Official Plot Synopsis for 'The Evil Dead' Remake Not Too Surprising

October 27, 2011
Source: Bloody Disgusting

Evil Dead

We've been hearing about this project for a little while, and now Bloody Disgusting has the scoop on the official plot synopsis for Uruguayan short-turned-feature director Fede Alvarez's remake of Sam Raimi's 1981 cult classic The Evil Dead, produced by Raimi himself under his Ghost House Pictures banner. The script for the film comes from Alvarez and frequent collaborator Rodo Sayagues with rewrites by Diablo Cody (of Jennifer's Body, Juno). And as you might have guessed, with yet another '80s horror remake following in the footsteps of Fright Night and more, the plot synopsis sounds all too familiar. Read it below!

Here's the short and sweet plot new synopsis for the Evil Dead remake (via BD):

Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin where they discover a Book Of The Dead and unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

Nope, that's not the synopsis for the original… well, it is… but it's actually also the synopsis for this remake. So the story is pretty much exactly the same from the original film (as far as we can tell) but sans Bruce Campbell's iconic Ash character (which honestly may be a good choice considering that's a pretty big chin to fill for any actor). Originally, the film was believed to actually be Evil Dead IV but it's pretty clear now that Raimi is making good on his quotes that a "young director [was going to] come in and remake Evil Dead."

The only other major difference in this redux that we know of at this point is the reason the meddling kids are at the cabin in the first place. Raimi's film had the group of Michigan State students travel to the cabin in the mountains of Tennessee for a little R&R, but what they got instead was a little Rape & Relentless Torture from some demons. The plot device in Alvarez's film that sends the kids to the cabin in the woods is for the main character to help his kid sister kick her drug habit by going cold turkey through isolation. Kind of weird, I know! Then demons are unleashed via the Book Of The Dead (when one of them just happens to translate and read it aloud, guess they're majoring in Ancient Dead Languages of the Dead) and the sister becomes possessed, unbeknownst to the rest of them at first since she's already erratic due to drug relapses.

One would hope that with Raimi's involvement/endorsement and Bruce Campbell's endorsement/rumored cameo, not to mention a promising up-and-comer like Alvarez at the helm, would give people high hopes for this film. But then again, it is The Evil Dead we're talking about here! Sure, you can't judge a film on mere synopsis alone but this seems to be shaping up to be another reheated rehash than a new, fresh spin on an old classic. However, we'll keep you updated as it progresses anyway. What do you make of this plot?

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Surely they go to a computer and unlock something far more evil, 'The Book of the Face'. That's the original facebook pictured right there. Like. Aw repost. Like. Armageddon. 

Crapola on Oct 27, 2011



Jericho on Oct 27, 2011


"I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your soul!" "Swallow this!" How Bruce Campbell never won an Oscar for that performance I don't know.

Crapola on Oct 28, 2011


I suspect this will be the same deal as THE THING. A scene for scene remake, that offers up nothing new.

Wakecycle on Oct 27, 2011


The Thing wasn't a remake, it's a frigging prequel

Armeetapus16 on Oct 28, 2011


prequel with the same name? plus d story almost d same wit the original 1980's The Thing.. funny though i can't see where the story connects..

Men of honor on Oct 28, 2011


If you can't see where the story connects then you need to go back and watch the 1980's one again.  They connect ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY.  Like, better than most movies.  The end of the new movie even overlaps the 1980's beginning!  Did you not stick around for the credits?

Robross0606 on Oct 29, 2011


what's the difference? again the creature got frozen in the middle of the Antarctica, a team of researchers found it again, excavate and brought it again into another research facility. It got loose again. Used the "check the blood to see if ure real human" method, an improvised version of "check ya teeth filling to see if ure real human". Most of them got killed and only one or two survivors in the end.. So what the diff? can u kindly explain it?

Men of Honor on Nov 22, 2011


hope so they don't use the same CGI's that were used in The Thing cos it was terrible...

Men of Honor on Oct 28, 2011


I can't wait until they remake Star Wars without Luke Skywalker, or Indiana Jones without Indiana Jones

pricetag on Oct 27, 2011


So lemme understand: foloks will remake Halloween. We get a new Michael Myers. People remake Friday The 13th, we still have a Jason. Freddy was still in the Elm Street remake and Jerry Dandridge didn't change his name in the remake of Fright Night. Was Letherface in the Texas Chainsaw remakes? Are we sure? Just checkin'. And so Ash is not in Evil Dead. Is there an...Ash"ley'? Come on. It's like a day without sunshine, moon with no night, popcorn with no butter or salt. How about an 8x10 framed on a wall? A cardboard cutout? A...

DarrenJSeeley on Oct 27, 2011


The best thing I read in that was Cody. Although if all the kids got possessed; then Ash burst through the door and was like it is a sequal bitch! Then I'd be good.

Rv on Oct 28, 2011


Bruce Campbell not starring as Ash, what's the point in watching this drivel then? Also, this will be a CGI mess aswell? Any word on how that part will be handled?

David Banner on Oct 28, 2011


 i have a damn strong feeling that tis is gonna be one hell of a CGI mess...

Men of Honor on Oct 28, 2011


Gimme some sugar baby!

Shane on Oct 28, 2011


If they would do the Remakes right....They would start with a Remake of  "Within the Woods" The Actual First Movie!!

Chuck on Oct 28, 2011


Wasn't even a remake! They changed EVERYTHING about it and it obviously wasn't thought out very well...being a die hard Deadite I was utterly disappointed. The only good after all the credits. Groovy Baby 🙂

Samantha Shelton on Apr 5, 2013

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