New Poster for 'X-Men: First Class' is Shiny But a Little Bit Familiar

April 19, 2011
Source: Empire

X-Men: First Class

Recently we've seen some cool stuff highlighting X-Men: First Class in the form some vintage magazine covers featuring several of the characters, and a killer fan-made 1960's style opening credit sequence for the film. Now we have a bit or promotional material that you'll probably see at your local theater in the form of what very well could be the last poster for the film as the June 3rd release date looms closer. Honestly, it looks a little too photoshopped for my tastes, but it's not as bad as that one Fast Five poster and it does fit in with the style that we've previously seen on the poster for X2: X-Men United. See for yourself in full below!

Here's the new poster for X-Men: First Class from Empire (updated - we've added another below!):

X-Men: First Class Poster

There was another poster that I think looks MUCH better debuted as well. Check it out below via TDB!

X-Men: First Class Poster

Before Charles Xavier (McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Fassbender) took the names Professor X & Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for their first time, even working together as friends.

X-Men: First Class is directed by British director Matthew Vaughn, of Layer Cake, Stardust and Kick-Ass. Bryan Singer, director of X-Men 1 and 2, is producing and wrote the story. The screenplay was written by quite a few writers, including Josh Schwartz ("Gossip Girl" & "Chuck"), Jamie Moss (Street Kings), Ashley Miller ("Fringe", Thor), Zack Stentz, and finally Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass). Marv Films & 20th Century Fox will be bringing X-Men: First Class to theaters everywhere June 3rd this summer. Watch the first trailer.

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X-Men: First Class Series Premiere this Sunday on The CW 8/7c...

Tyler Morgan on Apr 19, 2011


What happened to James McAvoy's face?

Observer on Apr 19, 2011


He banged his head against the wall repeatedly after seeing the previous posters.

Anonymous on Apr 19, 2011


I think I hear something... that's him banging his head now.

JL on Apr 19, 2011


Professor X was shot by an adamantium bullet in the spine... that's why he uses the chair.

Manuel on Apr 19, 2011


True story.

Manuel on Apr 19, 2011


I have faith in this movie, but they can't get a poster right to save their mutant loving lives...

Joe M Campos on Apr 19, 2011


the very first one with the reflections in the water was the best so far

BigMike23 on Apr 20, 2011


g'd gawd, their heads look photoshopped onto their bodies... LOL

Antonio B Coria on Apr 19, 2011


X-Men: First Class will not apparently be the definitive depiction of the Hellfire Club as they do not seem to have included anyone apart from Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. As it stands it will only be them and a bunch of nameless henchmen in the film. They should have included Harry Leland, Donald Pierce, Tessa and Selene.

Rovena on Apr 19, 2011


Didn't you write this exact paragraph over on Slashfilm?

Phontsolo on Apr 19, 2011


And every other article on the web. When we don't even know whether or not those characters are in it. Selene wasn't even in the original Hellfire Club anyway

Sketchee on Apr 19, 2011


This movie looks damn cheesy it's unbelievable.

Marty Martin on Apr 19, 2011


it looks like beast is texting "Kevin Bacon's got ace's up his sleeve"

Anonymous on Apr 19, 2011


Can't get a poster right, who the hell is being paid to do these?

ate on Apr 19, 2011


I don't know, but I hereby offer to do the same job for half the money. Call me, FOX!

Anonymous on Apr 19, 2011


Why does clicking the poster lead to Cars 2 gallery?

D Nasty on Apr 19, 2011


hahaha, lol, yeah i was wondering the same thing !

Rey on Apr 19, 2011


Cars 2 will probably be more entertaining than this

Boon on Apr 19, 2011


The poster for this years Sears clothing line, er I mean the X-Men prequel is complete…

Alexia on Apr 19, 2011



Anonymous on Apr 19, 2011


This poster sucks.

ocho on Apr 19, 2011


eh, well even tho the poster is whatever. im not judging this movie until i see it. i kinda still have faith in it. dont let me down x-men first class!!!

Rey on Apr 19, 2011



Gianni Persello on Apr 19, 2011


ha ha ha, I did a poster in MS Paint today and it looked only slightly worse than how bad this is. Bear in my I had no reference and drew every character from my head.

Crapola on Apr 19, 2011


anyone have a high res version? I click on it and it takes me to a cars 2 trailer site

Cory L on Apr 20, 2011


finally some good posters

A5J4DX on Apr 20, 2011


Apparently your link took you to the Sucker Punch posters instead of the Cars 2 gallery.

Jedi on Apr 20, 2011



CornHoleinYourCorn on Apr 20, 2011


The background looks pretty good.

t0tallyrad on Apr 20, 2011

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