New Photos, Poster, Interviews & More from 'X-Men: First Class'!

January 20, 2011
Source: SlashFilm, Hero Complex

X-Men: First Class

Yesterday, the floodgates on Matthew Vaughn's highly anticipated comic book movie X-Men: First Class opened, much to 20th Century Fox's chagrin. Apparently the first photo of the cast that arrived, which most people didn't like, wasn't the way Fox or Vaughn wanted to introduce everyone to these new superheroes. So in response, numerous articles have been hitting the web featuring interviews, teaser posters, numerous better photos and much more to appease the fans. Despite that first look, I still think this looks awesome, I have faith in Vaughn. And you'll see why there is not much to worry about with in a few new photos below.

I decided to hold off on posting everything yesterday as it hit because I had a feeling there'd be a lot more to see and there definitely is. SlashFilm posted two new never-before-seen photos, one of James McAvoy as a young Charles Xavier, the other of Michael Fassbender as a young Magneto, which should brighten your spirits. But wait - what's that helmet? It's right out of the comics. And yes, he's wearing quite a colorful suit, but don't get too excited, because their "X-Men" costumes don't show up much. Vaughn: "The costumes are blue and yellow as well, because fuck it, lets take it back it the original. Also, by the way, those costumes are hardly in the movie. The main costumes are like these cool 60's James Bond." That might not be so bad.

X-Men: First Class Photo - Professor X

X-Men: First Class Photo - Magneto

A few set photos leaked since shooting started last year, but they're not done. According to Hero Complex, the other site with some awesome new photos (two of which are below, the other seen at the top), Vaughn is still shooting the superhero movie, even though it hits theaters on June 3rd this summer, a mere 20 weeks away. "This is a prequel, so I'm the same character, just younger, but the challenge for me - and for Michael - is to show the same person in a different place in their life; to show someone before they're this bad guy, before they're this saint. Charles wasn't always a… monk, this selfless, sexless monk," McAvoy tells them.

"When I'm watching Fassbender and McAvoy you just think, it sort of reminds me of Daniel Craig doing Bond, you kind of forget there were other people playing him… That's what I feel about these two," Vaughn says. But why so colorful and cheesy looking? Well, first, don't let any photos deceive you; second, here is Vaughn's response to that: "I think the glossy colorful superhero film sorta had its day… Kick-Ass was fun and it had some real pop to it, but at the same time we grounded it in reality as much as possible. I think thatโ€™s what the audience wants. And that why that image is more Fantastic Four than it is X-Men. And I say that with all due respect to the Fantastic Four team. That was then and this is now. Itโ€™s a different time."

X-Men: First Class Photos

X-Men: First Class Photos

In that shot above, you'll see Kevin Bacon as the villain, Sebastian Shaw. He may not remind you of the exact character from the comics, because that's exactly the case, that's what they wanted. Moviefone spoke with Bacon about this. He expains: "My look is very different from the guy in the comic books. We decided pretty early on that that was not going to translate to film. But there's a certain kind of style to the suits that I wear… I don't want to spoil it - but when you first meet me, I look a little different." So despite Magneto's desire for world domination, he isn't at that point yet. "[Shaw's] the leader of the Hellfire Club, which is a nightclub for the rich and extremely powerful. And he has a plot to take over the world, so that's really fun."

If you're interested in reading more about X-Men: First Class and the various actors and characters in the movie, a series of interviews recently popped up: MSN talked with Michael Fassbender/Magneto; IGN talked with January Jones/Emma Frost; LA Times talked with James McAvoy/Xavier; Moviefone talked with Kevin Bacon/Sebastian Shaw; and SlashFilm talked with the director, Matthew Vaughn.

Now is this starting to look like the awesome X-Men prequel you were hoping to see? It's got a hell of a cast, a fantastic director, Bryan Singer as producer, I feel like it's in good hands and these new photos and quotes give me some assurance. To cap things off with more optimism, here's one last quote from Matthew Vaughn:

"I'd say this is more like Casino Royale than [J.J. Abrams'] Star Trek. If you think about it, Casino Royale just totally rebooted Bond โ€” they kept what they wanted and got rid of what didn't work. You sort of saw Bond become a double O for the first time and yet it didn't seem to matter [what they changed]. I think my rule is to make a stand alone movie that is as good as possible and do as many nods and winks towards the comics and the other films, but not get tied up in knots worrying about that. It's sort of a stand-alone movie in my mind with a reboot being a real reboot."

And last but certainly not least, we've got to throw up this official teaser poster below courtesy of Ain't It Cool News. Despite getting a call from Bryan Singer himself, no new quotes or information was posted in that piece except for this cool poster - so check it out! So are we finally warming up to this movie?

X-Men: First Class Teaser Poster

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Get rid of the Magneto helmet, silly ass costumes and we may have something. I'm still not impressed.

BinaryChaos on Jan 20, 2011


It just looks like another Fantastic Four trash

BinaryChaos on Jan 20, 2011


Come on, we all know January Jones character has boobs so where is my Alice Eve or somebody who ACTUALLY has something in that department as well with curves? You said you want things to be original?? Well that's how she should be then. Emma Frost is really hot in the comics!! Anyway, I like her anyway but not in this movie...too skinny the other pics are cool! Thanks for posting the interviews two!

Jul on Jan 20, 2011


i agree about January Jones. She's gorgeous but just not the same type of sexy and voluptuous as the character Emma Frost. Poor casting there. Hopefully the movie's still awesome though. I thought Kick-Ass was great and I am a huge xmen fan.

joey on Jan 20, 2011


I honestly need to see a teaser/trailer for this. Usually I'm open minded to any film, but for some odd reason I'm not feeling it from the photos. Anyone else feels the same?

Rasta on Jan 20, 2011


This will be awesome, I have changed my mind this will be awesome

Loser on Jan 20, 2011


LOve the 60's feel. I... think... atleast....

Ryderup on Jan 20, 2011


Yeah, none of those brats on goddamn cell phones every minute of the day...

voodoo2 on Jan 21, 2011


im still not feeling lie..although the trailers could lie too....I HATE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

Jericho on Jan 20, 2011


So long as theres not a stupid-ass jetpack scene with horrible CGI that insults both the comic and the viewers, I'm totally sold on this.

Voice of Reason on Jan 20, 2011


From the picture posted yesterday, and these ones... errrr... I'm not buying it. Beast's make-up looks like Piccolo's in that awful adaptation of Dragon Ballz... the customes? really? Bryan Singer may have done a great job with the first X-Men movie... but remember what he did with Superboy returns... sorry, I'm not liking this one.

Chucho on Jan 20, 2011


Michael Fassbender looks like a toy. I'm not convinced yet...

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


typical fanboy pickiness aside...the original X-Men movies were so so(except X2)...I really am putting alot of faith in Vaughn in these movies...I think he can and will deliver in this X-Men rebooot...ppl just need to give him a chance.

Desispeed on Jan 20, 2011


anyone else still not sold on the bullet bender from wanted playing prof x?

The Movie Kidd on Jan 20, 2011


Looks good to me. I'm a little more interested now ๐Ÿ™‚

Judasbarronx1 on Jan 20, 2011


Just two comments: 1. Ironically, Emma - January Jones - Frost looks so HOT! 2. James McAvoy is, to me, the PERFET choice to play the young Charles Xavier!

Leinergroove on Jan 20, 2011


Give me a trailer and maybe I'll give a shit.

Mattias Nielsen on Jan 20, 2011


@Movie Kidd Really thats the one movie youve seen James in. Go watch Last king of Scotland.

rv on Jan 20, 2011


Not sold. The needed to put the original Xmen in this movie, after all it is called first class.Where are Cyclops, Jean, Angel and Iceman?

bltzie on Jan 20, 2011


Much agreed...not liking the upcoming of this film thus far

Splinter on Jan 20, 2011


The answer to this question is that they HAVEN'T BEEN BORN YET. This movie would be taking place in the late 60s or early 70s.

Michael Fienen on Jan 20, 2011


Oh really? Well that doesn't make sense since Cyclops little brother Havok is in this. Go figure

bltzie on Jan 20, 2011


better get some lotion for that burn

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011


OOOOO, bltzie just powned Michael

Christian on Jan 21, 2011


They are using the "Ultimate Marvel" version of Havok. Not the classic version. In the Ultimate version Havok is the older brother.

Hamster on Jan 21, 2011


I can tell right now this going to be gay these r not good set of actors for this movie

Jalts4 on Jan 20, 2011


These photos are soooo much better then the previous.

SmallWorld on Jan 20, 2011


Wow this is turning into X Men No Class!

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Magneto's helmet is a little big, but other than that pretty impresive. I'm really starting to dig McAvoy as Xavier, who does sorta look like a young patrick stewart (in these photos anyway)

John.E on Jan 20, 2011


That's what irritated me. The helmet needs to be more form fitting and thin. It's bulky as hell right now.

Hamster on Jan 21, 2011


January flippin Jones

Micah Wilkins on Jan 20, 2011



Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Boom. Can't wait.

Risk on Jan 20, 2011


Yes! Still looks like shit! So Magneto goes bad immediately even though this was never a storyline and the helmet he made was for Charles (defense wise) and not before then or we just throwing out the window and saying FUCK YOU Marvel?

Tra la la la la di da on Jan 20, 2011


hey could be worse like captain america with chris evans or green lantern with ryan reynolds. or better yet, the first hulk movie with giant mutant hulked out poodles. This is a hell of a cast, actual people with talent. fuck comic book accuracy, hell they change shit left and right to accomodate their sales anyway. its not like the original xmen was accurate. I jus dont understand people, you bitch when its the same old shit time and time again, you bitch when they actually create great stuff like this, but you love ryan reynolds as GL, you love chris the human torch evans as CA??!?!! I dont get it

BIGEDDIE on Jan 21, 2011


A geek is never satisfied.

Hamster on Jan 21, 2011


What's with McAvoy's left eyebrow? These photos look very weird.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


FUCK! im so pissed that im going to see this because it has Kevin Bacon in it. I've made it a personal goal to watch everyone of his movies... why? because while other kids were running around pretending they were Luke, He-Man or Wolverine i was pretending i was Val from Tremors.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


This looks like shit!

John on Jan 21, 2011


I'm still hesitant. Gavin Hood sounded like he knew his shit to, and Wolverine turned out to be horrible. I dont know why people bash the costumes. Its based in the 60s and its accurate to the comics. I only dislike this fact. Why call it First Class with none of the first class members people want to see are in it? Cyclops was lame in the X-Men films. This would have been a great chance to to develop Scott and Jean better.

Theszurk3 on Jan 21, 2011


Wolverine was horrible?!?! Are you serious?? next to the incredible hulk that was about the best superhero movie made. I suppose you liked spiderman and the fantastic four, or the original xmen movies. Gimme a break

Thestench on Jan 21, 2011


please put the crack pipe down and step back

joshp on Jan 21, 2011


So much wrong with what you just said.

Cody W. on Jan 21, 2011


Hey guys, come on don't talk to the hillbilly like that. You can't blame a hillbilly for not knowing the difference between a good movie and a bad one. To them any movie with bright colors and explosions are Oscar contenders...

Armand on Jan 22, 2011


1. Cyclops & Jean are not in the first class of X-men in the "Ultimate" version (which is what they are going by.. hence Havok being there even tho he's the YOUNGER brother in classic) 2. Wolverine was the most horrible piece of crap comic movie ever.. yes, bellow the first Hulk movie. Did you even see what they did to the best Marvel character of all time?! Deadpool.. RIP you sexy man of comedy deathiness. 3. Those costumes are NOT accurate to the comics besides the blue and yellow. But i'm okay with it because it still looks good.

Hamster on Jan 21, 2011


This movie will be awesome- watch layer cake and tell me that wasn't the sh1t! A 130min movie is not a zillion page graphic novel and If you whiny fanboys can do so much better then where's your xmen movie? Oh I forgot you could but you have to move out of your parents house first.....

Layer Cake was the Sh1t!!! on Jan 21, 2011


ya'll are harsh. Wait for the film first.

BBQ BOB on Jan 21, 2011


come on people! what do you want? ninja daredevil or ren-fair thor like the hulk tv movie? at least magneto's helmet looks somewhat like the comic. and thank god yellow and blue are back for the x suits. digging the 60's vibe of this movie.

Navarrj2 on Jan 21, 2011


Gettin a bad vibe from this, if it didnt have decent actors I would think these are shots for a straight to dvd scifi channel flick.

Cody W. on Jan 21, 2011


I wish I had placed a bet..... I 99% accurately predicted what would be said in these comments.... the same old stuff! Lets look back... Raimi's Spiderman..."oh no you cant have organic web shooters it's not like the comic" Now for XMFC we have "It's going to be rubbish without the characters that were in the original comic" AND "Its going to be rubbish BECAUSE the costumes are more like the original comic" Jeez... who would be a director these days? Damned if you stick to the comics, damned if you wander away from the comics! I for one am eagerly awaiting this movie...AND Cap America.....AND rebooted Spidey....AND Avengers... OK so any or all of them could be crap... but I will decide that for myself when I see them, and not before ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep the faith!

FOOM on Jan 21, 2011


As much as the LOOOVE the idea of first class, I can't shake the feeling that it's going to be a mess.

BlueBeetle on Jan 21, 2011


Whoa Whoa Whoa everyone settle down. This is going to WORK. TRUST ME.

Don't be Silly on Jan 22, 2011


I can't imagine the director who made Kick Ass (a comic movie I loved) would direct another comic book movie and then it sucking. I think it's gonna be sweet. If it's even close to being organic like Kick Ass then we're in for a treat. As of now this is my most anticapated movie this year. I'll be there on release date watching.

BBQ BOB on Jan 23, 2011


Weak-sauce.... I liked kick ass, but I didnt love it. The stakes are waaaaay too high for this movie and whats at stake.

Jokemoe on Jan 25, 2011


we need a trailer!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


we need a trailer!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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