Operation Early Bird Viral 'Dark Knight Rises' Countdown Launches

December 8, 2011

Operation Early Bird

Operation Early Bird is coming. Whatever that means? Thanks to tips from sites like SHH & SlashFilm, we now know there's a simple new website for The Dark Knight Rises "viral" campaign that has launched at It all originally came from a tweet by @thefirerises that contained the final CIA document, wherein the phrase "Operation Early Bird" was mentioned. Not a tough clue to figure out, but now the site only contains a countdown timer for the commencement of the operation, which I presume will lead to the early reveal of the trailer or prologue footage or something tomorrow at approx. 10AM PST, based on the clock. We'll keep you updated on the TDKR viral and what Operation Early Bird is from here!

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I think I know what this is going to do. Looking at  the source code it references google maps ( Also there is an event bound to the OnCountDownExpire event that will load a map page (map.html) ( That page doesnt exist yet but its my guess that it will load a google map that shows you locations that you can see the mission impossible movie with the DKR thing at the beginning.

Tyler Keen on Dec 8, 2011


But they already released a list of locations where the prologue will be screened.  Came out last week I believe.

Vtproto on Dec 9, 2011


It is legit. I looked up the domain name at whois and its owned by Warner Brothers. on Dec 8, 2011


You met with chris nolan did you by any chance got to interview him alex.

Joe_6285 on Dec 8, 2011


No, I did not, only spoke with him for a few moments. I wish! He's one of my all-time favorite filmmakers, hope to score a full interview with him one day.

Alex Billington on Dec 9, 2011


DOCS ARE WARNER BROS AFFILIATED......"hunt for the villian" #O_E_B I WILL REVEAL MORE IN THE NEXT 11 HOURS: .....................INTERNET PROTOCOL..................... .........................@168161242137

O_E_B on Dec 9, 2011


Because this is hardly a viral. It is, but there's barely anything there so far, just a countdown. Hope it turns into a real viral!

Alex Billington on Dec 9, 2011



JJ King on Dec 9, 2011


It kicked me off and said the site was forbidden as soon as it turned to 00:00:00

Guest on Dec 9, 2011


I love me a good countdown page that takes me to an error page once it hits 00:00:00:00. That's my favourite. 

Jordan on Dec 9, 2011


It's working now.

Txsrangerfan08 on Dec 9, 2011


Went to and there's a media player that keeps spewing out random numbers soooooo....that's about it.

JJ King on Dec 9, 2011


go here

P_dangela on Dec 9, 2011


Creepy numbers being called out. I wrote some of them down. Googleing them in a bit.

Txsrangerfan08 on Dec 9, 2011


and the site goes down...

JimGordon on Dec 9, 2011


I believe they're meant to be coordinates. If anyone gets the whole list of numbers and letters, could they post it here? I'm in class and can't use audio or my professor will kill me lol

Tyler Bruens on Dec 9, 2011



Guest on Dec 9, 2011


Didn't bring any to class, and there's only 10 of us in here, i think i would look bad with headphones in my ears during class, don't you?

Tyler Bruens on Dec 9, 2011


There's a map now. I bet if you put in a number you may get like a ticket? I'm looking.

Txsrangerfan08 on Dec 9, 2011


And it didn't load. Now plenty of people missed it. With this issue and the very limited number of prologue screenings this is becoming a very disappointing campaign.

Jbmeadows87 on Dec 9, 2011


I can get the map but the media with the numbers isn't playing......anyone help me out???

Courty on Dec 9, 2011


could the music that plays on the numbers page be important?

Jules on Dec 9, 2011


What are these tickets to?

Dex Brown1 on Dec 9, 2011


my guess... sometype of screening at the DOTTED locations I see UNIVERSAL CITY WALK and 3 others for the LA metro area 1 in SF

Antonio B. Coria on Dec 9, 2011


Could someone post the numbers? 

Tyler Bruens on Dec 9, 2011


Nothing special.  The numbers being read out in the darkknightrises website are simply coordinates.  Type them in under the map and it simply highlights one of the event locations that already has a dot on it.  

Eric on Dec 9, 2011


can you please post the numbers???

Courty on Dec 9, 2011


anyone got the coordinates for the Universal City Walk?

Bon Correa on Dec 9, 2011


Finally...its a big map that has dots at specific IMAX theaters around the country.  When you click on the dot, it shows a link to get tickets for something on December 13th (link is trying to get to 

Justin Maisonet on Dec 9, 2011


Except I can't get the site to load! 🙁

Dex Brown1 on Dec 9, 2011


I know, i'm trying to load the tickets for, uh, whatever it is in Detroit. Not working

Tyler Bruens on Dec 9, 2011


someone please post the numbers.... the dark knight rises website won't play the track with the coordinates!!

Courty on Dec 9, 2011


Okay, we need the coordinates i think as a passcode for tickets. Someone post them please

Tyler Bruens on Dec 9, 2011


I used google maps to get lat/longs. also has all of them

Tyler Keen on Dec 9, 2011


Here are some, I hope I heard them correctly...the voices saying them can be garbled. 33.6516, -117.744941.1008, -73.4166 41.2403, -15.8132 39.9581, -75.1726 43.7884, -79.5428 48.4203, -123.3673 53.7908, -1.7559 41.1350, -123.0654 30.2804, -17.7388 42.2949, -71.3974 41.8914, -87.6080 34.1381, -118.3606 40.7752, -73.9820 39.3511, -74.4443 37.7837, -122.4029

Justin Maisonet on Dec 9, 2011


Here are some more...again, apologies if I misinterpret the numbers. 38.1112, -77.4442 35.2212, -80.8404 41.5826, -13.6207 42.3031, -83.2331

Justin Maisonet on Dec 9, 2011


491350-1230654   302804-977388     422949-713974    418914-876080  341381-183606     407752-739820     393519-744443    377837-1224029 388915-770261     435913-716506   491682-1226655   389112-774442    352292-808404     415826-136207 

Kenny on Dec 9, 2011


32.7431, -97.3685 44.1780, -118.3119 41.0180, -73.1522 28.4315, -81.4704 45.4311, -75.6122 33.7805, -116.4667 33.3852, -111.1645 40.4456, -80.0180 45.5085, -122.6651

Justin Maisonet on Dec 9, 2011


38.5782, -121.4104 29.4230, -98.4844 37.3318, -121.8101 47.6200, -122.3511 47.6624, -117.4214 28.0543, -82.4047

Justin Maisonet on Dec 9, 2011


407752-739820 313519-744443 377837-1224029 388915-770261 515048-01139 4351130-716506 491682-1226655 381112-774442 352212-808404 415826-136207 423031-832331 327431-973685 441780-1183111 410980-739522 284315-814704 454319-756122 337805-1164667 333852-1119645 404456-800180 455085-1226651 418275-714176 468312-712956 375616-774651 385782-1214104 214230-184844 373318-1218901 476200-1223511

Avidan Pell on Dec 9, 2011


You guys rock!

Tyler Bruens on Dec 9, 2011


I managed to enter a few numbers and only thing it does is show you the location your entering thats all

Jgloria on Dec 9, 2011


The numbers in pairs when submitted just take you to one of the locations

kettlejake on Dec 9, 2011


Yeah, if it hasn't been typed in yet it opens up another location, so if there's none really close to you keep typing them in, in the hope of opening a new one that's nearer to you!

Tyler Bruens on Dec 9, 2011


I just clicked on BUY TICKETS and got one through the link that popped up there

kettlejake on Dec 9, 2011


There are no australian places are there?    Why did I get up at 5:00 in the morning then???

Courty on Dec 9, 2011


just an early showing of the 7 minute prolog

Randyluttrell on Dec 9, 2011


ive typed all the coordinates in and it says invalid for all of them wtf

guest1 on Dec 9, 2011


I don't know if any more dots will light up.  Nolan has been adamant about viewing the IMAX stuff at a "film" IMAX theater, not digital.  The dots that are there are all film IMAX theaters.

Justin Maisonet on Dec 9, 2011


Don't bother typing in the co-ordinates, it's a waste of time. Just go to the dot nearest you and click on BUY TICKETS

kettlejake on Dec 9, 2011


When you enter the numbers, add a period any time there is a pause. A friend of mine did that and got Des Moines, IA to open up, or so he says. Click on the link and it will take you to a site where you can get free passes to the screening.

firerob on Dec 9, 2011


The coordinates just take you to a dot that is already on the map - true IMAX screens.  Unfortunately for me, in San Diego, there are only 2 faux-IMAX's in the area.

Justin Maisonet on Dec 9, 2011


Does everyone know that Leonid Pavel has a twitter account? because I just found out. He posted at the exact time operation early bird counted down to zero- wrote "I'm ready" in russian. sorry if this is common knowledge!

Jules on Dec 9, 2011


are all the numbers appearing on the map? It seems like a lot more numbers are being read off than are appearing

Drhowe on Dec 9, 2011


I'm almost certain that no more dots will be added.  These are true film IMAX screens across the globe, and that's how Nolan wants the opening bit before Mission Impossible seen.

Justin Maisonet on Dec 9, 2011


So it's definite that there are no Australian locations? Bummer. I was going to call the Melbourne IMAX tomorrow and ask them if they knew anything about it - the Hoyts near me has got a 3D screen but they said they don't even know if they're going to be screening The Dark Knight Rises in 3D, and I heard that TDKR preview is only going to be shown on true IMAX screens. Plus the IMAX in my city shut down in 2002 🙁 while Hoyts does have some IMAX-like screens, they're not here. As an addendum, the site that loads the audio is To me that reads as a date - 7/20/2012. 20th July 2012. I assume that's the release date. It's going to be a long wait...

Dartigen on Dec 10, 2011

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