Producer Discusses New 'Blade Runner' + How They Got Ridley Scott

August 18, 2011
Source: LA Times

Blade Runner

Earlier today, a fanboy bombshell hit the web when it was revealed that Ridley Scott would be returning, confirmed, to direct a new Blade Runner movie following his work on the sci-fi Prometheus. That original report was, unfortunately, rather vague regarding whether it would even be a prequel or sequel, but we now have some info on where this new movie is headed. 24 Frames on the LA Times posted a story including quotes from Alcon Entertainment producer Andrew Kosove, the company/man responsible for the Blade Runner rights and hooking Ridley Scott, explaining how it all went down and little hints at what it will be.

So what happened? Well, Kosove and his partners somehow convinced Ridley Scott to, at first, simply sit down with them to talk about Blade Runner franchise, since they had obtained the rights. There's where things get good. Ridley pretty much hashed out an idea with them in one meeting. Here's how they explain:

Over the course of one meeting, they hashed out how a new film would look, how it could avoid seeming too similar to the many movies that have since paid homage to the original, and how different the new film should be from the original itself. They eventually decided it should stand as separately as possible.

"Everything Ridley does as a filmmaker is fresh," Kosove said. "I believe he sees an opportunity to create something that's wholly original from the first 'Blade Runner.' "

Scott, Kosove and Johnson left that meeting with a handshake deal, and then the lawyers and agents jumped in to work out the details.

Sounds interesting and very similar to the way Prometheus developed quickly when good ideas (via writers Jon Spaihts, Damon Lindelof) come into play. As I mentioned originally, I expected this to be something completely new and different, and that Harrison Ford likely would not be back. Again, comparing this to the "Alien prequel" that Prometheus supposedly is, they're rebooting that with a fresh new cast - and it looks great. Expect the same here with Blade Runner. Kosove confirms: "In no way do I speak for Ridley Scott, but if you're asking me will this movie have anything to do with Harrison Ford, the answer is no. This is a total reinvention, and in my mind that means doing everything fresh, including casting." So there you go.

But what can we expect? Or more importantly, when? That's the question they ask next, and Kosove says not to expect it until at least 2014 at the earliest. "The soonest Kosove could see the movie beginning shooting is early 2013 -- it would take at least 18 months to hire a writer, get a script in working order under Scott's guidance, cast the film and move into production." This is great, because it goes in line with what Ridley did years ago in his younger years. He made Alien in 1979, then Blade Runner three years later in 1982. Now he's making Prometheus in 2012, then this new Blade Runner whatever-movie two/three years later in 2014/5. Looks like he's trying to get back to his roots, even chronologically, and I am totally fine with that.

"When we made the first announcement there was a lot of skepticism, understandably. And now with Ridley coming back there's a greater level of comfort," Kosove said. "And once we have the writer, I think fans will feel even more comfortable."

He added, "We want people to know that we're very serious about doing this in an artistic way. This isn't just commercial fodder."

That sounds like a strong emphasis to fans that this is in good hands, not only with Ridley Scott, but these guys as producers, too. I've seen a lot of the Blade Runner complainers come out of the woodwork today, but I still think this Blade Runner prequel/sequel/reboot has the potential to be awesome and exciting in its own way, so don't shrug this off just because you thought the first one was "boring." If you had seen the same footage we saw at Comic-Con from Prometheus, you'd be as excited about Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi as I am. I think he's finally found the perfect genre for him to return to, at least for now, and I'm excited to actually see what this new Blade Runner movie is all about. Sound like it has the potential to be good?

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....................omg..................a nervous omg, but a omg nonetheless.

Anthony Shields on Aug 19, 2011


Shia LaBeouf would make a good Rick Deckard. I hope the main cast members from the original classic 1982 film have cameos.

Lesley Snipes on Aug 19, 2011


That is not funny about Shia LaBeouf... seriously, do not joke about that.

Dirty Dutchman on Aug 19, 2011


Are you insane?! This is not Transformers! This is Blade Runner. Blaaaade Runner, I say!

Dirty Mind on Aug 19, 2011


Choke... Oh boy, I'm confused... Help!

Peter on Aug 19, 2011


Hmm. Not so sure about this. Blade Runner is an absolute classic. You don't attempt to remake a miracle. If its another story within the franchise ok, but a re-visioning or remake would absolutely suck.

john s on Aug 19, 2011


 The way it sounded to me, it isn't going to be a remake/hash. It's going to be a separate story set in the same universe. Though I could be wrong, but I don't think Ridley would do a remake.

horgin on Aug 20, 2011


I am not that excited!

Avi on Aug 19, 2011


yes, it does have the *potential* to be good, Alex. how great would it be if they could produce something as good as the original? and i haven't seen the Prometheus footage. as many of us said in the earlier post, we just love the hell out of Blade Runner. and dislike creating franchises out of stand-alone stories.  hope we weren't the 'Blade Runner complainers' you mention, Alex?! the sentences that give me some hope- 'an opportunity to create something that's wholly original from the first 'Blade Runner.' and 'We want people to know that we're very serious about doing this in an artistic way. This isn't just commercial fodder.' but '...then the lawyers and agents jumped in to work out the details.' the new rights owners suggested the meeting, not the creative talent. colour me cynical.

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


Because I´m not a huge fan of the original (only saw it once when I was 15 and I fell asleep a bit; I have to see it again) I´m neutral about this. I think the best thing about this remake/reboot/sequel/prequel is that Ridley Scott is back at the helm. If anyone else was director, I would be sceptical about this. Then again, if Christopher Nolan suddenly decides to make another Inception...

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2011


It's a prequel or a sequel-NOT a remake. Scott would never do that.  Look at it as "episode 1 or 3" if you are confused 🙂 Either or both prequel/sequel are highly welcomed, a sequel with the two replicants on the run does seem very intriguing, does it not? And maybe it will take a turn like Prometheus, as in being really a prequel, but more a "companion piece"? Riddley Scott set the bar high with Alien and Blade Runner. He will again with Prometheus and the new Blade Runner movie. Here is a funny quote by the man himself, from 2007: "I think movies are getting dumber, actually. Where it used to be 50/50, now it's 3% good, 97% stupid".

David Banner on Aug 19, 2011


I've seen Blade Runner four times, including the directors cut, and I just don't get it.  I seriously want to love it as an avid cinephile, but I've tried over the years and I just can't.  I realize it's a classic that changed the film industry, but I just think it runs at a snails pace and the characters are quite forgettable.  There's almost no action in it as well.  Everyone around me loves it and I know I'm in the minority so maybe a contemporary take is exactly what is needed to convert me to a fan.

peloquin on Aug 19, 2011


The final cut is the definititive cut really. The others are nothing in comparison. If you've not seen that yet, let that be your last try to like it, ideally on a big screen. Although Blade Runner is my all time favourite film (without exception) the first couple of times I saw it I didn't really get into it, but seeing the final cut on the big screen in exactly the right mood really blew me away.

Fug91 on Aug 20, 2011


It would be good if they adopt the approach that is now being used for the Bourne franchise and make this a stand-alone film which is an expansion of the universe started with the 1982 film, serving as a spin-off from the original movie as it will follow a new (human) hero protagonist. Perhaps it will pave the way for Harrison Ford to return as Rick Deckard down the road. They should make the meaning of life one of the film’s themes again and I hope Vangelis returns to do the soundtrack.

Fowler on Aug 19, 2011


I like the idea of a separate story following a different Blade Runner, perhaps played by Sam Rockwell; an actor with enough talent to carry a serious drama, and enough strangeness to carry a sci-fi/fantasy story.

JL on Aug 19, 2011


They should at least bring Vangelis back to do the soundtrack.  That could be one of the subtle common threads that ties it to the same universe.

Brandon on Aug 19, 2011


Completely agree with you, that's actually a good idea. Or just get Hans Zimmer again to use the same instruments and make it sound similar.

Alex Billington on Aug 20, 2011


Necessary? No. This does, however, catch my interest because sometimes I can't think of a more perfect film than Blade Runner. What reason would there be to do a re-make though? I am one of those many people that think re-makes are a waste of time, and that there are a million brilliant scripts out there that are just waiting to be read and produced into films. That being said, if there MUST be a re-make for this 1980's Sci-Fi classic, the only person that could do it again is Ridley Scott. Hopefully, now 30 years later, the futuristic world of Blade Runner will breathe new air and that Scott will enhance its longevity.

Marcus on Aug 19, 2011


 Why do people keep talking about it like it will be a remake? It seems fairly obvious that that is not what they're doing with this. Do people just read the title and then comment? They said it's going to be '...wholly original from the first Blade Runner.' It's not going to be a remake.

horgin on Aug 20, 2011


Dear Sir Ridley scott,pleaese do not make that...

Our on Aug 19, 2011


because we have a very sweet memories from classic Blade runner.

Our on Aug 19, 2011


This whole thing is a chancy prospect. No Harrison Ford/Rick Deckard except in a cameo, maybe:             Living up north with Rachael; or             in his former boss Bryant's job. The great HF is too superannuated to run around.  The great Ridley Scott is also showing his age with these returns to older triumphs.

Greenblade on Aug 19, 2011


I am pretty sure the people behind this would approach the project like those did PROMETHEUS. Use the same setting, same universe, Ridley's neo gothic visuals, different characters, different story. I hope saner heads would prevail.

Guest13 on Aug 20, 2011


If by being "wholly original" they mean that it won't be burdened by the PLOT of the first movie, that's okay with me.  If they mean it won't be burdened by the AESTHETIC of the first movie, then that's stupid.  In that case don't claim it's a new Blade Runner; just make a new movie entirely.  The Blade Runner universe has a very unique atmosphere, realized through set design, costumes, music, sound, etc.  If they don't want to preserve that then they shouldn't waste their time.  (In all honesty, I think the most important crew member for them to get back is Vangelis!)

BoilerBroJoe on Aug 20, 2011


I still can't believe that comment from the previous article about Blade Runner being boring. Perhaps they should stick to movies like Spy Kids or something.

grimjob on Aug 21, 2011


I remember my girlfriend saying, while we watched Blade Runner in the theater in 1982, that it was boring. That was our last date. (not because of that, though.)

Greenblade on Aug 21, 2011


Years ago, I was standing in line in a Blockbuster, and a couple was behind me. I overheard the girl say to him, "I don't like movies that make me think". I stood there, mouth agape, and I swear I got a headache.

grimjob on Aug 22, 2011

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