Lame New Poster for 'Fast Five' Will Probably Have You Fast Asleep

March 17, 2011

Fast Five

As someone who mostly hates this speedy franchise, I'll be the first to admit that the first full trailer for Fast Five is full of some pretty ridiculous, but mighty cool action sequences. And while the first poster for the film wasn't exactly thrilling, it was still pretty slick. However, new poster uses the same dead space approach from the first one, but combines it with some terrible photoshop that makes the entire cast of the film, including Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, look like they're just hanging out in some kind of parking lot in the sky. I'd like to think that maybe this has some deeper meaning behind it, but not for this franchise.

Here's the boring poster which showed up at the official Facebook page for Fast Five:

Fast Five Theatrical Poster

Dom (Diesel) and his team of top racers find themselves on the wrong side of the law again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord who wants them dead and a relentless federal agent (Johnson).

Fast Five is again directed by Taiwanese director Justin Lin, who previously helmed Better Luck Tomorrow, Spotlighting, Annapolis as well as Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and 2009's last sequel Fast & Furious. The screenplay was written by Chris Morgan, of Cellular, Wanted, Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious as well as the upcoming 47 Ronin. Universal is bringing Fast Five to theaters everywhere 3D on April 29th this summer.

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O.O a lot of people in that poster...eek!

Anonymous on Mar 17, 2011


I like how the size of the actors reflects their importance in the movie. This way even audiences not familiar with the franchise yet get to know that Vin Diesel is the big shot, closely followed by Paul Walker, and while Tyrese Gibson is not -as- big of a deal as Dwayne Johnson, he at least comes out on top on the other people in the background. I mean, shit, Jordana Brewster couldn't even make it past that car!

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


lol, that's an excellent way to put it. Even though I really don't get why Gibson is in it...2F2F seemed more like a spin-off if you ask me.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


wow. Theres so many photoshop problems with this poster

Kyle Bennett on Mar 17, 2011


Terrible poster.

ate on Mar 17, 2011


probably wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so....tall...

Jericho on Mar 17, 2011


Would you say that it is Walking Tall? :DDD

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011



Marqwest on Mar 17, 2011


So freakin' cheesy. But, miles away better than those awfull posters of X-Men: First Class. Fast 3D next!

Manuel on Mar 17, 2011


theres nothing fast about this poster. alot of cropped out people from different angled shots... Vin Diesel looks so awkwardly posed in this one. lol. Tag line for this poster... Fast Five: Skies the Limit...?

Roderick on Mar 18, 2011


at first glance i thought it was a poster for LOST or something.

Roderick on Mar 18, 2011


I don't know guys... the logo should probably be smaller.

Nick Gligor on Mar 18, 2011


That's one big sky...

M.K. Nielsen on Mar 18, 2011


Crap... Time to move on.

Last Son on Mar 18, 2011


Wouldnt be so bad if half the poster wasnt the friggin they even look at these things before they release em? As for the movie, its F and F its dumb to expect anything deep from it, but the trailer has got me thinkin it could be one helluva popcorn action flick.

Cody W. on Mar 18, 2011


Worse photoshop I've ever seen for a movie poster - and that's coming from a photoshop amateur.

Zhu_chuan on Mar 18, 2011


"Takers" wa the worst photoshop poster ever

Grendel on Mar 18, 2011


I'm sure if they tried harder, they could have made that logo much smaller.

Sean Kelly on Mar 18, 2011


At least don't cut off the feet, move the bottom images up an inch! Man how did these people get these Design jobs!!!???? Sign me up please!!!

Nate on Mar 18, 2011


Hahaha, omg, that is terrible. xD They really wanted to feature eeeevery character of movie on this poster, completely throwing perspective and proportion out of the window. But hey, at least it's not a floating heads poster, right? And it still isn't as bad as those unfinished looking X-Men: First Class posters. *shudder*

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


Yeah, pretty weak looking poster.

Snears on Mar 18, 2011


How can a movie have cool trailer, yet a lame poster?

Lamar on Mar 18, 2011


Just another bad poster. Vin diesel looks like he is suffering from back ache.

Aniruddha Chowkidar on Mar 18, 2011


damn it seems like they are giving a crap less about posters these days...with this and those lame Xmen posters

Croniccris on Mar 18, 2011


Just throwing it out there, I don't think Fast Five will be in 3D just says "Imax" not "Imax 3D".

Zac917 on Mar 19, 2011


could be better i could make a better one myself and seriously i can!

A5J4DX on Mar 19, 2011


so how is Han alive again?

Anonymous on Mar 19, 2011


prequel, this is probably a prequel, or they are ignoring Tokyo Drift.

Anonymous on Mar 20, 2011


Its before Tokyo Drift. Poster just needs some random pasted explosions 🙂

McWilly on Mar 21, 2011

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