Official Poster for Duncan Jones' Newest Sci-Fi Film 'Source Code'

January 25, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Source Code

Run, Gyllenhaal, run! Summit Ent. has debuted the first official poster on Yahoo for Moon director Duncan Jones' next sci-fi movie Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. This also stars Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright and even the comedian Russell Peters. If you're confused at the imagery of flying chunks of photographs, then watch the first trailer, as it's a visualization of the idea of piecing together the mystery to find the bomber. Check it out below. Make Every Second Count!

Source Code Poster

A sci-fi story centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of a person who witnesses a train explosion.

Source Code is directed by one of our very favorite up-and-coming British filmmakers, Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie whose feature debut was the brilliant sci-fi film Moon. The screenplay was written by TV writer Ben Ripley, making his feature debut, and was featured on the Black List a few years ago. Vendome Pictures and Mark Gordon produced. Summit Entertainment is bringing Source Code to theaters everywhere starting April 1st just before the summer kicks off. This is highly suggested viewing, it's a fascinating sci-fi thriller!

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Great poster, but the movie seems kinda bland...will wait and see before I pass full judgment.

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2011


i agree with ya man. I think Jones is trying to move his way up the ladder to fast. going from an amazing indi film such as Moon to something as predictable and bland looking as this is strange. seems like he almost did it because of the large budget hoping it would give him more credit with the larger producing company's/ and this movie is written by the guy who wrote Species 3 and Species: The Awakening. why in the hell would sign on for such a project!

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2011


He did the movie because Gyllenhaal was a big fan of Moon and asked him to do it. If he was trying to jump the ladder too fast, Source Code would not be the movie to do. Compared to most blockbusters, the budget was tiny. This is actually the perfect movie to get his feet wet in studio funded projects. I don't understand all the hate for a movie that has one trailer and a poster.

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2011


Damn... shut me up still written by the guy who did Species 3 though

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2011


I think this actually looks kinda cool from the trailer, but the title, and the machine thing in it I guess, to a computer geek, seems really really stupid to be called that.

Mike Lucas on Jan 26, 2011


looks corny

Vshtabnoy on Jan 26, 2011


and when i read the script i thought...predictable, horrible dialogue...none of the characters had any development

Vshtabnoy on Jan 26, 2011


five bucks says exploding train...

Jericho on Jan 26, 2011


It says "Source Code" but makes me think "Slide Show" 🙂

Cold417 on Jan 26, 2011


I really thought that Jake is miscast. Trailer doesn;t look too good. Gonna watch it on BR but I doubt i will see it in theaters. A bit of a disappointed coming from MOON to this but heh, never judge a book by its cover. Maybe its actually good! Need reviews...

Buzzfunk on Jan 26, 2011


hmm not quite the 'moon' poster is it...

Rico79 on Jan 26, 2011


cool concept! I like it! More power to him!

Gh on Jan 26, 2011


Well the cast is very "likable" although the plot doesn't strike me as original as it should. It has a feel of "Deja-Vu". Did you get it? Meh, tough crowd.

Pavel Muligambia Maniak on Jan 26, 2011


Don't know why everyone is calling this bland, of course I haven't read the script, but there's a lot more to a movie than just it's script. Good direction and editing can turn an otherwise bland movie, into a thrilling ride, and not every movie needs character development, sometimes it's just about the story. And there were several shots near the end of the trailer that looked really good. Anyways after Moon, I trust Duncan.

John I.G. on Jan 26, 2011


Kind of a weird poster, but at least he takes chances. I trust this material in his hands but would have liked to see him take on something a little bit different for his second film. The idea of Gyllenhaal's character waking up in the body of another man, though very different from the concept of Moon, also reminds of it in some way.

Sparky10 on Jan 26, 2011


Wow... from something as original and special as Moon to something that looks as generic as this is quite a letdown... :/ Wellt, let's just hope this somehow financially allows him to make his "Blade Runner-like scifi movie set in Berlin" next!

c-r-u-x on Jan 26, 2011


from the director of what? who gives a fuck! i think they've got this movie poster formula down a bit... too well. and it still sucks.

Run-Jake-Run on Jan 26, 2011


From the director of "Moon", arguably one of the best sci-fi movies of the past 20 years. Put down your Transformers 2 Blue-ray and dig a bit deeper dude.

sci-fi snob on Jan 26, 2011


It has an Inception find of feel to it. Love the concept.

Chris Nolan on Jan 26, 2011


Shitful poster.

Silencio! on Jan 26, 2011


Ugh. Well at least it's as dismal as the lead actor so I guess it's appropriate.

rtm on Jan 26, 2011



Roderick on Jan 26, 2011


not quite the poster i expected for this movie. the trailer promises, the poster doesn't.

Redguy on Jan 27, 2011


Hideous poster.

Drevpile on Jan 29, 2011


i like 😀 a nice poster!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


i like 😀 a nice poster!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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