Official Poster for Rod Lurie's 'Straw Dogs' Replicates Original Design

June 15, 2011
Source: Twitter

Rod Lurie's Straw Dogs Remake

Everyone has a breaking point. Considered one of the greatest, classic poster designs ever is the broken-glasses-face of Dustin Hoffman on the 1971 Straw Dogs poster (see below). Coming up this fall is a remake of the film from director Rod Lurie, who recently took to his own twitter (@RodLurie) to reveal the official poster, which is essentially an updated version of that classic poster, but with James Marsden's face instead. Sadly, it's not as good either; that red tagline needs to be removed, no matter how good it may be, and so does that ugly face over the glasses. At least they tried. Check out both posters for comparison below.

Here's the newest Straw Dogs poster straight from Rod Lurie. Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgård, James Woods also star. Check out the teaser trailer here and stay tuned, as we still have more trailers to watch.

Rod Lurie's Straw Dogs Poster

For comparison, here's the original poster artwork for Straw Dogs from 1971, starring Dustin Hoffman. It's a very similar design, but I prefer the simplicity and boldness of just using Hoffman's face alone framed.

Original Straw Dogs Poster

Directly above is the original poster for Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs, in high res thanks to IMPAwards.

L.A. screenwriter David Sumner (Marsden) relocates with his wife to her hometown in the deep South. While tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with the locals becomes a big threat to them both.

Straw Dogs is both written and directed by Israeli filmmaker Rod Lurie, of The Contender, The Last Castle, The Nazi, Resurrecting the Champ and Nothing But the Truth. This is a remake of David Zelag Goodman & Sam Peckinpah's 1971 film, based on Gordon Williams' novel "The Siege of Trencher's Farm". Screen Gems is finally bringing Straw Dogs to theaters starting on September 16th this fall. Anyone interested in this?

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Ryderup on Jun 15, 2011


The original poster is still better, but this is not too far off. I'd hang up both. I am convinced that James Marsden, even if the movie turns out to be bad, will nail his role. He is much better than a lot of people give him credit for. 

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011


I think even the red tagline could be okay if they took the face out of the poster.  Having that there just makes it look awful.

Emma on Jun 15, 2011


Yeah, if they removed the reflection from the shattered glasses, it would be a serious improvement. I don't think it's absolutely horrible with it, though. 

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011


It looks like it's a poster for Xmen origins: Cyclops.

Cas on Jun 15, 2011


Of course they remade the poster.  They remade the movie why not just remake the poster.  Originality is a hard find in hollywood... skipping it....  

ff on Jun 15, 2011


I just want to know why the reflection is on the part where there is no glass? I think this would be better.

Christopher Ruiz on Jun 15, 2011


Yea, exactly! That's a great update, good job. A hundred times better. Remove that red tagline text as well, and it'll look perfect!

Alex Billington on Jun 15, 2011


That does look better. After you remove the tagline, remove the reflection altogether and just a a photo of a guy with broken glasses with the words "Straw Dogs" underneath. I'd also take the image off center in a way similar to the original, as having it that way creates a lot of tension in the image, whereas having the center line fall exactly on the image border makes it feel a lot more stable and appealing. Make it less comfortable. The new poster is exactly what happens when you take a good idea and filter it through a dozen marketing guys who take turns giving that good idea a little nudge or alteration in an effort to make it 'connect'. The original poster is far more jarring, unusual and interesting to look at. It stands out. The new one is, in my opinion, ugly as hell.

Anonymous on Jun 16, 2011


took care of that red.

Christopher Ruiz on Jun 17, 2011


god, that makes it looks SO MUCH better.

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


When will the audience's breaking point finally arrive and demand Hollywood start producing original material instead of massacring classics?

CinemaNostalgia on Jun 15, 2011



Anonymous on Jun 16, 2011


Straw Dogs is the subject of the all new episode of The Retro Movie Review! Animated violence and cinema musings combined..

Christhegeek on Jun 17, 2011


If the movie was any good why has it sat on the shelf for 2 years? It was completed in 2009, slated to be released originally in fall 2010 then Feb 2011 then now Sept 2011. That says a lot retouches had to be done. The fact that it wasn’t shown at Cannes, Sundance or Tribeca says a lot.Lurie screened this for the public May 2010 and Syracuse University Sept 14th 2010 but won’t let critics see it. Says quite a a lot

FameMonster on Jun 20, 2011

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