'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' Sequel Could Be Coming Soon?

March 2, 2011
Source: 24 Frames

Percy Jackson

Though director Chris Columbus may be lining up a remake to the Korean film Hello Ghost, that doesn't mean the franchise he kicked off isn't moving forward. 24 Frames reports Fox is beginning to develop a sequel to Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, the adaptation of the first book in a five-book series from Rick Riordan. This time around the second book, The Sea of Monsters, would be Percy Jackson's subtitle and adventure. While Columbus probably won't come back as a director, he will still produce. In addition, Logan Lerman is indeed expected to reprise the titular role of the demigod hero.

Right now the film is only in active development with no set start production date, but the studio could get the project off the ground as early as this summer. The first film introduced the hero who discovers that he is the son of the Greek god Poseidon with all the water powered perks that come with his bloodline. The sequel would follow Percy and his group of friends as they head to the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece and to free a friend who has been captured there. Honestly, I thought the first flick was pretty wretched, so I can't say a sequel gets me excited at all. What about you?

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As an avid reader and fan of Riordan and his books, I think the first movie was horribad. Much like the Eragon movie; it had little to do in correlation to the book.

Jr. on Mar 2, 2011


You are so right!

Lizzybeth0516 on Jul 1, 2011


As a fan of all things Percy Jackson, Kane and Heroes of Olympus I am absolutely disgusted by the first film without a doubt. I will acknowledge that Lerman, girl who played Annabeth along with Sean Bean and Kevin Mckidd were good. There are some ways they can introduce Kronos and the great prophecy in this one so hopefully the new writers will actually follow that storyline.

Moviegeek89 on Aug 14, 2011


I agree. The first movie TOTALLY SUCKED!!!! It disgusted me so much I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I can't even watch it now without either rolling my eyes or insulting it, saying, "That's not what happened!" Riordan MUST have lost his rights. That can be the only logical explanation for this sad movie. There was NOTHING even vaguely similar to the book! But seeing Columbus not directing the new one does leave a small light of hope that this sequal won't be crap. But what they should do is just fire Logan and all the others, re do the first one a lot better such as getting younger actors, a better director and actually sticking with the plot and story line *shrugs* I'm just saying. As a gigantic super fan of the series, I'd much rather wait a while longer to get the first one right then have five movies like crap. I guess America hasn't learned it's lesson yet on book adaptation...

Percyfreak32 on Nov 9, 2011


I agree on some levels. It saddened me a little to see how the book and movie weren't very similar at all, but I wouldn't call the movie total crap. Maybe if they would use the book as the script it would work out a little better.

Jake B. on Feb 13, 2012


I agree with u completely Great books, but they should have made the movie better Btw I love all things Percy Jackson, Kane chronicals and heroes of Olympus I have read all his books at least 2/3 times at least and the first Percy Jackson at least 5

Zoe on May 31, 2012


I actually liked the first one, more a guilty pleasure than a good movie..... I would not mind another.

Desraider on Mar 2, 2011



Pjoceci on Jul 7, 2011


Actually, I felt the same way. And I would go see a sequel to give Fox a chance to redeem themselves from the wrong they have committed. Who knows? Maybe the new director and new screenplay writers have some ideas that the readers *wouldn't* kill them for using. (coughdoubtitcough)

Anonymous on Jul 9, 2011


Actually, how would you know whether Desrader is wrong or not, seeing as they expressed an opinion? Do you have amazing powers of claivoyance, that you know what this individual was really thinking?

Dan Gustafson on Nov 10, 2011


And ur a jerk. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So stay off their backs about what they like.

Jessicadavis374 on Dec 27, 2011


Well not that it was a quality movie (grr.. Very frustrating, nothing like the book) but I bought it blu-ray just so I can drool over Logan Lerman. Hopefully they can keep the second one from sucking...

Madymo789 on Jul 16, 2011


i really did like the first movie. they left out so much of the book and move too many things around. im hoping that with a new director things will be different.

Pinoi21 on Mar 2, 2011


Don't you mean you didn't like the first movie, not "I really did like the first movie"?

Connor H. on May 10, 2011


what he meant was, and i feel the same way, the movie WAS good, but if they got younger actor and was written correctly according to the book would have indeed made it a lot better to watch and understand via visual aid

Austinbarlow29 on Feb 9, 2012



Pjoceci on Jul 7, 2011


No you're wrong because you lack basic grammar skills.

Citimothy04 on Dec 27, 2011


Is thy all u know how to say?!?!

Piper on Jan 28, 2012


the first movie was quite mediocre and disappointing but if they can improve it with another, i'm all for it but i won't be seeing it in theatres.

Eric on Mar 3, 2011


Love the books - if they can find a way to right the ship as it were, then I would fully support it. The movie wasn't AWFUL. But it was strictly average. The stories themselves are GREAT so there is potential there if they will actually follow it, especially as it leads to a great finale!

Harm on Mar 3, 2011


100% Agree...

Dayna_lim on Feb 18, 2012


Much like Eargon, they left out too many details to transition into the next book.

ross on Mar 3, 2011


I like Lerman but i cant say the same for this series.

happy camper on Mar 3, 2011


The series has a lot of potentional, but as they always do, they fuck it all up.

Erin on Mar 3, 2011


I haven't read any of the books, but I liked the first movie. A sequel sounds good to me.

Lamar on Mar 3, 2011


it's good if you haven't read the books but after the movie came out i went to read the book and then became so disappointed on how much they left out. They also changed so many key factors from the characters like the fact that annabeth is blond (i don't mind), the god's dont really care for their kids, but most importantly the fact that luke was't the one shifting the game board.

angie on Jun 21, 2011


Same thoughts it's gonna be hard for them to follow the rest of the series if they do make another because of all the left out parts details and even some characters. I hope they make another but with a new director who can actually fix things and make the second one right.

Shane on Jul 9, 2011


You people do realize that a blue ray DVD can show you what a DVD can't show you. On a blue ray DVD you can see videos that are in the book but a original DVD can't do what a blue ray DVD can, oh an u need a blue ray player to watch the blue ray DVD.

Kaitlyn12 on Jul 13, 2011


WHAT??!! um.. No you can't.. where did you get that from..? I have both a DVD and a Blu-Ray and they are the same.

Madymo789 on Jul 16, 2011


-cough cough- Annabeth GRR... omigosh how hard is it to die your hair blonde! Half of all women do it eventually.... And then she and Percy hooked up in the first movie! She is supposed to like Luke... Ugh... So messed up...

Madymo789 on Jul 16, 2011


your right and luke should have a scar on his face,and posiedon isn't how rick riordan described him.

Nicolasmanning01 on Dec 14, 2011


Leave it be she was just as awesome

Angle 2001 on Mar 4, 2012


Luke was shifting the gameboard lol he was possessed by Kronos and they both die in the last olympian book! (spoiler alert)

Honey badger don't care!!! on Mar 10, 2012


Also I'm sorry but this is something that personally ticked tocked me off. The fact that the gods are supposedly Greek but somehow magically in the movie Athena (annabeth mum) has a British accent!!! I mean what the heck!! She's a Greek god living in new York with a british accent!!!!;(

Gabelleboo on Mar 15, 2012


I suggest that you read the books before you see the movies so you know what should be in the movie and what shouldn't. I'm excited for the sequel, but mainly because there's talk of a new actress playing Annabeth.

Maej1999 on Jul 21, 2011



Anonymous on Jul 21, 2011


They already had that actress for annabeth in the first movie, your stuck with her now. Otherwise it would just be stupid, they should of casted her wright in the first place, honestly how hard is it to find a blond with grey eyes? That's pretty much every blond I know.

Rachel19 on Aug 8, 2011


Thank U! Nothing gets under my skin more then having nothing done to the actors to actually make them look like the characters. I mean, yes may require a bit of effort but it's better then pissing all of us fans off. I never seen such lazier craftmenship then this film here. They did NOTHING to the actors-that shows how lazy they are. They would rather find okay actors that look like the characters then find actually greater ones and get them into make up. Grrrr! I hate u Chris Columbus! Do u hear me?!!!! U should be fired!

Percyfreak32 on Nov 9, 2011


where did u hear that? I heard all the actors were coming back-oh Zeus please help us! Make this not happen! Make them re do all of it!

Percyfreak32 on Nov 9, 2011


Alexandra Daddario was an awesome Annabeth and I did read the books before

Angle 2001 on Mar 4, 2012


Ummmm.... She sucked.... No offense but I mean they're all like twenty and the characters are supposed to be like twelve.... She had not talent.... Whatsoever.... I mean that part where she jumps up and down going "woooo go percy goo!!" it makes me want to vomit EVERY time... I mean what are you, a cheerleader?! ;(

Kitteh on Mar 15, 2012


loved the books, liked the movie. If they stick closer to the books could be really good.

Renea577 on Mar 5, 2011


I loved the first movie!! it was awesome! I really hope that the sequel comes out!! 🙂

Boots on Apr 3, 2011


just wondering, have u read the books? (probably not)

kate on Dec 22, 2011


As a HUGE fan of the books, I must good luck making a sequel--let alone the rest of the series-- when you already screwed up the whole reason Percy Jackson is in danger. In the movie it issaid that the pact of the gods was to not have contact with there children when in the actual books (which is the reason there IS the fifth book and series) the Big Three weren't supposed to have kids. Wahoo. Smart thinking there, screenwriters

Yomamma on Apr 4, 2011


Although I agree completely, that wasn't the only thing wrong. There were honestly more severe mistakes made.

Jake B on Feb 13, 2012


There was mistakes but I believe that they will be able to fix some of them

Angle 2001 on Mar 4, 2012


In my opinion, a movie franchise based on these books would be readily successful if done correctly. The writers, producers, directors and everyone involved in this movie did the series a massive injustice. On the positive side, I do think they could salvage the rest of the series by perhaps starting movie 2 prior to the book and explain the titans and the real plot line. Then use Rick's amazing plot and build a movie around that, rather than butchering yet another movie. To the creators... you're wasting your money if you're going to give this movie a go as you did in the first.

Justin Foster on Apr 5, 2011


Couldn't've said it better myself.

Jake B on Feb 13, 2012


Love Percy Jackson!!!!!!

Coolman on Apr 6, 2011


My whole family is a huge Percy Jackson/ Rick Riordan fan so we would definitely be willing to give the second movie a chance even though the first movie was nothing like the book.

dzmom on Apr 6, 2011



Dayna_lim on Feb 18, 2012


Finally someone who's has hope!

angle 2001 on Mar 4, 2012


Seeing another movie would be awesome to me

Tessa-smith on Apr 11, 2011


Make the movie like the book change a little but not that much to were nobody likes the movie because I would like to see theovie actually based off the book it would make it a whole lot cooler

Tessa-smith on Apr 11, 2011


I've read the series 3 times, and the first movie was horrible let's hope they get it right the second time around

Kevin on Apr 11, 2011


I'm totally pumped for the second movie! It seems they have writters now and all, and they're trying to get someone as close s possible to the book description of Thalia, so that'll be good. They just kinda need to 'clean-up' after themselves with a lot of details left out ie, Kronos, Clarrisse, the oracle, mr. d, ext. oh, and they have to explain how the HELL luke survived that water-trident-thing to the throat...cause he's KINDA important...Otherwise, i'm always ready for some more sexy Luke Castellan action!

Gwena Swan on Apr 15, 2011


Fucking loved it. I read the books, and they weren't incredibly similar, but that's how it is when books are adapted into movies. You have to view the movie as it is; JUST a movie. So, as just a movie, I loved it.

Steph on Apr 16, 2011


Well said!

Cody on Jan 17, 2012


True dat I couldn't say it better my self 🙂

angle 2001 on Mar 4, 2012


Ok so I adore the books, I can't do anything without them. All my friends didn't like the books, I read the first book after I watched the movie, and I LOVE the movie! I mean yes they could have done better but it was amazing, they picked a GREAT cast, Logan Lerman is my favorite actor. So when people say that don't want to see them make another movie it makes me sad because I want another movie!!! So I hope that they make all the movies!!!

Bee on Apr 18, 2011


Not only is Logan Lerman one of the best actors right now, he's gorgeous and he played the perfect Percy Jackson! <3

Ducky15 on Nov 14, 2011


R u joking?!? What about his attitude? The Percy in the books wouldn't just show his tattoo and say im the son of poseidon! He doesn't even have a tattoo! (not that we readers know of 😉

Jennifer Rye on Jan 18, 2012


i have not read the books but i loved the film i have watched it several times and would love sequels, i cudnt give a shit if it follows the books exactly or not at the end of the day its a film and i enjoyed it the way it is, if you that bothered by films that dont follow the books 100% then don't watch them and stop moaning like little bitches. In my opinion whats the point of reading a book then watching a film that follows it 100% because then you will know exactly whats going to happen and that makes watching the film pointless as there will be no surprises.

Nate90 on Apr 18, 2011


However true that may be... But most films based on books, follow the story at least 80%. This film followed the original story maybe 50%. If you ever take the time to read Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief, you will see that people aren't moaning like little bitches.

Bongo on Jun 26, 2011


Yep! You've got that right!

Anonymous on Jun 27, 2011


I've read and analyzed the crap out of the Olympian and Heroes series (anxiously waiting for Mark of Athena). I'm just as pissed as everyone else, but I can see how the movie series can be saved.

Mdow63701 on Feb 2, 2012


I agree completely.

Jake B on Feb 13, 2012


I've seen movies that can be classified as adaptations and ones that screw it up (like Lightning Thief). The way the first film cme out can be saved by the sequel. I don't give a crap if a film EXACTLY follows the book, but Lightning Thief was TOO far off. The Harry Potter series did better.

Mdow63701 on Feb 2, 2012


That is what I say to everyone!!!!! 😉

angle 2001 on Mar 4, 2012


I love the first movie, and I can't wait for the second one. It would be nice if they stuck a little more to the plot of the book this time, but hey, it's a movie and I know it's not going to be exactly the same. In the end I think the three main characters did a good job introducing us to them in the first movie, so I look forward to seeing them become more developed in the series.

I'm a fan... on Apr 23, 2011


Wasn't that bad,it's just that they cut out all the best parts from the book,Hollywood eh?

Kevmak79 on Apr 29, 2011


The first film, although it did not stick to the book, was not all bad. It did set the bar for future percy jackson films and I think they have nowhere else to go but up.

Brimstone7818 on Apr 30, 2011


I can't wait for the sequel. I found the first movie fun and exciting. I loved the special effects. I hope the movie does come to fruition.

Jmw38 on May 3, 2011


Omigosh! Im sooo excited! I really hope they comply to making the second movie! I bought and read the whole series twice. Its an amazing, creative, adventurous series and I hope they film the sequel! Although they didn't incoprporate all the details from the first book to the movie, it was still interestinga and fun to watch. I can't wait to see what they do with the "Sea of M onsters".

Carltonthebear12 on May 5, 2011


I think that the movie was awesome but I do agree that they did make ALOT of changes and I do beleve the books were beter

Inuyasha15 on May 9, 2011


I never want Chris Columbus to direct or produce another movie ever again! And Fox should've never existed!

Connor H. on May 10, 2011


Bitter much. Lol

Edrick on May 17, 2011


Then you go to school, become a producer and make the film the way you want. Don't sit there and bitch behind your computer sitting in you underwear eating a box of doughnuts. Chris Columbus has made some kick ass movies, so shut the fuck up and go back to watching your gay porn.

Phawq_3 on Jun 23, 2011


I do NOT do any of that stuff!

Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011


It's was based from a long time ago, have you ever heard of thinking about it, you real should. Oh an I'm not the kind of girl you what to mess with, you real don't want to get on my bad side, ok.

Kaitlyn12 on Jul 13, 2011


I was really (and still slightly) mad at Fox/ Chris Columbus.

Anonymous on Jul 13, 2011


Yeh you go girl!!

Houstonjones on Jul 24, 2011


Chris Columbus is one the best directors of his time and he did a fantastic job. The movie was good for what it was and I think it will be changed to be more close to the books, especially for the fans. He really has nothing to do with the screenplay and you words didn't make much sense. You really need to do some research dude.

Ducky15 on Nov 14, 2011


Did you know Chris Columbus made one of the Harry Potter movies (got a fan rigght here)? He's a great producer! I think you guys who sit's on your computer writing angry hater comments should back off. You don't know how hard it is to make a movie, you couldn't have done it any better yousekf. Huge fan of the book, the movie was okay too. Agree one some arguments, 1: Annabeth and Percy should NOT have hooked up in the first film. 2: I didn't like the way the made Percy so powerful, he shouldn't be able o do that without a huge amount of training 3: Annabeth should have been blondy 4: They ditched too many scenes that should have been ther. But I still likes the movie, it had a good feeling and it was really exiting to watch! It was the film that made me read the books although it wasn't as good after I had read the books I am definitely watching the second movie, and I think if they stick to the book it will be an amazing movie. LOVE PERCY JACKSON! LOVE RICK RIORDAN! LOVE LOGAN LERMAN! (love Harry Potter;))

Victoria on Nov 26, 2011


ok as i wrote a moment ago the movie was good. but thats not the only problem they added a hydra was there one in the book? NO, was percy almost 16 or 17? No he was in 6th grade there were lots of problems. yes im stoked for another movie. if they decided to remake the movie would be great. thats all im saying

Austinbarlow29 on Feb 9, 2012


I never read the books, but I very much enjoyed the first movie, as a "fun" flick, worth my money, and would gladly shuck out some more money on a sequel!

Bret Thomas on May 17, 2011


I enjoyed the first one and hope to see the second soon!

Ericaleeca on May 17, 2011


 the 1st movie was good, maybe not the best but the books are amazing (like the 2nd one) , and the sequel isn't the same director so I think it will turn out good! i love the books 🙂 

Anonymous on May 23, 2011


The first movie should be baned feom existance and started all over

Gnr80srock on May 26, 2011


They should do a remake and then have people vote which one is better.

Nina_texeria on May 28, 2011



Anonymous on Jun 27, 2011



Jake B on Feb 13, 2012



Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011



LaurenDuck on Nov 14, 2011


I liked the books more than the movie, but a second movie? I would definitely watch it. I even enjoyed the first movie even though it didnt exactly follow the book.

Neenerrweenerr on May 28, 2011


I am super excited for the new movie. I have read all the books and was a little scared the first movie wouldn't capture anything of relevance from the books but Colombus surprised me and it was perfect I can't wait for the next one. if Colombus isn't returning to the directors seat I would love to see how the new director sill do things

Mythmadness on Jun 2, 2011


I hope they do make a second movie I can't wait

1234 on Jun 6, 2011


The books are awesome! But sadly in my opinion the movie isn't because it is nothing like the book. So I am not really excited about a second movie. I think these books should stay books.

Roo on Jun 12, 2011


I think that Fox should sell the title to Disney. After all, Disney•Hyperion publishes the books in the USA.

Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011


I'm obsessed with the Percy Jackson books and I would luv to see all the books come to life.

Gab-Gab on Jun 13, 2011


I personally ,think that the first movie was great .I really hope that the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series should continue on as movies.It was a great series,I read a book a day ,they were so good!rite now I'm waiting for the second " Lost Hero "book. That comes out in fall. The first "Lost Hero " book was awesome.

Mnoland on Jun 18, 2011



Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011


I agree with alot of the reviewers the movies should go with the books more why didn't they show clairees ,or the fight with Ares .It was sooo totally lame. That I'm mad about ,OMG they should have had when Percy Jackson got bit by that scorpian. Like not cool

Mnoland on Jun 18, 2011


The fight with Ares was my fave part in the book!

Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011


I'm agree Ares fight was one of my fave part in the book, too.

Kaitlyn12 on Jul 13, 2011


So excited for a sequel!  Of course, as any avid fan of the book series, I am a little disgruntled about the changes made in the movie plot.  I still like it though, and would love to see the movies keep coming.  I think the directors and writers underestimate the intelligence of kids and dumb down the movies too much. If they keep in more details and complexity in the second movie (which is what makes the stories so great!), the series will be a huge success!

Annie on Jun 22, 2011


Definitely! Let's see some critical-to-the-series flashbacks!

Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011


I agree entirely!!!!! I'm a book fan, but I wanna see more and the movie can be changed!

LaurenDuck on Nov 14, 2011


I was prety upset with mr riordan for letting them mess up his story like that it's A good movie and all but it just doesn't deserve the title Percy jackson And the olympians. Plus I'm really surprised that Columbus (director for some of the HP movies)would mess with the story like that I mean at least the HP movies are only missing the less important parts because of the cost but I think the Percy Jackson movie probably costed more with the messed up story than it woud've if they had just let the story be. And I am not quite sure if I am going to see the 2nd movie (I hope director Chris Columbus reads this!)

Houstonjones on Jun 24, 2011


Hon, you do know that once the author passes the wrights over to the producers, they have pretty much nothin to do with the movie, right? The Hunger Games was a rare exception because they actually had Miss Collins right there helping with the script. Poor Mr. Riordan has three (off the top of my head) best selling series. Please leave poor Mr. Columbus alone, he's probably gotten a bunch of hate already. PS, good news, love. New director. New film.

Casey Schryer on Jun 27, 2011


The director happens to have worked on stuff like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Anonymous on Jun 27, 2011


Mr Columbus is actualy one of my favorite directors i would take his side of a fight in a heartbeat. He has made a lot of pretty cool movies. And yes I do feel very sad for Columbus because he has had some stuff said about him

Houstonjones on Jul 2, 2011


I am a huge Rick riordan fan and his books are amazing. Although the movie wasn't exactly like the book they did an ok job of it. Yes, they did leave quite a few things out and didn't explain some parts in a good way or include them, such as Kronos, I can understand why. The writers didn't know if the movie would be a hit so they didn't want to make a big deal out of the possibility of a series if it didn't turn out well. If they could keep more to the story line and add in key factors that were left out of the first one, then yeah, I will totally go see it in theaters.

Jennifer on Jun 25, 2011


Didn't know if it would be a hit?! Yeah, right! (No offense.)

Anonymous on Jun 25, 2011


Ok, we should all write the producers and demand that they recast the characters, hire a screenwriter who read the books (or at least knows how to wikipedia-search the plot) and give this series a second chance, eh? 🙂

Percykins on Jun 27, 2011



Anonymous on Jun 27, 2011


Me too!

Houstonjones on Jul 24, 2011


Logan Lerman did great. He was the Percy I know from the book. Just an age difference. Grover....WTF, he's supposed to be a little wimp technically. And Annabeth.....just plan stupid and wrong.

LaurenDuck on Nov 14, 2011


I think the first was HORRIBLE!! It did nothing for Rick Riordan and his books! The movie was all wrong like Percys age and Annabeth and her NOT blonde hair!! So I don't think it was good at all!! I don't know if I'd watch another if it's as wrong and awful as the first one was!! Let's just say I was really dissapointed I think Disney should redo it!!!!

PercyFAN!4eva!!! :) on Jul 1, 2011


Actually, Fox made the first movie.

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


Agreed! plus I think Disney should just go back and do it in a few years and remake the whole series just like the book!

Houstonjones on Jul 24, 2011


They destroyed the first book with the movie, but I'd watch the second in hopes they follow the books more

Jason S on Jul 4, 2011


Could they atleast recast and remake the whole movie? (Make the new cast members the right age........ people would enjoy watching them grow up)

Pjoceci on Jul 7, 2011


Very true!

Anonymous on Jul 9, 2011


I think it's better that they're older. Yes it would make mire sense to see them grow up, but it's not the actors are ancient, they are still getting older too.

Selena on Jul 14, 2011


Yes, they are still getting older, but it would be more fun to see them grow up from age 12 all the way to age 16.

Anonymous on Jul 14, 2011


Yeh just like Harry potter!!!

Houstonjones on Sep 18, 2011


I totally agree with that. The guy they got to play Percy in the movie was the age he should be at the end if the series.

Lansb on Dec 23, 2011


Apparently they are gonna do the sea of monsters and the director is supposed to be Thor Freudenthal. (rumored)

Jeff on Jul 9, 2011


Well du that's sorta what we are talking about here!

Houstonjones on Jul 24, 2011


I'm a big fan of the book series, but I also really like the movie as its own stand-alone story. I would love a sequel, especially since it will probably bring Tyson into a movie.

Shamaalthedog on Jul 12, 2011


I am one of the biggest Lightning Theif fans ever, but this movie made me feel really sorry for Rick Riordan, because it was terribley dreadful! Did the director and screen writer even know what ACTUALLY happened in the book? I mean the concempt in the movie is completely different, and may I say, rather ridiculous and stupid. If you are reading this Rick Riordan, the movie gave your book no justice, but I love your books nonetheless!

Scaratuffy on Jul 13, 2011


I'm kinda looking forward to see the second movie even though the first movie wasnt all that great because so many things and critical details were left out from the book all I'm hoping for is that the new directors and screenplay writers will do a much better job!!!!!

Percyfan!!! on Jul 20, 2011


I am a huge Percy Jackson fan, but I do admit that the movie could be better. I have read the whole series, and found that I didn't like sea of monsters too much, but I hope the movie changes my mind!

LiveToDance4ever! on Jul 14, 2011


I mean I loved all the books and the 1st Percy Jackson movie..But the ending to the movie.... It looks like Luke died.....Thats all i'm saying that the ending look like Luke died and he's a big part of the books and the story line. But Logan Lerman is the perfect Percy Jackson..cause he's cute. So I'd love to see the second movie, but how are you gonna bring Luke back and where's Clarisse and Silena?

Sophia on Jul 15, 2011


Type your comment here.I know, right?!  And they're somehow gonna make second one!  It's coming out 2012.  Maybe Luke warped out of trouble?  Like in the book?

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


I know the first movie did leave out some things but a 1 or 2 hour movie can not have all thedetails from a book.But I did love the first movie and I am excited for the second movie.

Maninderheer2009 on Jul 17, 2011


Hi! I'm a massive percy Jackson book fan. And I would like nothing better the to have them make sea of monsters... Right after they remake the lightning thief with the proper storyline etc. Then I would LOVE to see the heroes of olympus series be turned into a movie, that would be really interesting, maybe even the Kane chronicles. I love nearly all the Rick riordan books. Why would they need to make. Remake of lightning thief you may ask here is a few answers: they would need to explain wha about the sudden change of cast/who is dead/ who suddenly pops into the movie/ and of course if they change the actors to little 12 or 13 years old in the second movie, it would be kinda weird if they suddenly shrunk and de-aged. I posted something like this on another forum/article/whatever with some of this information. I can't remember it though 🙁

Lunar on Jul 23, 2011


Can't wait to see it! 😀 Now that Harry Potter is over :/

Jimenezbrend on Jul 25, 2011


I love this series, however the first one left out all the links in the series between each book. I am keen to see how it turns out, especially how they are gonna make up for lost plots

FollowerOfPan on Jul 28, 2011


I'm kinda excited. But if Fox screws it up again, I will cry. Period.

Brooke on Jul 31, 2011


I would get angry all over again. And then some! ~|:(

Anonymous on Jul 31, 2011


I like the movie. I was ok. But they left out the whole plot of all the stories which connects them all. But I just hope they get back on track.

Shaggy69 on Aug 5, 2011


What got me to start reading the books was the first movie - i was hooked. But after i had finished the books and watched the movie a second time, i was upset that they left out so much. If a second movie does come out, i hope they at least change the actor who's playing anabeth or make her die her hair blonde. I'll watch the second movie even if no changes are made, but i could be standing alone in my opinion. Comment here if you also think that the movie would be better if the actor playing annabeth changed. 

Katie Marie  on Aug 8, 2011



Leah on Aug 8, 2011


Yeah, I think it would help the movie alot to. If the change dosent happen, then i might not see it

Mitchal on Aug 8, 2011


I hate the actor thats playing annabeth!! There so different it makes me want to cry!!! 

Abby  on Aug 8, 2011


For everyone who has read the book, the first movie wasn't the best it could be. I still greatly enjoyed it, however judging on the movie, not how close the movie is to the book. But I would love for the 2nd movie. Mostly for them to redeem themselves and so I have something else to look forward to next year

Jessica on Aug 8, 2011


So I'm a super obsessed fan with this series and when i heard the lightning thief was going to be turned into a movie a couple of years ago, I was beyond thrilled.  when I actually saw the movie, I was SUPER disappointed.  everything changed  :/    but I still am going to see part two,  just because I'm that much of a dedicated fan!   🙂

MeGusta on Aug 9, 2011


i have faith that they can fix the plot line since they left it pretty open for interpretation at the end. they probably did that because they didnt know if it would do well.

anon on Aug 15, 2011


I watched the film before I read the books, so I thought it was quite good. Then I read the books and I was a little disappointed with how vague the movie actually was and how they didn't include some stuff that will become really valid/important in later films. As I am now a huge fan of the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus I will definitely give the sequel a chance. But they better make some major changes.For one, the actress who plays Annabeth needs to be changed, she is NOTHING like Annabeth physically or in personality. I didn't like how she played the character even before I read the books, she seemed wooden.And the fact they didn't include the Oracle or Doinysus at all in the film. It really wouldn't have been that hard. Well, whatever, all we can do is wait and see...

Beckiii on Aug 17, 2011


I also thought that it wasn't as good as the book but I can't wait for the second One

Luluisdabom on Aug 18, 2011


I am a huge fan of the books. And the hero of Olympus books not the land chronicles though...hated those books. I have to say that the movie was awesome!!! I thought Logan lereman did an amazing job. Normally books to movie captions suck this was very very well written....sure they didn't stick the exact plot but it is an ADAPTATION! you should really give them a huge round of appaulse for giving this movie a try with the massive fan base that it has.

Raiderday on Aug 20, 2011


I dont, think lermen looked liked perxy an annabeth did not look like annabeth (who I do not, like) pluse I think thay should make five movies

Thaila on Aug 25, 2011


The first movie was terrible they completely ruined it because they left out very important details to the story and added a bunch of nonsense. I can't realy think of one thing they did right with it. The books were amazing but I hated the movie and I doubt the second or any other future sequels will be any better.

Mike on Aug 25, 2011


I liked the first one so i cant wait for a sequel and for chose who didnt like the first.... well it can only get better.

Kimberlypernitsky on Aug 26, 2011


maybe they should just kick-off sea of monsters from where they left off in lightning thief ,here Percy finds out about Kronos controlling Luke and leave it up to the part where Percy gets bitten and then fast forward 1 month later where the film introduces Tyson.                                   Or they could wait a few years and do a series reboot I cant wait until/if they introduce Niko........................

Mohamed_abdelrahim on Sep 2, 2011


I love the series and so I am excited for them to make all the books into movies. I know that many movies series based on YA novels d not always turn out well. But I still want them to make them all. I am just worried about how they will work Clarisse into the script, as she is a pivotal character in the books. Also, if they do make all of the films the actors will be too old for the prophecy of a 16 yr old demigod. I guess they could alter the script to make the prophecy when the are 21. But that is just my opinion. But I do hope they make all 5.

Amalthea1181 on Oct 6, 2011


maybe theyll actually - oh, i dont know...- follow the plot this time!?!?!

Whitney on Oct 14, 2011


can't wait for this to come out!!

Bdjdjdjdj on Oct 15, 2011


Really the thing that bothered me the most...besides the obvious plot holes... Was how they made the camp. The camp was entirely in the forest and the cabins weren't in a U shape stuff like was nothing like I envision it. Hopefully they change it up like they did in Harry potter to hogwarts in the later movies. But I did like Brandon T. Jackson a lot.

Quintengreiner on Oct 20, 2011


Honestly, I loved the books and the movies so I would be very excited for a sequel. You can not fit everything into a movie so you have to pick out the important parts. Plus, they have to make it so the people who haven't read the books will understand.

Abbyrae on Oct 25, 2011


They shoul remake the first movie before they start another one that won't even fit in. You need every bit of the story cuz it all connects with the other books somehow. They should stick to the plot more that we know and love. Rick Riordan needs to stick up for his books and not for the money. I kinda did enjoy watching the first, but it just wasn't good. I don't really care if they appeal to an older crowd! It just messes up the whole great prophecy! 'a child of the eldest gods shall reach 16 against all odds.' What are they gonna do? A child of the eldest gods shall reach 20 against all odds? It just won't work. They should change the Annabeth character to someone with blonde hair and gray eyes! Grover is good, Percy is good but too old, Chiron is good, Clarisse is good, Luke is a really good choice cuz he looks about nineteen, Sally is good, Gabe is good, Mrs. Dodds is good, Hades does not look like my vision of Hades, Persephone does not look one bit like how I would picture the goddess of springtime, Zeus and Poseidon's look in the movie do not meet my standards or as they describe it in the book. In general, that stupid thing about the pearls? What a waste of time! Get to the point! With Medusa, what is with that lady? We would've been perfectly fine without her. Camp Half-Blood looks very close to how I picture it, but not that close, with Percy's own little place? No. Stupid idea. Stick to the cabins. Percy and Annabeth should be on the same team! I could argue about this all day like now! I do want the sequel cuz I do enjoy watching it and comParing differences between the book and the movie. Also I am such a big fan that I couldn't not watch it. I just hope someone will remake the movies the right way and hopefully the sequel will be better.

I<3Percy Jackson Forever on Nov 12, 2011


Just saying, out of all of the halfblood actors, Logan Lerman (Percy) is actually the youngest. And I do agree about some of the things you mentioned. Like how the movie was good, but didn't match the books and how you couldn't not watch them becasue you just sort of have to.

Boo on Nov 19, 2011


could not have said it better myself 

kate on Dec 22, 2011


I love Percy Jackson and the books so much. I say that the movie would've have been good if there was no book attached. It was a great movie, but book wise...I was very disappointed. Also in my opinion, out of the 3 main characters, Logan Lerman is the only one who portrayed his character (Percy) the best. I actually saw him as Percy, just a tad bit older. The others 2....ouch. I'm really looking forward for a sequel, but they got make some changes...and make them now.

LaurenDuck on Nov 14, 2011


In my opinion, the movie would've been fine if there was no books to follow. But since there was, I agree that they should maybe re-do the first one or improve the second one when they make it. They should keep some of the cast but maybe re-cast the actors that didn't fit the descriptions of the book. And in earlier posts, people were talking about firing the WHOLE cast and re-hiring YOUNGER actors. This idea ISN'T a good idea becasue I don't agree that younger actors (12, like in the books) can do as good a job then ones with more experience.

Sassysierra47 on Nov 15, 2011


i have read the book and i have seen the movie and actually. i liked them both. the story in the movie might be different from the origianl story but i don't think they deserve to be insulted

owen on Nov 17, 2011


First film SUCKED. I'm hoping that the 2nd will be better because they changed directors, but still. The casting was terrible. Annabeth isn't blonde. Grover is African-American. Percy has brown hair instead of black. It really helps to have a good opening film and hiring Chris Columbus wasn't a good idea.

TheGleekInThePink on Nov 18, 2011


I am completely excited about seeing the next movie! The books are amazing and Logan Lerman plays Percy Jackson well! I would watch every movie about this book series just like I did with Harry Potter.

Sblakeslee7 on Nov 18, 2011


Also, I understand fans disappointment that the movie did not follow the book well. Looking aside from the book, the movie wasn't bad if you had not read the books yet. I honestly love the books story and I like the movie version. Although I really would've loved to see Percy kick Ares a$$. Lol

Sblakeslee7 on Nov 18, 2011


I am offended by recent comments against the previous director...   I READ the books, along with Harry Potter and dare I say, saw Twilight (we all know about that DRAMA) I think he did a GREAT job!!!  I mean Rick's books were awesome, but what are they if they can't reach a younger crowd... Grapes of Wrath????  OMG the WORLD REACTED... we must need a better director, right?  WRONG  as we all well know...  just sayin'  The first movie was WAY BETTER than the first Twilighit..  Rick do what u want it's ur book, just do right by it as it has u...................................

Theevins6 on Nov 22, 2011


Loved the first movie!! And so do my kids!! Never read the books and don't plan to. We just enjoy entertaining movies! Nothing wrong with that!!

Vaa6203 on Dec 2, 2011


Hahaha! Well I gotta say I find some of these comments pretty funny. Granted after awhile I stopped reading cause lets face it there are just way too many to sit here and read. At least for me anyway.  Now to touch on a couple of things I've seen repeated over and over again. All of you out there that are focusing completely on Chris Columbus as the problem really have no "idea" about what it is you're talking about. Chris Columbus is a "director" as in he directs people in how to do things. If you've got a problem with how the movie was written why don't you go and bash the heads of the script writers. Also to touch on the other things. One thing I found strange was that for the most part a lot of you people that claim to be die hard Percy Jackson fans complain about basic character appearances like hair color, but I did not see for quite a long time any of you touch upon the actor's ages. Now yes they are pictured a lot older in the movie than in the books, but lets face it the people behind the movie could understand one simple thing. A couple of kids not getting stopped by anyone while they treck across the freaking country. Please that just doesn't work at all. So yeah I can understand why they've been aged up.  Now for those of you who are complaining about the movie not following the books well if you actually watch the credits as in most movies that were made from books it has a nice little phrase. "Based on" and then the books title. It's a basis, not a complete re-telling. You have to realize that when you base something like a movie on a book, you can change some things around, whether or not that is what should be done well it's a little something called creative licensing.  Now I personally did not read the books until after having watched the movie. I will say that yes it was a complete butchering, but I can understand what they did for the movie. For those of you, who have brought up Harry Potter, well lets face it, Harry Potter was really big and known by a lot of people, before the first movie ever came out. No offense to Mr. Riordan, but he did not has a big a following when his book series was picked up to be a movie. There for yes, the people behind it weren't sure if it was going to be as successful as Harry Potter. Now yes perhaps if they had followed a bit more to the book, it would have been a lot better, but for what it is a movie that is based up on a book it was rather enjoyable. And I do see ways that it can be fixed up to make things flow better. Well that's my two bits well more than two, but who cares.

UnderstandingTheProcess. on Dec 9, 2011


I read the first book and was instantly hooked, the books are amazing and the first film left quite alot out. they should of followed the plot and why Luke did what he did, then they would of been able to introduce Kronos,Ares etc, the first movie was average, but lets be optimistic and hope they can make the second follow the story and right the  mistakes that they did.

Cole 97 on Dec 20, 2011


Look guys I know they messed up a lot on the first movie but you guys have to stop comparing it to the book the books are always going to be better but you gotta stop hating yes I've read all the books and yes I felt the same at first but its still a good movie on its own and you must see how well they did on making sure the demigods had a modern feel soo I can't wait for the next one

German on Dec 21, 2011


Yes, that's true. And I'm excited for the next one, too, and will definitely go see it. But you do actually have to compare it to the books and think in terms of the book. I mean, if it wasn't for the books, than the movie wouldn't even exist. You can't have the same title and story line of the book for the movie and completely change it, if that made any sense. Plus, it's needed to compare them, something you would do for any other book-to-movie. What makes Percy Jackson any different for doing that? So yes, the movie was good on its own. Sure. Whatever. But no, it wasn't good in book aspect, which it was originally for in the first place. And we're not hating on the movie, we're giving suggestions to improve it.

Boo on Dec 22, 2011


the thing i hate most about the first movie was that Chris Colombus directed it and got it wrong!!!! doesnt he see that having the actors grow up on screen is one of the best bits (HARRY POTTER) They should have got younger actors, prophecy is STUFFED!!! he is already way past 16!  HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE 12 for crying out loud! they should have got  Asa Butterfield! he was 12 when the movie came out! (14 now but still works, looks young USE HIM!!) elle fanning or willow shields for Annabel!! Joel Courtney as Luke (15 years old)

kate on Dec 22, 2011


No, because first off, younger actors (I think) won't be able to portray the story as good as a little bit older ones can. Everything can't be the same as Harry Potter (as popular as it is). Harry Potter was (no offense) but a lot more famous than Percy Jackson. I don't think anyone can pull off what Harry Potter did. Either way, again no offense, but pretty much all younger actors annoy me and don't look at all what I imagined the characters to look like. They should keep teen actors who are a little older than the preteens are. Plus, Chris Columbus wasn't the only one who casted, so it wasn't all his fault. As much as Rick Riordan is amazing, he should've stood up for his books more. Not that I know if he did or not, but still. And just to stick this in real quick, Nico di Angelo should be played by Munro Chambers. I think yes, but I want to know what everyone else does, too. 

Boo on Dec 22, 2011


Its ANNABETH you dip shit

Jaya Wm on Jan 10, 2012


what are you talking about???

hoo on Jan 11, 2012


I agree the first movie was horibble. I walked out in the middle if it.

Lansb on Dec 23, 2011


EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Without Chris Columbus NOT directing, the movie can't actually be quite amazing. SERIOUSLY!

Ashleybileau4 on Dec 24, 2011


I don't really mind that Annabeth doesn't look like she's supposed to, nor do I mind that the characters are older than they should be. I think this is mostly because the story is so messed up that a girl having brown hair opposed to blonde is a minor issue. I saw the movie before I read the books so I do like the movie just to have something to watch, but I definitly see the problem. The books are exponentially better than the movie story wise. I think if they are smart they can salvage the storyline in Sea of Monsters, it would take some adjustments and carefully placed dialoge, but I think it can be done. Remaking the first one is just a pointless idea because it's just not going to happen. I kind of liked the actors and had the story been on point I think more people would not have minded those small changes as much since they at least would have their story to watch....I have no idea what book Chris Colombus was reading....I did see somewhere that when he did the first Harry Potter he tired to mess things up as well but JK Rowling stepped in and put a stop to it. I guess Riordan didn't negotiate his rights very well or either he got caught up in "having a movie" that he sold out to hollywood.

Jenifer_b2001 on Dec 27, 2011


I liked the movie although it didn't go into as much detail as the book. I hope there is another movie

Jessicadavis374 on Dec 27, 2011


even if they brought out the sequal it would make no difference... nobody would watch it due to the fact the 1st film majorly sucked donkey balls... tbh i couldnt sit through another film based on the books and i use the term 'based' loosely due to the fact columbus fucked it up to EPIC standards... he changed the story and the characters to suit HIS needs without thinking about the abismal feedback he would undoubtedly get bk from viewers... atleast when the harry potter books were adapted to film format he did an awesome job keeping as close to the origional plot and characters as he possibly could.... personally i think he didnt like the percy jackson books and thought 'i know maybe i will go out and completely annihilate rick's reputation as a writer' but thats just my opinion... MR Columbus if you're reading this I HOPE YOU FALL DOWN A WELL, CATCH AIDS AND GET EATEN BY BEARS U DUMB FUCKING C**T NUGGET !!! Peace 🙂

Geordie_Jamesy on Dec 28, 2011


I hope this comes to fruition. Riordan has breathed long awaited life into the Greek and Roman classics......of all the juvi fiction on the big screen......Riordan's re-telling & adaptation of Greek mythology deserves to be there without a moments' hesitation.

Avashava22 on Dec 29, 2011


I think the movie is good, even tho the book is completely different but you know I still think the movie is good I have read all the books and I'm reading te son of Neptune currently so it would be awesome if they continued the sequel

Ernestoherrera2424 on Dec 30, 2011


The movie was good as a is- but only a good kids movie nothing more! It did not rescpect the books a ALL!!!!! I'm a BIG BIG fan of the Percy Jackson's books and was really sad to see that the movie was soooooo wrong on almost everything!!!!!!!!! 1: Annabeth is a BLONDE and NOT a brunette!!!!!!! 2: They are all way to old- they are only 12 and look like 15-16!!! Whats up with that??!?? 3: They took so many important parts out and add some-like Grover never said in the Underworld

Percabeth lover on Jan 1, 2012


Movie was ok but did no justice to the books. Rioridan created a great series an when I first saw the trailer for the movie I got excited. I was very dissapointed when I was at the theatre thinking "what did they do to the story!" first off the kids are like 12 and the actors are like 20! They also left major characters out like clarrise! And she's a major part in the second book! Also one of the main facts of the camp is the horse-shoe shape layout of the cabins and it was nothing like that in the movie! And also the big house and dyonisis

Sphinchey on Jan 1, 2012


Where did they go?! They left out so many things.. I just hope that they make the second movie better and do justice to the book! I'm still psyched for it to come out to see if it is good!

Sphinchey on Jan 1, 2012


I don't really mind the age difference as much as everything else. Still, some of the actors (regardless or including age) shouldn't have been casted for the movie. For some, they could've chose much better actors.

Boo on Jan 2, 2012


I am a huge fan of the Percy Jackson series, and to be honest, the movie was really NOTHING like the book at all. I mean, where was the part with the scorpions and Luke at the end? If it was animated, it shouldn't even look like the graphic novel. The characters in that were a little better than the movie, but still....... ughhh!!! I mean, come on people (that were in or worked on the movie)! They can't seriously release this movie and expect it to be better than the first one OR fans to actully like them! If they want the fans advice or want people to like it, here it is dumbos, "REDO THE MOVIE. GET A BLONDE ANNABETH. INCLUDE THE WHOLE BOOK OR AT LEAST MAJOR PARTS!!!!" I think I pretty much made my point. Don't you guys totally agree???

Anonymous99 on Jan 3, 2012


How the heck are they going to make sequels without… 1. Luke 2. Young actors I mean how could you be so stupid as to kill Luke?!?! It's understandable if you weren't going to make sequels, but not if you expect to make another one… and isn't Percy supposed to be in sixth grade in the lightning thief…

Et9066 on Jan 4, 2012


Maybe Luke didn't actually die you dumbass

Lol bro on Jan 10, 2012


I loved the first movie it's actually the reason why I started reading the books, so I can't wait for a new movie

Lover921812 on Jan 6, 2012


I was disappointed by the movie because it left a lot of details out but i liked the movie. The books will always be better though

Candace Tuttle on Jan 13, 2012


I loved the first one, but I am hoping the sequel will be better. After all, they're making us wait 3 YEARS for it!

Sarah on Jan 13, 2012


(Though I haven't read the books, so maybe that's why I liked it so much)

Sarah on Jan 13, 2012


Yeh, the first movie was pretty bad cause it barely followed the storyline at all! What happened to clarrise and ares?

Jennifer Rye on Jan 18, 2012


I am a HUGE Rick Riordan fan and to be honest when I watched the first movie, I was HORRIFIED. I couldn't stop talking about how inaccurate the movie was, yes I understand that the movie can't be an exact replica of the book, but would it have killed them to get actors who actually looked the part?? I mean COME ON! Annabeth was a friggin blonde haired gray eyed girl NOT black hair and big blue eyes, I mean SERIOUSLY...

XxBlueEyedPrincessxX on Jan 30, 2012


May be the book won't get screwed up this time.

Mdow63701 on Feb 2, 2012


Annabeth and G-man are not good

Katie on Feb 3, 2012


I am super excited to see a sequel! My kids loved the first one and have been asking to see more. Just remember the best kind of sequels are the ones that retain as much of the first films actors as possible. So I am hoping that Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, and the rest of the GODS will be reprising their roles too.

Ivyplain on Feb 17, 2012


Personally,I think only the actors and actresses of PJO and lightning thief were good...Other than that,actually,nth else to say...-.-

DaynaLOVESPJO on Feb 18, 2012


Although the first movie hardly followed the book, I still thought it was an alright film to watch. My brother had never read the books and absolutely loved the film, as did many of my friends. I think the casting was a bit wrong, for instance, Logan would have made an excellent older version of Percy. Unfortunately, they didn't film the movie and grab him when he was younger, he would have then grown up with the series if it became popular. Such as with Daniel Radcliffe and the Harry Potter series. I for one can't wait for the second film, and if they ruin it I can always return back to the books!

MillieB on Feb 27, 2012


I think I'm gonna have to agree that the first film was horrible. The book was, is, amazing and to kill it and turn the movie into something totally different made me upset.

Mlj8086 on Mar 7, 2012


The first movie was very good and the sequel will be better

Allisonowens07 on Mar 7, 2012


Their cast listing on IMDB stinks already. . . maybe it's not so much the actual movie that's terrible. Maybe it's MOST of the cast. . .

boo on Mar 22, 2012


We liked the movie!  We saw it five times (at least)!  Go Percy!  Go Annabeth!  Go Grover!  Go Zeus (played by Sean Bean)!  I read all the books.

Tools on Apr 1, 2012


I lv Percy Jackson, the books are so great I hope they make movies of rick riordans other books

1997smithal on May 31, 2012


Annabeth is supposed to have blond hair not brown hair and there supposed to be 12 not 14 so make a remake plz

Baconiseverything on Sep 2, 2012


I truely think they need to recast the whole movie, rewrite and redo the whole movie like the book because that movie made me cry for hours about how bad it was

Booklover14 on Sep 5, 2012


OMG, I didn't know you could make such a wrong movie!! That couldn't have even been based on the book. Sure they had the right names for people, things and places, but everything else was wrong!!!!!!!!! EG: Annabeth, how old the characters were, how the movie started, the story line, where camp half blood is, how Mrs Jackson found out about Percy, etc. I do believe they can save it though, they could re-do it, or just do a sequal, but they will have to try really hard.

Lacey Mcclure on Sep 8, 2012


they did the first movie completely horribly wrong. with all the wrong missing characters and huge details they missed i doubt the second movie will be much of a success. they didnt even put clarissa or ares in the first movie how do they expect to do the entire series if they miss huge details like the death of ares by percy himself!!!!! im so agry that tthey did a horrible job. the book isnt even that big so if they follwed it to a t the movie would not have been long! they also horribly messed eragon and there fore ruined making yet another great series for people to enjoy

sara on Jan 9, 2013

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