New Picture & Official Title for Marc Webb's 'Spider-Man' Revealed!

February 14, 2011


We've made it loud and clear that we're not posting any of the amateur set photos from Sony's Spider-Man franchise reboot from director Marc Webb. However, when Sony sends out an official press release revealing that the film has officially been dubbed The Amazing Spider-Man along with another great high quality picture of Spider-Man completely suited up this time, we'll pay attention. Though the first gritty image gave us a good look of Andrew Garfield in this new suit, Spidey was still unmasked and merely standing. This new photo has our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler masked and ready to sling webs and swing into action.

The new action still of The Amazing Spider-Man (click for a much larger version):

The Amazing Spider-Man

In addition to Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man (being shot in 3D as we speak) also stars Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben Parker, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as George Stacy. Production is now under way, as 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb has already started shooting his epic new take on the beloved comic book shero. Obviously we won't be posting any of the amateur set photos we talked about, but when any official news comes out of the woodwork, we'll definitely let you know. Can't wait to see more! Don't forget to look at the first original shot of Peter Parker and stay tuned. Sony is bringing The Amazing Spider-Man to theaters in 3D July 3rd, 2012. Thoughts?

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wow it looks good ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


wow it looks good ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


nobody need this reebot, nobody will watch it

jellybelly on Feb 14, 2011


A lot of people said that about X-Men First Class until the trailer changed their minds.

Day on Feb 14, 2011


Terminator Salvation had a (dare I say) awesome trailer too... It'll make its money, people will see it and it'll sell toys... I'm just not sold that a Spiderman reboot (let alone a sequel) is necessary. Doesn't jump out as something fans were in high demand of. But hey, we get to choose which origin story to follow now right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank god for the Inceptions & battle of LA's of the world -at least they're original.

Anonymous on Feb 15, 2011


Terminator Salvation was the greatest Terminator movie of all time! Why do you dicks bash it so much? It's way better than 3! That movie made me want to kill myself. Salvation was awesome!

eGG on Feb 19, 2011


You know I read the whole Ultimate Spiderman comics to date and I gotta tell you, they are great. I heard a while ago that they would use some elements of those comics, If they do, I'm pretty confident that the story will be fine. My concern is with Webb giving himself too much freedom in character development... I mean the suit looks Great!! But it's doesnt look like the Amazing Spiderman to me. I just hope they know what they're doing

Abelardo Gutierrez Chavez on Feb 14, 2011

8 will be the first movie ever to have ZERO viewers. You sir are a moron

Bob on Feb 14, 2011


Don't be an Idiot Bob...... Some people will certainly watch it, even if it is to say it was AWFUL! I'm witholding my judgement at least until I see a Trailer for it, like I did for X-Men: First Class.

Ultim8 on Feb 15, 2011


wanna bet?

Ariful Karim on Feb 15, 2011


your talking out of your ass. Wait until the movie is out then you can say weather or not it was needed or not.

i have no name on Feb 17, 2011


i will u ass

Hunter Haynie on Jun 27, 2011


@jellybelly, It feels ridiculous to point out how stupid the second part of your post is but I'll do it anyway. Whether the reboot is needed is debatable; saying nobody will watch it borders on idiotic. Are you really trying to say that you think a Spiderman move will come out that won't make north of $150m at the box office?

Groov on Feb 14, 2011


suit looks great...

Def_n_dumb on Feb 14, 2011


Wow im digging the costume in the pic hope it looks like that on screen.

audiopro on Feb 14, 2011


looks like heaven 2 me

Loser on Feb 14, 2011


The more stylized nature of this costume interests me greatly. I was thinking that the reboot would be of a much more retro nature, invoking the original spiderman series (the announced title of "The Amazing Spider Man" would've further invoked this), but the more stylized costume really screams to me that this movie seems to be taking the common place "dark and gritty" hollywood direction. The yellow eyes on the costume really play with this idea with me. Realistic superhero movies seem to be the most well received as of recently. Needless to say, The Dark Knight was quite a movie, and the first Iron Man was quite a success for Marvel. The webshooters are an interesting touch to the Spidey costume, but seems to further play with this theme.

gpak on Feb 14, 2011


I agree. I really like the darker look and I'm loving that they're going the route of using the web shooters. I wasn't that big fan of the web sacs in the wrist with Tobey.

erokwillb on Feb 14, 2011


that's pretty badass, sorry Tobey but you've been replaced!

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


Love the web slingers

Elvistrenchfield on Feb 14, 2011


me too!

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


I have such mixed feelings on the whole comic book to film concept. I mean we have some terrible films coming from this formula such as Fantastic 4, but on the other hand we have films like The Dark Knight. Now we are rebooting them only a few short years after an original run... and judging the film based on how the super hero suit looks...

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


I agree buddy. I think the thing a lot of people forget is that Chris made The Dark Knight his own, he really took the source information and created around it i.e. "Adapted it" to fit the screen. At the same time filmmakers can't just say "let's make TDK" for every comic book film that comes out. With that said, I think this could go either way, going to withhold judgement until I see the trailer.

Day on Feb 14, 2011


I'm so excited and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I just can't hide it...just kidding...I don't care, I'll watch it eventually, but not in a cinema.

Crapola on Feb 14, 2011


A bit different but looks nice. The straight lines on the suit will have to take some getting use to.

Guest on Feb 14, 2011


Hey! He actually has mechanical web-shooters (like the comic books) as apposed to the 'natural' ones he had in the previous movies! Did anybody else notice that??!

Ron on Feb 14, 2011


This movie is gonna Rock so much. I thought Garfield was awesome in The social Network I have no doubt he can deliver spiderman! The suit looks sweet and the don't have a craptastic cast like last time.

Rooneyman on Feb 14, 2011


Looks exactly like the other spidey suit wtf, Im sure spidey fanboys are analyzing every little part of it saying "well no his chest is a different shade of blue"....w/e this feels like a spiderman movie for the tweeny generation. I always gave Xmen first class a chance because Mathew Vaughn was behind it, but the director of only one mediocre romcom? You can count me out unless the trailer is just absolutely mindblowing.

Cody W. on Feb 14, 2011


Opinions are opinions, but like I said the trailer could be absolutely epic and I could be sold. As for the suit, its sleeker and more flashy everything involved in a typical reboot or remake....but that could be a good thing I shouldn't judge so harshly, I have eaten my words a lot lately.

Cody W. on Feb 15, 2011


suit looks very cool. I welcome a reboot to this series.

Michael McRorey on Feb 14, 2011


hollywood is full of pussy's...does anybody have original thought or idea? unless it's coen, nolan, spielberg it don't need to be remade...

regurgitatedvomitslurp on Feb 14, 2011


I'm loving it. Can't wait for the movie. In my opinion, Marc Webb has already proved himself as a promising director, so this shall be very interesting to see.

Jim on Feb 14, 2011


I like the piss colored goggles and the basketball rubber and ridges all over the suit. Yeah I can't wait!!

John on Feb 14, 2011


Notice the "shoes" that everyone has been talking about are hidden from view.

blesterov on Feb 15, 2011


So the main thing I noticed in this photo is it'll be manufactured web shooters as opposed to the organic shooters in Raimi's version.

Anonymous on Feb 15, 2011


me likey I cant wait *gets in line and eats a snickers*

Shy Rodillas on Feb 15, 2011


LOL at all the fanboys. I love the new take on X-Men and the new take on Spider Man. They don't have to keep trying to please the short-sighted nerds.

ty on Feb 15, 2011


looks great to me!

dee8 on Feb 15, 2011


I was wondering where I've seen that pattern before.

Awtan90 on Feb 15, 2011


I might be alone here but does anybody ever think about the kids? This has to be confusing for them right? At this point they've collected all the spider-man merchandise with Tobey as spider-man. Now it's like their toys don't even count anymore.

Awtan90 on Feb 15, 2011


I can't speak for all of them but when I was a kid and the Batman Forever came out, I realized it wasn't Michael Keaton but I didn't care. It was still Batman. I think kids just go with it and as long as its the guy shooting webs and beating up bad guys, they'll be fine. Plus, who doesn't want an excuse to get more toys?

Anonymous on Feb 15, 2011


Kids that really liked Seabiscuit

Awtan90 on Feb 15, 2011


Wrong place to ask this(maybe) but what's this I hear about The Human Torch died in the comic, and Spider-Man took his place, as a member of The Fantastic Four?? Or is this just an alternate universe? Will be strange with a FF film in the future with Spider-Man as a member of FF...?? ๐Ÿ™

David Banner on Feb 15, 2011


You heard right, man, and it wasn't an alternate universe. Spidey and other marvel heroes are going to be serving in this new group with the thing, reed and sue

Anonymous on Feb 15, 2011


Yeah Marvel wrote that storyline so that the Marvel movie universe would make more sense in the future if they make more films involving the FF. Chris Evans was the Torch and now he's Captain they couldn't have him playing two different characters. Now instead of replacing the Human Torch they can say The Torch died and use the new Spider-man kid, thus avoiding two Chris Evans on screen at the same time during the Civil War films. lol. Just kidding. I don't really know. The whole Marvel universe (comics and films) is all messed up. I'm convinced the comic writers really never have a plan and just wing it. Now the movies seem to be following suite so I guess fans of the comics are kindof getting what they wanted.

Awtan90 on Feb 15, 2011


I think SOME of their writers do have plans and do think things through and another section just go with the flow or change based on what film is about to be when Spider-man 3 came out, Spidey was "Back in Black" and of course they said it was a natural progression of the arc and had nothing to do with the movie..BS. Although JMS (the writer at the time) is a very good writer and thinks things out way in advance, when your boss says u have to change something or do it, sometimes you have to bend to their will. I think the Fantastic Four thing works and replacing Johnny with Pete is logical from a character standpoint.

Anonymous on Feb 15, 2011


I'm in they have web shooters and as long as thiers not crying in every sceen like the other films I'm sold.

rv on Feb 15, 2011


Cant believe what some people are saying. I think this will be EPIC to say the very least. Although the previous Spidermans have gradually got worse, they have all been worth my Cinema Ticket money, and I still went and got them all on dvd. Take my word for it, this film will be AMAZING!

Edward Nigma on Feb 15, 2011


actually those films are not entirely gradually worst. Spider-Man was great, then part II was incredibly better and at that time I said it was the best super heroe movie ever... and then part III totally sucked.

Leinergroove on Feb 15, 2011


I kinda dig the new spidey suit.

DwainIBe on Feb 15, 2011


Its missing the big SONY logo! and a team of lawyers for when someone cracks the stitch pattern.

Anonymous on Feb 15, 2011


The world is moving way faster since we have reboots of movies that went out not even a decade ago. I understand a Planet of the Apes reboot or something like that, but... Spider-Man? I'm just saying...

Leinergroove on Feb 15, 2011


so the webs are back to being man made? I dont know, I kinda liked the idea of the body producing it but this is cool in its own way

stinky on Feb 15, 2011


As a teenager, he was already making his own sticky webs before the spider bit him...

Number Six on Feb 16, 2011


i cant stand the man made webs, what kind of superpower is just walking on walls, and more importantly man made webs like in the comics are more unrealistic then the mutated spiders that bites him

Yourmail on Feb 15, 2011


Spider-man has alot of other power some are his spidersense Generally enhanced physiology Wall-crawling Enhanced strength and durability Spider-reflexes and agility and so on

Loser on Feb 15, 2011


Suit looks good but still feel this is another studio F Job taking to many liberties with a beloved character. Hope a teaser trailer launches soon

!5AAK on Feb 15, 2011


Not sure how well into comic books people are into in this blog, if you ever read the Spider-Man Manga Universe series you will see where they took some concept for the costume, like the shoes that people are talking so much about, and if you notice the picture where Garfield has the suit on , no mask and a backpack that's the Manag version just with some changes to it. I wasn't a big fan of the reboot but I figure it can't be any worse then Spider-man 3, so let's see wha they can come up with.

Rudy on Feb 15, 2011


Tobey MacGuire was TOO goofy to play Peter Parker anyways. If you look up socially awkward in the dictionary, you's pull up his name. Suit looks great.

Haz on Feb 16, 2011


Man made webs: At last! I am sure it has been pointed out elsewhere that the organic webs from Raimi's version made no sense at all...unless he had shot the webs out of his arse! Peter Parker was a science geek who invented the web fluid... As for "yourmail"....errr...what about super strength, spider sense, superagility? It's as bad as the "not muscly enough" crowd... Spiderman should be painfully thin to accentuate the fact that his strength is supernormal due the the effect of the bite (spiders are not muscly but can lift over 100 times theior body weight)

FOOM on Feb 16, 2011


ย is there a spalding logo anywhere on the suit?

lando on May 23, 2011


all you guys are gay... just like spidey

Dcoming on Jun 1, 2011

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