Noam Murro Officially Directing Bruce Willis in 'Die Hard 5' for Fox

February 11, 2011
Source: Deadline

John McClane / Noam Murro

Earlier today a story hit the web claiming that Bruce Willis himself was interviewing directors for the top position on Die Hard 5, which is actually coming together, believe it or not. However, Deadline now says that Noam Murro, an Israeli director who's debut was the indie comedy Smart People, has landed the job to direct. Murro will direct from a script by Skip Woods (Wolverine, A-Team), even though apparently Fox wasn't happy with some recent drafts. Murro won over the Fox execs with his recent campaign for the Halo video game - you can watch his live-action short "Deliver Hope" for Halo: Reach. John McClane is back!

We don't know too much about Die Hard 5 yet, or Die Hard 24/7 as it's rumored to be called, though Willis does indeed want to make at least Die Hard 5 and 6. According to some quotes from Willis last summer, Die Hard 5 might be R-rated again, because working on Expendables with Stallone knocked some action sense back into him. I don't know if Murro can really push it to the R-rated level on his first action movie, but I'll tell you he's at least a hundred times better than Len Wiseman (of Live Free or Die Hard). If he can make a kick-ass Halo short, I definitely want to see what he'll do with John McClane. Yippee ki-yay, motherfuckers!

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Slightly Intrigued o_O

Ricardo Marques on Feb 12, 2011


I don't know why, but everything this Skip Woods guy contributes to turns to shit.

Merc on Feb 12, 2011


I completely agree, I'm always afraid anytime he gets involved. Ugh...

Alex Billington on Feb 12, 2011


Skip Woods? 🙁

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


Not sure if you were wondering who Skip Woods is or not. It got me curious, so I looked him up He's a screenwriter and producer (but who isn't a producer these days) of: only six movies: Ten (out this year), A-Team, Wolverine, Hitman (the Olyphant one), Swordfish, and Thursday. Ten only has Bruce Willis as a star in it's listing, and I haven't seen Thursday. Other than those: A-Team was a good, funny action movie (if you can forgive the absolute stupidity of the Tank scene); Wolverine... sigh wasn't dogs#*t but it was still a big letdown, Hitman... see Wolverine; Swordfish was a douchey gay nerdgasm, which wasn't over-hyped (like The Matrix) and everyone knew it, so I call it an enjoyable but decent techno-action-thriller movie. So yeah Skip Woods' involvement means it will A) get trashed by critics, B) make $200 million, C) will be entertaining enough to watch D) only just enough 😛

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


oh, I know who he is, "Swordfish" was decent, but the guy is mostly miss on a "Hit or Miss" rating. A-Team was okay, but Wolverine and Hitman were massive letdowns. So his involvement takes a toll on my optimism levels.

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


I really do dislike the fact that the only reason why people seem to hate Live Free or Die Hard only because Bruce Willis doesn't curse nor does he say his trademark line. Yeah I understand those things are a part of his character, but I do think the movie captures alot of what makes McClane such a great character despite the pg-13 rating. And I still say it's one of the more brutal pg-13 movies out there.

SkaOreo on Feb 12, 2011


I hated it because they action was way too unbelievable. Aside from getting spat out from the underground tunnel in 3 and walking away, all of the stunts were either realistic or barely believable. Only question marks (off the top of my head) are not having his back snapped like a twig jumping of the Nakatomi building, and the 15 seconds it took to strap into the ejection seat in 2... before those grenades went off.

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


So I take it you've never seen Die Hard 2 or Vengeance then?

SkaOreo on Feb 13, 2011


Well you obviously haven't seen 2, or read my post as I specifically mentioned a scene in both movies!!!

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


The A Team was pretty damn good, Live Free or Die Hard was great so heck yeah!

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


@Alex. Man what's with the hate towards Len Wiseman. Live Free Or Die Hard brought the series back from the dead. Die Hard 2 and Die Hard With A Vengeance were both crap. Live Free Or Die Hard was a fantastic action film. And that's what Wiseman is great (Making Action). I thought Bruce Willis said he'd only make Die Hard 5 if Wiseman returned to direct?

Lost Son on Feb 12, 2011


Sure it brought Die Hard back from the dead like a sh*#y plot from Friday the 13th part 38.

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


You actually expect a good plot from a Friday the thirteenth?

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


I am literally dumbfounded by the stupidity of that statement, in response to my earlier comment. Please do not breed. For all our sakes.

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2011


Yeah I know your dumb anyone who expects depth in the plot of an action or horror flick, and dont worry I'll have a whole litter just for you oh great and obvious wise one, lol fuckin douche!

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2011


i dont know what the f**K is doing john mc tiernan that a not known comedy director is going to make Die Hard 5! Len Wiseman already destroyed the John McClane's character and showed him as a boring oldman,now we have to wait 2 years to see a PG-13 Die Hard movie from a comedy director.shame on John Mc Tiernan for that.

Ss Pincode on Feb 12, 2011


What up with the hate on Wiseman, he did a fantastic job directing Live Free or Die Hard. I was glad for the PG-13 rating because I was able to go to the theater myself when I was 14

Lamar on Feb 12, 2011


Lame. An action fan you are not.

Number Six on Feb 13, 2011


get ready for a funny Die Hard movie by a comedy movies director: Noam Murro! no bad talking,no blood,no intense action,no hard crash,funny shootings,smiling Bruce Willis,just DIE SOFT and call it HARD!...F**king kids are important than adults,hollywood is making movies just for kids and kid brain adults.where is original "Die Hard"?

Fusion on Feb 12, 2011


I believe its on DVD or Blu Ray but judging from your response you might be lucky enough to find it on VHS!

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2011


some stupid guys in HollyWood are planing to destroy famous movies just like "Die Hard,Total Recall,Predator,Commando,Conan,Terminator and ... by the remaking via "B grade directors" and i believe fans of such movies must do some action against this kind of treason.stop them now.there is no need for "predators - terminator 5,6,7,8 - Die Hard 5,6,7,8,9... - and more".

DR WOO on Feb 12, 2011


Funny and sad seeing all the kiddies commenting here who never grew up watching the hardcore action movies of the 1980s. All they know is PG-13 rated, badly-written crap like... The A-Team, ffs?! I weep for the future.

Number Six on Feb 13, 2011


You know what? Fuck you. I really hate this assumption that because I liked Die Hard 4 IT MUST BE BECAUSE I'M TOO YOUNG HERP DERP. I was expecting to hate Die Hard 4 for the very same reasons that most of you idiots are bitching about. And you know what? It was a surprisingly fun movie. Let me guess, you're one of those morons who bought into "The Expendables" thinking it was a return to form of 80s action films. I appreciate all types of action; whether it be Predator or the Crank films, I'll watch them if they're awesome.

SkaOreo on Feb 13, 2011


cant wait for this but who is noam murro :s

A5J4DX on Feb 12, 2011


Just because a action movie doesnt contain liters of blood means it is bad ?? - COME ON PPL !! wtf is wrong with you ??

Ayufan128 on Feb 13, 2011


well my math is: previous R-rated die hards: good to great pg13 live free or die hard: not great "unrated" live free or die hard: decent

Brian Barajas on Feb 13, 2011


Anytime a studio wants to pop out 1-2 more movies based on a films name (Saw, Friday the 13th, Transformers), or the starring actors' names and roles alone (Fast and the Furious, Pirates of the Caribbean), skepticism is well deserved. The Halo short that Murro shot blew me away. And while Die Hard has always been over-the-top (Live Free took it to a whole new level), if Murro can bring that style to Die Hard, it has a chance. Non-stop action is a Die Hard staple. Based on how humorous and action oriented the A-Team was, this won't "have" to carry an R rating to deliver great action or humor. I'd prefer the return to the R because Willis delivers John McClain' coarse rhetoric so well its almost a crime not to let him just cut loose. Die Hard 5 will be just a fun summer action movie. And if you take it for what it is, a fun summer action movie, it should be plenty entertaining.

Quazzimotto on Feb 13, 2011

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