neonblue120 on May 3, 2011


I wish she would end up with Martin Freeman. I would end up with Martin Freeman. He is the epitome of nuggety cuteness.

Emma on Sep 17, 2011

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