Nike MAG 'Back to the Future II' Shoes Being Auctioned Off on Ebay

September 8, 2011
Source: Ebay, Twitter

Nike MAG Shoes

The Nike MAG is no longer the "greatest shoe never made." The mythical shoe that originally captured the imagination of audiences in Back to the Future II (in 1989) is finally being released – and they're here to help create a future without Parkinson's disease. Following up our story just yesterday about the awesome shoes from BTTF2 finally being manufactured by Nike, they've just begun auctioning off a limited quantity of 1500 pairs on Ebay tonight (earnings will go to The Michael J. Fox Foundation). The only problem - they're going to be very expensive, and they're only selling 150 per day. But these are obviously must-haves!

If you already want to buy a pair, you can visit to find the sales page on Ebay. The first batch of auctions just started at 8:30PM PDT (barely 30 mins ago) and there are no prices below $3000 at the moment. And they started at $0.99. The Michael J. Fox Foundation is going to make a lot of money, but that means if you don't have some padding in your bank account, or are willing to go all out for a pair of light-up shoes, you're probably not getting a pair. The only other drawback is that they don't actually have power-laces, just lights and that's it. Here's the latest video posted by Frank Marshall (@LeDoctor):

Awesome to see Bill Hader in that video, which was also shot by Frank Marshall. I'd really love to own a pair of these anyway, even without auto-lacing, just because they're such cool collector's items, but damn is it going to be hard to get a pair without spending a fortune. Nike is auctioning off a total of 1500 pairs over the next 10 days, with the first batch of auctions already up now on Ebay. "You are looking at the rarest of Nike Footwear. For 22 years they have existed only in the year 2015 on Marty McFly's feet. Today they are finally a reality." Sounds awesome, but only a reality if you can really afford it. Still, pretty damn cool to see these.

Famed Nike designer Tinker Hatfield and footwear innovator Tiffany Beers have returned to recreate the footwear legend. Based on an original movie prop used in Back to the Future Part II, the 2011 Nike MAG shoes have been "entirely rebuilt and perfected." They feature an electroluminescent outsole, space-age materials and a rechargeable internal battery good for 3,000 hours (though only 4 to 5 on one charge). And while they are not recommended for playing sports, these highly limited shoes will very likely command attention wherever they are worn. For more info and to see more photos, visit the Ebay Nike MAG site here.

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Power laces was the whole point!!!!

Brice Gilbert on Sep 9, 2011


$3,000 already pfft wtf!?

Anonymous on Sep 9, 2011


I wondered what all the hubub was about these since I was only about four when the movie came out. I thought 'unless they make me walk up walls, I'm not buying them.' They don't make me walk up walls and I can't afford them.

Gambitgal23 on Sep 9, 2011


so i guess us normal human beings can't purchase these then... (sigh)

Drew on Sep 9, 2011


Its 2011 and Nike can't make power laces for $X,XXX thousand dollar shoes?

juicyfruit on Sep 9, 2011


Hope they raise a looooooooot of money. Still waiting for the hoverboard from Back to the Future, the Jetpack from Rocketeer and ... well... lightsabers obviously...

Dreckent on Sep 9, 2011


A Hoverboard is basically maglev (magnetic levitation) and has been in use for decades now (on high-speed trains). Only issue is fitting in a batter small and powerful enough to power the magnets. Wii controllers already have a gyro scope, so adding some functions to the mainboard to increase power to outer magnets should help in stabilizing/turning. It's inevitable. The Rocketeer version of the jetpack only had the helmet for control (basically a rudder) and if it ever managed to create enough load/force for control... it'll probably snap your neck under high speed. It's been done in more conventional (read: ugly) configurations though. Although only rocket powered, and not mini-turbines as in The Rocketeer. Lightsabers are utter bullshit. Only way possible is a controlled plasma field (the Clone Wars anime showed it was some crystal based crap); and the only way to control that from only one direction/source (the hilt) is... well... using the force. Plus we all know hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side!Sadly the shoes can, and should have been built properly. Steel or even aluminum wires and a torsion spring that could be relaxed (to put the shoe on) with a switch could be made. Probably even adjustable for tightness of the "tied" position for comfort. There's enough space to fit the guts of a cellphone so it's more than adequte for a lot less brains, a speaker, and a few LEDs.I say if you got the money just donate it, and boycott this very shameless gimmick.

Anonymous on Sep 9, 2011


And after all that........everyone still wants a light saber. So thanks?

Cbfawley on Sep 9, 2011


And after all THAT, you just proved you're an idiot trying to sound funny / clever.  Akirakorn thank you for the info.  Everyone else, ignore Cbfawley. 

Daniel Vu Tran on Sep 10, 2011


boycott this gimmick - you can't boycott ad campaigns. Good luck. It's like pissing in the wind

Nick Sears on Sep 9, 2011


more like pissing in an ocean of piss...

dirtypool on Sep 9, 2011


Why is it shameless or a gimmick? Its for a cause after all. There are things people want and are willing to throw money at. (I for one, want Freddie Mercury's yellow jacket or Chairy from Pee Wees Playhouse) So why not throw money at these things for a good cause? People complain either way. If someone bought the sneakers for $15,000, people would criticize them for not doing something useful with the money. A company auctions something off for a cause and its called a "gimmick". So where does that leave us?

Miguel Angel on Sep 9, 2011


Mmmmmmm, hoverboard batter...

Chris on Sep 10, 2011


lmfao wowwwwwwww yoo soooo in depth

Ned Rissling on Oct 27, 2011


who would actualy wear a steel or aluminum shoe get real bro.

Ned Rissling on Oct 27, 2011


It's for a great cause people. Stop complaining. If you can afford them don't hate.

Gosouth777 on Sep 9, 2011


god damnit. ebay is falling apart under load right now. even if it wasn't the price for these is probably going to go through the roof. i know its for charity but fucking hell nike i was all hyped up thinking id finally have a pair of these. oh and some guy on youtube managed to make power-lace shoes but nike can't manage it despite the fact they took out a patent on it after he put up his video. fucking assholes.

Dsah on Sep 9, 2011


That was incredibly poorly directed short. Frank Marshall... oh now I remember who he is. Frank Marshal was the producer on Last Air Bender. He was lying to us trying to blame the cast on the casting director. BAHAHAHA. What a loser. But I will say the shoes are cool and Michael J Fox is one cool dude. 

Gent on Sep 9, 2011


I honestly think Bill Hader could've done a better job if he did it all by himself.

Anonymous on Sep 9, 2011


Just be glad the AirMags weren't Adidas when the movie was made otherwise we would have gotten this short with Snoop Dogg...just saying And "Thanks to the City of Oklahoma City" 0_o   I wonder what part of this they shot this in Oklahoma City??? 

Anonymous on Sep 9, 2011


Uhhhh????? KEVIN DURANT. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder... He's in the video...

Kevin Durant on Sep 9, 2011


Got that but it just seemed weird to thank a city for the use of a professional athlete. Wouldn't they just thank the Thunder or by that notion the NBA? I guess that's the best way to handle it since he's not wearing any athletic equip/merch. Oh well just glad to see some OKC publicity:)

Anonymous on Sep 9, 2011


$75K is the highest bid atm, and climbing 🙂

David Banner on Sep 9, 2011


Suckers. If this wan't for a Parkinsons charity I'd be even more cynical about it.

Crapola on Sep 9, 2011


Power Laces are coming (2015) so prepare for another auction in 4 years - the more money they can raise the better....

RossAdams on Sep 9, 2011


How about make a version without lights so everyone can have a pair.

Gill on Sep 9, 2011


The lights have nothing to do with the price being so high.... Little kids shoes have lights in them that are hella cheap. Its the fact that there are only 1500 being made..... Get it? Collectables are pricey due to supply and demand....

Justin Calkins on Sep 9, 2011


I know that, I meant it in the way that would mean that only the Limited Edition would have the lights. 

Gill on Sep 9, 2011


Then they wouldn't be as unique. And the bidding prices wouldn't be nearly as high. 

Daniel Vu Tran on Sep 10, 2011


I'm sure a lot of NBA players are getting them to pit on their mantel. At least its for a cause, but sucks I can't ever afford even one shoe.

ur_babys_daddy on Sep 9, 2011


Im pretty sure these would just go on a mantle to be worshipped

Anonymous on Sep 9, 2011


so, by 2015, these shoes will be available to everyone with power laces?.... im willing to wait

Said Samayoa on Sep 9, 2011


this is elitism by nike. shoes for the super rich only and nike get lots of publicity, and sales. however, making a lot of money for the mjf foundation is a good thing. but what about us normal people. they could have made 1985 pairs, sold the 1500 as they are doing and put the rest up in a lottery(1$ per ticket). which do you think would make more money the auction or the world wide lottery? my money would be on the lottery(for obvious reasons).

marvins_mate on Sep 10, 2011


I'll stick with my 'Terminator'-style Nike Vandals.

Anonymous on Sep 10, 2011


Why doesn't Nike just wait and release these things in 2015? You know, when they'll actually have POWER FUCKIN' LACES in them!!!

FUCK YOU! on Sep 15, 2011

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