Producer Brad Fuller Says Another 'Friday the 13th' Sequel is Ready

January 29, 2011
Source: Twitter

Jason Vorhees

Briefly: This isn't a huge update, but producer Brad Fuller, half of the Platinum Dunes team behind The Hitcher and Friday the 13th remakes, started tweeting again on his account (@bcfuller) to confirm details on one of their upcoming sequels. Despite reporting last year that a new Friday the 13th sequel was dead, Fuller explained: "I want to set the record straight on Freddy and Jason… First, let's talk Jason. [Damian] Shannon and [Mark] Swift wrote a great script. We are ready to go, when New Line is ready. But as of yet, they are not ready." So they have a script but are still waiting on the studio. Who wants to see this sequel?

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Nth Cantwell on Jan 29, 2011


Another porno flick? I'm in... not

Cruzer on Jan 29, 2011


hell yeah, these are fun movies. its a freakin' slasher movie starring a legendary character. that's the problem with most people on this site, they want a dark knight or something every single time. nobody going to see this is expecting an acadamy award. just take it for what it is and you might suprise having fun

bucker96 on Jan 29, 2011


the first remake wasn't even good man, just stupid and predictable. It was more funny than scarey ,like the dude gropin the manequin lol or the moron on the boat b4 he gets an arrow to the head, honestly i don't want a dark knight just something new, a new horror icon.

ChrisC5g on Jan 29, 2011


These are not fun movies. You want fun horror movies, Black Christmas, Peeping Tom, even Piranha 3D was fun to watch, but Friday the 13th movies are so bad there not even fun to make fun of. They are a shit stain on the underwear of horror Cinema and not worth watching ever.

Mountain Top Movies on Jan 29, 2011


Why not? I kinda liked the first one.

Mattias Nielsen on Jan 29, 2011


Ya gotta admit, Her nipple placement WAS perfect....;)

Yoyo on Jan 29, 2011


Really, does anyone want to see this crap? Let the reboots, prequels and whatnot just die. It's really time to move onto something different and new. The last decade was really just ass weak lame for movies....

Buzzfunk on Jan 29, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


ew why?

Anonymous on Jan 29, 2011


Whatever, I had fun watching the first one. Yeah it was stupid and more funny than scary, but that's what I liked about it!

Syphous on Jan 29, 2011


Evil Dead 2 is funny/scary, Happy Birthday To Me is funny/scary, Creepshow is funny/scary. Friday the 13th is horror porn garbage. All these "horror icon" characters are antiquated and boring.

Tyler Morgan on Jan 29, 2011


I wanna see a "SCARY" Friday the 13th film! The reboot was lame. I love the "Zombie" version of Jason, not some living troglodyte that has secret passage ways to explain his fast speed of getting around the camp. So lame...... Less is more people!

Thanos0519 on Jan 29, 2011


hmmmmmm...the last one was pretty lame

ozziememz on Jan 29, 2011


Enough with the old predictable fast ball. Throw us a slider! Either stuff the movie full of C and D-List stars instead of pretty young unknowns, or some 30-40 year olds that won't go down easy. Make Jason work for the kills, give the poor saps some intelligence/ingenuity, save the 1 or 2 shock moments; and I'm not talking about running away or unbelievable or stupid plot points. Like the original Predator. Arnie's team didn't do anything stupid or out-of-character for a spec-ops team, except Billy. They just got their asses handed to em by a severely over-matched opponent.

Anonymous on Jan 30, 2011


I'd probably watch it.

Craig on Jan 30, 2011


I quite enjoyed Platinum Dune's Friday the 13th film, since I believed it carried less remake baggage and was for all intents and purposes an original film with a few nods to the previous film. I'm all for a sequel.

Sean Kelly on Jan 30, 2011


YEEESS!!! *Rolls on the ground screaming YES!*

Jacob Beenoors on Jan 30, 2011


It is a Friday the 13th movie, just F-ing make it already. Christ, you don't need to over think it here or really worry about coming up with a "oh-so-clever" twist to it. We have been watching a guy in a hockey mask chopping naked coeds and the dumbest dudes in the world to little pieces since 1982 (81, potato sack, no hockey mask, 1980, mommy is the killer...sorry spoiler). And you know what, we have loved them. Jason, Bond, Capitan either love these guys and keep coming back. Some of the films are nuggets of gold and others are a different kind of nugget, but in the end fans will forgive "Tomorrow Never Dies", "The Final Frontier," and "Jason Takes Manhattan." So, just give us a Jason move.

Goudos on Jan 31, 2011


so, just to clarify, this is a sequel to the remake, right?

Dan Arbiture on Jan 31, 2011


send me the script and I will let you know if die hard fans will be happy with the sequel.

Jakkill on Apr 5, 2011


they better, i love slasher films and the franchise still has lots of more money to be made

dill on Jul 21, 2011


The stories are weak, but I'll watch another Friday the 13th as long there is a copy cat in it. I ignored the Nightmare film since it looked awful on the trailer.

Rwtodd on Jan 12, 2012

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