New Photos from Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' Found in the Latest EW!

November 22, 2011
Source: B-D, DC

Ridley Scott's Prometheus - Returns to Space

With the holiday season approaching, studios can finally start revealing all their big 2012 movies, including more from Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi and the Alien universe - Prometheus. Fresh scans of the latest Entertainment Weekly issue have popped up on Bloody-Disgusting and include four new never-before-seen photos. A few may remember hearing about a giant head set piece - well now it's revealed, twice! There is one humongous shot with the full head, and another with it in the "Ampule Room." I think this might mean we'll finally see a trailer soon, but as a last minute Thanksgiving tease, these are some exciting photos to see.

Ridley Scott's Prometheus - Entertainment Weekly

Ridley Scott's Prometheus - Entertainment Weekly

Ridley Scott's Prometheus - Entertainment Weekly

Ridley Scott's Prometheus stars a cast including Michael Fassbender as an android, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce and Ben Foster. The screenplay was originally written by Jon Spaihts, then revised by Lost's Damon Lindelof. We've been following this closely as it's developed over the last few years, shooting all around the world. We saw the very first bit of extended footage at Comic-Con (watch our video blog) and also revealed the very first photo back then. 20th Century Fox has Prometheus scheduled for release June 8th, 2012 next summer. We'll definitely keep you updated! Looking good?

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I mean its Scifi+Ridley+Alien you really have to ask? Come on Blade runner? Alien? ring a bell? ;))

Buzzfunk on Nov 22, 2011


Apocalypse now.

J.Alberto B.H on Nov 22, 2011


at first i didn't get the reference but by god does that look like his face:)

Alejo on Nov 22, 2011


The horror....the horror.... But in all seriousness--nice to see some images.  Of course, no one knows if the film will be good--or bad--until it opens.  I'm hoping for the best--it's Ridley Scott returning to SF, after all, and let's face it, the man's two SF films are two of the best--and most influential--of the genre.

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


I concurr

Tester on Nov 23, 2011


Lost in Space? 

J.Alberto B.H on Nov 22, 2011


Read my mind.

John on Nov 25, 2011


Why not? I'm in. I could use a good sci-fi...even it's a rehash. 

Quanah on Nov 22, 2011


uh oh... i know it's early but i REALLY do not care for the "look" of the tech and the humanoid face-statue. putting a human face on an alien mystery has never worked out-it makes it all too... human! there's no more "fear of the unknown". i see a human statue in an alien craft and i'd actually feel a little more comfortable! like, "hey-there's something familiar i recognize" and it zaps all the 'HOLY SHIT! SHOULD I EVEN BE IN HERE?!' creepyness when walking those wide open,  cathedral-like corridors... imo. i was hoping for some more 'rugged' tech like from what we see in the Nostromo but eh, still too early to tell-right? had my doubts about star trek at first but that worked out.

Nick S. on Nov 22, 2011


Also Nick, think of this: the crew of the ship in PROMETHEUS have all the latest tech/suits, so it's going to look nice and shiny.  The crew of the Nostromo were "truckers in space" and that ship wasn't exactly brand-spanking new.  Thus the "rugged" tech look. But....we'll see how everything works out when the movie opens next year.

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011


Considering Scott hasn't made a decent film since Gladiator, I'm still on the fence with this one. To be honest, looks nothing spectacular.

Dangermouse on Nov 22, 2011


Jesus christ, I love the internetz.

BrooklynMade on Nov 22, 2011


wow...guess its hard for you to watch actual movies when you spend so much time watching dora the explorer and teletubbies

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


Ummm, Black Hawk Down? American Gangster? And personally I loved Robin Hood.

Kitah13 on Nov 23, 2011


Kingdom of Heaven director's cut? American Gangster? Black Hawk Down?

Nuno Lopes on Nov 23, 2011


Heh heh....nice to see a fan of KOH: The Director's Cut. anyone can say that Scott hasn't made a decent film since GLADIATOR--I mean, art is supposed to be subjective, but Christ, some "opinions" really deserve a beatdown.  Just sayin'.

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011


I'm with you on BHD. But not the rest.

John on Nov 25, 2011


Sorry but your wrong. Body of Lies was a great movie. Highly underrated movie. Even if thats the case, he created 2 of the most iconic Scifi movies in cinema...ALien and Blade runner...i mean HELLO

Buzzfunk on Nov 23, 2011


"Body of Lies was a great movie."? Yeah, so was Twilight: New Moon.

John on Nov 25, 2011


Keep watching Transformers as its about your level.

mearns alba on Nov 23, 2011



0012145444121111 on Nov 22, 2011



0012145444121111 on Nov 22, 2011



Xerxexx on Nov 22, 2011


Giant (human)head set piece ??? Hmmmm

David Banner on Nov 22, 2011


Seriously? With the monochrome again? 

Nihilus on Nov 22, 2011


Damn, Logan Marshall-Green(the guy in the bottom picture on the left) looks exactly like Tom Hardy.

Anthony on Nov 22, 2011


Looks class,cant wait,week of suprises,first batman jumps eight years not a human face on a ufo.Ridleys contribution to sci-fi is immense.

tir na nog on Nov 23, 2011


"first batman jumps eight years..."? Huh?

John on Nov 25, 2011


I keep thinking Mass Effect from these images. The one guy even looks exactly like ManShep. They should put Ridlet Scott on a Mass Effect film as well.

Josh Taylor on Nov 23, 2011


Loving the atmosphere in the pics, I'm just glad that Ridley returned to sci-fi, he shines at that genre so I've got a good feeling of this film.

Crockett on Nov 23, 2011


"...he shines at that genre so I've got a good feeling of this film." Agreed. 

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011


Is Giger working on this? Or Moebius? Or Mead? I'm excited either way

Crapola on Nov 23, 2011


If you try googling it u will find the answer that u seek

google on Nov 23, 2011


Thanks Google, you always save the day. No Jean Giraud or Mead, but Syd Mead is working on Elysium with the District 9 guy so that's a bonus. Dunno what the world would do without you Google.

Crapola on Nov 24, 2011


I believe that Giger did contribute designs...but no Moebius or Mead.  Neville Page did work on this, though, and I'm a fan of his work.  He's certainly one of the best creature/concept designers working today, in my opinion.

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011


Certainly no space truckers. Everyone is fairly pretty (he said worriedly)

Richie G on Nov 23, 2011


But they're not supposed to be space truckers--more like a corporate-sponsored team.

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011



Davide Coppola on Nov 23, 2011


What really has me excited is not all the cool stills and rumors etc. Nah!! What really has me excited is how excited Ridley Scott is, about the film!! Now, that says something right there. Couple that, with Ridley saying that making the film has been the best experience he has had in years, and you have something to be excited about. The thing about being a film-maker, is that you know yourself, when the film you made is a turd!

ThePromQueen on Nov 23, 2011


Guy on the left looks like Commander Shepard

Nick Sears on Nov 23, 2011


He does look like Shepard and the outfits are very Mass Effect. Fassbender would have fit the role of Adrian Veidt in Watchmen perfectly. The cast is pretty good. Im not famailiar at all with some of them, but there`s a lack of girly-boys, thanks be to sweet jesus christ in the sky!!! Ive been a film-lover all my life, but in this day and age, all I need to throw me off cinema for life is to see one more girly-boy in a movie such as this. It is a huge factor in why many science fiction films fall flat on their face when a ships engineer turns out to be something straight of a cat-walk. It breaks the illusion the film tries to create and that`s a big no-no! Give me a cast, from late twenties to forties and fifty year olds, and make it believable. 

ThePromQueen on Nov 23, 2011


Hey, and it's got Idris Elba.... But in all seriousness, yeah, I agree with you.  The cast looks pretty solid, and I've got no complaints in that department.

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011


Not new news, but:  CONFIRMED: H.R. Giger Is Working On Prometheus. Ridley Scott confirms that H.R. Giger is working on his Alien prequel. Hans Rudolf Giger, the artist who won an Oscar in 1980 for his visual effects on Ridley Scott's Alien film, is officially joining forces with the legendary director once again. Giger wowed and frightened audiences with his unusual and original designs for the alien and the set pieces that the character inhabited. His alien design is inspred by paintings of Necronom IV. The addition of Giger should add to the continuity of the franchise.          "We had a good relationship with Giger for many years. We showed him the script for [Prometheus] and he liked it. He's going to work a bit for me with this movie and has been working on a major project that comes in the picture."

David Banner on Nov 23, 2011



Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011



John on Nov 25, 2011


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