One More Final Eerie Trailer for Found Footage Horror Film 'Apollo 18'

August 29, 2011
Source: The Huffington Post

Apollo 18

So far we've seen two creepy and mysterious trailers for the found footage horror film Apollo 18. Looking like Paranormal Activity in space, the film seems to promise genuine scares and suspense, but the release date shuffling game has been very worrisome. Also, when an effort is made like this to release a brand new trailer the same week the film is released, that means the studio/distributor is desperate to get more attention paid to the film. The premise may be a bit tired with Transformers: Dark of the Moon already tackling moon landing conspiracy theories, but I think this could still be scary. See the new trailer below!

Here's the final trailer for Apollo 18 courtesy of The Huffington Post:

Decades-old found footage from NASA's abandoned Apollo 18 mission, where two astronauts were sent on a secret expedition, reveals the real reason the US has never returned to the moon. Watch the latest trailer.

Apollo 18 is directed by Spanish editor/filmmaker Gonzalo López-Gallego, of a few features like King of the Hill and Nómadas previously, who is making his English-language debut with this. The original screenplay was written by Brian Miller (Paracusia) & Cory Goodman (Priest). Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov also produced this in secrecy at Dimension Films. After delaying this for quite a while, The Weinstein Company is currently set to release the mysterious Apollo 18 in theaters starting September 2nd this fall.

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That is the best one yet in my opinion. Solid concept explanation, not too much revealed and now I really want to see those last 10 minutes....

reeft on Aug 30, 2011


Agreed, I want to see this. I love me some space horror action.

JT on Aug 30, 2011


did i miss something? when did paranormal activity provide genuine scares and suspense? it was like watching your friends AWFUL home movies of his/her family........and who DIDN'T see that end coming?  as far as this trailer - it DOES look like parnormal activity - meh.

Anonymous on Aug 30, 2011


I fail to see how it in any way resembles the trash that is Paranormal Activity. The only thing it has in common is the way it is shot. This movie actually contains a plot and some decent back story. Paranormal Activity is like one of the crappy Ghost Hunter shows off of TV being made into film.

JT on Aug 30, 2011


i don't know how you could "fail to see it" - since it's as obvious as a punch in the face....... - in each, people perform mundane, everyday activities (particular to each scenario)  while evil slowly creeps in......till finally - evil shows itself!!! oh, scary!!! (sarcasm intended)  as far as the plot, it could be decent -  as you say. but, if this is the case, i'd rather have not seen it done in this style. of course, the plot isn't what  i take issue with - it's this coma-inducing style of the "found footage" format. as far as this movie NOT being trash?  i don't know - it hasn't been released yet - i guess you're privy to some psychic vision that i don't have. i'll check it out on a netflix rent......hopefully it doesn't put me to sleep.   for me, the "found footage" idea has gone dreadfully stale. we need to be asking for more from movie-makers than to have a couple of idiots pick up some camaras and (with a 50,000 dollar budget) create this repetitive stuff. if they're going to do a movie on a budget, at least make it more interesting. "monsters" was done on the cheap and was far more entertaining than the these "found footage" snorefests. 

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


MEH. I'd rather watch Breaking Bad.

Your Momma on Aug 30, 2011


Looks alright,nice and original.

tir na nog on Aug 30, 2011


"last 10 minutes will go down in movie history" ........" the same horror of alien" these are very bold calls.

The Guvna on Aug 30, 2011


Yeah, right? If there is no monster, how can this be the same horror as Alien? Sure a "moon virus" might be scary, probably is, but its not a 10 foot creature. LOL!

DAVIDPD on Aug 30, 2011


Watch the other trailers. There is a monster, it looks kind of like a  face hugger.

JT on Aug 30, 2011


The Horror, the Hooooorrrrroooooor. Looks mildly entertaining enough. It'd be funny is it was a Russian chemical weapon and not an alien. I just read that Timur Bekmambetov is involved in it, that makes me a bit more likely to enjoy it.

Crapola on Aug 30, 2011


Jesus, I don't think I've EVER seen this many trailers, posters, and TV spots for one movie in all my life.  How is this not already out?

Guest on Aug 30, 2011


Watching the trailer was enough for me... Not interested.

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


The trailer showed everything already. Also I hate shakey cam video movies.

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011

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