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March 10, 2011

Netflix Instant

It's that time of the month again! A whole slew of great new Netflix Instant titles have been dumped into the library for your viewing pleasure. We've got some great movies from last year and decades past. One of them appeared on our list of movies you may have missed from 2010 while another showed up on my list of the worst five films of last year (if you're interested, it's in honorable mentions). There's a few comedy faves, a recent remake of a certain 80's flick, a couple films which are getting or have already received the remake treatment, plus plenty more for you to sink your teeth into this time. So what's in our queue this week?

MonstersMonsters (Available Now):
This hidden indie sci-fi gem is now readily available for viewing as soon as possible. Six years after aliens invaded Earth, a security force maintains tenuous control in the Infected Zone straddling the U.S.-Mexican border. Andrew (Scoot McNairy), a photographer, is documenting this war-torn area when he's interrupted by an unexpected rescue mission. Samantha (Whitney Able), daughter of a media mogul who just happens to be his boss, needs an escort home, and Andrew reluctantly takes on the job.

HellboyHellboy (Available Now):
If you're still reeling from the fact that director Guillermo del Toro isn't currently getting the opportunity to make At the Mountains of Madness, perhaps it's time to visit one of his older flicks in this comic book adaptation. Based on Mike Mignola's cult comic book series, this fast-paced live-action film tells the dark story of Hellboy, a charismatic demon who's put on Earth by the Nazis to terrorize the rest of the world. But Hellboy has other plans. Deciding to fight for good instead of evil, he vows to rid the world of supernatural monsters and the powers that rule them.

Happy GilmoreHappy Gilmore (Available Now):
Remember when Adam Sandler used to be funny? This film should be both a rude awakening and great trip down memory lane with the "Saturday Night Live" veteran as the aggressive hockey player turned golfer. Featuring great supporting roles from Christopher McDonald and Carl Weathers, not to mention one of the greatest cameos ever from Bob Barker, this film is over the top, fun and absolutely full of laughs. If you've underestimated the value of  this comedy, well "The price is wrong, bitch."

Fish TankFish Tank (Available Now):
I've heard plenty of great things about this British drama, so I'm thankful it's finally here for our viewing pleasure. The life of hot-tempered teen outcast Mia (Katie Jarvis) takes an unexpected turn when her mother, Joanne (Kierston Wareing), brings home a handsome and mysterious boyfriend named Connor (Michael Fassbender), who pledges to bring sweeping positive changes to the household. If you need anymore convincing, the film also won Best British Film at the 2010 BAFTA's.

FreakonomicsFreakonomics (Available Now):
In what can be considered a super documentary, Morgan Spurlock, Alex Gibney, Seth Gordon, Eugene Jarecki, Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing come together for an adaptation of Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner's best-selling book of the same name. Each of the filmmakers takes on one chapter of the book which tackles different elements of popular culture through economic theory and statistics. Issues include everything from cheating sumo wrestlers to whether Roe v. Wade produced a drop in crime.

Dumb & DumberDumb & Dumber: Unrated (Available Now):
If you've successfully avoided Hall Pass, stand strong and take a journey back to a time when the Farrelly Brothers knew how to craft a good comedy. This 1994 favorite pairs Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in a comedy of errors and stupidity with Hithcockian levels of intrigue and danger. But these two dopes are completely unaware of the trouble they're getting themselves into in their cross country journey to return a briefcase which they're unaware is full of ransom money.

Last Action HeroLast Action Hero (Available Now):
I don't care what anyone says about this film, I will defend it to the grave. This is fun, hilarious and full of movie references. It's the movie I would've wanted to make as a kid. A magic movie ticket gains a young fan (Austin O'Brien) unprecedented access to his favorite action hero Jack Slate (Arnold Schwarzenegger) when he's sucked out of his seat and onto the big screen. But things really blow up when a notorious movie villain uses the ticket to break into the real world. Keep an eye out for cameos from Ian McKellen, Robert Patrick and MC Hammer.

The Naked GunThe Naked Gun (Available Now):
Though Leslie Nielsen may have sadly left this world, his legend lives on in the form of this hilarious spoof and adaptation of the TV series "Police Squad." It's hard to believe that O.J. Simpson not only used to act, but that the dude was actually funny. They just don't make parody films like this anymore. David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams (of Airplane! fame) were the kings of their craft, and it's sad that this form of comedy just doesn't have the punch it used to pack back in the day.

The Odd CoupleThe Odd Couple (Available Now):
The film that launched a great brotherly love and hate between Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon must be seen. Yes, before they were Grumpy Old Men, they were The Odd Couple. Tossed out of the house by his wife and close to packing it in, Felix Unger (Lemmon) decides the best thing to do is move in with his best pal: barely housebroken, deliberately devolved caveman Oscar Madison (Matthau). Within a few days, slovenly sportswriter Oscar and compulsive neatnik Felix are driving one another bonkers.

The Virgin SuicidesThe Virgin Suicides (Available Now):
Thankfully Sofia Coppola has become much more than Francis Ford Coppola's daughter with a supporting role in The Godfather III with great films such as Lost in Translation. But now her directorial debut has made its way to instant in the form of this adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides novel of the same name. In sharp response to the lax moral milieu of the mid-1970s, Ronald and Sara Lisbon (James Woods and Kathleen Turner) keep their five alluring, adolescent daughters (including Kirsten Dunst) on a short leash by embracing religion and pushing away the opposite sex.

Honorable Mentions (Available Now): Grown Ups, Charlie's Angels, Macbeth, Peacock, Stripes, The Verdict, Daybreakers, Client 9, The Square, The Last Station, The Karate Kid, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Arizona Dream, The Cable Guy, Chain Reaction, Cliffhanger, Cool World, Conversations with Other Women, Courage Under Fire, Fargo, Goya's Ghosts, Gung Ho, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, The Kite Runner,The Last Emperor, The Nines, Once Upon a Time in America, Patton, Revolver, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Sling Blade, Soapdish, Southland Tales, Thelma and Louise, 8 Mile and Chloe.

That's all for this week's installment of Now on Netflix Instant new titles. And remember, if you ever want to look back at the thousands of Netflix titles already released, look forward at what's on the way, or check out the entire library of Netflix Instant titles available, you can head over to InstantWatcher (in my opinion the most complete listing of Netflix's instant titles, updated daily) or also FeedFliks, whose hawk-eyes are on the lookout for future streaming release dates. And of course we'll also be back next week with the latest line-up of new Netflix titles. Now go watch some good movies! Are you happy with this week's latest titles?

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Watched Monsters a few day ago. Not too bad, could have used a bit more UMF to it. Good little script.

Shawn on Mar 11, 2011


i thought monsters was excellent......and i liked how they did connection with beginning and end. i want a sequel!

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


Monsters was awesome, I wanted to find out more about the ending though

Duck on Mar 11, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


what happened to the weekly posts? haven't done once since march 10th? Also Monsters was AMAZING. its a shame I rented it when it came out on dvd, if only I waited a few more weeks.

Jdunnican on Mar 30, 2011

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