One Final, Fantastic, Artistic Poster for 'Super 8' Arrives Last Minute

June 8, 2011
Source: CINE 1

Super 8

Do I need to mention again that it's Super 8 week? Surprisingly, one final poster for J.J. Abrams' new film Super 8 has appeared on the web and it's quite stunning. The poster has a classic, hand-drawn montage style, reminiscent of Spielberg classics like E.T. and The Goonies. Some are saying this is a Drew Struzan poster, but I'm not sure yet, as it was found by Bloody-Disgusting on Spanish blog CINE 1 and just doesn't have the Struzan edge I normally expect. That said, it's fantastic work. This is the kind of poster I hope some kid out there will grow up with on his wall, inspiring him to one day be a great filmmaker, too. Take a look!

Super 8 Poster

Click above for high res. This nicely compliments the initial skewed teaser and that cosmic theatrical poster.

Super 8 is both written and directed by visionary director J.J. Abrams, who started his career with "Lost" and "Alias" before first directing Mission: Impossible III then Star Trek last summer. This is being produced by Steven Spielberg at Amblin, Relativity and Bad Robot. According to early reports, this was inspired by Spielberg's sci-fi films from the 70's and 80's. Paramount will be bringing Super 8 to theaters everywhere starting on June 10th this summer. You can stay up-to-date by visiting:

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Can't wait for this.

Nick Sears on Jun 8, 2011


WOW, I want this on my wall right now.

Humbug on Jun 8, 2011


I found it for sale at and ebay.

Anonymous on Jun 11, 2011


I saw it last night and it was amazing, it is the Goonies of this generation.

Mynameismine on Jun 8, 2011


Too bad the film brings nothing new on the screen. NOTHING!  THE PROBLEMS - Kinda think that J.J.Abrams made the same mistakes as Bryan Singer on Superman Returns. When you try so much to pay hommage to your predecessor, you bring nothing new on the table and thats what I felt after viewing this mishmash collectives point of view, hints and nostalgia from every single Spielberg film crunch into it. THE FEEDBACK - Sorry, but like many adults from my generation (X), it's too much of being they're and done that before in 2 hours and way too slow for the Z's. Not a sigle shot from it could be compared (even if it mimic most of Steven filmography)or be remembered in a couple of years from now. Not a single moment. When you try to be different (period film)and original (sequels, remakes, reboots and on and on...) keep away from reharshing everything from what brought you into this dreamland of a career... BE DIFFERENT!

Denis Lalumière on Jun 8, 2011


Whoa, whoa, now's not the time (or place) to start up this kind of debate about Super 8! Re-post this in the "Sound Off" once it's up on Friday.

Alex Billington on Jun 8, 2011


Wow.. Hate much? Sound like someone is a failed filmmaker/writer. "THIS IS GARBAGE! THIS IS HOW I WOULD DO IT!!" Yeah... Too bad you aren't the guy doing it... You're the fail on the message board. Way to live the dream champ!

Dr. Juggs on Jun 8, 2011


"Sound like someone is a failed filmmaker/writer. "THIS IS GARBAGE! THIS IS HOW I WOULD DO IT!!" Yeah... Too bad you aren't the guy doing it..." Never understood that type of attitude...the minute I hear that come up in a movie review (or a review of any work of art in general), I stop listening.  Either take the thing on its own terms or don''t. Look, if he did see the movie and he didn't like it, that's fine.  If he took the film on its own terms and it came up short, that's also fine.  But what he wrote....that's no review.  Far from it. Better read HARLAN ELLISON'S WATCHING to see how to write a proper review.  This bulls**t about "Here's how I would have done it!" does not cut the butter.

Anonymous on Jun 9, 2011


I love all of Drew Struzan's artwork and this piece has very much the same spirit. But didn't Struzan retire (maybe Alex should seek out the possibility of making an interview with this living legend, and perhaps ask him in person?). Maybe J.J. brought him back out for one more piece - wouldn't surprise me if that turns out to be the case. Still, as Alex points out himself, this might not be from his hand. Either way, this is beautiful and amazing work, and certainly a GREAT homage if it turns out to be another artist after all! Thanks for finding this 🙂

NW on Jun 8, 2011


I love the Goonies, and E.T. vibe I get from this.

Xerxexx on Jun 8, 2011


Hola soy editor de CINE1 y el blog es Argentino no Español... Suerte! =)

Frankitozz on Jun 8, 2011


wow, best poster so far.

Nishit Mohan Singh on Jun 8, 2011


Lol Abrahms even got Lens FLare on the poster .. I'm stoked to see this 🙂

Fenriswulfe on Jun 8, 2011


It's lovely but that text at the top doesn't read well. Also, it's odd having the word Diner so large and prominent--it's fighting with quite a bit of text that's already fighting with each other. I also don't like that tiny scene of the girl smiling over the Diner sign. It feels shoe-horned in there. Besides, there is already another scene showing the girl and boy so why have even a third one when there's also that one at the top left hand corner? Beautifully illustrated though.

George Caltsoudas on Jun 8, 2011

15 It's been confirmed that this is not the work of Drew Struzan, but a fan-made poster made to look like something Struzan would put together! Damn. I was wondering why all the shots were from images from the trailer. And Struzan's signature is normally on his posters, isn't it?

Krishna Shenoi on Jun 8, 2011


Yeah, you're right.  Either way, though--I'm impressed with it.  Hell, my art skills are lacking when it comes to doing something like this (my stuff is a bit too much on the anime side, I'm afraid...). But it certainly has the Struzan feel, even if it isn't Drew's work.  And heck, it isn't a "cut and paste" that people moan about....

Anonymous on Jun 9, 2011


does anyone know who did this? I want one! 

Kevin on Jun 8, 2011


For all you fellow one sheet can purchase this poster on ebay or

Anonymous on Jun 11, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


I realy wanna buy one but i dont think they've come out, have they??

Lois242 on Jan 10, 2012

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